Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras Reviewed In 2019

It is such a great idea to install one of the best car rear view cameras on your car. To emphasize on its importance, some governments are pushing for laws to enforce this driving safety requirement. For instance, the US Department of Transportation has ordered vehicle manufacturers to put the cameras on new cars from 2019. Well, you might wonder why there is a strong advocacy for the rear view video systems. The answer is simple but significant—safety.

When you have this system in your vehicle, you will access a clear and wide angle view of what is behind your car. Of course, the conventional rear-view mirror cannot provide as clear a view. For example, when you have small kids and pets at home, acquiring this system should be your priority. In such cases, you understand how important it is to clear up such blind spots. It is especially relevant when you are parking your car in reverse.

To ensure complete reversing safety or keep full eye on something you are towing, a best car rear view camera comes in handy. Folks who are habitually crunching bumpers will also find it very helpful. However, only the best performance models deliver reliable rear view experience. What are the available best options today, then? Read on to know everything about the best value deals.

Choosing the Best Car Rear View Cameras

Although rear view cameras are generally tiny and weather resistant, models still differ in several variables. As such, you ought to consider a few vital things when deciding on your best choice. For example, one option may include all the features and installation guidelines you perhaps like. However, it may or may not fit your car or particular purpose. In that respect, here are some things to look at in order to ensure you choose only the best car rear view camera:

The camera sensor

Most models of car rear view cameras use either CCD or CMOS sensors. The distinction between the two is that they convert light into signal in different ways. While CCD is basically analog, CMOS employs is a more innovative digital technology. Generally, CMOS sensors is more power efficient while being more effective in dimly lit settings than CCD ones. However, CCD sensors are somewhat better compliant in handling changing light environments. Regarding the environments you mostly drive through, the difference might be insignificant. As such, your personal preference may suffice.

The Dash

This is the part of your car from where you follow the footage your rear view camera picks up. If you have a pre-installed touchscreen in your car, you may choose to hook the camera system on it. Alternatively, you can buy and install a new touchscreen receiver. Having the footage display on the rear-view mirror is also a viable option. However, your choice of viewing system largely depends on your car type, as well as installation convenience.

Mirror Image

Just like it sounds, so this is. The rear view camera system technology reverses the view on your monitor to emulate a rear view mirror. However, you can look at the one that most impresses your convenience.

Viewing Angle

Rear view cameras generally offer a convenient horizontal view angle. Some models provide as wide an angle as 190 degrees. However, the wider the view angle, the more naturally you see what is behind your car easily.

Parking Lines

Most of best car rear view cameras offer onscreen guidelines, also known as parking lines. They aid you as you reverse to squeeze into tight spaces or back out of risky positions. With their help, you can estimate the distance from objects in your path with near perfection. However, if you do not want a system that integrates parking line feature, keenly check your camera details. Some cameras may not allow you to opt out of it. Others offer the chance to remove them in the installation process. For the latter, you can therefore use the optional parking lines feature integrated in some touchscreen receivers.

Low Light

You may be able to see the ‘lowest Lux rating’ on some cameras. This means the least light amount needed for a recognizable picture or video quality. For instance, a full moon-lit night is rated at about 0.1 Lux, while a bright sunny day at nearly 10,000 Lux. Some best car rear view cameras can deliver a clear footage in as low as 0.1 Lux. However, many models feature an extra LED or infrared light to enhance low light capability. To that effect, the LED or infrared powers on once the vehicle is on reverse gear.


Reader pay attention, since mounting is among the most relevant features for the success of most car rear view cameras. There are several ways you can mount the camera. Most importantly, check the rear or your car before choosing your camera. Then consider the following mounting styles:

  • Lip Mounting: If your car has an inset area on its rear, you may consider installing an angled lip-mount camera model. It is a bit more subtle relative to the commoner license plate mount.
  • License Plate Mounting: Some camera models easily fit into a matching license plate frame. Others require the more universal strap mount approach. You use the existing screws to fasten strap-mounted rear view camera over the license plate.
  • Bracket Mounting: This is perhaps the most universal approach. It involves an adjustable bracket to help you mount the camera anywhere you find fittest on your car.
  • Vehicle-Specific Mounting: Some camera brands provide brackets which fit or replace into factory parts. This ensures a near-perfect match to your car. However, these are customized products. As such, most of the mounting options will involve lip or license plate mounts.

