Top 10 Best Card Shufflers In 2019 Reviews

Some of us can shuffle cards really well. But when it comes to long hours of repetitive shuffling, it is exhausting and time-consuming and this is where the best ergonomic chairs or the best reclining leather sofas come in to save your back from possible pains. Even the best dealers use a card shuffler to eliminate any chances of errors accrued to human influence. When you are used to having your cards shuffled professionally, you’ll want to transfer the same sophistication to your home casino. An automatic card shuffler proves reliable in delivering the results you want. For the average person it can be tedious and boring, but for the seniors and individuals with arthritis, it is a very painful process.

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What To Consider Before Purchasing a Card Shuffler

Capacity: How many decks do you intend to shuffle? Do not forget to check the ability before you make your order.

Size: The card shuffler you choose should be small since you are going to be using it around the home in an informal setting. A compact size is portable for taking to different places with ease.

Simplicity in Operation: Remember to check the working of the shuffler you choose. Does it jam when you first use it? Looking for errors when you first receive it will save further frustrations when you can just return it for an exchange

Powering Method: Does it use electricity or batteries? If it needs batteries, are they easily replaceable? Does it have a loud or silent operation?

Most of the card shufflers in the market are quite loud. Do your research before embarking on making a choice.

Two-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler by Gamestation (For all Standard-size Cards)

When you want to have a fun weekend full of card games, you don’t want to spend time shuffling the cards for the whole night. It becomes tiring over time. But with this card shuffler from Gamestation, the hassle is gone since it will save you time and energy. You can play game after game since it does not jam and it lets out cards in good condition as you put them in. It can shuffle a maximum of two standard size decks, making it ideal for when you are having a couple of friends come over.

The operation is simple. You make a top loading of a stack of cards on both the left and right sides, and you press the lever at the bottom. You’ll notice that the cards have mixed up well enough. You can do many repetitions, and every shuffle is more even than the last. The output plate is sturdy and will not give when the cards come rolling down on it. It also slides back easily. @p You’ll like that the rollers have flat sides that do not jam when randomizing. It gives you perfect repeatability; hence it is reliable in enabling a fair game.

It uses 2pairs of 2AA batteries for either side of the device. They are easy to install at the bottom of the gadget making good contact for quick shuffling. The cells do not alter the shape of the device such that it does not tip over when placing it on a flat top. Elimination of powering it with a cord means you can use it around children since there’s no risk of tangling. You can now teach them how to use it as it has refined sides that will not pinch the fingers of the user.

Two-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler by Gamestation (For all Standard-size Cards)

It does not require any assembling, just a little maintenance of the motor and rollers will keep it working properly. The design is ideal for the home environment as it is lightweight and can be moved from room to room with ease. You’ll appreciate the portability since you can just stuff it in your bag and take it on vacation. The style is also cool with a sleek black color embellishing both the outer and inner parts of the shell. So if you are keen on the color and design of the equipment you use, this one covers pretty much every detail.

The construction is sturdy since it has been water and shock proofed. It can withstand abuse from numerous falls without losing its form. Cleaning does not cause any fading of the color, and you’ll find that is durable with its sleek appearance. If you have issues with clenching a fist due to pain or disability, this is a life saver. You will still enjoy your game as it does the job quite well.

You’ll like the price on this one as it is very affordable. With all the features it bears, it makes for a good card shuffler for use at home or on vacation. You can play a ton of games as it takes cards from games like casino poker to relaxed ones like Uno and Bicycle brands. It is, therefore, convenient even as a gift because you can hand it to anyone. The operations make it easy for even the person who has no idea how to go about shuffling of cards.

Automatic Shuffler Trademark Innovations Card Shuffler

If you are a card enthusiast, you’ll want to go with this card shuffler. The Trademark Innovations card shuffler has proven to be the most reliable device in randomizing cards. It tremendously reduces the chances of uneven card shuffling so that you can have a fair game. You’ll love that even though you may be unable to shuffle cards, the casino feeling will still transfer to your home. It is incredible how fast it shuffles. In a few moments, you’ll have your cards up and ready for play.

Being the high stake poker player you are, this card shuffler will make dealing easier and faster. It is of excellent quality as you’ll see it has a robust construction from plastic, meaning it is built for longevity. With a capacity of shuffling two decks at a time, you no longer have to wait for your dealer to do the shuffling for you. It takes both bridge sized cards and poker sized ones such that you play all your favorites in one night.

