Top 10 Best Car Seat Covers Reviewed In 2021

Protect your car seats and give your car interiors an exquisite look with a range of car seats covers available today. The best car seat covers shield your seats from wear & tear and damaging UV rays from the sun. At the same time, depending on the material the seat covers are made of, you can lend your car’s interiors the unique look you want.

We have reviewed here the ten best car seat covers in 2021. Find out which one is best suited for you.

10. Eclipse Premium Water Proof Car Seat Protector

Eclipse Premium Water Proof Car Seat Protector

This Eclipse car seat protector is made from Neoprene material a world-renowned waterproof material. It has a universal fit making it suitable for all types of vehicles. So whichever is your car type, this car seat cover will be a smart choice. This car seat cover is ideal for pet owners who love carrying their pets in their cars. With this cover, you don’t have to worry when you’re carrying your pets. Even if they mess the seats, the covers are easy to clean.

For the fitness enthusiasts, this is one of the best seat covers for you as it protects your original car seat from sweat thus protecting it from long-term wear and tear. The eclipse waterproof seat cover will protect your seat against sweat that causes damage over time. This is very beneficial to any car owner.

This car seat is also very safe as it does not interfere with your car’s airbags due to its universal feature. The Premium eclipse car seat cover is very easy to clean. One can hand wash or even machine-wash them.


  • Detachable thus making it the easiest car seat cover to use as it slips on and off easily with no complicated hardware or hooks that need attaching to the car seat
  • It is waterproof due to the neoprene material which protects it from spillage
  • Universal design is making it suitable for all cars.
  • Easy to clean and very friendly
  • Quick to install, there are no unnecessary hooks


  • It is a temporary solution as the eclipse is not meant to be used for long
  • It is mostly supposed to be used on cars with dark car seats

9. BDK Polycloth Car Seat Covers, Available in 7 Colors

BDK Polycloth Car Seat Covers, Available in 7 Colors

This car seat cover is made from Rome cloth material that is an alternative to the Neoprene material. The poly cloth seat covers are comfortable, and they blend perfectly with the interior of your car. So if you’re looking for an elegant car seat covers, these one are a great pick

This car sear cover is available in seven different colors giving you the freedom to pick a color that you love and one that will go well with your car’s interior design.

The poly cloth car seat cover fits perfectly in vehicles that have detachable headrests. The good thing about this car seat cover when you buy it you get it as a package that comes with front seat covers, back seat bench cover and a cover for each detachable head rest.

The car seat cover is machine washable to give it a clean and immaculate look. It comes in a unique color of taupe beige on black. On top of that, there are guides to help you fix them easily, but the moment you do once, it becomes easy to install them.


  • Comfortable fit material that makes it a strong car seat cover
  • The cloth is breathable hence preventing bad odors and dirt
  • Back seat cover is on a bench like a format that prevents split bench functionality
  • The covers have double stitched seams that make it sturdy and durable
  • 100% washable material either by hand or machine
  • It is affordable, compared to other brands on the market


  • Can only be used on cars with detachable headrests thus it’s not a universal car seat cover

8. Outlaw Full-Size Truck Bench Seat Covers

Outlaw Full-Size Truck Bench Seat Covers

For construction workers or supervisors that work a lot with dirt and building materials, this is the best car seat cover for them. This is because it mainly fits on front bench truck seats. It is made with saddle woven material that is durable and ideal. The material is famous for its robust nature that helps protect your original car seat from heavy duty messes.

This USA made car seat cover is ideal for trucks and comes in ten different colors. so you’ll pick your favorite color. This car seat cover also stands out for the design. The company understands that no one want ugly looking car seats. They are also easy to install thanks to the one-piece cover. You’ll also love the seat cover’s pockets, where you can put some personal items.


  • Easy to install as it is one-piece cover.
  • It has a durable saddle blanket woven material that prevents your original seats from wear and tear.
  • Pockets sewn on the cover are ideal for storage of your work tools
  • The seat cover is very comfortable and strong.


