Top 10 Best Car DVD Players in 2019 Reviews

A car DVD player can make a long, boring ride into a fun-filled, exciting one. The biggest challenge is how to get the best car DVD players that will meet your specific requirements. Most DVD players don’t need any professional knowledge to install giving you the freedom to order them online and by following a few guidelines, get it to work.

Types of Car DVD Players

There are different types of car DVD players. Each type offers unique features to the user. By knowing the type that suits your requirements, you can make a more informed choice. The different types are:

a)Headrest DVD Player– These DVD players are fixed in the driver’s and the passenger’s headrests. These DVD players are best suited for children as it comes with dual screen configuration that allows each of them to watch something different.

b)In-Dash DVD Players- These DVD players hook to your car’s dashboard. It may be not the perfect spot to watch a movie but its ability to double up as GPS navigation guide, and Rear Camera Display makes it a popular choice. You also connect it to your car’s audio system. There are two options to choose from in in-dash players, the single DIN, and the Double DIN. Double DIN has bigger dimension than the single DIN. Before ordering this type of player, check your dashboard’s dimensions to make sure it fits.

c)Flip-Down DVD player- This model is attached to the roof of the car in a position that gives the passengers a good viewing angle. The biggest consideration is how the player will be appended to the roof of the vehicle.

What are the Important Features When Buying a Car DVD player?

i)Compatible Formats- You should check the formats that the DVD player supports. The best DVD drives can support DVD-RW, DVD-R, CD, CD-RW, and CD-R. Most players have USB ports and can support other video formats such AVI, MP4, MKV and other video formats alongside other audio formats. The higher the number of video formats the player supports the better.

ii)Screen- DVD player screens comes in different sizes and resolutions. Get a DVD player with a screen size that is large enough to be seen from the passenger seats but small enough to fit into the dashboard without causing obstruction. A screen a high resolution will give you vivid pictures that are clear even for your passengers.

iii)Touch screens Controls– Most in-dash car DVD players feature a touch screen capability that allows tweaking the different parameters more quickly hence you spend less time on the DVD player and more time on the road. A touch screen gives you a smooth look and adds more elegance and luxury to your car.

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iv)Android and Apple OS compatible-The new models of car DVD players comes with the capability of connecting them with your mobile devices. You can then play your favorite videos and songs straight from your handheld device. This ensures that you can focus your eyes on the road rather than scroll through music in your handheld device. You can let the person on the front passage seat take care of the movies or music, or you take care of the music before starting the journey.

v)Remote Control-Remote control gives the passengers take control of the DVD player even if they are seated at the back. The driver can, therefore, focus on driving while the passengers change the songs and movies on the player.

iv)GPS and Rear Camera View– You can use the car’s DVD player display for navigation. This can be handy especially if you are going to a new place. The rear view camera, when hooked to the DVD player, prevents nasty accidents caused by blind spots.

v)Multi-Zone Audio- Some DVD players have multi-zone audio which gives you the ability to play different movies at the same time and even hook gaming consoles to the player. This is a great option if you have children with different interests.

The Best Car DVD Players in 2019

Choosing the best car DVD player is never an easy task that is why we spent weeks going through the thousands of options available in the market. We have put every effort possible to do extensive research for each and every product and give you an unbiased review. Our Top 10 Best Car DVD Players in 2019 Reviews are:

10.Pyle PLDN63BT Double DIN Bluetooth 6.5-Inch Touch-Screen CD/DVD Player

Pyle is one of the most famous car DVD players in the market due to their great functionality and quality. The player has a built-in CD/DVD player and a 6.5 screen that allows you to enjoy all your favorite movies and music. Receive calls while cruising while still keeping your hands on the wheel as the player has a built Bluetooth connectivity. You can also pair the player with your smartphone to play multimedia files on the handheld device.


i)Intuitive touchscreen display that allows you to navigate through the menu easily.

ii)The player is affordable and easy to install.


i)Lacks advanced options such as rear camera connectivity and GPS navigation.

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9.Kenwood DDX773BH 6.95″ In Dash Touchscreen DVD CD Receiver with Built-in Bluetooth

Kenwood In-Dash DVD player makes it to our top 10 list dues to its ingenious design that features a motorized tilt-angle touchscreen display that gives you the ability to change the viewing position for maximum comfort. The buttons have different color illumination. The player has Bluetooth connectivity for use with smartphones, streaming applications, and for hands-free calls. The equalizer has 13 bands with digital alignment and a bass boost capability.


i)The player has many expandability options such as SiriusXM satellite radio and rear-view camera input

ii)The menu easy to navigate.

iii)Ease of installation.


i)The player does not come with a remote control.

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8.XTRONS® Black 2X Twin Car headrest DVD player 9″ HD Touch Screen with FM Game Disc Mp3 IR Headphones

XTRONS® Black 2X Twin Car headrest DVD player is undeniably one of the best car DVD players you can find, but that is if you the right amount of money to spend. It features a 9-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. The SD card slot gives an added source for your movies and favorite music. The DVD player can be connected with IR devices such as headphones. It also has an FM transmitter which adds to the functionality of the DVD player.

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i)The DVD player can be fixed on the headrest so that the passengers can enjoy movies and videos throughout the journey.

ii)Supports most video and audio formats.

iii)Has IR and an FM transmitter.


i)Has a low screen resolution.

