Top 10 Best Car Sun Shades for Kids in 2019

Sun shades give your kids the perfect protection from the sun’s harmful sun rays. Are you looking for the best car sun shades for kids? Choosing the best car sun shade can be challenging because it is not just about ordering a car sun shade but looking for the one that will do the job perfectly and still be fun for the kids.

Are Car Sun Shades for Kids important?

If you are having a second thought about buying a car sun shade, then you should drop that thought and buy one. Car sun shades are important as they block up to 95 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Kids are at a more risk if exposed to sunlight since they skin is still tender and they always look out through the window without having a thought of the beaming sunlight.

Sun shades help in lowering the car’s internal temperature. High temperatures make kids feel agitated and uncomfortable. When high temperatures combine with UV rays, it increases the chances of getting skin related problems including skin cancer. A car is not just a decorative car accessory but is of great importance for you kids and passengers alike.

Which are the Best Car Sun Shades for Kids in 2019?

There are thousands of car sun shades for kids in the market. How do you pinpoint the best from all these brands? No need to worry about that because I have done my homework regarding the best car sun shades for kids and I have compiled this list of the Top 10 Best Car Sun Shades in 2019 Reviews to help you narrow done from all the many choices available. These car sunshades are:

10.Baby Everest Car Sun Shade 2 Pack

Opening our list is the Baby Everest Car Sun Shade. The shade features a simple yet effective design which makes it extremely easy to use. It is affordable and is available as a 2-pack purchase each for the different car windows. It is affordable yet durable hence you can expect to use for longer. The sun shade is one of the best car sunshades for kids in the market, and if you can live with the cons, then it is an excellent purchase.


i)Simple design for easy installation and storage.




i)It falls off in rough patches of the road.

Best Car Sun Shades for Kids

9.Baby Sun Shades 2 Pack

These baby sun shades have the highest UV protection with a 97 percent block rate. This factor gives you the peace of mind that your loved one is protected from the harmful sun rays. Attaching it is no brainer as you just need to wipe the car windows with a damp cloth and the sun shade will cling by static electricity. The hotter it is, the firmer the sun shade sticks. The absence of suction cups makes it safe for kids. It reduces the temperature of your car.

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i)The sun shade is easy to attach to the window.

ii)Lacks accessories such as suction cups hence safe.

iii)Has a high UV blocking percentage of 97.


i)It is big hence challenging to fit sedans.

Best Car Sun Shades for Kids

8.Car Sun Shade (2 Pack) Window Shade

LYFESMART Car Sun shades is another excellent alternative if you are looking for a one that protects your kids from UV rays but still gives them visibility to the outside. It clings to the windows by static electricity mechanism hence can be attached and detached with much ease. It is a universal fit design hence can be used in almost all models of cars. The sun shades come with a storage pouch and an e-book on how to keep your kids safe from the heat.


i)The sun shade is of excellent quality.

ii)It is easy to install it and remove it when not in use.



i)It is not effective for extra bright sun glare.

Best Car Sun Shades for Kids

7.Jomolly Car Window Shade – 2 Pack Baby Sun Shade for Car Side Window

On position 7 is the Jomolly Car Window sunshade that comes with four suctions cups that keeps its place even in the roughest of terrains. The suctions cups stays in place whether it hot or cold. Jomolly sun shades have a high UV blocking percentage of 90 percent but still, manages to give you and your kids visibility. The sun shades are easy to install since they are lightweight and flexible. When you are not using them, fold the sun shades and store it in the free bonus bag you get with every purchase.


i)The four suction cups in each car sunshade keep it in place.

ii)High UV protection capability.

iii)Can be folded easily for storage.


i)The brightly colored animals can be deterrent for the driver.

Best Car Sun Shades for Kids

6.Jeep Car Sun Shade, Static Cling, Pack of 2, Black, Baby Car Seat Window Shade

Jeep Car Sun Shades uses a static charge to cling to your car’s windows. They protect your kids and pets from UV rays that are known to damage the skin. It blocks the sun’s glare while giving you the driver an excellent visibility. You can maintain the car’s temperature at a minimum by using this sun shades, and you won’t even need to switch on the car’s AC system. It has a universal fit size hence can ideal for most car models. It only takes a few seconds to fix the sun shade.


i)The sun shade is easy to fix.

ii)High UV blocking capability and high visibility for passengers and driver.

iii)Keeps the car’s temperature at a check.


i)The sun shade if folded for shipment which results in greases which take some time to disappear.

Best Car Sun Shades for Kids

5.Car sun shades, premium giraffe design sunshade by EZ-Bugz

This premium sun car sun shades for kids features a giraffe drawing design that is pleasing and entertaining for kids. You can easily fix the sunshade using two suction cups on the outer side. You can reposition it without having to pull out the suction cups. It has a mesh design that allows your kids to have a clear view of the outside without the sun glaring in their eyes. The shades’ dimensions are 17 by 14 inches hence a fit for almost all cars.


i)Stylish design with drawings of giraffes.

ii)Uses suction cups hence stays in place for long.

iii)Its dimensions make it a universal fit for all car models.


i)It becomes hard to see through them in bright light since they turn solid silver in color.

