Top 10 Best Cell Phone Cases in The World

Cell phone cases are very essential phones accessories that offer great protection to our treasured gadgets. Accidents do happen and so do our cell phones fall from our pockets. Most people are afraid to buy expensive cell phones with the thought that they might accidentally fall. Cell phone cases are very cheap yet they do great work. This is because repairing a broken smartphone is quite expensive. Some repairs even cost more than original price of the gadget. Cell phones cases are available in different sizes, colors and types. Each suit specific type of smartphone. Additionally, the phone case improves phones physical appearance, function and design. Choose the best cell phone case according to your cell phone model and size. Consider the following factors before purchasing a cell phone case;

i) Type of phone

Every cell phone case is compatible with specific type of smartphone. They are wide variety of smart phones including iPads, iPhones, Samsung, LG among other brands in the market. Each smart phone has got specific features hence specific design of the case should be chosen.

ii) Durability of the case

Different cases have different lifespan. Durability largely depends on the quality of materials used to manufacture the case. The case should highly resistant to corrosion for maximum protection of the smartphone gadget. Case to be used in military and construction sites should strong since they are subjected to frequent abuse. Those with silicon interior are highly recommended.

iii) Design

Formal persons prefer black and metallic case that last longer. Controversial to the above, musicians opt for luxurious cases so as attract attention of the audience. Cell phone cases are available in different styles to suit individual needs and intention of using the case. During charging, the user should be able to charge without the need to remove the case.

iv) Performance

The case chosen should deliver its’ intended purpose well. They should offer great protection. It should be versatile so that it not only protect the phone but also improves its appearance. Some users require a case that protects smartphone from slipping. Additionally, the case should waterproof the cell phone. This makes the phones perfect for outdoor events such as swimming and sand beaching.

v)The cost

Quality is usually proportional to the price of the product. Budget your personal resources well to avoid overspending. Choose the best quality out of your budgeted amount. The assigned price should be reasonable. Some cases are cheap yet very good.

Having considered the above factors, the Top 10 Best Cell Phone Cases in the World are described below;

10. Lifeproof FRE SERIES iPhone 6/6s Waterproof Case

This cell phone case is specifically designed to work with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. It has in-built corrosion protector that offers great protection to your gadget.  The case is uniquely designed such that the user can access the various buttons alongside other controls at ease. Its sleek construction matches most smartphones precision lines. The case offers great protection from water and snow. Furthermore, the case can withstand shock when phone is drop from approximately 7 inches or more. It can be used at wide range of environments.


i)It is uniquely designed so as to absorb as much shock as possible.

ii)Made from waterproof materials so as to protect from snow and moisture corrosion.

iii)Presence of screen protector ensure your touch last longer.


I)Can be used only for iPhone 6 and 6s.

Best Cell Phone Case


This modern design fits iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 models. It is extraordinary slim to fit the sleek design of modern smartphones. The case has slightly raised edge for maximum safety of your touchscreen. Available in different styles and colors to choose from. Manufacturer’s offers guaranteed one-year warranty. It is very easy and simple to install. Its double construction brands symmetry series is the slimmest available in the market. It is made from durable materials.


i)Awesome Brazilian finish looks so attractive.

ii)Long lasting.



i)Highly priced.

Best Cell Phone Case

8. Zizo Bolt for iPhone 6 / 6s Case

This cell phone case measures 4.7 inches in length therefore matches the size of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. It includes toughened glass protector that gives more protection to your smartphone gadget. Perfect choice for military personal who perform their duties in harsh environments. The case is constructed using modern technology to absorb maximum shock while ensuring impact scattering. It is uniquely engineered to suit aesthetics. It is resistant to corrosion and dirt. The case readily clips into external locking mechanism that has 360 spinning swivel. It is very slim hence comfortable to handle.


i)Includes a screen protector.

ii)Available in variety of colors to choose from.


i)The case is too bulky for one hand operation.

Best Cell Phone Case

7. LifeProof NUUD Waterproof Case

LifeProof NUUD Waterproof Case is compatible with iPhone 6 only. It incorporates screenless technology that ensures ease access to your gadgets. The case protects phone when it is completely submerged in snow, dirt and any other form of corrosion. It attains more than IP-68 Ingress Protection Rating. Its modernized design is so attractive. This makes the case perfect for both casual and formal events. Ideal for outdoor events such as swimming and diving.



i)Highly resistant to corrosion.



i)It is companionable with only iPhone 6.

ii)It does not work with most of adapters ranging from 30-pin to lighting adapters.

