Top 10 Best Chainsaws In 2022 Reviews

Every day, millions of homeowners prune trees to keep their yards looking good and split wood for heating. Contractors, on the other hand, gut rooms for renovation and do intricate landscaping jobs around homes. Even though traditional tools such as axes and machetes are ideal for doing such jobs, they are frustrating to use. They also often irritate users and require a bit of skill and effort to use safely in and around homes. Do not let the foregoing issues dampen your productivity.

With powerful, handheld chainsaws now available in Amazon, you can work efficiently, devoid of the projects you are doing. Lightweight, for instance, you can carry most models around and work efficiently indoors and outdoors. Their powerful battery, electricity, or gas-powered systems prune, saw, and split wood and branches effectively, while their myriad of safety features are desirable.

Unlike machetes and axes, for instance, they have well-balanced designs with padded handles for safety. Most models work vibration free and have safety brakes that keep users safe in the event of an accident. Do not purchase any random model in your favourite store, however. Research well and choose the best to have memorable results whenever you are working on a personal project or a commercial one.

  • Product Name
  • Image
  • Description
  • Makita XCU02Z

    1650 FPM motor, low maintenance design, low kickback bar and chain, rechargeable battery pack, 10.1 pound design, built in hand guard

  • Husqvarna 455 Rancher

    20 inch gas-powered design, quality chain, fast and powerful cutting, vibration free chain, CARB compliant, centrifugal air cleaning, sensitive chain brake


    Reputable brand, Lithium ion battery, 12-inch bar, brushless motor, tool-free chain tensioning, automated oiling mechanism, three year warranty

  • Husqvarna 450

    Gas powered, cordless, LowVib dampening system, choke and stop controls, 50.0cc displacement, 3.2HP power output, auto oiling, auto chain adjustment

  • WORX WG304.1

    Gas powered, quiet 15.0 amp motor, 18-inch bar, auto oiling technology, chain brake, auto tension system, three year warranty


    20 volt battery, CARB compliant design, 7.2 pounds, auto oiling mechanism, wraparound bale handle

  • Remington RM1025P Ranger

    Powerful 2-in-1 design, 15 foot pole, Heavy duty 8-amp motor, easy setup

  • Poulan Pro PP5020AV

    20-inch design, low kickback chain and bar, powerful 2-stroke engine, CARB compliant design, automatic chain oiler, free carrying case

  • WORX WG303.1

    Compact 16-inch design, low kickback chain and bar, automated chain oiler, 24.5 amp motor, built in chain brake, three year warranty

  • Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper

    4.5 amp motor, concealed chain, 4-inch cutting capacity, compact 6-inch design, smooth clamping and cutting action

What To Look For When Buying a Chainsaw

  • Power: Chainsaws are versatile household and commercial accessories that handle most cutting, sawing, and splitting jobs well. When choosing one, power is the first essential attribute that you should keep in mind. What type of motor does your chainsaw of choice have? To work faster and better on most materials, choose a high horsepower chainsaw made of quality materials. Even though cheaper: low-powered chainsaws often lower the performance of users when pruning trees, gutting homes, or splitting wood.
  • Safety: Chainsaws are indispensable labour saving that all homeowners and contractors should own. Even though power is essential, make sure that your model of choice is safe for everyday use. Does your model of choice have a safety catcher or safety throttle, for instance? Does it come with a centrifugal clutch and a protective scabbard for its chain? While it is tempting to purchase the cheapest chainsaws from Amazon, make sure your model of choice has these safety features. The model you choose should also be light and have a padded handle that will protect you from injuries.
  • Type: Several types of chainsaws are currently available in stores. Before you select one, understand how each type works and its major benefits. Gas powered chainsaws, for instance, are novel handheld chainsaws that draw power from diesel and comparable fuels. Even though cheap and have longer runtimes, gas-powered chainsaws are loud, bulky, and pollutant. Electricity-powered models, on the other hand, are lighter and somewhat efficient. Unfortunately, their corded designs minimise range when working outdoors. With the advent of technology, novel battery-powered chainsaws are currently available in stores such as Amazon. Even though most models are underpowered and have a short run-time, they are efficient and fun to use outdoors. Research well and purchase a suitable model that will satisfy your needs.
  • Features: Did you know that the features of a chainsaw mirror the type of jobs you can do with it? For the best experience, a well-designed model with a reduced kickback chain will benefit you better. It should also have a guide bar, a power and or oil gauge, and an adjustable drive mechanism that you can customise on demand. If you are having issues choosing the best chainsaws, this article has done the legwork for you. With one of the 10 models we have reviewed herein, you get a professional-grade chainsaw that offers value for cash.