  • Unfortunately, the seat cover is not ideal for other types of benches other than the straight seats.
  • It takes time to install the car seat cover but eventually you get it done.

7. Auto Expression Braxton Universal Bucket Seat Cover

Auto Expression Braxton Universal Bucket Seat Cover

This bucket car seat cover by Auto Expressions boasts an innovative design and fabric that brings out the best fit. The Braxton bucket seat cover is made from strong materials that make it durable. So with these seat covers, you are guaranteed the best combination of durability, elegance and performance.

It has a unique super fit flap design that makes it a more comfortable wrinkle free fit. The car seat cover is great for almost all types of suvs and sedan cars. Its unique Smart Seam Technology that is placed on both sides of the seat cover enables it to tear away in case of emergency, and the airbags need to deploy. This unique car seat cover enhances the interior and look of your car due to its beautiful appearance.


  • It’s easy to install and fits most bucket seat vehicles
  • One of the safest car seat covers as it is designed to accommodate side and front airbags
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • For its excellent quality, this car seat cover is surprisingly very affordable
  • The material is an excellent protection from pet hairs, dirt, and fading of your original car seats


  • Some people find the material too thin for their liking

6. FH-PU001102 PU Leather Car Front Bucket Seat Covers, Available in 11 Colors

FH-PU001102 PU Leather Car Front Bucket Seat Covers, Available in 11 Colors

This car seat cover from the FH group is one of the most stylish car seat covers in the market today. With its PU faux leather that is highly treated to make it durable, this car seat cover oozes class and luxury giving your car’s interior that elegant look.

We all know that leather can get scorching during the hot weather or freezing during winter, however, this car seat cover is padded with a 3mm pad that disperses heat hence your leather is not heated making you have a cool car interior and seats too.

What is more, this car seat cover has a stretch like material that has storage pockets to keep some of your essentials. This bucket car seat cover is semi-customized to fit all car models with detachable headrests. Also, this car seat cover can accommodate both traditional and heated car seats It is available in 11 colors so you’ll pick your most preferred color.


  • It is easy to install, re-attach and uninstall because of the Velcro opening and adjustable straps
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable because of its treated faux leather stretchy material
  • It is affordable
  • Beautiful and presentable car seat covers


  • Can only be used on vehicles with detachable headrests
  • Strong chemical smell after being unpacked but it fades away after ventilation

5. Enovoe Kick Mats Car Seat Cover, Waterproof

Enovoe Kick Mats Car Seat Cover, Waterproof

These car seat protectors by Enovoe are designed to cover your entire seat to protect the interior from dirt and unwanted marks. They keep your seats looking good and enhance their durability. These car seat covers are made from quality materials that make them durable and at the same boasting elegance and luxury for your car seats and interior.

The thick elastic duty adjustable straps make this car seat protector convenient for all types of car giving them a perfect fit, and what’s more, you will not even notice them as a driver thus it doesn’t inconvenience you on the road.

There is no need to worry about rain, sweat, snow or if your children spill drinks on your chair as this seat protector is waterproof thus giving your chair the ultimate protection that it needs.


  • Easy to clean as you just use a damp cloth to wipe them. You don’t need the cumbersome process of machine washing them.
  • Easy fit for all vehicles.
  • Durable because of quality materials used.
  • Guaranteed protection from spillage because of its waterproof nature.
  • Money-Back-Guarantee by Enovoe if you are not satisfied by their products.


  • Due to the thickness of the adjustable straps, one has to adjust or remove the headrest to accommodate the buckle.

4. FH GROUP FH-FB102112 Classic Cloth Car Seat Covers, Available in 5 Colors

FH GROUP FH-FB102112 Classic Cloth Car Seat Covers, Available in 5 Colors

Another classic car seat cover from FH Group that boasts a 3D Air Mesh that breathes life, elegance, class and style into the interior of your car. This car seat cover is made from 100% washable and breathable material that makes it very durable and stylish. Cleaning them and maintaining them is very easy as well.