When it comes to the functionality, the loading is easy at the top and by a gentle press at the bottom rim; you have your cards ready. It will save you time as, within seconds of repetitive topping, it does not jam or run the sides of the card. Your deck will remain new for as long as you want. The operation is also quite efficient as it uses AA batteries to ensure it is working automatically before they need replacement.

Automatic Shuffler Trademark Innovations Card Shuffler

The style is that of a contemporary setting you can take it with you even for the outdoor games as it is only 1b. It has a fancy design, so if you want something portable and small, this is the shuffler for you. Seeing that it is not complicated, you can purchase it as a gift for the younger folk who are just starting out on learning the game. The operating rim is also subtle, and it will not hurt the fingers after multiple uses.

The assembling of this card shuffler is quick and easy since it comes pre-assembled. You just need to install the batteries. It takes a short time to have it working so that you can get the game rolling. The gears have minimal jamming, and frequent brushing will ensure it runs smoothly. When it comes to repair and maintenance, the gears may loosen which will require that you do some tightening a couple of times to keep it functioning in good condition.

However, the operation of this shuffler is quite noisy. But you probably won’t notice if you are using it on a party night. It sits flat on the surface, and you don’t have to worry about any sharp edges since it is smoothly polished. The price of this one is among the lowest of card shufflers, but it doesn’t mean there’s a compromise in the quality. You will like that it is safe for use by most members of the family, except for kids under the age of three.

CHH Imports Card Shuffler 4Deck

Maintaining the odds in a game of poker is what makes it even more entertaining. Even though shuffling the cards with your hands has a high level of keeping it hard to guess, doing so over many hours drains energy and takes up time. You would rather spend more time playing than shuffling. That is why you need the CHH Imports card shuffler; you can randomize your cards on a whim. It beats all the human errors that come with hand shuffling, and it also makes rearranging four decks of cards faster.

It has a durable design that will last years. The frame is robust and breakage resistant. With the perfectly working gears, you are sure to have a night filled with fun as it does not have occasions where it jams. It is small for use in tiny spaces; you can even take it on a road trip since it is very handy. It measures only 5.2×8.4×4.5 inches and weighs 1.1 pounds. The outer shell is also appealing as you can see the color is sleek such that placing it around the living room adds as a decorative accessory.

It is sturdy to the touch, and even persons with arthritis conditions can use it. The bottom sits well and does not bounce off the surface due to jumbling cards. It is fitted with a rugged base for added stability. It can accommodate different brands of cards; both bridge sized and standard. So if you are planning to have different games that use different cards, you are ready to go. This card shuffler is powered by 4C cards, adding to the effectiveness of this machine. The batteries do not drain fast; hence you are assured of a long time operating the device.

CHH Imports Card Shuffler 4Deck

When it comes to operating this shuffler, it is easy with a top feeding system. You just place the deck on either side and depress the bar at the bottom. The cards will be jumbled and collected at the tray just above the lever. The spring platform allows for a smooth run, and the cards do not jam in the chamber. This feature is important because cards cannot get destroyed. If you were using your hands to shuffle many decks at a time, the fatigue would eventually lead you to pinch a card such that it would be easily recognizable. This card shuffler eliminates the chances of disfiguring a card and giving an advantage to one user over the other.

With it, even the kids can partake in the game as it is easy to use. The shell has a clean polish that will not injure children. Since the only real operation is pressing down the jumbling lever, you are assured that every member of the family will have an easy learning time. It also features a quitter operation than other shufflers such that you can still maintain a flowing conversation when using it. You’ll like it for it does not need assembling and cleaning it a few times will keep it operating when it is still as good new.

Although it may be a bit pricey, this card shuffler lives up to its claims. It is perfect for when having a large group of people gaming that requires several decks of cards. It reduces the time for shuffling through cards, as it is not only fast but also efficient in jumbling cards without flipping them over or destroying the sides of the deck. It is also safe to use around kids, and the elderly will find it convenient. This shuffler makes for a perfect addition to the gaming accessory for everyone who loves having a stress-free fun night. The best deck boxes might also be ideal accessories to store your cards.