Makita XCU02Z

Makita is a dominant Japanese brand that has manufactured numerous power tools since its inception in 1915. When working on pruning, sawing, or home renovation jobs, therefore, purchase one of its bestsellers to have a memorable experience outdoors. Makita XCU02Z, for instance, is a reputable chainsaw with a powerful 1,650 FPM motor. Brushless, the motor is not only efficient but also designed to withstand abuse well whenever you are working on projects outdoors.

Unlike some models that overheat easily, Makita XCU02Z works for several minutes without overheating. It well-designed chain has a cutting speed and works relatively low maintenance over the years. If you have a big yard that you maintain often or do commercial jobs occasionally, an original will benefit you immensely.

This chainsaw has an effective battery-powered design that benefits users in many ways. Unlike standard gas-powered chainsaws, you do not have to travel to your local gas station occasionally to keep your chainsaw running. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet when not in use and charge its 36-volt battery to get it ready for work. The Lithium-ion technology used to manufacture this battery is very efficient. It recharges fast, for instance. You do not have to wait for hours, as traditional batteries required. It also has a longer run time and does not suffer the memory effect after several recharge cycles.

Makita XCU02Z

If you are among those that do hours of backbreaking work every day, your chainsaw of choice should be easy to use. Makita XCU02Z meets this threshold. Weighing just 10.1 pounds, for instance, you get a light and fun-to-use chainsaw that never disappoints.

It is easy to carry around. It is also easy to manoeuvre and has a well-balanced padded handle that betters control and comfort. Whenever you are splitting wood, pruning branches, and felling trees in your backyards, expect memorable results from this novel chainsaw. Apart from working fast, for instance, it will never irritate your wrists nor compromise your safety.

Are you tired of your loud and pollutant chainsaw that irritates you and or your neighbours? To solve these issues without breaking the bank, Makita XCU02Z is one of the best products to use. Battery-powered, for instance, it has a quiet system (89decibels) that most users appreciate. Its brushless motor is also quiet, while the plethora of advanced features it comes with makes splitting wood and felling trees fan.

The 12-inch guide bar Makita XCU02Z comes with is spacious. Coupled with its powerful battery and powerful motor, you will breeze through the toughest of jobs at home. Makita XCU02Z has an easy to use electronic start-up technology. It also has a built-in front hand guard for safety, tool-less chain adjustment, and an extreme protection technology for water and dust.


  • Manual chain adjustment

Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Known for the high-powered budget products it has produced for years, Husqvarna is a trusted brand that offers value. In the chainsaw niche, it is also a popular brand with products such as the 455 Rancher attracting global acclaim. If you are a contractor or a Do It Yourself homeowner, buy one to enjoy its numerous benefits.

Gas-powered, for instance, this one of a kind chainsaw is among the cheapest to run. Even though louder than some electrical and battery-powered models, you do not have to spend a fortune to keep your yard looking clean. Maintenance is simple, while its cheap principal cost appeals to individuals and professionals.

When shopping for new chainsaws, most individuals purchase low-powered models with negative results. To do cutting, felling, and splitting jobs effectively, do not make a similar mistake. A quality heavy-duty model such as Husqvarna 455 Rancher will serve you better. The gas-powered 20-inch engine that it uses, for instance, generates heart-stopping power. Coupled with the premium chain that it comes with, it generates the required torque for cutting both dry and wet wood efficiently.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher

The advanced Torque X technology it uses, on the other hand, lowers fuel consumption and harmful emissions significantly. At full speed, therefore, you will not only cut faster while lowering fuel consumption by up to 20% at the same time. Compared to traditional brands, you will also cut down harmful emissions by up to 60%, which is beneficial to the environment.

As the Makita XCU02Z chainsaw listed, this CARB compliant model from Husqvarna does not require a lot of skill to use. Whilst heavier, for instance, the efficient start technology it uses makes operation fun. Whenever you are planning to split wood, fell trees, or trim the hedges in your backyard, you can start it with minimal effort. Because of its well-balanced design, its operation is also easy.

You can manoeuvre it close to the ground to make accurate cuts. You can also lift it and prune high branches easily with the aid of the padded and ergonomic handle it comes with. Forget about hiring professionals to do your outdoor chores for you. With the help of Husqvarna 455 Rancher, you can handle tough of jobs easily.