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7.Planet Audio P9640B Double-Din 6.2 inch Touchscreen DVD Player

Planet Audio is a great video player to consider and comes with a 6.2-inch display. You can watch movies and listen to your favorite music on the CD/DVD player, FM/AM radio, USB ports, SD slot or even an MP3 player. Using Bluetooth technology, you can stream your favorite music from music apps such as Spotify and Pandora and even make hands-free calls. It has a built-in EQ that gives you control on different sound styles. The screen is touch-enabled, and you can make the necessary adjustments using the steering wheel controls and included remote control.


i)The player is affordable and easy to install.

ii)The player comes with built-in preset Equalizer.

iii)The screen is large enough to view movies but small enough to fit most dashboards.


i)Most people find it hard to navigate through the player’s menu.

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6.Ezonetronics 7-inch in Dash Double DIN Car Player Car Stereo Touch Screen with Bluetooth USB Sd Mp3 Radio for Universal CW9301

Ezonetronics 7-inch in Dash Double DIN Car DVD player is one of the best car DVD players in the market, and its biggest asset is its ability to support 1080P HD movies and videos. It has a 2.0 USB port and a TF card slot. It supports most of the audio and video formats including VOB which is common on most DVDs. The total power output is 45 x4 watts output which is enough to give you a show throughout the journey. It has a rearview camera support and AV input.


i)Has built-in Bluetooth function which makes usable with smartphones.

ii)Full HD support for crystal clear videos.

iii)High power output.


i)Lacks navigation capability.

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5.Jensen VX7022 2 DIN Multimedia Receiver, 6.2″ Touch Screen with Bluetooth, SiriusXM

Jensen Multimedia Receiver is an entry level DVD player that is both simple and affordable. The system has a built-in Bluetooth that allows hands-free usage to access music, phonebook, music streaming and make calls. The head unit is   MHL ready to enable you to mirror your smartphone screen. Additionally, this player has a built-in navigation system to guide you when visiting new places.


i)The DVD player comes with a navigation system.

ii)You can change the head unit’s background and UI colors to match your car’s interior.

iii)Gives you screen mirroring capability.


i)The screen size is a bit small.

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4.Car Stereo, XO Vision 6.2 inch Wireless Bluetooth Multimedia DVD Receiver MP3 Compatible with FM/AM [ XOD1752BT ]

On the fourth position is the XO Vision 6.2 inch Wireless Bluetooth Multimedia DVD Receiver that has an intuitive interface which makes simple and more fun to watch your favorite movies. You can also listen to your favorite AM/FM stations with absolute clarity. The AUX inputs make it possible to listen to music stored on your portable devices. You can also connect your smartphones to the player using Bluetooth connectivity.

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i)The player has an intuitive control that makes it easy to navigate.

ii)It is affordable.

iii)Supports most of the video and audio formats.


i)Needs a professional to install which translates to additional costs.

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3.Philips PD9012/37 9-Inch LCD Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

Philips Dual Screen Portable DVD Player is a great addition to your car. It comes with two 9-inch TFT LCD screen that lets you enjoy your favorite movies, music and even photos. The DVD has inbuilt stereo speakers and a headphone jack for a stress-free entertainment anywhere. The player comes with a DC adaptor that is plugged into the cigarette charger. It is compatible with most CD/DVD formats on the market. You get mounting straps with every purchase you get mounting straps that allow you to fix the player on the headrest for the rest of the family to get a share of the fun.


i)The DVD player is portable and easy to fix on the headrest.

ii)It supports different DVD/CD formats in the market and has a big screen size.

iii)Easy to install and operate.


i)Being portable, they are prone to falls.

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2.PIONEER AVH-X5800BHS 7″ DVD Receiver Motor Bluetooth

Second on our list is the PIONEER AVH-X5800BHS car DVD player. It ranks this high due to its powerful, intuitive and responsive user interface. The touchscreen is brighter and has more vibrant colors. You can connect your smartphones using either a USB or lightning cable that comes with the phones. You can make calls hands-free and even stream your favorite music with much ease. Set a screen saver and change the unit’s illumination to match your car’s interior lighting.


i)MIXTRAX gives you a continuous music playback throughout the journey.

ii)High-quality video and audio output.

iii)Wireless connectivity for a hands-free call and use with smartphones.


i)The unit is a bit costly.

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1.BOSS AUDIO BV9976B Single-DIN 7 inch Motorized Touchscreen DVD Player Receiver, Bluetooth, Wireless Remote

With a power rating of 85 watts x 4, BOSS AUDIO BV9976B Single-DIN 7 inch Motorized Touchscreen DVD Player comes top of our list. The player gives you a large option when it comes to inputs by supporting DVD/CD/USB/SD, FM/AM, WMA and even playing audio music straight from your smartphone. The player supports a rear camera, AV input and has steering wheel controls. You can stream audio music from applications such as Pandora and Spotify.


i)The player has steering wheels and remote controls for hands-free control.

ii)It is easy to install, and you don’t need prior experience.

iii)Many input and output options such as AUX and AV.


i)The player does not have any screensaver and user interface is a bit challenging to navigate.

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It does no matter if you go for a simple DVD player or a complex unit as long as you get the perfect experience and convenience that you need from a DVD player. By buying any of the above best car DVD players, I can promise that your experience will never be the same again and you will never afford to lack one.

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