John N. Hansen Automatic Card Shuffler Six-Deck

We love a full house on a game night. It is more fun and when we all want to take part in a game of cards; we’ll need as many as six deck cards on the table. Shuffling that many cards will be one hurdle you want to jump. With the John N. Hansen Six-Deck shuffler, you can do it in seconds and acquire the highest number in odds for the play. The game house will be fair as this device maintains the randomness in each shuffle. You’ll be pleased by how fast it works without damaging any card in the process.

It easy to see why every card lover wants to use this card shuffler; the operations are simple and quick. It uses a feed on the top side by side running, where you place the each half of the cards and by a press of a button; you have your shuffled cards ready for play. It does not take much space on the table, and you can see it has a compact design. It does not also easily jam since the gears work smoothly without delays. You can also use it on the move as it is portable.

With this device, you’ll have the advantage of working with batteries that last long without the need of replacing. It does not require much energy, with 4C batteries; they’ll last quite a long time. If you like playing more than one type of game, you’ll love the capacity of this shuffler. It can take all poker brands plus other slimmer bridge cards. It is also safe for use by children and seniors. If you are generally unable to shuffle cards, this is the life-saver you’ve been looking out for.

John N. Hansen Automatic Card Shuffler Six-Deck

Whatever you do, remember to clean your card shuffler to keep it working as efficiently as possible. With this one, a damp cloth will do the trick. You’ll like that the gears rarely stop working or become loose. But for maintenance purposes, you’ll need to keep checking if any parts are losing the grip so you can do a little tightening. It also bears level edges that protect the user from getting calluses or cuts when in use.

The design is robust as it can handle great use from many mixes. With a construction from tough plastic, the parts are also shock-proofed. One user says that he uses his shuffler for a game that uses over 400 cards. This ability clearly shows how reliable this machine is. It exhibits resilience when taken care of properly as now you can purpose it to be the main gaming accessory for all your favorites. The card slot may be a bit flimsy where it needs gentle caring so that the holding clips may not break.

The price of this shuffler is also great since it’s under $30. The affordability reflects it is a useful device that does not compromise on style or excellence. If you plan on going on vacation to friends or family, get your host this device for an ultimately good time. If you also want to maintain your deck without losing its form, you’ll want to consider this shuffler. If you like to chill on a round table as you shuffle your cards, the best fitted and round table covers might be a good thing to add on them.

Bicycle Card Shuffler 1005808 by Bicycle

A basic card shuffler comes as an essential item for all the sessions where you feel you cannot shuffle your cards by hands. It is an effective and reliable way to avoid any cheating on a serious game involving gains and losses. The Bicycle Card Shuffler accommodates 1-2 deck of cards at a time. You can use it with any standard size brands and bridge cards for a fast method to get back into the game. The essence here is to enable you to play as many games as possible, without changing the shuffler. With it, you add speed and effectiveness of not having to follow a pattern as you shuffle.

This card shuffler comes fully assembled, and you just need to input the batteries to start play. It uses 4AA batteries which you’ll find helpful in the service they afford. The back door sits properly such that it does not become unbalanced on a flat surface. You’ll like that even through the jumbling; it does not lose its balance when in operation. You’ll appreciate the professionalism it adds to a shuffle such that the play can be optimized for the best gaming time.

If you are trying to teach the younger folk how to play cards, this shuffler is an excellent addition since it has a smooth working. It has no sharp edges that would pose dangerous to kids. It uses a quick input method and a button press for operation. You’ll notice that the rollers work fine and there’s minimal jamming. It can withstand many hard falls since it is breakage proofed. It, therefore, makes for a durable device that will operate in good condition. After several months use and jamming becomes an issue, brushing off the gears will restore a smooth running.

Bicycle Card Shuffler 1005808 by Bicycle

For when you want to take it with you, is very movable since the size is small to fit anywhere. It now becomes part of you. Particularly for those long holidays where you just want to spend a night filled with some competitive air, it will prove handy. It eliminates the stress of repetitive dealing that can prove exhausting especially to the seniors whose hands have grown fragile. It will prove just as useful to anyone who has dexterity problems.

