Top 10 Best Car Wash Soaps of 2021 – Reviews

A good car wash soap should not only clean your car of grime and dirt but it should do so without posing any long-term dangers to your paint job. At the same time, you want a soap that will not cause any sort of corrosion, nor do you want the soap to be hazardous to your health. At the same time, the soap should work in all weather conditions, no matter how humid or cold the weather outside gets. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best car wash soaps out there and what constitutes a good one in the first place.

Best Car Wash Soaps – Top List

10Hooptie Waterless Car Wash



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Hooptie designed one of the best car wash soaps that doesn’t require water. As a result, it’s a convenient and quick way to obtain a clean vehicle without needing access to water. Don’t underestimate it’s power though because it’ll leave your paintwork clean and shiny. As Hooptie doesn’t require any water to remove dirt and grime, it provides water-waste, thus helping the environment. This car wash doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, but it’s a safe product to use on your vehicle outdoor without you having to breathe in toxins.

There are many ways to use this car wash, but no matter how you decide to apply the product, it’ll leave a streak-free shine. Pour a small amount of solution onto a microfiber towel and begin polishing your car. You can even use this on household furniture such as tiles, leather, countertops, and more because it’s safe enough. We guarantee you’ll be impressed with the non-streaky finish and thin residue.

9Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo

pH neutral car wash

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Adam’s shampoo features a concentrated formula that cleans off any spot of dirt with just a small ounce of it. What’s more, besides just cleaning, this shampoo also works well to nurture your car’s body surface courtesy of its amazing lubricating effect. It has a unique formula that reduces the overall mineral content of the water to ensure your vehicle remains spot-on clean, spotless and free of watermarks.

8Armor All Car Wash


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Armor All Car Wash is the ideal solution to get rid of buildup dirt and stains from your vehicle. It features a strong and clean-rinsing formula which means that you need not spend plenty of water in cleaning off dirt spots and grime. It is designed to leave the wax finish intact while cleaning hard stuck grime and with its universal formula, you can use it on several finishes such as clear coats devoid of being concerned with side effects.

7Meguiar’s MB0148 Mirror Bright Automobile Shampoo


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With a highly concentrated formula, Meguiar’s MB0148 is among the most popular car wash options on the market. This car wash is biodegradable and subsequently safe for the environment. What more, it features a nonchemical pleasant scent which is not overpowering making it comfortable to use. The only challenge, however, is that it requires for you to wipe it dry rather than leaving it to dry on its own.

6Turtle Wax Liquid Car Wash

pH neutral car wash

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This soap from Turtle Wax is among the most sought-after car washes and for good reasons. It is a two-in-one solution that does the job of not just cleaning, but also ensuring your vehicle remains shiny and glossy. What’s more, it leaves a polished finish while simultaneously protecting the vehicle’s surface. Lastly, this product features a biodegradable formula that makes it eco-friendly and of course among the best on the market.

5Griot’s Garage Car Wash


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The Griot’s car wash is the best solution to having a sparkling clean looking car almost effortlessly. First, you only need a small amount to clean your car and other than giving you a high performance; it also ensures the state of wax and paint remains unchanged. What’s more, it features unique brighteners that guarantee an even shiner outcome while enhancing your car’s color. All you need with this car wash is an ounce of its formula to a gallon of water. Its concentrated formula promises breathtaking results with just a little bit of solution. Not only will you get a long-lasting, streak-free finish, but you won’t need to repurchase it for a long time.

4Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Car Wash


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For those skeptical lads out there, this car wash will serve our purpose. Having no particular disadvantages, this is a versatile, potent and pH neutral option for cleaning your vehicle. It offers an exclusive shiny finish courtesy of its soothing effects aside from featuring a non-streaking formula that leaves no residue or stain after washing. Finally and the only issue you would term as a disadvantage with it is that it does not augur well with pressure washers.

3Chemical Guys Citrus Wash

pH neutral car wash

buy from amazonCitrus Wash from Chemical Guys is a two-in-one cleaning agent doubling as a gloss enhancer. Thanks to its highly concentrated formula, you only need to use a small amount to ensure a clean and spotless surface. Contrary to typical car wash formulas, this one serves different purposes mainly cleaning your vehicle and also preparing it for a standard paint job. Interestingly enough, it consists of a biodegradable formula that makes it environmentally friendly and with its citrus extract; it ensures a fantastic glossy and thorough cleaning experience and finishes. Its only concern, however, is its unbalanced pH which can subsequently interfere with its exterior.