Do you have a tight budget? Do you want a well-made feature-rich chainsaw for everyday use? With Husqvarna 455 Rancher, you do not have to spend a significant amount of money to enjoy professional results. In Amazon, the discounted rate charged is affordable to most people. Its feature-rich design, on the other hand, has attracted positive attention in top 10 best chainsaws in 2022 reviews.


  • Loud
  • Slightly heavy


Are you tired of the inefficient chainsaw that you depend on for landscaping of home renovation? Black and Decker has a dependable solution for you. With this LCS1240 chainsaw, you get a lightweight battery-powered accessory that handles light and heavy-duty sawing jobs well. Made of Lithium ion, the rechargeable battery that it uses is super convenient.

The impressive power (40-volts) that it generates, for instance, enables BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 to cut both dry and wet wood efficiently. It is also perfect for cutting drywall and of falling small to medium sized trees with. The battery also recharges fast and has a long run time, which makes this chainsaw ideal for professional and personal use.

Apart from its quality battery pack, BLACK+DECKER LCS1240’s advanced engine has made is a favourite of thousands globally. Its convenient 12-inch design, for instance, cuts both small and medium sized logs efficiently. Its brushless motor is durable and has a quiet and efficient system that does not overheat.

Whether you are working on a light-duty household project or a heavy-duty commercial one, expect the best from this innovative chainsaw. It even has an automated oiling system that keeps its chain well lubricated and cutting efficiently over the years. Research and purchase an original model to work like a professional.

BLACK+DECKER LCS1240, as most advanced chainsaws, has numerous moving parts and electrical components that can compromise the safety of users. Fear not, however. With the plethora of safety features it comes with, you can work effortlessly at home or in a commercial setting. The ergonomic hand guard it comes with, for instance, protects users from accidentally cutting themselves when working.


BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 has an ergonomic and padded handle for comfort safety. Its low vibration design enables users to work longer with minimal irritation. Finally, because its low kickback chain and bar, you can control this chainsaw easily. This betters safety further. Never compromise safety with a low-grade alternative.

Even with its quality parts and premium features, BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 does not cost a fortune. For a few dollars, you can get original unused one easily from Amazon. Moreover, because of its quality parts and premium technologies, this chainsaw works maintenance-free for long. You do not even have to oil its chain occasionally to keep it working in peak condition. This machine does so itself. Buy yours to get a hassle-free three-year warranty for Black and Decker that covers all manufacturing defects.


  • Fussy oil pump

Husqvarna 450

A recommended chainsaw for contractors, landowners, and individuals who cut/saw less regularly, Husqvarna 450 delivers memorable results. A popular gas-powered accessory, its ease of use is among its key strengths. Unlike corded electrical chainsaws that restrict the movement of users, its cordless design is admirable.

You can use it to clear shrubs from your small yard. You also can also use it to cut medium sized trees over a vast area without worrying about annoying power cords. Well-balanced, its body is also comfortable to handle. You can manoeuvre it easily, for instance, and work efficiently devoid of the type of job you are doing. The power and overall performance of gas-powered chainsaws have made the sought-after accessories globally. In addition to its ease of use, the heart-stopping power that Husqvarna 450 generates is desirable.

Gas-powered, the two-cycle 50.2cc X-Torq engine that Husqvarna 450 uses betters its performance. Its CARB-compliant design is super-efficient. Fuel consumption is optimal, while the 3.2 horsepower (HP) that generates is sufficient for doing most tree felling, woodcarving, wood splitting jobs. Finally, for individuals shopping for chainsaws, this engine is durable and has a convenient smart start technology.

Husqvarna 450

Do you aggravate your wrists and or cut yourself accidentally whenever you are using a chainsaw at home? Replace your traditional model with this advanced Husqvarna 450 chainsaw to take care of these problems. Even though cheap, it is powerful, easy to use, and has effective safety features that never disappoint.

Fitted with an advanced LowVib dampening system, for instance, this chainsaw does not vibrate as much as some comparable models do. When working, you will not only handle the toughest of jobs well but also maximise safety at the same time. The choke and stop controls and the inertia-activated chain offered better the performance and safety of users further.

Husqvarna 450 is under warranty. With an original model, you get an extendable two-year warranty (to four years) that covers all manufacturing defects. If you buy one and its fails to meet your needs, simply replace it to get a new one or your money back. This happens rarely, however. The high-speed (56.89FTS) chain offered does not chip nor break easily. Its high displacement cylinder (50.2cc) is also durable, while the puncture-proof 15.2 fluid ounce tank offered never disappoints. Husqvarna 450 has a lightweight (11.33 pounds) and well-balanced design (with a padded handle) that you will enjoy using every day.