Best Cell Phone Case

6. Incipio iPhone 5s Wallet Case

Incipio iPhone 5s Wallet Case features plextonium cover alongside with silicone core that acts as a shock absorber in case you will drop your cell phone accidentally. The case is very slim having its back fully secured such that you can have your ID among other small items placed at its back. It is engineered appropriately so the user can access the ports among other controls very easily. Extremist rocky protection secures your cell phone from harsh conditions. Available in various colors giving users a chance to choose according to their preferred taste. This case is made of water-resistant materials.


i)The case is very slim and lightweight.

ii)Available in different colors.


i)Less protection to the front screen.

ii)Not dust proof.

Best Cell Phone Case

5. Spigen Tough Armor FX Case

It offers maximum protection. The case is made of excellent TPU and polycarbonate materials for durability. It includes button covers that protect the control from corrosion due to frequent pressing. Fitted screen protector improves the performance of the cover. The case is well designed having specialized veneer for better protection of your iPhone. Also, it absorbs shock when you accidentally drop your gadgets. Air cushioning at sides makes the case ideal for military personnel. It is specifically designed for iPhone 6 approximately 6 inches screen. Its TPU material used absorbs and disperse shock.


i)Includes easy to use screen protector.

ii)Absorbs shock.


i)It covers the silent switch making it hard to access.

Best Cell Phone Case

4. Seidio SURFACE Case

This glossy case offers great protection to Samsung galaxy Note 4 phones. Its attractive design improves physical appearance of your cell phone. It includes strong and ruggedized exterior layer that ensure excellent protection. The case includes magnetic kickstand for better viewing know-how. It is well designed for easy access of buttons, charging ports among other external attachments. The adjustable swivels move in seven different directions. It feels so soft to touch hence most users enjoy having this functional case with their phone. Metallic kickstand is widely used landscaping especially when controlling photo slideshows. Perfect for outdoor events.



i)Looks so beautiful and calming.

ii)Offers great performance.


i)Its design is not rounded as phone shape itself.

Best Cell Phone Case

3. Innerexile Cell Phone Case for iPhone 6

Durability is a great aspect to consider when choosing every product. Innerexile Cell Phone Case for iPhone 6 processed under 70 minutes CNC technology. The case is very simple to assemble. Its soft interior ensures corrosion free resistant fitting. This case is constructed from quality aluminum and polycarbonate material. Its unique design fits most features of your iPhone. It not only protects the cellphone but also its external ports, buttons among other controls. It looks so attractive. On purchase, it includes 3.5 mm adapter. These adapter is compatible with most of the headphone jack pins.


i)The case is translucent allowing the user to switch on LED mode.

ii)No noticeable starches.


i)Its interior is self-repairing.

ii)Does offer great protection from damages.

Best Cell Phone Case

2. Griffin GB02480 Survivor Extreme-duty Military case

Griffin GB02480 Survivor Extreme-duty Military case is among long lasting cell phone cases in the worlds’ market. They are designed to work with 4th generation iPad 2 and iPad 2 cell phones. It is black in color thus matches with other accessories worn by an individual. The case meets standard certification from relevant bodies such as UK Department of Defense 00-35. The case further glances rain drop and wind. Its inflexible interior frame offers protection against shock. It features port covers that protect from scratch for high efficiency. Silicone coverings hinder vibration.


i)The ports are easily accessed.

ii)Offers maximum protection.


i)Silicone layers makes a bit heavy.

ii)It has no hard cover.

Best Cell Phone Case

1. Rhinoshield Crash Guard Bumper

This case is compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. It has précised design ensuring easy access of all ports. The case is so slim approximately 2.5 mm thick to avoid unnecessary bulkiness. It uses strong and soft polycarbonate materials   with matte feel for better grasp and durability. It weighs 12 grams hence portable. On purchase, it includes Rhinoshield Bumper and a screen protector. The company offers convenient lifetime warranty.


i)It gives great impact protection.

ii)On purchase, the company provides a free screen protector.


i)It lacks oleo phobic coating hence greases easily.

Best Cell Phone Case

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