Top 10 Best Cheap Pet & Cat Scratching Posts Reviews In 2021

You may be annoyed to find your cat scratching your carpet or furniture all the time. Neither can you afford to buy new furniture all the time nor can you stop their instincts. So, adding the cat scratching posts in your home just to keep your cats happy is always wise. These posts are constructed of materials that will comfort the cats as well as not keeps them engaged with scratching for hours. And cleaning these is not a big deal at all. Also, some of the posts can also be used as a bed where your cat can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Want to know that what more these posts offer? The cat scratching posts review highlights every little point that goes unnoticed by a common user.

Table of the Best Cat Scratching Posts Reviews

10. Pioneer Pet SmartCat Scratching Post

Cat Scratching Posts

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For that lazy cat of yours who needs a stretch more than once, this post from Pioneer is surely the one to check out. At 32-inches and sisal base, this solid wood structure minus the wobbling and the tipping factor is suitable for cat’s scratching. Carved out of fibrous sisal, this wooden post easily blends with the home décor and shreds cleanly unlike its competitors.

Furthermore, known for its simplistic yet elegant design, this does not require any specific set-up and is easy to maintain. Since it is a rectangular post, it needs periodic shifting for helping your cats obtain the ultimate comfort level. As a matter of fact, the heavy-duty cat scratching post comes with a non-skid bottom that works well on all floor types.

For feline lovers, the height and supporting base structure is completely worth the money!

Key features:

  • The sisal is completely woven to ensure utmost comfort.
  • Indeed, it will be easily assembled with double screws.
  • To entice cat scratching, it is well treated with liquid catnip.
  • Its 16.6 pounds weight ensures better stability in the long run.

9. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree Condo Furniture Beige Colo

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree Condo Furniture Beige Colo

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If your cat loves to ‘warm up’ during a vigorous play session, this cat tree from Go Pet Club is not to be missed! A whopping 62-inches, it allows your feline friend to explore, climb, scratch as well as a lounge at her heart’s content. Acting both as a condo and a scratching post, it offers multiple hammocks and perches for it.

Equipped with sisal ropes, the roof of this condo doubles up as an extra resting platform. The only point is it takes a little extra time for assembling before you can use it. Moreover, the cat scratching post of tree trunk design will absolutely keep your cats engaged.

Key features:

  • Notable 4-level platform design for ultimate comfort.
  • The scratching surface is multi-textured with faux fur, compressed wood and sisal rope as a base.
  • Tower perch is indeed pretty high.

8. AmazonBasics Medium Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

AmazonBasics Medium Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

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Wrapped in jute, this scratching post comes in 3-terms and with a double-platform indoor format. With tools included, this can surely ease the assembling process and keep your feline friend content. For those who have fussy cats, this has a round top platform with a rim that doubles up as a bed.

Plus, having a square base, this corner cat scratching post is comparatively durable than its competitors. The compressed wood inclusive of 4 posts and carpeted surfaces provides the perfect traction for claws sharpening. Apart from having MDF carpet, it also doubles as a cat bed.

Key features:

  • Known for the capacity of combining external features with internal aspects.
  • The 2-tier platform is an advantage for the kitty.
  • Certainly has a round top along with double rims.

7. PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post

PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post

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If environment-friendly is your style and you are looking for a cat scratcher and post for your home, nothing can beat the magic of PetFusion! Made from recycled cardboard, this provides the perfect base for your kitty to recline and enjoy her nap. Whether it is the standard or the large size, your cat can crawl through the opening in the middle and enjoy scratching the whole day.

In fact, its unique design allows you to tumble it in any form and the construction ensures that this product will last you long enough. Its non-toxic nature comes from its corn-starch glue construction and 1-month guarantee are some of its other attractive features. Clearly, it is for no reason that this has been awarded the Editor’s Choice at Cat Fancy Magazine 2014.

Key features:

  • Comes in neutral shades with a cubby hole for the kitty’s benefit.
  • Allows both vertical and horizontal cat scratching post placement as per your choice.
  • Infused with organic catnip leaf to ensure utmost comfort for your feline friend.

6. Trixie Pet Product Baza Small Cat Trees

Trixie Pet Product Baza Small Cat Trees

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Would you love to have a cat tree with some toys attached to it? Trixie brings you the ideal one, with its hanging pom-pom toy to give your kitty company! Available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, this cat tree is notable for its sisal wrapped scratching post.

