Top 10 Best Cedar Grilling Planks Reviews In 2021

A maximum percentage of the populace loves the beautiful and rich smoky flavour that is generated when we cook in wooden planks. And cedar grilling planks prove to be the best in attaining the amazing smokiness. But before ordering any such planks, we need to check on some important aspects. Whether it free of toxic elements or not or is it capable of supporting a large quantity, many such factors must be looked upon during the selection process.

To help you in taking the wisest decisions, the wood grilling planks review is created. Each of these listed planks a researched and it will help you in getting the best results.

Table of the Best Cedar Grilling Planks Reviews

10. Grill Gourmet 12-Pack Cedar Planks for Grilling

Cedar Grilling Planks

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Be it your backyard Sunday party or a cozy gourmet dinner for two, for the purest taste of cedar smoke in your food; choose the Grill Gourmet textured cedar grilling planks.  Soak the planks in water for 3-4 hours beforehand and get them ready for the chef in you. Also, take care to not use oil as it may lead to uncontrollable fires. For further safety, please note that the planks are for one-time use only.

Moreover, the planks are textured for that lingering smoky flavourful taste in your meal. Fish, meat, veggies, fruit, name an item and it goes with this best cedar planks. The upgraded thickness for slow cooking allows all the tastes to blend in perfectly to give that 5-star restaurant flavour.

Key Features:

  • 5”x11” plates to cook large portions of that delicious meal! Generally serves 2-4.
  • Grilling instructions included.
  • It can function both as a gift back as well as for one’s own personal use.

9. Primal Grilling – Premium Cedar Plank Salmon Grill  – 5 Packs

Primal Grilling - Premium Cedar Plank Salmon Grill  - 5 Packs

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Primal Grilling brings to you the best red cedar grilling planks to make your grilling experience the finest in the world. These are a set of higher quality grilling planks to be used for more flavourful food.  Having a higher thickness of 7/16”, these planks allow for slow cooking of your fish, veggies and meat thus allowing the food to baste in its own flavour, entrapping all the delicious essence within the cooked food.

Having a plate of 12”x6”, these planks can handle large portions of food though for a whole salmon and such one would need to switch to higher dimensioned plates. These planks are completely reusable. Plus, it is kiln-dried which aids in better water absorption as well as moulded to give a uniform shape.

Key Features:

  • A burlap storage bag is included in the pack to protectively store the planks for later use.
  • It is complete grilling gift set the planks being suitable for grilling fish, vegetables and meat.
  • Instruction on how to use the planks is provided with the pack. The recipe for a most delicious meal comes free with the planks.

8. Cedar Wood Fire Grilling Planks – Restaurant Quantity

 Cedar Wood Fire Grilling Planks - Restaurant Quantity

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For a long term use, Wood Fire Grilling Co. has come up with a pack of 50 cedar grilling planks for commercial use. The plates are numerous, however, quite smaller, being only 4”x7”, perfect size for a plate. No additives or chemicals have been utilized in the treatment of these planks thus giving your food the utopian taste of naturally obtained smoky flavour in your food, tasting just like that gourmet meal!

Manufactured solely in the USA, these planks are made from high-quality wood. These planks produce the tastiest of fish and veggies but are suitable to be used with seafood, fruits, meat and so much more.

Key Features:

  • Being untreated, the planks are successful in storing that natural smoky flavour.
  • Large quantities of planks are available for parties and occasions.
  • The planks are produced in the USA in facilities that are absolutely certified.

7. Wildwood Grilling Small Cedar Grilling Planks Sampler – 6-Flavor Packs

Wildwood Grilling Small Cedar Grilling Planks Sampler - 6-Flavor Packs

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Wildwood grilling has come up with the best solution to all your grilling plank problems with the new 6 Flavor variety pack comprising of Cedar, Alder, Hickory, Cherry, Maple and Red Oak. Each plank is suitable for some particular food items, like cedar for salmon, alder for white fish, cherry complimenting chicken whereas maple being suitable for pork and potatoes, and so on.

Being of smaller dimensions, each plate accommodates only 1-2 servings thus being an excellent companion to cook sides, meals for two and so on. Further, the planks contain no chemicals or additives thus make it safe for you to use.

Key Features:

  • Smaller 5”x8” dimension of all the planks.
  • Delicious, natural, wood smoke flavoured, gourmet type meals for two, or as sides.
  • Can be used on the charcoal grill, gas grill, smoker, as well as in an oven.

6. Wood Fire Grilling – Cedar Grilling Planks- Bulk 30 Pack

Wood Fire Grilling - Cedar Grilling Planks- Bulk 30 Pack

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Woodfire Grilling Co. introduces to you a pack of 30 western cedar grilling planks for that barbeque party or the small occasion in your backyard or for a long term use.  To your surprise, each plank is capable of fitting in 2-4 servings. Being 3/8-inches in thickness, the planks aid in slow cooking, thus preparing food that bursts with flavours in the mouth.

The planks have not been treated with any chemicals while being manufactured, hence giving the food the most exquisite natural smoky cedar flavour. Furthermore, these planks are sanded which gives it a very smooth finish. Thus, it is free of the splinter.

