Top 10 Best Compact Bubble Umbrellas (2021 reviews)

Many people are slowly replacing their traditional umbrellas with the best bubble umbrellas. Most models are versatile and have spacious domes that benefit adults and kids. They are also stylish, portable, and protective against the rain, UV, and heat. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, thus, buying one for yourself is one of the best decisions you can make.

No one wants to put their money in a low value deal. Mindful of that, we have provided down here the top picks of bubble umbrellas available today. Therefore, have confidence in these top quality models. Actually, they deliver on performance. They are also more durable than most other models.

Our Picks for Best Compact Bubble Umbrellas in 2021

10. SMATI Stick Birdcage Dome Umbrella

SMATI Stick Birdcage Dome Umbrella

The SMATI Stick Birdcage has a unique design that offers extensive coverage of the head and shoulders. It has ample space to protect you and your loved one from strong winds and rains from all directions. Moreover, its streamlined design allows for smooth airflow on its surface, which boosts its stability outdoors. The powder-coated frame (steel) and fiberglass ribs of this dome umbrella are durable. Exposed to high winds or heavy rain, they do not bend nor break easily.

SMATI has a sturdy J-shaped handle, which fits perfectly in hand to enhance grip. Under heavy rain or wind, therefore, you can handle it effortlessly, unlike some comparable brands. It is also light and has an automated system, which deploys and secures the dome with little effort from you. Finally, all ribs have plastic caps that match with its handle and its users from injuries.

What We Like
  • Auto opening button
  • Powder-coated steel rod
  • Sturdy fiberglass ribs
  • Light and portable design
Our Verdict

Bubble umbrellas are famous for their unique style. However, if you are looking for a portable one that lasts for long, check out SMATI. Its light and compact design is portable. It also has durable parts, which include a stainless steel frame (powder coated) and fiberglass ribs (capped).

9. Totes Kid’s Clear Bubble Umbrella

Totes Kid's Clear Bubble Umbrella

The Totes Kid’s Clear Bubble umbrella will brighten your kid’s day out. Its stylish bubble design has a large dome-shaped canopy that shields kids from strong winds and the rain. The crystal-clear PVC used to make it offers clear 360 degrees views, which lowers the risk of accidents. Finally, tips and ribs have rounded edges for safety. They rarely poke and or irritate children while it is in use.

Totes are famous for their strength and longevity. The clear bubble model, for instance, has a sturdy stainless steel shaft that can withstand the “wrath” of kids. The frame is light and has a curved J-shape handle for comfortable handling, while its automated design is ideal. Most kids can open and close it with ease when in need. Moreover, the mechanism lowers the risk of accidental injuries as kids deploy and close this umbrella. Each one has a strap that holds it together when collapsed.

What We Like
  • Effortless opening/closing
  • Smooth plastic handle
  • Transparent dome/canopy
  • Sturdy adhesive strap
Our Verdict

The Totes for kids has a transparent design that delivers stunning views (360 degrees) while in use. It also has a kid-safe design, which includes a secure opening/closing mechanism that prevents injuries. Finally, during your outdoor trips, a new one will protect your kid from UV and the rain.

8. Honeystore Princess Lace Ultraviolet-Proof

Honeystore Princess Lace Ultraviolet-Proof

The Honeystore Princess umbrella has a unique design with attractive features. The dome of this umbrella is high-density polyester, which repels water droplets and wind. Besides, the fabric can repel UV rays and is therefore handy during the summer holidays. For stability, Honeystore has secured the dome with a dozen fiberglass ribs, which retain their shape over time. The edge of the dome has a sewn-in lace insert, which boosts its outlook and its stability further. You will love it.

Honeystore Princess offers a lot in terms of flexibility. It also allows women to travel in style without cluttering available space. The dome, for instance, folds in three sections for easier transportation and storage. You also get a free polyester case, which you can use secure the umbrella once folded and a retractable handle that fits comfortably in student’s backpacks.