  • Loud
  • Uses mixed gas only

WORX WG304.1

Are you tired of the bulky gas-powered chainsaw that you use often? Does its noisy system irritate you and or your neighbours whenever you are working? To take the hustle of yard and or lawn maintenance, consider using WORX WG304.1 instead. Featuring a powerful electrical system, it is one of the best of the best products in this niche for several reasons.

Its performance when pruning branches, for instance, is desirable. In a single swift motion, you are able to cut thick and medium sizes branches without compromising its performance. Power output is also consistent, while the quiet high-performance motor it users is quiet, and thus, recommended for indoor and outdoor use. Forget about wearing earmuffs or your neighbours constantly yelling at you whenever you are grooming your backyard.

Measuring 18-inches, WORX WG304.1 has a compact design that you can travel with effortlessly. You can carry it safely at the back of your track. You can also carry it in one of the customised storage packs that are available in reputable stores such as Amazon. This is unlike some bulky gas-powered models that weigh down users in transit.

WORX WG304.1

The premium chain offered is also durable and has a myriad of novel features that users appreciate. Featuring an advanced auto tensioning technology, for instance, you do not have to worry about its chain loosening over time. Without your intervention, this chainsaw monitors its performance automatically and makes the needed adjustments to boost its efficiency.

With the auto-oiling technology offered and its integrated chain brake, the efficiency and safety rating of this chainsaw are desirable. The risk of cutting and or injuring yourself is low, for instance. By keeping its chain oiled, the risk of jamming and other productivity issues is also slim, devoid of your usage habits.

Even though cheap, WORX WG304.1 has a feature-rich design that lasts long. As discussed earlier, its lightweight and well-balanced design is easy to use. It does not aggravate the wrist or elbows and has a padded and ergonomic handle for easier control. Its bar and chain are durable low-kickback models that work well, while its durable 15-amp motor works quietly and efficiently. WORX WG304.1 comes assembled out of the box and has a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on manufacturing defects.


  • Replacement parts unavailable


Are you shopping for a light and easy to use chainsaw that you can travel with easily? Even though numerous brands meet this threshold, BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 is by far one of the best for everyday use. Battery-powered, for instance, you do not have to worry about pollutant gases whenever you are pruning shrubs and or felling trees. You also do not have to worry about power cords tripping you and compromising your performance.

Even though underpowered, the 20-volt battery it draws power from is super convenient. It delivers the needed power for doing light cutting and sawing jobs without unnecessary weight. Recharging is fast while its unique long-life design holds charge longer that most battery packs. This is desirable, particularly to homeowners.

Do not confuse BLACK+DECKER LCS1020’s compact design (10-inches) for a weakness. Even though smaller than some professional brands, it works better in many ways. The low kickback chain and bar offered, for instance, better its performance. They do not vibrate as some longer poorly designed models. Cutting speed is also faster, which enables individuals to do both light and heavy-duty jobs effortlessly. Finally, courtesy of its tool-free blade tension system, you do not need special tools to customise its performance for a specific job. You can do this on-demand easily without compromising its performance in any way.


Whether you are a lumberjack or a grandmother conscious about the looks of a backyard, BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 will benefit you. First, unlike some bulky models that require a lot of muscle to operate, this model is very easy to use. Once you have charged it to capacity, you can start it easily every time via the electrical start technology that comes built. Forget about pulling and winding a frustrating cord for minutes before you get your saw started.

Control is also easily. Its fatigue-reducing 7.2-pound design, for instance, is perfect for heavy-duty use. With the help of its padded bale handle (wrap-around), you will control it better and make precise cuts whenever you are working outdoors. This is unlike some poorly balanced high-kickback designs that often frustrate both novices and professionals. You also get an improved chain oiling mechanism that lubricates its chain automatically to keep its working smoothly and efficiently.

For those with a tight budget, BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 is affordable fortune. In stores such as Amazon, it is affordable and qualifies for numerous discounts that drive its costs further. Because of its low maintenance design, you also save significant amounts that you would have otherwise used for repairs. Finally, replacement components such as its battery and chain are readily available in stores. You do not have to toss the entire chainsaw because of a damaged battery, chain, or any other components.