Installing the Rear View Camera to Your Car

Your best car rear view camera is the one that you can conveniently use. It could apparently sound easy, but an uninstalled camera is as good as none at all. Therefore, consider it the imperative it is to choose an easy to install system.

Expert guide may ask you to include an InstallCard for a professional installation. However, you will find it quite possible to successfully install your new rear view camera by yourself. If you opt to do it yourself, prepare for a three-phase process, namely:

  • Securing the camera in the back or your car and then wiring it to power source
  • Running camera to dash video connection
  • Connecting the video cable to a newly or pre-installed compatible monitor.

Alternatively, a wireless car rear view camera system saves your installation effort and time. Yet you will still do the camera and monitor to power wiring. Mostly, it will suffice for the camera if you tap into the tail lights power feed. However, some models may demand a direct connection to the fuse panel of your car.

Conventional or wireless backup camera set up, your choice will certainly dictate the installation effort and time, yet also the overall utility. As you may come to appreciate, the longer installation option could generally result in a more reliable connection.

In light of the above shopping guide, below are the top 10 best car rear view cameras reviews in 2019. Keep on reading to discover and purchase the most appropriate model for your car.



Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras Reviewed In 2019 1

You can easily get up-and-running with the TopTierPro TTP-C12B car rear-view camera, since it is great and simple. It installs easily. Although it features perfect engineering, it is still an affordable option among the best car rear view cameras. As such, it delivers an enjoyable, luxury experience to drivers. Moreover, this product is made of high-performance and durable materials. Its professional-grade construction provides a lifetime service and value.

Unlike some other cheap models, TTP-C12B does not easily break due to its premium-grade design. In addition, this camera allows for 2-in-1 installation, that is both front view and reverse view. The 170-degree viewing angle ensures that you get a wider sight of what is behind you. You also enjoy great night vision capability. Its CMOS color lens picks great details for the video.


  • Affordable
  • Durable premium-grade design
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Good night vision


  • Some complaints about video quality

You can get to experience perfect driving that is safer and more enjoyable when you use the TTP-C12B. This is a pretty simple to install car rear view camera that renders reversing and backing up fun experience. It features a very durable construction and precision engineered design for superior quality performance.

9. Yada BT53328M-1 Digital

 Yada BT53328M-1 Digital

Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras Reviewed In 2019 1

Featuring specific engineering to reduce blind spots, this is another dependable model among the best car rear view cameras. It is a digital wireless camera that includes a dash monitor. Actually, Yada BT53328M-1 provides drivers with the security and ease of clearly seeing whatever is behind their cars when reversing.

Due to the wireless technology, there are no interferences in the monitor. You will find it a lot simple to install this camera over your car license plate. Moreover, it offers great night vision, and is also waterproof due to its high IP-67 rating. The system’s 4.3-inch LCD display shows the live footage clearly, and it includes a suction cup for quick placement.


  • Great display 4.3-inch LCD monitor
  • Included power adapter
  • Comes with user manual
  • Good night vision performance
  • Wide field of view


  • Reported delays in video signal
  • Poor quality electrical connectors

The Yada BT53328M-1 delivers on its promise. In a great package that includes a color display LCD monitor and full installation kit, it provides high value. Moreover, it incorporates great performance digital wireless technology that hardly disappoints.

8. Esky HD EC180-19

Esky HD EC180-19

Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras Reviewed In 2019 1

An upgraded version, the Esky EC180-19 car rear view camera greatly helps you reverse your car safely. Mostly due to its great night vision, this camera stands out of its competition. Its high-performance nigh vision feature ensures a much safer driving during the night. Moreover, it features a 180-degree high definition but also adjustable color CCD screen.

As such, it offers a large and convenient viewing field, consequently eliminating the blind spots behind your car. No one can notice it once installed on the vehicle. Most noteworthy, its IP-67 weatherproof rating makes it ideal for use in any weather condition. Because of its metal frame, it perfectly fits on all cars.