What We Like
  • UP 50+ rated design
  • Folds for easier transport
  • Stylish laces on edges
  • Durable fiberglass ribs
  • Waterproof polyester
Our Verdict

Honeystore is a beneficial accessory to people who are conscious of UV exposure. It has a unique black theme with laces that boosts its charm. Ribs (fiberglass0 are durable, while its UPF 50+ rated design is beneficial to people with sensitive skin. It filters harsh UV rays in environments naturally.

7. Kidorable Blue Space Hero Umbrella

Kidorable Blue Space Hero Umbrella

The Kidorable bubble umbrella has galaxy artwork with a popup spaceship on top. Thus, it is an excellent product for kids who love space and or toys with inspiring designs. You can gift your child on their birthday, and this will bring fun, adventure and excite their curiosity. It is easy to use, and he only needs to press the release button to open the dome automatically. It also features a strap to wrap the dome quickly before putting it in its casing.

The edges of its ribs have caps that protect your child from accidentally pricking his face. The peak at the dome is also flat for safety, while the quality fabric used to make it is BPA-free. If your kid needs an umbrella, this is a suitable one. The sturdy handle has a Disney animation theme as well.

What We Like
  • Eye-catching kid’s themes
  • Ribs have protective caps
  • Convenient release button
  • Foldable for storage
Our Verdict

The best beach umbrellas are large and protective. Unfortunately, because of their bulk, you cannot carry one to school or work every day. However, Kidorable offers a similar experience without unnecessary bulk. Because of its lightweight design, kids can carry it for long distances hassle-free. It also a durable umbrella and comes in many unique colors and themes that most children like.

6. SVNA Bubble Dome Umbrella

SVNA Bubble Dome Umbrella

The fully automatic SVNA umbrella is the best choice when taking leisure walks along the beach. Its canopy is slightly shorter than most similar designs. However, the shortness of the dome allows the ocean breeze to pass without destabilizing your umbrella. More so, it will not block your view of the ocean and the beach and enables you to capture clear photographs from your phone or digital camera. The diameter of this bubble umbrella has a curvy shape that compensates for the shortness of its dome. Hence, a new one will protect you from the rain and harsh UV rays as well.

The SVNA bubble umbrella is easy to use. The handle’s fully automated button makes opening and collapsing it a breeze with one hand. You can also fold the ribs and dome in two for a more comfortable handling while travelling or store it in the free transparent casing on offer.

What We Like
  • Light and airy design
  • Free casing (transparent)
  • Long-lasting steel ribs
  • Easy to open and carry
Our Verdict

Are you looking for a light and fully automated bubble umbrella that you or your children can use easily? Even though SVNA is shorter than comparable brands, it is a valuable umbrella. Its transparent dome, for instance, improves the visibility and thus awareness of its users. It is also protects against UV and the rain, and folds into a small pack that you can store and carry easily.

5. CARRYWOON Dream Catcher

CARRYWOON Dream Catcher

The CARRYWOON Dream Catcher is a perfect gift for your loved one. The transparent dome has artistic drawings that also boost privacy. However, your view of the surroundings remains uninterrupted, which is both fun and a safety precaution. The dome’s sloppy style is broad and designed to protect the head and upper body from rain and wind from all directions. It also has durable ribs (fiberglass), which enables the dome to resist strong winds and or heavy rains.

Unlike some umbrellas, this model is sturdy because of its central aluminum alloy hub. The advantage of aluminum is that, even though stable, it is lighter than steel, which makes this umbrella portable. Its ribs have a plastic coating to match the artwork on the dome, while its handle has an auto-open/close mechanism. Therefore, even kids enjoy using the umbrella on-route to school.

What We Like
  • Light aluminum frame
  • Ribs have capped edges
  • Auto-opening mechanism
  • Long-lasting fiberglass ribs
Our Verdict

You will like the colorful prints of this CARRYWOON Dream Catcher bubble umbrella. It also has a transparent dome and a lightweight aluminum frame that does not bend nor breaks easily. Finally, for safety, all ribs have smooth caps (plastic), which lower the risk of injuries while in use.