  • Fussy chain oiler

Remington RM1025P Ranger

Do not confuse this product with the quality ironing boxes that Remington has manufactured for years. We are talking about chainsaws here. Because of its superior design, this RM1025P Ranger is among the most popular in top 10 best chainsaws in 2022 reviews. Instead of experimenting with one of the low-grade brands in stores, order one today to get an electricity-powered 2-in-1 accessory that never disappoints.

Perfect for pruning high branches, for instance, its pole-mounted design is super-convenient. Instead of using a ladder whenever you are pruning trees, buy one to access branches up to 15 feet high effortless. The pole offered is durable, super lightweight, and is very easy to detach whenever you are splitting logs and or working at ground levels.

Even though Remington RM1025P Ranger’s saw-pole design is a major draw, this chainsaw does not lag behind in terms of performance. Compared with most “heavy hitters” in this category, it is a powerful and sought-after product because of its versatility. You get a high-powered 8-ampere motor (electrical) as stock, for instance. The motor is powerful, super-efficient, and has a quiet brushes design is fun to use outdoors and in garages. It also durable and has a well-built low maintenance design that works hassle-free for years.

Remington RM1025P Ranger

Its bar and chain, on the other hand, are sturdy 10-inch models with low-kickback designs that minimise injuries. Whether you are working on dry wood or fresh tree branches, you will cut without worrying about jams or vibrations. Most larger and efficient models do not flourish in this regard.

If you cut or saw often and want a convenient chainsaw that makes working fun, Remington RM1025P Ranger is ideal. When preparing for a cutting or sawing job, for instance, you do not have to grapple with complicated setup protocols to get it to work. Its flip clumps make setup and removal of its aluminium pole a breeze. Because of their lockable designs, they also secure the saw well and prevent it from dislodging whilst in use in the air. This maximises the safety of users.

For added safety, this saw has an advanced anti-rotation technology that stabilises it well at soaring heights and a comfortable non-slip handle. In rain or sunshine, therefore, you will work like a professional without putting your safety and that of pedestrians at risk.

If you have a tight budget, you no longer have to pay outrageous amounts for professional landscaping. Purchase Remington RM1025P Ranger instead. Even though cheap, it is perfect for on-ground and aerial use. It is also stable, safe for personal or professional use, and has a well-balanced design that handles both light and heavy-duty abuse well.


  • Hard-to-use power trigger

Poulan Pro PP5020AV

Are you a professional contractor? Do you live in a woody suburban environment with many trees that you prune often? If you are on the market for a new chainsaw, you can never go wrong with a gas-powered. A quality gas-powered model such as Poulan Pro PP5020AV works better. It is super-efficient, for instance.

Instead of paying significant amounts on electricity to keep your chainsaw powered, you will spend a paltry amount on materials. Its hardy low-maintenance design is also cheaper to operate, while its advanced features make it ideal for professional or personal use.

With each original one that you buy, you get a 2-stroke 50cc engine with an advanced DuraLife design. Compared to other traditional and contemporary brands, this engine lasts longer. You can use it every day for several hours without worry about it overheating or breaking down. Fuel consumption is also low, while its CARB compliant design appeals to environment-conscious individuals. Even though it is as loud as other models, you will enjoy heart-stopping power on a budget without polluting the environment.

Poulan Pro PP5020AV

Apart from its professional-grade engine, chainsaw enthusiasts appreciate Poulan Pro PP5020AV’s convenient 20-inch design. When in use outdoors, it will never weigh you down as comparable gas-powered chainsaws often do. You can carry it around easily. You can also manoeuvre it effortlessly as you prune branches, split wood, or do heavy-duty tree felling jobs in your locality.

Its chain and bar, on the other hand, have sturdy low kickback designs that better the performance of users. If you have sensitive wrists a nagging bone issue, you will never have a problem using this chainsaw. It does not vibrate as much as come comparable models often do. It also cuts swiftly without jamming and or running out steam after months of abuse.

Backed by a 2-3 year warranty, you can purchase Poulan Pro PP5020AV, confident that you are getting the best in this niche. It is affordable and has a myriad of add-on components that boost its value. For instance, because of its automatic chain oiler, Poulan Pro PP5020AV works efficiently in all environments. Its chain does not rust easily. Because of the reduced friction, it also cuts both wet and dry materials swiftly without jamming, as some comparable models often do. The effortless pull starting system offered is also super-convenient. You do not have to try numerous times to get it operational.