Key Features:

  • Planks are manufactured from certified western red cedar.
  • The planks are so designed that they can be the gourmet choice for a variety of meals including fresh Pacific salmon, any fish or other seafood, vegetables and so much more.

5. Wood Grilling Planks for Barbecue Salmon, Seafood, Steak  and More

Wood Grilling Planks for Barbecue Salmon, Seafood, Steak  and More

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Cameron’s Products has come up with a combo of grilling planks which consists of 2 Cedar as well as 2 Alder to be used depending upon the flavour of your choice. Be it seafood, meat or vegetables and chicken, the planks are so designed that the food cooks sufficiently slowly, such that it gets cooked in its own fluids and juices. Thus, it gives a wonderful journey of taste and bursts of taste to the one savouring a scrumptious meal.

While using these planks manufactured by Cameron’s Products, there is no need to use fat or oil- the planks themselves are sufficient to deal with all parts of the cooking process, its own liberated moisture being suitable to keep the food juicy and flavour-rich.

Key Features:

  • The best quality of planks for the hidden cooking enthusiast in you or the best gift for the friend who’s a hidden gem of a chef.
  • Keep the planks soaked in water for 20 minutes for the best results and tastiest food.

4. Bridgewater Gourmet Cedar BBQ Planks for Grilling and Quick Soaking

Bridgewater Gourmet Cedar BBQ Planks for Grilling and Quick Soaking

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These planks should be your choice for grilling the food as they allow quick soaking and therefore considerably shortens the preparation time. The planks are manufactured out of superior quality wood thus giving the exquisite food that extra smoky aroma as well as taste. An optimum thickness of just 0.19” of the planks prevents it from either burning or from too slow cooking of the food.

Salmon goes well on a cedar plank, however, any other seafood, vegetables; meat can be appropriately cooked on these grilling planks. Plus, the planks that are to be used are produced in Sustainable Forest Certified mills, taking care not only of your palette but also your environment.

Key Features:

  • The Bridgewater Gourmet Cedar Planks are thin planks meant for single use only.
  • A large plate area of 5.25”x11.25” allows the chef to cook large portions of any food item.

3. Coastal Cuisine Cedar Grilling Planks

Coastal Cuisine Cedar Grilling Planks

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The grilling planks come as a boon to all those cooking enthusiasts and chefs as it is a very simple and easy way of perfecting the art of barbeque. Be it your backyard garden party, or a cozy dinner date with just your loved ones, these planks should be your go-to choice due to its ease of use.

Further, the pack comes with 8 planks, 4 of which are for cooking small portions being only 4”x8” whereas the other two suffices when one needs to cook larger portions of their desired food.

Key Features:

  • Simple directions to be followed for best results prescribed at the back of each pack.
  • Grill the delicious seafood along with other cedar grilling planks recipes that taste fantastic such as ribs, steaks, vegetables and fruits.

2. Western Cedar Grilling Planks  for SALMON, FISH, STEAK, VEGGIES and More

Western Cedar Grilling Planks  for SALMON, FISH, STEAK, VEGGIES and more

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Another pack of 8 long planks that also offers 2 Bonus short planks. To your surprise, they are ideal to be used several times. Thus, you can use it for multiple repeat usages. Plus, they are fast soaking which further saves on preparation time.  In fact, their thickness is controlled in such a way that the food gets cooked in its own juices, producing meat that’s bursting with mouthfuls of deliciousness.

Dimensioned deftly at 15”x5.25”, these grilling planks can hold about 2-4 servings, sufficient for a quiet lunch or dinner. Being taken from a forest that promotes sustainable yield, the manufacturers clearly tries to preserve nature. Also, the planks are not too thick or too thin. So, a proper balance is maintained.

Key Features:

  • Such efficient is the design of this particular cedar plank that it allows for faster and more saturated water absorption.
  • Properly soaked planks when heated will emanate a one of a kind spicy, smoky flavour, blending in with the food being cooked slowly in its own exotic juices.
  • Gives a brilliant taste on both gas grills and charcoal grills.

1. Wood Fire Grilling for Cook Salmon, Vegetables, Pork Chops and More

Wood Fire Grilling for Cook Salmon, Vegetables, Pork Chops and More

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This is an exclusive pack that comprises of 12 of the best quality wood fire grilling planks along with 2 bonus Alder planks. Not only that, a free recipe eBook makes it top of the list! Being made from the best quality Western Red Cedar wood, it gives one of the most mouthwatering, moist salmon, pork chops, chicken and steak with that right twist of delicious smoky flavour.

Pair it with salmon, vegetables, seafood of any kind and much more to get the right taste of grilled food. Such finery is achieved in its gourmet quality taste that it is irresistible and difficult to forget.

Key Features:

  • The plate size of 5”x11” is sufficient for a family sized meal.
  • Chemically untreated natural cedar wood ensures natural smoky flavour in food.
  • Add a deliciously spicy, fragrant flavour to your food by using the planks on grill or oven.

Thus, get the cedar grilling planks on sale for both household as well as professional use and have no complaints.