You don’t want to spend your time watching a slow shuffler deal the cards for you. It is just so tiring, and if you want to save time, this shuffler is the way to go. It tremendously makes the night more fun, seeing that with the speed it adds, you can put back as many splits of cards that it can accommodate and have it shuffle in a matter of seconds. The fasteners, gears, and mortar can be cheaply purchased for any repairs you may need.

For the price, we can say it does its job quite well. It proves it can be used for long gaming sessions without losing consistent and even shuffling. The best way to keep your deck of cards in high quality is by using this shuffler since it does not pinch the cards through the vibration. Your fingers are also taken care of as the mixer button does not have a rugged feel. It also makes for an excellent gift to other card lovers as such they can appreciate the increased speed and efficiency of this card shuffler.

6-Deck CHH Card Shuffler

A gaming party is not easy without a card shuffler. That is why we recommend this card mixer by CHH. It comes in a sleek black design that can also add to a beautiful assortment due to its alluring exterior. Speed is of utmost importance, especially when all you friends are spending the night gaming. Usually, a number of people would shuffle each deck and then exchange to increase the randomness of the card. But this shuffler eliminates all that and adds a casino appeal to the deck.

Everyone can operate this gadget as it has simple operations. One just needs to split the deck in two, place each on both sides and have the press-down lever start the shuffling. Children and young adults will explore the various parts giving them a chance to learn the basics. Even the seniors with severe arthritis will find it useful as they add to the entertaining things they can do in their senior years. We all appreciate the joy it brings each and every one of us as it involves the participation of all persons on the table.

It maintains consistent shuffling since the roller and gear work smoothly to randomize the deck without losing the consistency. You’ll notice that even the top card is randomized after the first shuffle. Remember always to do more than two shuffles if you want to maintain the odds in the game. This one is quite reliable since you won’t need to repeat the shuffle using your hands. Its small design allows it to stand unnoticed on the table and it will not distract the players.

6-Deck CHH Card Shuffler

Bearing a tough card holder, it stays in place and can take as many cards as possible. You’ll see that it has clips that keep it firmly inside the shuffler such that if you dropped it, it would not break since it maintains its position. With it, you’ll experience playing with a variety of card games as it takes both bridge size and standard cards. If you plan on having a girl’s gaming night, shuffling their favorite contract bridge deck, will now be a walk in the park.

When it comes to maintaining, it is easy; you can wipe the rollers and gears with a damp cloth, preferably alcohol. This cleaning will reduce the chances of it jamming and tearing some of the cards. You will enjoy having your deck of cards always in good condition as you will also encounter longevity in the usage of this shuffler. It can also accommodate used cards and still afford them a quick and thorough rearrangement. We can say that it fulfills all the necessary requirements for a good card shuffler.

Since it comes with the sole intention of helping the user have an easy time, it extends the qualities of a durable device. Everything about it screams better quality as compared to the other models in its price range. You’ll love its convenience as it can take up to six decks for those nights when everyone feels they want to participate in the game. If you want to add professionalism to your game night, go with this holder, it doesn’t disappoint, and you can use it for all your favorite games. And, if you are also into gaming, you might like the best PC gaming office desks.

4-Deck Trademark Poker, Automatic Card Shuffler

If you love poker, you love absolute odds for a fair game. Human hands are not always the best as you’ll come to see there are errors associated. Now with the Trademark Poker Card Shuffler, you can randomize four decks of poker cards, at the comfort of your home. The Las Vegas Casino world you want is achievable right where you are. The efficiency is on point as it does not jump cards or flip them over when shuffling.

When you want speed and consistency, this is the shuffler for you. The working proves you can use it even for the serious high stake games. It does not have room for human influence, and you can add it to both formal and informal settings of gaming. Every shuffle mixes the cards even more as you’ll see this rearrangement adds to its sophistication. It makes for a reliable device, and it adds a new touch to the card games.

It features a sturdy shell that counts for its longevity since it is built to withstand numerous abuses. The assembly is quite strong, and the parts exhibit resilient characteristics. First, the gearbox is resistant to jamming. It operates smoothly with both new and used cards, as you can see you can still play with your cherished lucky cards. It uses 4C batteries that do not add to the weight of this shuffler. The bottom of the shuffler houses the batteries which also last a great deal of time.

