Top 10 Best Car Air Fresheners in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for the best car air fresheners? Well, you are at the right place as we have been faced with a similar dilemma. It is a fact that over time, odors build up in a car which left unchecked can be unpleasant. To get rid of the odor and keep things fresh you can use a car air freshener. Car air fresheners are designed to maintain the vehicle’s interior smelling nicely at all times.

Car air fresheners are available in different forms and shapes, each having its mode of operation. You should be able to distinguish so that you can know which one best works for you. To break things down look at the classification of car air fresheners as outlined in the buyer’s guide below.

Car Air Freshener Buyer’s Guide

Car air fresheners can be grouped into the following categories:

a)Little Trees

Little Trees is the simplest and most common air freshener in the market. They are made of thick paper cut out as little trees—sometimes comes in different shapes. The fresheners are available in various flavors and scents. When the fresher is exposed to air, the scent is released. Little Trees are effective for at most 2 months. These air fresheners are often readily available and are inexpensive. They usually come in packs of three.


Deodorizers work by chemically combining with scent-producing molecules in the air after which they release scents to keep your car fresh. You will know the deodorizer is exhausted when it cannot remove bad smells.


Spray car air fresheners are ideal for people who don’t want to have a lingering freshener’s scent throughout the day. You may only want to freshen things up when the car has been locked for a long time. Febreze is one of the known brands in sprays. Any spray that you use for your house can be conceivably used to freshen your car. Some sprays are specifically designed to work in cars.

d)Ionic Air Purifiers

Ionic Air Purifiers use electricity to get rid of bad smell and dust particles. They negatively ionize the air around it, and positive charges found in the air get attracted to it. When the two charges come together, they cancel each outer out. They get their power through the car’s 12V receptacle. These device purifier air but does not produce any scent or perfume.

e)Air Vent Clip-On

These air fresheners easily clip to the car’s air vent releasing fragrance as air passes over it. They are simple yet effective. They are usually filled with liquid perfume which is volatile and readily mixes with air. Their durability depends on the frequency and speed at which air flows through the vents. Being volatile, they get depleted fast when exposed to warm air.

f)Charcoal Air Purifiers

Charcoal air purifiers are available in funny but cute shapes and sizes. The science behind charcoal air purifiers is pretty simple; they utilize porous bag with charcoal of any woody material such as bamboo and coconut. Carbon is a major component of charcoal and when activated, has air freshening effect. When air passes through carbon’s microscopic crevices, only small molecules are allowed through while large molecules—often dust and unpleasant odor—are filtered. Charcoal air purifiers are environmentally friendly and are reusable

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To get the best car air fresheners, we considered the mode of operation of each freshener, its effectiveness, life span, ease of use and its price. We looked at each product in detail listing its strengths and weakness. Here are the Top 10 Best Car Air Fresheners in 2019 Reviews:

10.Citrus Magic Solid Air Freshener, Fresh Citrus

Citrus Magic Solid Air Freshener is a compact 8-ounce circular solid that freshens a car for up to six weeks. The solid works by absorbing odors instead of just masking them with a strong fragrance. The citrus smell is mild and brings a relaxing feeling to a car or even a room. It is versatile as it can be deployed in basements, pet areas, and playrooms. It comes in a pack of six hence can be used in back and front of a car for better results.


i)Their scent is mild and lasts for up to six weeks

ii)The air freshener is compact hence occupies the least space

iii)It is versatile and can be used in the house


i)It is a bit expensive, but this owes that they last for long and comes in packs of six

Best Car Air Fresheners

9.Chemical Guys AIR10116 New Car Smell Premium Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator

Do you remember the scent that greets you the first time you opened your new car? If you miss it, then you can bring back the memories by using Chemical Guys AIR10116 New Car Smell air freshener. The spray is designed to mimic the smell of a new car. You can use the spray as is or you can dilute it to lower the intensity. The spray uses enzymatic action to eliminate odor and minimize its re-occurrence. It is recommended that you spray it under car seats, carpets, trunk and it can be used in conjunction with AC flushing agents.


i)It is concentrated hence it is effective for long

ii)It is simple to use as it comes in a hand spray

iii)Can be used on large vehicles effectively


i)It is overpowering when used in large quantities while concentrated. It is recommended that you use it sparingly or dilute before use.

Best Car Air Fresheners

8.EXTRA-O Car Air Purifier Ionizer with Home 12V Adapter

EXTRA-O Car Air gives a more modern look and feel. The science behind this air purifier is ionization of air which leads to the production of ozone. Ozone is best known to protect the Earth from harmful ultra-violet rays, but it also has deodorizing and disinfecting properties. The gadget plugs directly into your car’s 12V receptacle to draw electricity. Ozone is positively charged and when it comes in contact with positively charged molecules in air—including bad odor—it neutralizes them. It is a great alternative for people who don’t like oppressive smell of strongly scented chemical-based air fresheners.


i)There air purifier does not produce any noticeable odor

ii)The purifier eliminates bacteria, viruses, along with odors.

iii)The purifier has a long span


i)The coverage area may be small for large capacity vehicles

ii)It needs electric power to work

Best Car Air Fresheners

7.Febreze Car Vent-Clip Air Fresheners

Febreze Air Fresheners easily clips onto your car’s vent louvers to release a pleasant scent as air passes over it. They are durable and is very popular owing to the fact that they are fairly inexpensive. The scent of the air freshener can be simply put as “linen and sky.” This scent is pleasing and mild, unlike others that are overpowering. During the review, I found out that some people had issues concerning effectiveness on some car events. You have to check the thickness of the vent louvers if they fit. The life span of air freshener can be shorter than the advertised if there is heavy usage of the AC system. It comes in packs of four, and it will be a while before you order another pack.