Moreover, its dual posts and a hammock with extra support are truly worth noting in comparison to its competitors. Thus, the sisal cat scratching post will satisfy your cat’s instincts and it weighs a mere 10 pounds.

Key features:

  • Felines can easily sharpen their claws against the long-lasting sisal for better growth.
  • Composed of long-hair plush fabric for easing comfort level.

5. Kitty City Premium Woven Sisal Carpet Scratching Post & Scratching Mat

Kitty City Premium Woven Sisal Carpet Scratching Post & Scratching Mat

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Do you wish to buy a sisal cat tree that will both serve your feline one and fit into your décor? Well, nothing can beat the magic of woven sisal carpet collection from Kitty City! Having that ‘extra-tall’ structure to ensure that your kitty gets ample space to play, this woven sisal carpet has a special jingle toy ball attached to its top.

The specific non-bleached woven sisal ensures that your cat does not get allergies. While the full 5-inches diameter surely provides the much-required play domain. Besides proving to be a stable piece, it is standing pretty stable and carries a certification of BV Pet.

Key features:

  • Includes 3 screws to easily assemble the whole product.
  • Has a fleece cover top with woven sisal post made from natural plants for scratching.
  • Well-toned and durable product, suitable in the long run!

4. Yaheetech 51-Inch Cat Tree Tower & Scratching Post for Kittens

Yaheetech 51-Inch Cat Tree Tower & Scratching Post for Kittens

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At a height of 51-inches and made of premium particle board, this cat tree tower duals both as a platform and condo for your lovely little kitty! Made of soft plush, these posts are coiled with sisal ropes and have a capacity of maximum 44 lbs.

Furthermore, it is created from compressed wood wrapped up in faux feather to extend warmth to your kitty. To add that extra edge to your cat’s life, the furballs are a great way to divert their attention. Plus, it includes tools and instruction manual making it easy to assemble.

Key features:

  • Has a wall anchor strip to enhance durability level of this cat tree.
  • Includes multiple spots for playing and perching of your little friend.
  • Natural handmade sisal ropes help your dear little one to enhance the scratching process.

3. MidWest Durable Stylish Cat Trees & Cat Scratching Posts

 MidWest Durable Stylish Cat Trees & Cat Scratching Posts

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Available in beautiful fur coating, this cat scratching post is known for its durability and thickness. Wrapped in natural sisal, this not only has a durable and sturdy base. In fact, it also provides ample resilience to match up to your kitty’s scratching requirements.

Further, it is extra thick and perfect for large as well as heavy cats. To give you further assures to the customers, it holds a MidWest Quality Guarantee.

Key features:

  • Has ultra-soft brown faux feather to enhance the comfort level.
  • Standing at 4-inches, this is quite tall for usage by multiple cats.
  • Easy to assemble and ensures that your cat has the perfect scratching satisfaction.

2. PetPals Cat Tree Cat Tower for Cat Activity with Scratching Post sand Toy Ball

PetPals Cat Tree Cat Tower for Cat Activity with Scratching Post sand Toy Ball

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PetPals has always been a big name in this domain and with 2 decades of manufacturing of pet supplies, this truly provides the best for its clients. Having the capacity to hold cats up to 15 lbs, this cat tree is made of handmade paper rope. Thus, provides the ideal condition for cats to sharpen their claws minus the inconvenience.

Furthermore, it has 2 very different plus styles. With a dash of catnip for the company, this ensures that your cat enjoys the most! Thus has dual perching opportunities, with the upper perch specifically for cradling

Key features:

  • It is eco-friendly in nature.
  • Includes a free teasing toy for your kitty.
  • Its weighted bottom base prevents the tree from tipping over.

1. PAWZ Road 32-Inch Cats Ultimate Scratching Post

PAWZ Road 32-Inch Cats Ultimate Scratching Post

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From the house of PAWZ Road, this base wrapped in soft plush cat tree is one of its kind. Made of durable material, this is easy to clean and ensures that your cat has great scratching capacity. The design on this post is very different from the other posts available in the market.

Being a soft post, your pets will love to scratch the post. This is a testament of durable product and is absolutely easy when you want to clean.

Key features:

  • The panel is 32-inches high ensuring that your kitty has ample space to jump
  • Noted for its carpet platform that gives the feline an ideal resting place
  • Has the capacity to remain useful for years!

No one can deny the fact that their pet cat loves scratching posts. Thus, these natural cat scratching posts will be their ultimate way to obtain happiness.