  • Simple installation design
  • Ideal fit for all car models
  • 12-month replacement warranty
  • LED lights for greater night vision
  • Adjustable viewing angle


  • Some complaints of inconsistency

You would expect improved performance from an upgrade. That is exactly what the EskyEC180-19 delivers. It is a great value car rear view camera that offers reliable night vision and an adjustable 180-degree viewing angle. Moreover, you will like its high definition CCD screen due to its clear video display.

7. Zettaguard ZBC-100

Zettaguard ZBC-100

Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras Reviewed In 2019 1

If you use Zettaguard ZBC-100, you can perfectly solve the frustrating bad car reversing moments. This rear view camera provides great view of what is behind your vehicle, even if driving in dark places. Its NTSC TV system offers a convenient 170-degree viewing range. Like other best car rear view cameras, it is a waterproof model, simple to use as well as install. Moreover, the High-Definition color CCD display delivers clear video image for your stress-free viewing. What’s more interesting is that you can adjust the viewing angle, setting it either horizontally or horizontally.


  • Has stainless steel shell for durability
  • Both waterproof and shockproof
  • Clear and stable video
  • High Definition image quality


  • Needs frequent adjustments

Except on the reviews herein, you will have hard time finding a product better than the Zettaguard ZBC-100. From durability to reliability and ease of use, this rear view camera deserves its place among the best options today.

6. Esky EC170-06 HD

Esky EC170-06 HD

Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras Reviewed In 2019 1

One of the top highlights about this camera is that you can install it anywhere on your car. This kind of flexibility allows you to customize how you see what is behind your car. In regards to installation, the Esky EC170-06 ranks among the simplest models. Moreover, it produces high definition image with little distortion but great color detail. Due to this, you can easily see what lie behind when reversing. Most importantly, this camera performs wonderfully in any weather and lighting condition.


  • Very easy to install and use
  • Great 170-degree viewing angle
  • Ideal for any weather and lighting setting
  • High definition HD color CCD


  • Quite steep camera angle

For its design, this camera ensures a perfectly discreet fit on your car, therefore cannot draw thieves attention. That is just one of its distinctions, for its other features also provide great performance reliability. You will appreciate it for, among other highlights, being the simplest to use.

5. Esky EC170-08-HD

Esky EC170-08-HD

Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras Reviewed In 2019 1

It is without question now that Esky models dominate the best car rear backup cameras options. For instance, the Esky EC170-08 can help you conveniently see behind your car as you reverse. It is a little camera yet it packs great power and visibility in the small frame. Because of its premium quality, it produces a readily acceptable picture quality. You can therefore enjoy your safety and comfort when backing up.

Installing this device on your car is not only easy but also quick. As such, Esky EC170-08 stands out as a popular choice for DIY car owners. In addition to waterproof element and easy adjustability, the camera’s color and detail make it quite appreciable. It is especially viable for drivers who simply want greater visibility in the unclear spots behind their cars.


  • Easy, quick DIY installation
  • Stylish polished surface solid design
  • HD color CMOS 170-degree view angle for clear image
  • Reliable night vision


  • Not the best for too bright environments

Coming from the fast-burgeoning supplier of smart car accessories, the Esky EC170-08 is a reliable backup camera. To begin with, you will install it in minutes. Moreover, it delivers great rear view experience for safe and enjoyable car reversing.

4. Pyle PLCM7500 Car Backup Camera Kit

Pyle PLCM7500 Car Backup Camera Kit

Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras Reviewed In 2019 1

When you are shopping for the best car backup camera, the Pyle PLCM7500 is a great idea to opt for. It is an impressive quality backup camera and video monitor kit. The kit packs a low-light-vision capable, waterproof, universal mount color camera and suction cup mount monitor screen. To your amazement, this camera picks candidly clear video over its RCA jack. The picture quality is great even in relatively low light areas.

More interestingly, the system’s 7-inch monitor detects when you engage the reverse gear, and then displays the camera on the screen. If you need an ideal car rear view camera for backing into tight spaces or reversing in limited visibility, the PLCM7500 is yours to lose. It works like your extra eye. Moreover, it features a distance-line mode, thus showing you how far other objects are from your car. Due to its two video inputs, you also can use the monitor for video watching from other composite video sources.