4-Deck Trademark Poker, Automatic Card Shuffler

Since its only real operation is by pressing down a button, it can be used by the whole family, including children and anyone with a painful wrist or trembling fingers condition. Children will love the introduction lessons of the game as the senior get to experience an uncomplicated time at the table. You can take it with you as it is small and does not take up any space. It can also be easily stored due to its small form that allows for quick stashing until the next use.

Unlike other shufflers, this one is relatively quiet making it the only one you can use on a reserved game night. It also comes with the capability of choosing between black and brown wooden styles. You can add it as just a gaming accessory that graces your living room, or you use it if for the speed your play night needs. Everything about it reveals it can be relied upon for efficiency and everyone can benefit from its convenient use.

If you have young children who enjoy using a shuffler, this one is very affordable. Extend it as a gift, and you’ll see how much they love it. It allows for a fast and reliable randomization, and its parts are steady. You’ll find that it does not need any instructions for use and it can also withstand extensive use. For the ultimately smooth gaming time, this shuffler is your best bet.

Brybelly 6-Deck Casino Automatic Card Shuffler

The essence of a good card game is to have it in plain terms while having fun at the same time. If you are at home, you’ll want to maintain the sophistication of the high stake games to add to the competitive nature of the play. Get everyone at odds with this card shuffler by Brybelly. It is loved for its speed and reliability. It is the best ideal for six decks for a fun time for you and your friends.

You can play many card games with this shuffler as it takes nearly all sizes of card games. So you can now deal every weekend with different cards, and it still maintains its consistency of bringing forth even cards. You’ll love how quick it is to work as installing the batteries gets it running. It is also light weight, only 1.5 pounds and measures 8.4×8.1×4.6 inches. It makes for a perfect vacation or road trip accessory as it is very transportable. If you like a touch of style, this shuffler covers the contemporary setting so you can gift it to all the card enthusiasts you know and love.

It covers basic operations of a top feed through inputting half the deck on to either side and gently pressing the lever below the tray for a quick shuffle. Anyone can use this deck since it does not require complicated operations. You can make an excellent introduction of poker to the curious teens that won’t stop asking for lessons. The senior folk will appreciate that they can still enjoy their favorite card games without relying on others for shuffling the cards. It is the best thing that could happen to a long game that requires constant shuffles.

Brybelly 6-Deck Casino Automatic Card Shuffler

When it comes to the design, it has a robust make with a polished exterior. It is gentle on your fingers, and you’ll like that the cards remain in good shape. You’ll enjoy having it around for several years as it is resistant to breakage and also water-proofed. The parts remain working well as they are also rust resistant so that it will continue to looking as good as new with minimum maintenance. It also reveals very small occurrences of jamming since the gears and rollers are always in sync on both sides of the shuffler.

You do not want to pass this card shuffler on as it has been voted the best among other shufflers its class.

It fairs well for the quiet operation it exhibits. Most users complement its easy repair and maintenance. If it shows any signs of jamming, you can clean the gears with a damp cloth, and it returns to normal working. Also, for a breakdown, most users have found that a wire may have broken and soldering keeps it working; hence extending its longevity. It does not also fade over the years, so you’ll still enjoy having a polished machine.

The good thing about this shuffler is that even with a six-deck pack of cards, it resists breakage due to the high vibrations. The parts do not show any signs of stress after numerous uses. It can shuffle reliably, and for the price, you are never getting a better deal for such high quality. You will also get to experience excellent customer service as users have shown satisfaction in the after sales treatment.

Casino Deluxe Laser Sports 4-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

Everyone deserves an entirely entertaining time at the poker table. That is why you don’t need to keep shuffling decks of cards with your hands. The Laser Sports automatic card shuffler allows you to jumble different sized cards to give you an unforgettable time at the table. This card shuffler just blows our mind away as it not only efficient but also reliable in every rearrangement. When everyone wants to give it a try, it does not show any level of difficulty. Everyone is good at it, enabling them to have a fair shot at dealing the cards fast and easy.

You’ll love that it carries a smooth finish on the exterior that makes it look even more elegant. It is of superior quality, and a closer look will reveal it is built for longevity since it has a strong construction that easily resists damage from hard falls. You’ll see how easy it is to deal with since it only requires a press at a lever and the cards are rearranged in a holding tray. The tray is also robust, and it has clips that keep it together in its compartment. This makes it reliable in holding many cards without breaking away from the shuffler.

