Top 10 Best Combat Boots for Men

As you look to face all the challenges of the year 2019, it pays to invest in a set of combat boots for those outdoor activities which call for exertion and pose a measure of risk. These top 10 best combat boots for men in 2019 have been proven to have all the essential qualities you would demand from outdoor footwear. They are designed for the long haul and for convenience in use. Year upon year, they will deliver top performance while requiring very little in the way of maintenance or repairs.

10. Diesel Men’s Tatradium Basket Butch Combat Boot


When you opt to get out in these combat boots, you are making an unambiguous statement of intent in your pursuit of excellence in whatever endeavor that you may lay your hand (or foot for that matter) upon. Full lace-up design is a ploy to ensure the boots are securely fitted without adding even a measure of discomfort. The synthetic rubber sole is also enhanced to ensure you get secure purchase as you climb or slide about on all forms of outdoor terrain.

9. Clarks Men’s Desert Mali Combat Boot

Clarks Men's Desert Mali Combat Boot

Featuring a natural rubber sole as well as meticulously cured crepe suede leather upper shoe, this is a boot that proclaims your sense of adventure without you having to make a statement. It is designed with the traditional lace up system that means once done the boot is securely fastened on your feet with no danger of slipping off inadvertently. Inside, the boot is entirely lined with sheepskin to enhance comfort as well as increase the moisture wicking capability of the shoe as whole.

8. Harley-Davidson Men’s Brake Buckle Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Brake Buckle Boot

Take on the power of the thunder and the swiftly moving torrents when you don these adventure boots for men with a perchance for the wild. Harley Davidson has been making great boots for both military types and avid bikers for decades. In this Brake Buckle Boot, the company has guaranteed the best of both worlds in one boot. It is resilient and tough without being overly heavy or cumbersome. Wear it and be sure to kick up some dust whenever you rev or brake.

7. Polar Fox Men’s 801026 Calf High Military Lace Up Combat Boots

Polar Fox Men's 801026 Calf High Military Lace Up Combat Boots

These are leatherette combat boots for men which meet and even exceed the strictest rules of design and construction. Made from premium materials and enhanced to ensure versatility in outdoor settings, the boot will appeal to both military types as well as thoroughbred adventure seekers. Whether it is the primeval jungle or the soulless deserts, these are boots meant to deliver the best performance while protecting your feet from the most challenging conditions. You can therefore enjoy nature and push the boundaries of the possible without undue safety concerns.

6. Bates Men’s Escalante Waterproof Motorcycle and Combat Boot

Bates Men's Escalante Waterproof Motorcycle and Combat Boot

These are highly versatile boots made by Bates Footwear as true testament to their competence and regard for the best standards in the industry. The all-grain leather construction of the boot’s shell is designed to give you the best performance even when the boot has to be used over and over again in extreme trail and weather conditions. The Escalante boot features a new redesign that combines a waterproof leather construction that is at par with the best standards in the industry. The rubber sole has also been treaded anew to give it a tread that holds well even in the most slippery conditions.

5. U.S. Military Contractors Combat Boot with Cold Weather and Waterproof Enhancements

U.S. Military Contractors Combat Boot with Cold Weather and Waterproof Enhancements

These combat boots have been designed to be in strict compliance with specifications for military issue boots given out to US servicemen in combat situations. As such, you can rest assured that they are resilient enough to offer protection, comfort as well as versatility in different outdoor conditions. The rubber sole has been specially sealed to offer complete moisture resistance. As for the shell, it uses a special design which is completely seamless. It is a shoe that is designed to last a lifetime and deliver excellent value for money all along.

4. Polar Fox MPX-508006 Black Men’s Military Combat Work Desert Ankle Boot

Polar Fox MPX-508006 Black Men's Military Combat Work Desert Ankle Boot

This is a combat boot which announces to all and sundry that the wearer is fashion conscious without being afraid to get into muddied water for a share of adventure. You can rely on the tough leather upper shoe and shaft to meet all the challenges of outdoor weather in your ranging or field work. While the boot is tough in appearance and performance, it is nonetheless lightweight enough not to drag you down as you work or seek for a share of the ultimate outdoor thrill.

3. Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot

Durango Men's 11 Harness Boot

The Durango brand has already established itself as a quality mark for a variety of fashion items, notably in leather footwear. It is a name that inspires confidence that this boot is meant to meet all the challenges of the outdoors or rank wild with plenty to spare. Whether your adventure takes you through dry, windswept sands or densely matted and moisture laden undergrowth, you can be sure you and your feet will be safe from all harm or discomfort at the end of it all. Of particular importance is the boot shaft which measures 11 and a half inch from the heel and is also made entirely from genuine leather. Other embellishments such as the harness ankle strap with its dual pool handles should serve to assure you of the excellent qualities this boot aspires to and meets.

2. Dr. Martens Boots: Men’s 6 Inch 1460 Airware Work AND Combat Boots

Dr. Martens Boots Men's 6 Inch 1460 Airware Work AND Combat Boots

The Dr. Marten’s brand is a highly regarded name in the footwear industry. For real connoisseurs of the brand too, there is little doubt that the 1460 Airware is peerless in its own class. It is carefully designed to offer resilience in all manner of outdoor uses and still retains a remarkably lightweight profile. With a carefully treaded rubber sole, the boot is certain to offer all the oil, moisture and slip resistance you need in a quality work boot. The upper shoe also bears the iconic welt stitching and pull tab enhancements which have served to propel this and other Dr. Martens footwear products to top billing across a range of categories.

1. Maelstrom Men’s LANDSHIP 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper

Maelstrom Men's LANDSHIP 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper

Get your groove on and take on any challenge with unrelenting ease when you opt for these combat BOOTS by the renowned brand, Maelstrom. Featuring the best rubber sole and an upper boot made from a combination of genuine leather as well as breathable fabric enhancements, this is a boot for all seasons. The patches of fabric fitted on the relevant sections of the boot’s upper section are reliably breathable on top of offering adequate protection for your feet. The functionality of this section is further enhanced by a lining that is both moisture wicking and padded for comfort.

As the year rolls on, prove that you have what it takes to take on any outdoor challenge with flair and competence by complementing your outfit with these top rated combat boots. The boots have been proven to offer excellent performance in a variety of outdoor conditions and they will also protect your feet from all the dangers of the terrain.

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