2Extreme Maxi Suds II by Chemical Guys

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Maxi Suds II by Chemical Guys is a pH neutral car wash that works well with numerous types of surface and colors. It is highly concentrated making it a highly efficient way to wash the dirt off your car and in very minimal washes. Furthermore, with its nurturing and gentle formula, you can rest assured that it will not cause any harm to your car’s paint job, nor will it pose any hazard to your general health.

1Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash


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Available in four different size options, Meguiar’s Gold Class car wash efficiently gets rid of every water spot, inbuilt dirt, and road grime. This detergent is robust enough to eradicate even the most stubborn stains devoid of jeopardizing your auto’s wax protection which is vital. It features a detergent-free mild formula that not only gets rid of all the dirt but also gently lubricates your vehicle’s surface. Finally, to fully exploit its brilliance, you need to follow their signature two Bucket method where they recommend that you use one bucket for the solution and the other for water and this will result in no water traces and or solutions after washing your auto.


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Choosing The Right Car Wash Soap

pH neutral car washBefore choosing a soap for your car, you should first try to understand the nature of these soaps and the differences between them. Although most of them can be expected to work relatively well, some are definitely more efficient than others. Not only that but depending on the pH balance, they may or may not harm your car’s paint job if you use them regularly. It’s not just pH you have to consider, mind you, but a whole host of issues like their acidic levels and the concentration.

The pH Balance

Perhaps the most damaging effects a car wash soap can produce are caused by pH imbalance. Combined with an irregular concentration of ingredients and a formula that contains highly acidic chemicals, an imbalanced pH will surely harm your car over time, even if that particular soap does a good job at keeping it clean. It’s not just the issue of damage you have to worry about, but also the fact that high pH will also be unable to clean most of the grime and dirt.

The Concentration

Every car wash soap that is advertised as ‘highly concentrated’, or at least most of them, can be expected to provide a much deeper cleaning than regular soaps. This translates to lesser soap per bucket of water, thus ending up saving you on the costs of cleaning formula over time. On average, concentrated car wash soaps require about one gallon of water per ounce of soap, but feel free to add a bit more depending on how each particular soap performs.

The Formula

Every so often, you will come across a car wash soap that is formulated to be 100% eco-friendly. These environmentally friendly soaps are made of biodegradable ingredients and they provide the perfect solution for everyone who is conscious about using a toxic cleaning formula. In fairness, you should definitely avoid car wash soaps with a high acidic concentration or cleaning agents that involve hazardous chemicals.

The Smell

Even though a soap’s smell has very little bearing on its cleaning properties, you definitely want a soap that leaves your car smelling nice after you use it. While some soaps have an overwhelming smell that lasts for days, others are formulated to focus on the cleaning alone. One thing to consider in this regard is the allergies that some people have to particular odors, mostly because some of the chemicals used to make these soaps smell nice will also cause allergic reactions in some people.

The Finish

When choosing a car wash soap, always ask yourself if a specific soap will be able to clean your car without leaving a mark. We say this because some of the most efficient car wash soaps out there will often leave skids behind after they dry off. Unfortunately, you cannot always know for certain how soap works before you actually use it but if you pay attention to its formula and to whatever reviewers are saying, you should be fine.

Types of Car Wash Soaps

For the most part, car wash soaps can be used just the same with only a few minor differences between brands. It isn’t just the brands that are different, mind you, but also the formula used for each individual soap. In this respect, you will find that some of these soaps work best with automated washing methods while others are more efficient when they’re used manually with specific washing cloths.

Automatic Wash Soap – Mostly used in industrial-grade car washing machines, these soaps are formulated to cleanse deeply and efficiently. The fact that they’re usually used in tandem with other cleaning agents means that they alone don’t really provide the finish many of you might be looking for. Then again, automatic wash soaps aren’t really made to offer too many finishing properties, for which purpose you would be better advised to use car wax.

Manual Wash Soaps – These are the type of soaps you use at home when washing your own car. As such, they are by far the most widespread and also more accommodating when it comes to using cloths and finish waxes. We should point out that manual wash soaps are much more efficient than automatic versions, mostly due to the care car owners tend to give their cars when using such a soap. That said, refrain from being too enthusiastic when scrubbing your car with such a soap because you might end up damaging the delicate coat of your paint job.