If you don’t know how to rearrange cards or you get tired doing it, this shuffler fits your every need. It can maintain the randomness in each mix, and you won’t worry about redoing the cards. All you have to do is keep splitting the cards so that they can all acquire a new position in the deck. It is also light weight such that you can carry it for on the go gaming. You will enjoy having a shuffler that does not require electricity to runs since it uses 4C batteries. This mode of powering has the advantage of long-lasting operations, and it makes it even more convenient for outdoor gaming like camping.

Casino Deluxe Laser Sports 4-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

This card shuffler can thoroughly mix up four deck cards with repetitive reliability. It can also accommodate a variety of cards to give you choices in the games you can play with the speed it extends you. It deals smooth operations that have very less jamming. Remember that interference is usually caused by unequal placement or using worn out cards. You can always readjust the alignment of the gears and wipe them to give them back their operating strength.

If you are looking to awe your friends the next time they come for a game night, kick it up a notch and show them how well cards can be shuffled. It will add to the fun as the competition will heat up since each of them will want to get a chance in dealing with this incredible device. It also has a construction from hypoallergenic materials so that everyone can get to use it.

This card shuffler can take care of all the setbacks you encounter when advocating for a fair game. It has the setup of a well-thought device for serving the user, in all its dimensions. The price is very attractive. You’ll want to purchase for yourself and friends. You will also get to play all the card games you like from Pinochle to gin, blackjack, rummy, poker and many others.

Trademark Poker 6-Deck Casino Automatic Card Shuffler

For the ultimate casino feeling at your home, Trademark is here for you. Everything about it screams quality. When you first see it, the glossy exterior will catch your eye. Its style is very attractive, and you’ll want to have it for all your gaming sessions. It can efficiently mix up 6-deck cards within seconds and do it thoroughly. If you want to eliminate unfair gaming, this shuffler will acquire the highest randomization, adding to the family fun on a gaming night.

When it comes to running this device, it has simple operations through the top input. It carries two sides that accommodate each half of a deck of cards. Through the press of a button, the cards get mixed up with the help of triple gears that run just above the batteries. Each compartment syncs the frame together to produce a steady working for the cards as they quickly run through to the card tray. The gear technology enables even running on the cards so that it maintains the randomness.

If you love the outdoors you can take this shuffler with you for a road or camping trip. It is powered by 4C batteries that do not drain fast so you can enjoy playing for as long as possible. It is also not heavy and weighs only 1.6 pounds, measuring 9x5x8 inches. You’ll like that it does not occupy any important space at the gaming table. With quieter working than most of the others, you can have a peaceful time full of meaningful conversations. Seeing that it does not distract players, it will be easier teaching the young folk new card games and perform many shuffles for your lessons.

Trademark Poker 6-Deck Casino Automatic Card Shuffler

With a sturdy design, it can be used by pretty much anyone since it can withstand heavy usage. You can engage in as many games as you like from poker to bridge games. If there are any jamming cards, they can be easily rectified with a quick clean or realigning of the rotating gears. It is also easy to maintain so if it breaks down, you could have a person solder the wires for you.

If you want to increase speed and efficiency, you do not want to pass this shuffler. It has shown resilience, with the capacity to not only be used for many dealings at one game, but also for every other game every other weekend. You’ll love its functionality, and since it does not require assembling, you’ll get to enjoy convenience at the touch of a button. It is such an energy saver; you’ll always take it with you to all gaming sessions.

With all the features that grace a high-quality shuffler, this one is under $20 dollars. Its great price counts for the efficiency and reliability it brings to the table. It is safe to work with children since the edges are properly leveled. The battery compartment closes well, and you’ll find that the assembled parts make good contact with the batteries, and now it works with very minimal jamming. You can also gift it to your loved since it has an elegant appearance and it will count for a great gaming accessory.


  • It does not work well with used cards


The stakes are always high even for an open gaming party at home. The competitive nature is always wanting, and it’s up to us to cure that desire. A good card shuffler will maintain the odds while making shuffles fast and reliable. We hope that you can make an informed choice for your next card shuffler. Go on and have the time of your life using these great helpers. If you are new into shuffling world, there is plenty of reliable information all over and you can easily find answers to your questions and we will also be happy to assist where need be.

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