Top 10 Best Car Wash Shampoo in 2019 Reviews

Frequently driving your car to commercial cleaning areas is very expensive. You can still get the same amazing results by using the best car wash shampoos at home. Low-quality car shampoos leave water spots and streak and it therefore important to choose the best car wash shampoo. Different companies use different ingredients to process the shampoo. So it is upon you to choose one that will satisfy your cleaning procedure.

What Factors should Consider when Buying the Best Car Wash Shampoos?

Cost and quality are the primary considerations. The cost of the tricycle should match with its quality. Some people believe that expensive products are the best quality which is not always the truth. You can get good quality car wash shampoos at an affordable price. The quality of the car shampoo is dependent on the ingredients used alongside the scent. Apart from the two primary factors mentioned, they are other various factors to consider to get the car shampoo for your family.

i) Formula pH Level

pH number determines acidity and alkalinity of the car shampoo. Alkaline shampoo helps in contravention up of dirt alongside other solid particles that are acidic in nature. On the other hand, acidic formulae fight against alkaline dirt. pH number that is too high imply that the formula is alkaline. In contrary, too low pH shows that the shampoo is too acidic. It is always recommendable to use shampoo within neutral points.

ii) Water Spot and Streak Resistance

The quality of the car shampoo depends on its ability to offer protection against water corrosion and streaks. Water sports makes your car look ugly. It may also damage the car surface finish. Choose a car shampoo that is independent of streaks and water spots.

iii) Scent

People have different scent preferences. Most of the manufacturing companies ignore this aspect, yet it is critical. Scented shampoos have high demand in the market. Some scents last longer while others fade within a short period. Choose a shampoo that not only pleases you but also people surrounding you. This is imperative as some people might develop allergies from the scent of your shampoo.  Most shampoo in the market mimics those of natural fresh fruits such as lemon, cherry and also vanilla.

iv) Liquid-to-Water Ratio

It is crucial to consider the ratio of liquid to water. Most of the quality car shampoos available in the market are mixed in the ratio of 1 ounce of the shampoo to one gallon of water. Concentration is directly proportional to the amount of water is going to be mixed. Car shampoo bottles range in ounces that are within factors of 106 such as 16, 32 and more.

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Our extensive research and thorough evaluation give us the Top 10 Best Car Wash Shampoo in 2019 Reviews. Read the article carefully so as to get the best car shampoo. Some are suitable for commercial purposes while others are ideal for personal use.

10. Mothers 05632 California Gold Car Wash

This car wash shampoo has a great balance of strong cleaning and great care. You can now clean your car with this soap while preserving your wax since it features a balanced pH for added safety purposes. It uses a super-sudsy formula which prevents water spotting while it provides the shining effect with no removal of wax and at the same time prevent the dulling paint. When you use it regularly, it provides many benefits to your car.


i)This car shampoo is very easy to use giving excellent performance.

ii)It provides smooth together with a bright finish.


i)Sold in large volumes which might be expensive for some people.

Best Car Wash Shampoo

9.Mothers 05664 California Gold Car Wash

Mothers 05664 California Gold Car Wash is great car wash soap that balances a subtle and powerful soap which prevents dulling of car paint. It provides one with the choice to use it more often since it is pH-neutral and therefore will not have any side effects. To add on that, the super car wash soap cleans perfectly well and does not lead to water spotting. The regular use of this car wash soap makes sure that the surface of the cars augers perfectly well with the California gold car wash in the long run. Continuous use of this soap product is needed to acquire long-term benefits to your car.


i)Sold out in concentrated form so that only a little portion is used at a time which ensures shampoo last longer.

ii)Removes all form of dirt effectively.


i)Some users prefer the shampoo in a smaller volume that is affordable.

Best Car Wash Shampoo

8.Meguiar’s G7164 Gold- Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

This car wash shampoo is a rich and luxurious car wash designed to give both safe and gentle wash in one easy step. It has a premium formula which gives rich suds that safely and gently remove tough dirt and road grime.  It also has a rich paint conditioners that remove debris revealing the real color and the clarity of the car’s surface, leaving a radiant look on the paint. This detergent is biodegradable hence safe to the environment. Importantly, it is safe on all types of paints and will not strip the wax protection. It is easy to foam.


i) It makes your car shiny and attractive.

ii) Sold out in concentrated liquid to last longer.


i) Some reviews have complained of poor packaging

Best Car Wash Shampoo

7. Chemical Guys CWS_107 Car Wash Shampoo

This extreme body car wash shampoo is good at gloss enhancement of your vehicle. It provides excellent foaming which gently removes even the toughest stain without stripping off the sealant or wax protection, giving your car a long term shine. It is blended with polymers and lubricants that serve to keep the vehicle protected at all seasons. This car wash soap is formulated with wax that helps prevent the formation of water marks after rinsing the vehicle. This car wash shampoo is developed naturally from the citrus shampoo and gloss enhancer. The shampoo dilutes even the highest concentrated car wash soap. One cup full of Chemical Guys CWS107 Car Wash Shampoo is mixed with five gallons of water giving the best clean car surface with a long term shine.