4. Artiron Star Fashion Dome Clear Bubble Umbrella

Artiron Star Fashion Dome Clear Bubble Umbrella

The Artiron Star Fashion umbrella is ideal for both men and women with a taste of fashion and elegance. The dome of this umbrella is clear and decorated with stylish prints of different colours that match different tastes. It also has a large dome with sturdy fiberglass ribs to hold it together in stormy weather. Thus, because of its versatility, Artiron Star delivers the best experience outdoors.

This umbrella has a J-shaped handle made from smooth yet non-slip plastic. The middle shaft is lightweight (stainless steel) for ease of carrying, durable, and does not rust when exposed to water.

What We Like
  • Stable J-shaped handle
  • Sturdy fiberglass ribs
  • Stylish prints and colours
  • Lightweight (3.2 ounces)
Our Verdict

Made from stainless steel, the J-shaped handle of this bubble umbrella is not only sturdy but also durable. It also has heavy-duty ribs (fiberglass) that boost its strength further. As such, if you are looking for a versatile umbrella that will serve you for long, this is the best. It is light as well.

3. HAOCOO Window Panel Kids Umbrella

HAOCOO Window Panel Kids Umbrella

The Window Panel kid’s umbrella from HAOCOO has eight fiberglass ribs that maintain the shape of its dome. Moreover, the dome’s PVC fabric is not only durable but also protects children from heavy rains and winds. Another unique feature of this umbrella is its translucent design. The canopy does not allow a lot of sunlight to penetrate through, which keeps its interior cool.

A special clear panel enhances your child’s visibility on one side of the dome. The panel is in the shape of eyeglasses and often excites kids. This umbrella also has a child-friendly design with an auto-opening mechanism for releasing the dome and a non-slip J-shaped plastic handle.

What We Like
  • Durable fiberglass ribs
  • Sturdy J-shaped handle
  • Auto-open mechanism
  • Kid-safe PVC dome
Our Verdict

HAOCOO is a kid-safe bubble umbrella with a long-lasting PVC dome. Even though the umbrella is not transparent, it has a clear panel on the front, which improves visibility. It also has a solid J handle and thick fiberglass ribs that can withstand high winds and heavy rains outdoors.

2. Mirviory Clear Umbrella

Mirviory Clear Umbrella

Mirviory is a transparent (100%) bubble dome umbrella that is suitable for women and girls. You can also carry it to work, school, and special occasions such as weddings without it looking out of place. Made from PVC, the top is durable. You can expose it to water and or UV for hours without it leaking or melting over time. It also has a self-cleaning, kid-safe design with eight fiberglass ribs for support. If you live in a windy area, thus, expect good results from one. It retains its shape for long.

The dome of this umbrella covers 33.4 inches, which is sufficient for most adults and kids. Its aluminum frame, on the other hand, is light, sturdy, and has a non-slip J-shaped handle (plastic). Thus, the risk of slipping while in use is slim. Moreover, the handle is non-irritant, which is a plus.

What We Like
  • Smooth J-shape handle
  • Long-lasting aluminum frame
  • Long-lasting PVC top (clear)
  • Water and UV resistant
Our Verdict

Mirviory will protect you from high winds and heavy rains without disintegrating. Its PVC top, for instance, is resistant to water and UV. The risk of it melting or leaking over time is very low. Its aluminum handle and plastic handle (J-shaped) are durable as well, while its spacious dome is ideal.

1. Kung Fu Smith Black Lace Parasol Umbrella

Kung Fu Smith Black Lace Parasol Umbrella

The Kung Fu Smith Black Lace Parasol Umbrella features some of the classic and elegant London designs. It is durable and has a cute bubble shape with a bowtie in front. The dome is black with a beautifully contrasting red striped front to give it a stunning beauty. It is versatile, and you can use on any day, occasion, and with different dress styles. Its middle rod is stainless steel, while its dome has supportive fiberglass ribs that are resistant to strong winds and rust.