It also has a padded feature that disperses heat making giving you that fresh feeling inside your car. Who want an ugly looking car seat cover anyway?

Its quality material protects it from wear and tear of your original car seat. This car seat covers are really elegant thus sprucing up the interior of your car really well.


  • Easy to install on your car seats
  • Can fit most vehicles due to its versatility
  • Quality material that can stretch to fit your car seat without much effort
  • It is quite affordable


  • Although it is easy to install, it can consume a bit of time to do so

3. Bell Automotive Car Seat Covers

Bell Automotive Car Seat Covers

Bell Automotive car seat cover is a classy seat cover made from the unique Baja blanket. This bucket car seat cover is inspired by a southwestern design that gives it a chic, trendy look. The unique style gives you that poncho feeling at the same time making your car very comfortable.

As with many car seat covers, the material used gives your car’s interior protection against wear and tear and also from harmful UV rays. Its soft exterior cover makes it easy to wash whether by a washing machine or when using your hands.

A great advantage with this car seat cover is that it can fit in all types of vehicles with adjustable and fitted headrests making very convenient. So whichever your car brand or model it, this car seat cover will work well with it. The car seat cover also stands out for its feature to cool the seat when its hot.


  • This car seat is easy to install and fits well into universal car seats
  • It is very affordable
  • Convenient as it protects your original leather seats from wear and tear
  • Extremely helpful during hot weather as it helps cool your original chair and cars interior while giving you comfort


  • Can be a bit loose at the headrest part thus someone needs to adjust it all the time
  • Only comes in one pack

2. FH Group Universal Fit Full Set Flat Cloth Fabric Car Seat Cover

FH Group Universal Fit Full Set Flat Cloth Fabric Car Seat Cover

The FH Group has also come up with a car seat cover that enables someone to break away from the monotonous norm of blunt car seat covers. This car seat cover brand is unique for its bold design that makes your car look unique and classy at the same time.

This universal fit car seat cover is made of high-quality fabric material that is quite soft and durable. It also has a 3mm padded foam that disperses heat leaving your car’s interior cool and protected from excess heat. For that adventurous person, this car seat cover comes in ten different bold colors you can choose from.

The concealed Velcro and adjustment straps make it easy to install this car seat cover as well as detach it if need be. It is cleaned using machine wash or air drying

This car seat cover is durable because of its stretchy unique material. It also has opening pockets on each cover for storage of some valuables thus decluttering your car.

This model from FH Group includes seat covers for two detachable headrests and a solid rear bench.


  • Easy to install
  • The breathable material thus it is very durable
  • It has been semi-customized so that it can fit most vehicles
  • This car seat covers maintain and protects your car upholstery from wear and tear
  • Made of high-quality soft material that makes it durable


  • Cannot be used on attached head rests

1. Oxgord 17pc Set Flat Cloth Mesh Car Seat Covers

Oxgord 17pc Set Flat Cloth Mesh Car Seat Covers

The Oxgord brand of car seats covers carries the day as one of the top best car seat covers. This 17 piece includes two bucket seat covers, steering wheel cover, bench seat cover, four seat belt protectors, five headrest covers and one mesh cloth. This affordable set of car seat covers is made from quality durable polyester material.

This conservative car seat cover will give your car style and comfort hence reducing road fatigue especially if you are going for long distance.

They are a universal fit and can be used in any type of vehicle. The Oxgord car seat cover is also waterproof and protects your car from spills, unwanted dirt and even pet hairs and dust. In addition to this, the car seat can accommodate all styles of your rear seat, whether it is a straight back seat, split or half and half rear seat.