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i) It features appealing smell so that the user wishes to wash the car often.

ii) Offers excellent protection to the surface of your car against corrosion.


i)The wax it includes is not of good quality; thus it does not provide excellent wax protection.

Best Car Wash Shampoo

6. Chemical Guys CWS-402-16 Car Wash Shampoo

This shampoo delivers great car wash for weekly maintenance. It is good for foam gun use and two-bucket wash. Its neutral pH offers gentle wash and doesn’t react with protection layers of your car’s surface. The extra slick formula in this product is for scratch-free washing experience. This shampoo rinses clean leaving no residue on the surface which attracts attention. It works particularly to eliminate grime and tough dirt with the use of premium polymers. Its gentle cleaning ability doesn’t strip wax, so you are guaranteed that your car is safe. The massive production of foam by this product makes it ideal for both foam guns and foam cannons. It produces a high level of suds and is highly viscous.


i)Super long-lasting suds with good smelling scent.

ii)It is very convenient as one bottle will wash many cars or your car many times.


i)It is available in concentrated form so sometimes mixing up require steps that must be followed strictly.

Best Car Wash Shampoo

5.Meguiar’s G17748 Ultimate Wash and Wax

This shampoo offers great cleaning action that removes dirt and road grime easily. It has been made from the blend of safe carnauba wax and a synthetic polymer which delivers perfect car wash outcomes, leaves behind more wax protection and offers car protection during the wash. It offers the best way to shine and clean the paint between regular waxing, shine, and glossiness. The suds action helps remove tough dirt and the grime. With its neutral formula, it will not affect wax as it gently cleans the paint.


i)Available is both large and large volumes. This gives a chance to those with a limited budget to purchase some.

ii)Pleasant smell conveniences most of the users so that desire to frequently clean up their cars.


i)In comparison to other similar products, it is quite expensive.

Best Car Wash Shampoo

4.Chemical Guys CWS101 Maxi-Suds II Super Suds Car Wash Soap and Shampoo

Chemical Guys shampoo is magnificent when in comes to foaming and it useable for almost every purpose. It removes dirt perfectly, and it does not strip off the car wax or sealant and can easily be used in the sun. It softens water thus prevents streaking. This shampoo leaves no water marks after one is done with rinsing. It is one of the very effective and gentle shampoos for your car.This Maxi Suds II pH shampoo is excellent for a daily car wash and both pressure washers and foam guns. This car wash soap is pH-neutral and is of high concentration. The shampoo has an enticing cherry scent. This professional grade shampoo is used in most car washes in the world.

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i)Removes dirt very easily without scratching the surface of your car.

ii)It has water softeners to prevent streaking.


i)Its smell is not strong enough to last for many hours.

Best Car Wash Shampoo

3.Zymol Z530 Auto Wash Shampoo

This product uses ingredients acquired from the natural sources; these ingredients are renewable and sustainable as well. It produces thick, luxurious foam which offers a good amount of lubrication preventing swirl marks which help you during the washing process. This is highly efficient when it is mixed with hard water it is long-lasting, and it rinses clean leaving no film.


i)Made from natural ingredients hence free from harmful substances.

ii)No swirl marks after using this product.

iii)It makes use of coconut oils to give your car luxurious finish.


i)It is not readily available in the market.

Best Car Wash Shampoo

2.Green Clean Automotive Shampoo

This Green Clean Automotive car shampoo is developed using ingredients of very high quality, and therefore gives excellent results. These elements are obtained naturally from plants and therefore it is an environmentally friendly product. The car wash soap does not contain any traces of alcohols and any other toxic chemicals which may affect the surface paint of the vehicle. It perfectly rinses off thus making the cleaning process of your car easier. The most important attribute of this car shampoo is that its containers and wrappers can be recycled.

This car shampoo is very efficient and easy to use. It is extremely simple to use and provide better results when compared to the other traditional car wash soaps. One has just to rinse off the car, use a cloth to clean the vehicle using this superior car wash soap. Finally one then dries it off using a microfiber material.


i)This shampoo does not pollute the environment.

ii)It makes your car brand new by leaving a luxurious finish.


i)It is not 100 percent in removing extreme dirt.

Best Car Wash Shampoo

1.Meguiar’s G10464 Deep Crystal Car Wash

You can easily use this car shampoo without any concern. This product not only cleans perfectly but also cleans your car gently.  The shiny effect that this shampoo has on your vehicle lasts for a long time. It quickly and safely removes dirt, grime, and contaminants. It also offers protection to your car’s wax because of its neutral pH.  The sudsing action of this shampoo lasts for a long time because of the special ingredient that it has which increases the suds life. It comes with a non-streaking formula which aids to brighten the paint safely and leave the finish dazzling.


i)Non-streaking formula improves its cleaning efficiency.

ii)Available at affordable price


i)It does not maintain its suds but still gives you value for money

Best Car Wash Shampoo

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