  • Included remote control for monitor
  • Full car backup video kit
  • Shows distance from objects
  • Crystal clear video output


  • A bit flimsy mounts and monitor

A whopping majority of car owners who have used this backup camera system reports satisfaction. Flattery aside, this is a high performance choice you can make, thus ending the embarrassing mistakes you occasionally make when reversing, parking. As a matter of fact, Pyle’s PLCM7500 ranks among the very best car rear view cameras available today.

3. Pyle PLCM18BC Camera

Pyle PLCM18BC Camera

Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras Reviewed In 2019 1

Pyle again presents another high quality and reliable car rear view camera model. The Pyle PLCM18BC is a great reversing and parking assist camera that mounts above car’s license plate. When you pair it with your car’s monitor screen, you get an easy way for added driving safety. The camera also provides great low light performance, all-weather endurance, and true-color image reproduction. In fact, it boasts a marine-grade fog-resistant and waterproof construction.

Besides vivid clear picture output, this camera’s distance scale lines assist you drive eve safer and smoothly get into tight parking spaces. The package includes all the essential cables and accessories for easy installation.


  • Unique design finish blends in most cars
  • Built-in low light performance
  • Resistant to fog
  • Distance scale lines for added clarity


  • May interfere with radio system

Parking and reversing your car becomes fun when you install the Pyle PLCM18BC. Among the best car rear view cameras, a few if not none can compete this one. In addition to other features found in most high quality options, the Pyle PLCM18BC is fog-resistant. It also provides distance scale lines to show you how far things are from your car.

2. Chaunganzhuo CAZBCMKT001 Camera Kit

Chaunganzhuo CAZBCMKT001 Camera Kit

Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras Reviewed In 2019 1

A complete kit that, as well as Monitor, has a high quality backup camera, Chaunganzhuo CAZBCMKT001 is simply impressive. The camera provides incredibly reliable waterproof performance. You won’t struggle to install it since it mounts onto the license plate pretty easily. Due to its high definition color CMOS sensor, it delivers great image quality with its wide viewing angle macro lens. It also incorporates distance scale line for added clarity on the objects behind.

Moreover, the 4.3-Inch TFT LCD monitor offers a convenient screen for your viewing. It automatically starts when you engage the reverse gear to display the video collected by the camera. And when you disengage the reverse, it turns to standby or previous scenes. For versatility, the monitor supports car VCD/DVD play, satellite receiver as well as other video sources.


  • High IP67 waterproof rating
  • Distance reference marking
  • Versatile and convenient monitor display
  • Pretty easy to mount on license plate


  • Supports 12V power system only

Except that this backup camera system supports 12V power system only, anything else about it is irreproachable. You will seldom find anything to complain about, from its weather resistance to impressive video output, no matter the light condition. Moreover, it comes in a complete kit with a stylish monitor that adds to your car’s interior elegance.

1. Esky EC135-05 HD

Esky EC135-05 HD

Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras Reviewed In 2019 1

The Esky EC135-05 ushers a new driving experience for you, putting a decisive end to reversing mishaps. It tops in our reviews of the best car rear view cameras on the market today. What makes it outstanding is that you can easily mount it anywhere on your car’s rear. It provides full and obstruction-free view of anything behind your car, whether in daytime or night.

The pride of many drivers, Esky EC135-05 provides a wide 135-degree viewfinder for clearing the coast anytime you are reversing. It integrates 7 infrared LEDs for assisting the camera during nighttime. Moreover, its high resolution 420 TV lines deliver detailed image quality.


  • 12 months replacement warranty
  • Mounts anywhere on the car’s rear
  • Obstruction-free image quality
  • 30-day money back assurance


  • Interferes with AM radio clarity

Kiss the Bye-Bye Syndrome or reversing accidents a good-bye by using the Esky EC135-05. This is the backup camera model that lets you have the best view of whatever lies behind your car. As such, you can reverse or pack safely, smoothly.


A good quality car rear view camera is not a decorative accessory. Like an airbag is to the seat belt, so is a backup camera to your car’s mirrors. It is a significant device for safety as you drive in reverse. You get to park like a professional. To cut nearly any risk of being a fender-bender or something worse, any of the above car rear view camera model is a reliable option.

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