Top 10 Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets in 2019 Reviews

The best cheap makeup brush sets can make all the difference in having a glowing and beautiful face. Whatever you taste is, you cannot afford to go wrong with a makeup brush. Saving a few dimes while buying the best makeup brush.

What factors should you Consider when Buying Cheap Makeup Brush Sets

Buying cheap makeup brush sets can be challenging. There are several brands available in the market and getting the best can be time-consuming. To make this task easier, is it important to know factors that one should consider. The main factors to consider are: quality, personal ethics, purpose, the size, shape, and weight of the brush


To get a quality makeup, it is imperative to have a quality brush. A good makeup is not just about ability, makeup products, and technique but also quality brushes. You are better off with a set of few quality brushes than many of low quality. Most people think that a quality brush is expensive. Don’t just pay for a brand name but ensure that you get a quality brush at a reasonable brush.

The build of the brush determines its durability. A good quality brush should have a metal base holding the bristles in place and should not wobble. A bad quality brush will shade hairs, and you would be lucky if it holds together after a few washes.

Brushes that come with makeup are not of high quality. They are just a quick fix when you are in a place where you cannot access your makeup brush set. They are far from professional quality, and the results are not that great.

Use low quality or cheap makeup brushes when using glue or latex. Never use your main makeup brushes to apply glue as they will never have same quality even after a thorough wash.

b)Purpose and Use of the Makeup Brush

You need to consider the use of the brush and go for the set of brushes that suits that purpose. Do you want to draw a precise line, blend powders, cover a small or large area, contour or any other makeup? For example, a thin eyeliner brush may make your work cumbersome should you use it for a job like applying face foundation.

Some brushes can be multipurpose.  Some brushes are made for a particular job, but this does not mean that they cannot be used for another task. For example, a makeup brush labeled as a lip brush can be used as a concealer or eyeliner brush. If a brush is within your budget, suits your application and does the intended the job perfectly then go for it. Alternatively, going for a set of makeup brush eliminates this dilemma as you get a brush for each task.

c)Size, Weight, and Shape

Makeup brushes come in different sizes, shapes, and weights. Brushes made for the same purpose have different feel and look. You have to go for the one that has properties that favor your hand size and application methods. While ordering online, you may go through other people’s reviews so that you get the best makeup brush.

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d)Personal Ethics

Nowadays, you get to buy a makeup brush that matches personal taste such as vegan brushes, non-animal hair, cruelty-free and even environmentally friendly brushes. If you have a personal belief that you wouldn’t like to compromise, there are plenty of options for you. You may also dislike animal hair brushes for reasons such as allergies hence synthetic hair suits you more.

e)Should You go for Makeup Brush Sets or Individual Brushes?

If you buy makeup brushes individually, you get to choose the one that matches every type of makeup. You are not just restricted to one brand. You can spend money a brush that you use a lot and budget less for brushes that you rarely use.

Buying brush sets is a good way to get all makeup brush you need at once. The set has brushes with different sizes and is a good way to get started. You get to know the brushes that you need the most. Brush sets can be handy if you are traveling and you need something that fits your handbag. You can build from a makeup brush set and ultimately handpick individual brush as you master your individual needs.

Which is the Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets in 2019?

The above factors make it possible to know what is important when buying makeup brush sets. There are still hundreds of makeup brush sets that still have the above factors. To make it easier, I have prepared this list of the Top 10 Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets in 2019 Reviews. I hope you will find an affordable makeup brush sets you are looking for. This makeup brush sets are:

10.KOLIGHT 20 Pcs Pro Makeup Set

Starting us off in position 10 of the best makeup brush set is the KOLIGHT Pro Makeup Set which has 20 pieces of specialized makeup brushes. The brushes are eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, angle top brush, flat-top shadow brush, eyeliner brush, concealer brush, lip brush, and more makeup brushes that come handy for your daily use.  The makeup brush adopts a mixture of goat hair, synthetic hair, and nylon hair that have great powder holding capability is pleasing to the skin and is soft. The length of these makeup brushes ranges between 13.2-18.5 centimeters and have an ergonomic wooden handle.


i)The set has 20 brushes each specialized for a specific grooming task.

ii)The brushes have wooden handles which make them lighter.

iii)The brushes’ hair is a blend which has great powder holding power.


i)It has goat hair, and some people are allergic to it.

Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets

9.Qivange Brush Set

Qivange Brush Set comes in the ninth position. It has 15 make up brushes with a guide on the particular function of each brush. Some of the brushes in this set are the blush brush, flat angle brush, bronzer brush, eyelash brush, concealer brush, flat contour brush among other makeup brushes. It is a great starter kit before you graduate to specialized individual brushes. The makeup brush hair is 100 percent synthetic and does not shed. They are soft and feels great on your skin. The makeup brush set comes with a cosmetic bag for portability.


i)The brush set hair is 100 percent synthetic hence ideal for people who don’t like animal hair.

ii)It comes with a makeup bag for portability.

iii)They are of good quality and are durable.

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i)They are white and can be challenging to clean.

Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets

8.Generic 32 PCS Makeup Brush Set

If you are looking for a set that has every brush that you could possible need, then you should consider this Generic 32 PCS Makeup Brush Set. It is a brush that you would get if you are intermediate in makeup. You are spoilt for choice as you have a brush that is ideal for every makeup idea. They are soft and of decent quality. You can also take these makeup brushes everywhere you go.


i)The brushes are very affordable.

ii)It has 32 pieces of makeup brushes for every makeup design you can think.


i)The quality is decent but not the best.

Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets

7.Real Techniques Starter Set

Real Techniques Starter Set is ideal for people who want to try their hands on self-grooming at the comfort of their homes. The materials, from the bristles to the handles, are of high quality each aimed at achieving the best makeup results with the least effort. These brushes have labels on the handles and are color coded to help you navigate through the process of laying makeup foundation to etching intricate details on your face. You can use the brushes for a range of products ranging from liquids, creams, and powders.


i)The starter pack is ideal for people who are new to self-grooming.

ii)The handles are ergonomic for easy navigation during makeup sessions

iii)The starter pack is affordable.


i)Lacks professional makeup brushes.

Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets

6.Yoseng 10 Pcs New fashionable Super Soft Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brush Set

Yoseng set comes with a manageable 10 pieces of makeup brush that have a stylish design. The hair is entirely synthetic and has a high powder and cream holding power. They can be used with BB Cream, blush and powder thanks to its densely packed fibers that offer full face coverage and are soft and pleasing to the face. You can use the set for grooming tasks such as contouring, foundations, concealer, sculpting eyebrows and lips. They are of great quality and deliver the best results.


i)They are easy to clean and maintain.

ii)They have a fashionable design.

iii)Soft hence pleasing to use on the face.


i)It is bit costly than other brushes on the list.

Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets

5.Real Techniques Core Collection Set

Real Techniques Core Collection Set features a color-code system that allows you to apply makeup systematically for a flawless base and a perfect finish. The bristles are 100 percent synthetic and are extra soft and smooth. You can do your makeup using natural or indoor lighting. The brush is hand-cut which makes it possible to apply precise makeup and achieve a fine finish. Each brush has a name on the handle for easy identification.


i)The brushes are color coded for a guided makeup application.

ii)Brushes have names on the handle for easy identification.

iii)Bristles are hand-cut for perfect uniform makeup application.


i)Some people don’t like the feel of the hair.

Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets

4.Becoyou New Fashionable Super Soft Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brush Cosmetic Brushes

Becoyou Makeup Brush Set is of great quality and comes with very ergonomic handles for precise application and greater stability. The dense, high-quality bristles have a high power to hold liquids, creams, and powders. The set comes with a storage pouch for portability and easy management of the makeup brushes. They are a total of 5 oval brushes for different grooming tasks. The oval design gives you a whole makeup experience. The fact that you get only five makeup brushes makes the set easy to carry.

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i)The bristles have great holding power for powders, liquids, and creams.

ii)The handles have an ergonomic design for precise application and greater stability.

iii)The brushes have toothbrush like the design for better control on the makeup application process.


i)They are a total of 5 makeup brushes, and you need to reuse some brushes for other tasks hence need to clean the brushes in one session.

Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets

3.Noble Life 10 Piece Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Kit

At the third position is the Noble Life 10 Piece Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Kit that is seen by many users a complete set of the essential makeup brushes for both home and professional use. You can use the set to apply liquid, powder, or cream makeup. The high-density hair is of the best quality and does not irritate due to its soft touch and texture. The handles are of the ideal size for stability and precise makeup application. The brushes are highly portable.


i)The brush set has all the essential makeup brushes needed for home grooming.

ii)The set is portable as they can fit into any makeup bag.

iii)The brushes are multifunctional and can be used with any makeup powder, liquid or cream.


i)The set is a bit costly compared to others in this list.

Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets

2.BS-MALL(TM) Makeup Brushes Premium Makeup Brush Set

BS-MALL(TM) Makeup Brushes are of a premium quality which gives you a luxurious experience when grooming. The handles are ergonomic which makes it easy to maneuver during the makeup application process. The high quality, soft bristles are held to the base firmly with a metal band. These bristles are of high density, well-shaped and soft. They don’t have that chemical smell common with makeup brushes with synthetic hair.


i)The BS-MALL make brushes are of high quality.

ii)Bristles are soft and well-shaped.

iii)The bristles do not shed off even after prolonged use.


i)The company does not include a guide on the use of each brush.

Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets

1. EmaxDesign 20 Pieces Makeup Brush Set

On the first position is the EmaxDesign 20 Pieces Makeup Brush Set that has all the properties that the best makeup brush set should have. You can use each brush with creams, liquids, and powders. The set has important makeup brush such as the foundation brush, eye shadow brush, mascara brush, eyeliner brush and eyebrow brush. All the brushes in the set are easy to work with are soft which makes it tolerable during the grooming session. The bristles are of high density and do not shed easily with proper care.


i)The brushes are of high quality, and the company claims that they are assembled by hand.

ii)You get a brush for every makeup style and need.

iii)The set of brushes is affordable.


i)The brushes have no labeling and can be confusing at first.

Best Cheap Makeup Brush Sets


Getting the best cheap makeup brush is not an easy task. When you get the perfect set, take care of it by cleaning the brushes after every makeup session using a mild brush cleaner. Leave the brushes to dry before using it on another makeup or storing in a makeup bag.


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