  • Poor idling

WORX WG303.1

WORX WG303.1 is a robust handheld chainsaw that has improved how individuals prune trees and or split wood at home. Even though smaller that most products listed (16-inches), its lightweight design is one of its major strengths. When doing quick jobs around your farm, for instance, you do not have to carry a heavy poorly balanced chainsaw around. You can clear brushes easily, for instance. You can also use it to trim trees, fell trees, and cut firewood for subsistence use without straining your hands and or polluting the environment. Some heavy gas-powered chainsaws often fail in this regard.

Made of quality materials, this chainsaw has a durable and dependable design that improves how individuals work outdoors. Its specially engineered chain and bar, for instance, have low kickback designs that do not vibrate nor irritate users when working. Even at full speed, therefore, you will tackle the toughest of jobs effortlessly while maximising safety at the same time. Finally, you get a built-in brake that improves safety further and a sturdy yet ergonomic handle that eases its operation devoid of skill level. Whether you are a casual lumberjack or a first-time user, you will have a memorable experience with this electric chainsaw.

When shopping for new chainsaws, most individuals compromise efficiency for price and or power. Do not make a similar sacrifice. Buy WORX WG303.1 to get a powerful chainsaw with numerous advanced features that maximise its efficacy. Unlike some models that require manual oiling, for instance, this machine has an automated chain oiler. It monitors the performance of its chain and oils it automatically when dry to minimise friction. It also fights rust and corrosion, which often lower the performance of chainsaws.

WORX WG303.1

Its oil reservoir is large (6.75 ounces) and has a clear level indicator that you can use to monitor its capacity on demand. Finally, with the help of this automated chain oiler, you no longer have to tweak your chainsaw manually to keep it working optimally over the years. This technology does it for you. It prevents its chain for over-tightening or slipping as you go about your everyday activities.

Most brands of chainsaws charge outrageous amounts for their products. To enjoy cutting edge performance without breaking the bank, WORX WG303.1 is ideal. Even though powerful (14.5 amps), durable, and fitted with advanced high-performance components, it retails cheap on Amazon. You even get a three-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all production defects it comes with. Add an original model to your arsenal of household or commercial tools to improve how you prune, split, or saw.


  • Short cord
  • Fussy chain brake

Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper

Deviating from the traditional chainsaws individuals have used for years, Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper tops our list. Motor-driven (4.5 amperes) the innovative clamping jaws it uses are among the best in this niche. They grab small and medium-sized branches well and cut cleanly in one swift motion. If you are tired of the grinding noise that you current model makes, therefore, it is a suitable replacement.

Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper is lighter than most chainsaws (8.38 pounds). This makes its suitable for everyday day use. Whether you are young or elderly, you can carry it easily to and from your home. You can also use it to cut up to 4-inch branches for several hours without getting tired and or aggravating joints.

Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper, unlike some chainsaws, is very easy to use. Its lightweight design, for instance, has a comfortable ergonomic design that most individuals enjoy using. Its vibration-free design does not irritate wrists or elbows, while the comfortable cutting action that it employs appeals to most individuals. When working close to the ground, most individuals hit the dirt and dull blades when using traditional chain saws. This is not the case with Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper. With its concealed blades, you can snip branches (up to 4-inches thick) as close to the ground as possible. You can also use it in confined spaces effortlessly.

Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper

Even though cheap, Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper is a safe and very capable chainsaw. Considering its concealed blades, for instance, the risk of cutting and or injuring yourself is slim. This is unlike traditional chainsaws with exposed fast-spinning blades that can cut through bone like butter.

Moreover, when you place it on the ground or a bench, you do not have to worry about Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper injuring other household members. This is ideal, particular for individuals with pets or curious young kids. Finally, because of its lightweight and vibration-free construction, expect the best from this chainsaw. Read its instruction guide to understand clamping and cutting better, and improve personal safety as a result. This six-inch chainsaw is affordable, readily available on Amazon, and has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all manufacturing defects.


  • 4-inch capacity


Chainsaws are powerful handheld accessories for pruning branches, felling trees, and splitting woods. Unlike axes and other traditional remedies, their high-powered designs work efficiently. They are also easy to use and have safe designs that benefit individuals and professionals alike. To get a quality model, however, for day-to-day use, choose one of our recommended models. Popular in Top 10 Best Chainsaws in 2022 Reviews, they are affordable and have feature-rich designs that most users appreciate. They are also affordable and ideal for professional and or personal. Visit Amazon today and purchase the best model that can satisfy all your needs.

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