Kung Fu Smith has a J shaped handle that offers a non-slip grip when walking with it closed or when using it against harsh weather. When alighting from your car, the release button on the handle allows you to open the umbrella quickly using one hand.

What We Like
  • Sturdy fiberglass ribs
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Comfortable J-shaped handle
  • Stylish dome bubble
Our Verdict

Are you shopping for a charming bubble umbrella that can protect you from the elements as well? Kung Fu Smith Black has an eye-catching black theme with lace accents that stand out outdoors. Its J shaped handle is durable (stainless steel) and non-slip. It also has a spacious dome that will keep you dry and protect your child’s sensitive skin from UV rays without weighing you down.

Shopping Tips for The Best Bubble Umbrellas

If you travel quite often, you should consider how easy it is to carry your umbrella around with you. The model should also allow for convenient packaging, which is most relevant for those who frequently travel by road or air. No man or woman would like to invest in a product that is so bulky to pack or carry with them. Consequently, you will find two vital factors worthy considering in this category—weight and size when collapsed.


For those who live in cities and mostly use public transport means, or even do walk long stretches, you need something compact. You should therefore buy an umbrella you can effortlessly carry, yet still enjoy its shelter if it rains or gets too sunny. Among our selection of the best bubble umbrellas, none is too inconveniently big for you to carry. So you can rest assured of no trouble with our picks if size is a big deal to you.


If you live or work in areas of unpredictably precipitous climate and thus need to have an emergency shelter canopy, its weight actually matters. Your umbrella should be easy to carry, whether in briefcase or by hand, especially if you walk longer. As such, you should look for one whose weight you are okay with. However, don’t be so concerned with weight when you just want an overhead cover you from car to office. Also, to walk to nearby grocery, you probably should opt for a larger thing.

Strength and Durability of Bubble Umbrella

Any umbrella’s canopy support is of integral purpose in how well or bad it will perform. Weak support may likely disappoint you when using the umbrella. In regard to that, our chosen best bubble umbrellas feature high quality shafts and stretchers. They are made of the best materials and designed to deliver enhanced wind resistance while ensuring durability.

The Shafts and Stretchers

A single piece material shaft is better, since any abuse is distributed through the whole stick. Contrary, sectioned shafts have more weak points where they may torque and possibly break. Prevent such a misfortune by choosing the former.

However, you may have known that the stretchers are more prone to failing than are shafts. If you have before used a poor quality umbrella, you probably have witnessed broken or bent stretchers. That is not the case you will frequently experience with the best bubble umbrellas. With these products, the stretchers are designed to withstand storms in the most impressive way known.

Additionally, you shouldn’t forget to check the materials the stretchers and hinges of your umbrella are made of. Iron and steel, however sturdier than most other materials, are more likely to catch rust. It is therefore essential that you wipe dry all of such umbrella parts before collapsing the canopy. On the other hand, fiberglass and aluminum do not rust. As such, when you choose an umbrella with stretchers of such materials, you then won’t be worried about rusting. Even if you collapse the umbrella while it is still wet, you are sure the stretchers are safe.

The Canopy Material

Good quality canopy material stands against weather elements. Contrary, poor quality canopies may wear fast. As such, you should go for the bubble umbrella that features a canopy of sturdy high quality material. Meanwhile, do not forget that a good bubble umbrella canopy should allow a see-through experience. So choose ones with a transparent material

Conclusion: You are no longer going to put up with the embarrassment of getting wet just because your umbrella surrendered to the storm. Instead, you will rest comfortably assured that you are completely protected by a sturdy umbrella, yet one that allows clear vision, thus avoiding mishaps at the sate time. That is what a great bubble umbrella model offers you. However, to get the most appreciable service from this product, you have to choose from the above reviewed top 10 best bubble umbrellas in 2021. Check these latest review of the top combat boots for women.