Top 10 Best Car Wash Mitts in 2019 Reviews

Washing a car can be a fun activity especially when you use the best car wash mitts. This is the time to bond with your car as nothing is more pleasing than seeing your car clean and shining. Apart from the time that your foot is on the pedal, cleaning your car is a moment to cherish.

For best results when cleaning your car, it is important to use the best tools for the job. A car wash mitt is one of those tools you cannot afford to miss because it helps you give your car a smooth and gentle cleaning experience. The microfiber noodles are designed for effective car cleaning without leaving any scratch. The mitts also protect your hands.

The Best Car Wash Mitts Buying Guide

There are thousands of car wash mitts in the market. Choosing the best can be a challenging task especially if you are a first-time buyer. There are factors that you should consider when buying a car wash mitt so that you get not only the best but also save money in the process. The two most important factors you need to consider when choosing the ideal car wash mitt is the type of material used and its cost.

a)Type of material

The kind of material used to make the car wash mitt will determine if it will do the job efficiently. There are three main materials used in making car wash mitts, pure wool, microfiber and synthetic material.

i)Wool Car Wash Mitt- These mitts are made of pure wool which makes them softer and features longer fiber. They are usually gentle and does not do any harm to your car’s paint job. They are also useful in keeping away dirt and grime away from your vehicle.  Although they are effective, they are not efficient like microfiber mitts and are not durable.

ii)Microfiber Car Wash Mitt-These type of mitts are primarily made of microfiber material. They have noodles that enable it to clean hard to reach areas. The problem with microfiber mitts is that they have shorter fibers and during cleaning, some of the particles picked by the noodles come in contact with the car’s paint job. As compared to wool mitts, microfiber mitts have better performance and tend to last longer.

iii)Synthetic Wool Mitts- They are another alternative to consider as they also have longer fibers and are more affordable than pure woolen mitts. However, they are not gentle on the body of the car.

b)Cost of the Car Mitts

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What is your budget? Most car wash mitts are relatively affordable, and you will most certainly get one that fits your budget. Buying mitts that come as 2-pack or more is a sure way of saving money. Quality car mitts will cost more, but you will get better performance. Buying cheap and low-quality car mitts will only leave your car with scratches.

The above considerations will help you in choosing the best car wash mitts. Automated car wash systems will only leave your car with scratches Hand washing your car is the only way to take good care of your vehicle. Using microfiber car wash mitts will see a reduction in scratches and swirl marks in your car.

To make it easier to get the best car mitts, I have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Car Wash Mitts in 2019 Reviews. These mitts are the choice of people who have used them and given nothing but praise for their efficiency and gentleness to the body of their cars. These car mitts are:

10.THE RAG COMPANY Premium Soft Microfiber Wash Mitts

Starting us off on our list is THE RAG COMPANY Premium Soft Microfiber Wash Mitts that gives you a great option when it comes to making your car sparkling clean. The mitts come in a pack of two, and you can use it for two bucket wash method. It has a plush texture which ensures that your car is clean without any scratches, lint, and swirls. The mitts are comfortable and have a soft padded lining which keeps in place even wet.


i)The mitts are soft and comfortable

ii)They come in a pack of two hence economical

iii)They are gentle on the body of your car and leaves no scratches


i)The don’t last as long as other mitts in this list.

Best Car Wash Mitts

9.Griot’s Garage 10268 Micro Fiber Wash Mitt – Set of 2

Griot’s Garage 10268 Micro Fiber Wash Mitt has gentle and soft noodles that clean your car efficiently while being friendly on your car’s paint. The mitt holds more water so that you can clean a large area before rinsing it again on a bucket of water. This mitt comes in two distinctive colors, and you can assign one to clean the dirt parts of the car and the other one to clean class, hood, and roof of the car. The mitt does not have the thumb area; hence you can rotate it to utilize both sides of the mitt.


i)The mitt has an elastic cuff that holds in place while cleaning

ii)Comes in two distinct colors for cleaning different parts of the car.

iii)The mitts are machine washable


i)They are costly compared to most mitts in this list.

Best Car Wash Mitts

8.Hirun 3 Pack Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Car Wash Mitt

Hirun Car Wash Mitt is a premium mitt that gives you great cleaning power. The mitt is of high density and has more noodles that clean the car’s body in a single go. The soap in the washing liquid acts as lubricant hence there is less friction on the body of the car. This results in a clean wash free from swirls and scratches. You can use the wash mitt while dry as it attracts small dust particles due to its static electricity.

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i)The mitt is of high density hence has more chenille fingers for better cleaning performance.

ii)Can be used wet or dry.

iii)Available in different colors.


i)It is a bit heavy when wet.