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i)They come in an inexpensive pack of 4 hence very economical

ii)The freshener is easy to use

iii)The scent is mild and pleasant


i)Heavy usage of AC reduces the life span of the air freshener.

Best Car Air Fresheners

6.M GOODEES Car And Home Purifier And Ionizer

M GOODNESS is another ionic air purifier that is designed to remove weed and cigarette smell, bacteria, dust, pet smell, and other unpleasant odors. It uses ionization to disinfect the air inside the car hence keeping it odorless and fresh. The ionizer has a LED indicator to lets you know if it on and operating optimally.


i)It is odorless hence ideal for people who don’t like strong fragrances

ii)It does not get depleted and continues to work as long as it connects to power

iii)The LED indicator allows you to know if it working


i)It needs electricity to operate

Best Car Air Fresheners

5.Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray Air Freshener

Air Wick Freshmatic Air Freshener releases bursts of fragrance automatically so that you get a fresh scent in your car. The freshener has a three-level intensity setting which gives you control on the amount of fragrance that can be released at a go. The spray which has a blend of chamomile and lavender actively neutralizes odors and fragrances your car. The spray is easy to use, and you don’t need a manual for it. When the lowest intensity is set, the spray lasts for 60 days and has a choice of being refilled.


i)They are very economical since it can be refilled by a dispenser

ii)It is automatic, and you have the option of changing the intensity of fragrance

iii) The life span of the spray is long


i)It is not specifically designed for cars, and you have to get a holder to keep it in place

Best Car Air Fresheners

4.Little Trees Black Ice Air Fresheners

Little Trees has been around as long as I can remember. It is iconic, and it has become a household name when it comes to car air fresheners.  Black Ice Air Freshener is just one brand of the many produced by the company. Black Ice scent stands out for me as it is mild and just enough to keep the car fresh, unlike the fruity scents. I picked the 24 count pack as it is enough to see you through the year although packaging options are available. They are perfect for cars, but you can use them to freshen things up at home. Little Trees Black Ice is the cheapest car air freshener in this list per item.


i)Scent is mild and masculine

ii)The scent remains for a long time

iii)It is the simplest air freshener to install and use.

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i)You have no control on the intensity of scent

Best Car Air Fresheners

3.Air Spencer CS-X3 Squash Scent Air Freshener

Air Spencer Air Freshener features a stylish design that makes it a great addition to any car’s dashboard. It is one of the most popular car air fresheners due to its double action capability—it absorbs bad smelling molecules and releases a great smelling scent. The product is pretty easy to use as you just have open the top lid and insert a scent refill. The scent is mild and pleasant—I can’t describe the smell but it something in-between a bubble gum scent and some wild fruit.


i)The air freshener is simple to use and load refills

ii) Since you only need refills, it becomes cheap in the long run

iii)Has a great design and can be placed anywhere in the car


i) The scent is too sweet and may feel overpowering for some people

Best Car Air Fresheners

2.Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag uses charcoal to keep your car fresh, dry and odor-free. The charcoal used in the air purifier is obtained from Moso bamboo charcoal. Apart from purifying air, these air freshener also absorbs moisture thus preventing bacteria and mildew from forming. The bag is made of stitched linen which can be placed on any surface. The Moso bag is made of 100 percent natural ingredients hence is fragrance-free and non-toxic. It has a long lifespan of over 1 year, but you have to rejuvenate it once a month by exposing it to the sun for at least one hour. This is the best environmentally friendly car air freshener.


i)The air freshener is made of natural ingredients which are environmentally friendly.

ii)It is very affordable

iii)Small and portable hence can be placed anywhere in the car


i)You need multiple bags for it to be effective but since they are cheap you can get a few pieces.

Best Car Air Fresheners

1.Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator

Ozium is a gel-based car air freshener that eliminates bad odor and smoke. The working principle of Ozium is as it was described for a deodorizer above. The gel combines with smell causing molecules in the air through a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction causes a sweet to be released. They don’t just mask the bad smell but get rids of it. Unlike spray car air fresheners, gel-based air fresheners tend to linger for longer. Ozium gives control on the level of scent you want which impacts on the longevity of the air freshener. The fact that it can eliminate smoke is a plus for the freshener.


i)The gel absorbs bad odor and releases a pleasant scent

ii)You have control over the intensity of the scent

iii)The gel does not melt in a hot car and lasts for longer


i)The freshener does not stick to the car, and you may need to get a sticker to keep it in place

Best Car Air Fresheners

Car air fresheners are great accessories for our vehicles, and it is important only to buy the best. There is at least one product from each category listed in the introductory section. You spend a lot of time in the car, making it memorable!

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