  • It is quite affordable
  • The car seat cover is easy to install and does not take a lot of time
  • It’s washable and breathable thus making it durable
  • Comfortable due to the padded foam that comes with the seat covers


  • Some of the car seat covers have a new unused smell before they are unpacked. This smell goes away after ventilation

From the above reviews, it is clear that the best car seat covers share some common features. They are all affordable, classy, elegant, durable and can be easily installed to fit the seats of your car. Our review will guide you to know which car seat cover will give you the best functionality and at the same time protecting your car’s upholstery from damage and messes. You will be able to discover that with the best car seat covers, you can be able to save against future replacement costs.

Conclusion: Our detailed and honest review of the best car seat covers should be able to guide you make a sound and wise decision on which car seat cover is best for your lifestyle and at the same time enable you to know which one is best for your lifestyle and budget. Enjoy the best in the market as you save yourself future headaches and costs of replacing your original car seats with new ones due to wear and tear. Looking to buy steering wheel covers ? Well don’t worry – we got you covered as we have reviewed some of the best looking steering wheel covers.

So what are the benefits of a car seat cover? A good car seat cover will provide the following benefits;

Protects the seats from spillage

Spilled drinks, food, dust, dirt or even mud stains are some of the few messes that can spoil your original car seat. A good car seat cover protects your original seats from further damage saving you a lot of money that may come with reupholster costs and repair.


All animal lovers can attest to the need of having seat covers in their cars because of the unforeseen damages that their pets cause. From muddy paws to scratches, to shedding animal hair, car seat covers are an absolute necessity as they protect the original car seat and interior of your vehicle from this menace. And since you can afford to leave your fur friends at home

Wear and Tear

Did you know that every time you drive your car or when you are a passenger in a car you can wear out the car seat by just sitting on it? The friction between the clothes we wear and our car seats enhances wear and tear thus a great need for a safe car seat cover.

UV Rays from Sunlight

Sunlight rays do not only cause the car seats to fade, but they also make your car seats more vulnerable to wear and tear. A good car seat cover should protect your vehicle seat from damages associated with direct sunlight.

The market has different types of car seat covers that are of different quality, size, and cost. The kind of is seat cover is defined by the type of material, design, price among other critical factors.

Some of the Types of Car Seat Covers Depending on the Material Include:

Fabric Car Seat Covers

If you’re looking for a car seat cover that does not wear and tears quickly, a fabric cover is the best. These fabric seat covers are considered the best as they can withstand heat and can be cleaned easily just like regular clothes. Little care is needed for them as they are made from a common fabric material. Some of the best fabric materials that are used are tweed, velour, and neoprene.

Leather Car Seat Covers

The design of leather car seat covers gives the interior of a car a classy and chic look while providing the necessary protection for your original car seat. Although they are more vulnerable to wear and tear than other materials, they offer more protection to your seats. They are also very easy to clean, as they do not absorb spillage.

When looking for the ideal fit for your car seat it is also good to look out for the different types of car seat cover fits, which include:

  • Custom fit seat Covers: which are made to fit your car seat perfectly. However, they are a bit costly as one needs to invest in them.
  • Semi-Custom fit seat covers: are more budget friendly and also offer the same protection you may look for in a custom-fit car seat covers. They are mostly used for universal types of cars.

Some Benefit That a Good Car Seat Cover Can Give You as a Car Owner Include:

  • The cost saving of future replacement or re-upholstery of your car’s interior.
  • You can maintain the look of your car as most car seat covers are removable and washable.
  • Also, the value of your car does not depreciate much due to wear and tear thus making it viable for resale in the future.
  • Car seat covers also provide the necessary protection needed for your car hence reducing wear and tear significantly.

Keeping in mind all the mentioned features, types, and factors of getting a quality and best, we are going to give you a comprehensive guide on which are the best car seat covers on the market that will provide the functionality of a durable cover and at the same time being budget friendly. Our extensive research and consumer reviews have helped us come up with top ten best car seat covers that will give you peace of mind when purchasing them.

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