Best Car Wash Mitts

7.Yacoto 2 Pack of Premium Microfiber Chenille Car Wash Mitts

Yacoto Car Wash Mitt is a high-density mitt that holds water for a sparkling clean car. The fluffy fingers hold a lot of water and soap which allows you to cover a large area in a single dip in a washing solution. The mitt has a static charge that attracts dust particles and interlocks it in its fibers which reduce the abrasion on the car’s paintwork. The mitt is of great dimensions which reduce the time taken to wash your car.


i)The mitt is machine washable.

ii)The mitt has a high density and holds lots of water for a clean wash


i)The mitt is available only in a blue color which tends to get stained.

Best Car Wash Mitts

6.ShowTop 2 Packs Superfine Fiber Chenille Wash Glove

This mitt is a great affordable car wash mitt that is of high density which enables you to wash your car in the shortest time possible. The mitt is double-sided and fits perfectly to allow to wash your car more efficiently. You can dry the excess water and soap as the mitt is absorbent. Don’t take chances with your car’s paintwork by using this scratch-free and lint-free mint.


i)The mitt deals with oil and grease more effectively

ii)The company offers a money-back guarantee if you are satisfied with product

iii)You can use the mitt dry or wet.


i)The mitt is bigger and can make it hard to clean specific areas when wet.

Best Car Wash Mitts

5.Dynamitt Microfiber Dual-sided, Car Wash and Car Wax Mitt

Dynamitt Car Wash Mitt is a double-sided mitt that is safe to use in all delicate car surfaces. The mitt is thick hence suitable for heavy duty cleaning in a large area. You can use one side of the mitt to wash and use the other side to wax, wipe, polish and detail the car surface. The mitt is super absorbent and can hold up to 7 times its weight in water. The mitt retains dirt in its fibers hence does not scratch or leave swirls on the body of the car.


i)The mitt is double-sided which makes it versatile

ii)The mitt is super absorbent and holds lots of water and soap.

iii)The cuff gives you a perfect fit which holds it in place even wet


i)The mitt becomes heavy when wet.

Best Car Wash Mitts

4.Chemical Guys MIC497 Blue Microfiber Wash Mitt

Chemical Guys MIC497 Blue Microfiber Wash Mitt is soft and fluffy to make your car washing experience to be safe and enjoyable. This is one of the best car wash mitt as it has great absorbency, and extra soft to protect against scratches and swirls. The mitts are available in different colors which help you to use different colors for different cars or sensitive parts of the car such as the paintwork and glass. You can use the microfiber for truck, RV or even a motorcycle.

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i)The mitts are available in different colors for color coding.

ii)They are soft and does not leave any swirls or scratches.

iii)It can be used for different motor vehicles.


i)The mitt becomes cumbersome when wet.

Best Car Wash Mitts

3.Man Sham Wash Mitt and Original Chamois Car Care Kit

Man Sham Wash Mitt has a higher water absorbency which makes it a great cleaning tool. The mitt does not leave any lint unlike washing towels. The chenille is extra soft and hence does not leave any scratch or swirl in your car. If you are looking for a gift idea for your man, Man Sham Wash Mitt is an excellent choice.


i)High water absorbency for a dry clean finish.

ii)The mitt does leave scratches, swirls, and lint.


i)The mitt is a bit expensive.

Best Car Wash Mitts

2.Exceptional Home Car Wash Mitt & Duster (2 Blue Mitts)

This car wash mitt comes at position 2 because it comes with a duster which you can use to scrub off bird droppings and unwanted bugs. The microfiber fingers allow you to clean hard to reach areas such as the vents and the grills. You can even use the car wash mitt to dust off furniture within the house. Unlike other mitts that hold a lot of water, this mitt just holds the right amount of water not to get too heavy. After cleaning, the towel mitt that comes with the pack allows you to polish, buff and dry your car’s stainless steel appliances.


i)The mitt does not get heavy when wet.

ii)It is effective and efficient in cleaning.

iii)The bright blue color makes it attractive.


i)The mitt gets stained easily due to its bright color.

Best Car Wash Mitts

1.Rentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt – 2 Pack Extra Large Size

On the first spot is the Rentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt that has dimensions of 8 by 11.5 inches which makes it easy to cover a large area within a shorter time. It has chenille microfiber on both sides which enables it to soak more water and soap. The mitt is of great quality and does not leave any swirls, scratches or lint on your car. The cuff gives you a comfortable fit even when the mitt is wet. Use the mitt when dry to dust off the car.


i)The mitt has an ergonomic design which makes comfortable to use.

ii)You get great results when you use it dry or wet

iii)It comes in an affordable 2-pack hence economical


i)It becomes heavy when wet which is tiring when washing a car for a long time.

Best Car Wash Mitts

These are the best car wash mitts in the market. Pick one and your car washing experience will never be the same!

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