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Best Car Sun Shades for Kids

4.Universal Car Sun Shades Cover for Rear Side Window Provides Maximum UV Protection for Baby, Children, Kids and Dog

This car sun shade has a stylish design with colorful jungle prints of animals on the sunshade but is plain when seen from the outside. It blocks up to 84 percent of harmful UV rays and keeps your car cool even with the AC off. You can fix it on any car model as it is a universal fit design. They are pretty easy to install as you just have to slide them on the motor vehicle window frame and when not in use, can be easily folded. It has a unique double-layer design that allows windows to open.


i)Has jungle print of animals that keeps kids entertained.

ii)Universal design to fit different car models.

iii)Keeps the car cool.


i)There is a risk of water coming seeping into the vehicle when it rains for long.

Best Car Sun Shades for Kids

3.Car Sun Shade by NimNik Baby

NimNik Baby’s car sunshade is of great quality and is among the best car sunshades in the market. The shade protects your kids and pets from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It can block up to 90 percent of the UV rays. It is flexible yet durable so that you can easily attach it to your car’s windows and have it in good shape for years. The sun shade uses suction cups to attach itself to windows hence remains in place on hot and cold days. It is universal fit hence can be used on the major car and SUV brands.


i)The sun shade is universal fit hence fits most car brands.

ii)It is durable, and you can use for long.

iii)Uses durable suction cups hence stays in place even on cold days.


i)When folded, it is held by an elastic band which is easily lost as it is not attached to the sunshade.

Best Car Sun Shades for Kids

2.Britax EZ-Cling Sun Shades

Second on our list is the Britax EZ-Cling Sun Shades which feature a mesh design that reduces the sun’s glare while maintaining the driver’s visibility. The sun shade has a UPF rating of 30 which ensures that it keeps away up to 95 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. You kid can enjoy a good view of the outside world while receiving the much-needed protection. It is lightweight and has reinforced frame which makes it easy to attach and reposition when needed.


i)The mesh design gives the kids and the driver good visibility.

ii)They are lightweight which makes it easy to use.

iii)Has a high UPF rating.


i)It does not stick in the cold season as it uses a static mechanism to attach to windows.

Best Car Sun Shades for Kids

1.veneev Car Sun Shade for Side and Rear Window

Veneev Car Sun Shade comes top of our list due to its great design and aesthetics. It has a UV blocking percentage of 97 percent. It comes as a three combination of two static side window shades and a rear sun shade with suction cups. Moreover, you get a storage pouch for the two window sun shades, and as a bonus, you get a dashboard mat. The car sun shades can easily be attached, and when not in use, they can be folded and stashed in the car organizer. They are safe for kids as they do not have any dangling accessories.


i)The shades have excellent UV blocking capability but with good visibility.

ii)They are safe for kids.

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iii)You get a storage pouch and a dashboard mat as a bonus.


i)The rear sun shade falls off easily when in rough terrain.

Best Car Sun Shades for Kids

Factors to consider when Buying Car Sun Shades for Kids

a)Shape and Size

Sun shades are available in different shapes and sizes. You note down the dimensions of your car’s windows so that you can get a perfect fit. You should consider the shape of the car’s windows so that you get one that fits snugly.

b)UV Resistance

Even if a car sunshade for kids perfectly fits your vehicle’s windows, it would beat the purpose of buying them in the first place if it does not have adequate UV resistance. Most manufacturers indicate the UV resistance of their product in the description section. You can also go through the customers’ feedback to ascertain if they deliver as they have promise. A car sun shade with a rating of more than 90 percent UV resistance is safe for your kids.

c)Type of Car Sunshade

Canopy car shades for kids are small in size and can be fitted to your babies’ car seat. The advantage of canopy car shades for kids is that it can block UV rays coming from different angles. The downside of this kind of car shade is that it limits the line of vision for your kid especially if they are older and want to get a view of the outside.

Car window sunshades are the alternative for the canopy car shades. They provide protection against UV rays by covering your car’s windows. They can either be opaque or slightly transparent. The shades are stylish and usually feature an attractive design.

Car window sun shades for kids can be classified as:

Retractable- This kind of sun shades are retractable and can be easily removed when not needed. They stay in place and are easy to use.

Pop-up- This kind of window sun shade can easily be rolled up and stashed away.

Universal Fit- These are the most popular car sun shades for kids as they can fit most models of cars. It is also challenging to get best due to mass availability.

d)Design- It is known the fact that children learn from their surrounding and adding a car sun shade can stimulate new ideas. While this is true, children may want to have a touch and feel of the car sun shade and if the proper precaution is not taken, can lead to accidents. Loose attachments on the car sunshade can cause choking or even an eye poke. Look at the design and ensure that it is safe for your kids.

e)Attaching mechanism- Apart from canopy car sun shades, others need to be attached to car windows. Some mechanisms that can be used include suction cups and static attachment. Suction cups stay in place for long but if not depressurized well can be detached easily from the shades. Static sun shades are easy to fix but do not remain in place for long especially during winter as the car windows loose its static charge.


The above products have been bought by thousands of customers, and most of them have left a positive feedback. The list was a product of thorough research, and I hope that you will get the best car sun shades for kids that fit your requirements and moreover your budget. Happy shopping!

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