Top 10 Best Canopies in 2021 Reviews

When it comes to staying out of the elements, canopy tents and screen tents can offer great protection from rain, the sun’s UV rays and more. They are great for setting up viewing stations for your children’s soccer games, adding extra protected space at the campground, and offer a great way to get out of the sun during a family reunion. Set up the barbeque, some tables, and chairs and you’ve got an instant gathering space for groups of all shapes and sizes.

Canopies are typically easy to set up, offer a variety of accessories to customize your experience and make them all your own and come with a storage bag for easy storage when not in use. A good quality canopy should offer UV protection, have a high clearance rate, and should be able to fit at least 6-8 people comfortably in chairs to get the most use out of your canopy. Great for the beach to keep little ones out of the sun, canopies all have to be light enough to haul around with you on your travels. Let’s look at the best canopies for 2021 that are available today.

Best of Best Instant Canopies & Shelter in 2021

#8 Clam Corporation 9281 Quick-Set Escape Shelter

Clam Corporation 9281 Quick-Set Escape Shelter

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Brought to you by a leading brand in the outdoor industry, this Clam Corporation quick-set canopy tent offers over 90 square feet of space to get out of the sun and keep dry during the rain. It measures 12 feet by 12 feet and has a center height of 90 inches: that’s enough for even the tallest person to stand up comfortably. The canopy itself is made of 210 denier fabric and offers up to 50+ UV sun protection. It is held down with 6 heavy duty stakes that are secured using tie down ropes. When it’s ready to be stored, the canopy folds up to less than 72” x 8” x 8” in size and comes with its own sturdy carry case. This is great for all kinds of outdoor applications and offers a lot of space for people to enjoy the outdoors comfortably.

#7 Outsunny 12’L x 12’W Mesh Portable Outdoor Screen House Shelter

Portable Outdoor Screen House Shelter

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This canopy offers total protection from the sun’s rays, and the screen house design keeps the bugs and critters at bay when you are camping or traveling with your family. Great for eating and sleeping, or just catching an afternoon rest, this canopy shelter offers a large sitting area of 12 feet by 12 feet by 7 feet wide. That’s plenty of room for an outdoor dining table and chairs for up to 8 people. It’s great for travel and has two zipper doors to let the air flow through but keep the elements out. It is made from 210 Oxford fabric and durable outdoor mesh. It comes complete with four metal stakes and offers a carry bag for easy storage and transportation.

#6 Coleman Instant Screenhouse

Coleman Instant Screenhouse

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As a leading outdoor company, Coleman offers a variety of canopy products to choose from. We like the Instant Screenhouse because it is easy to set up: it takes less than one minute to go from no tent to tent and that means you can get out of the rain or sun in no time flat. It offers lots of UV protection, keeps the bugs away, and provides two zip doors for easy entry and exit. Made from durable fabric that is easy to clean and maintain, this Coleman screen house canopy system measures 10 feet by 10 feet and is backed by a one-year limited warranty, like all Coleman products. It comes with its own carry case and is lightweight for easy portability.

#5 TuTu Outdoor Easy Up Canopy Tent

TuTu Outdoor Easy Up Canopy Tent with Sand Bags

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This easy to assemble and lightweight canopy tent is great for the beach, the picnic park, soccer field, and so much more. It goes up in seconds and comes with sandbags that help to keep the tent from moving in high winds. It provides 16 feet by 16 feet of coverage with its well-made tarp and provides sun protection and water resistance for up to 4-6 people. It is made from durable 210 polyester and offers 99% UV protection. It comes with steel stakes for securing it to the ground and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes so you can get to the fun faster. It weighs only 6 pounds and measures only 23 inches by 5 inches by 3 inches when folded for storage making it easy to throw in the car or truck and hit the road knowing you’ll be protected from the elements.

#4 Coleman 10 x 10 ft. Swingwall Instant Canopy

Coleman 10 x 10 ft. Swingwall Instant Canopy

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Another great canopy option from Coleman is this swingwall style canopy. Different than a screen house, this tent is great for outdoor events such as bake sales, soccer games, water stations, and first aid stations at public events. This canopy is made from high-quality materials and is backed by Coleman’s one-year limited warranty. It offers up to 100 square feet of space for up to 6-8 people sitting in chairs. That’s a lot of room to get out of the sun or stay out of the rain. It’s a great canopy tent for storing equipment, and the swingwall offers even more coverage when the crowds get bigger, or you need a little extra room for storage. What’s more, the swingwall will help you stand out from other canopies if you are selling items at a flea market or want to extend your camping space beyond the trailer or traditional tent.

#3 E-Z UP Vista Pop-Up Canopy

E-Z UP Vista Pop-Up Canopy

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With a name like E-Z UP, you know this has got to be a good canopy shelter. Measuring 12 feet by 12 feet, this large canopy is made from high-quality fabric that offers 99% UV protection and is fire rated, making it safe and durable. It has a powder-coated steel frame for durability and reliability and assembles in minutes. It offers a high cathedral type design so you can take advantage of the vertical space for storage or enjoy the game from the sidelines while standing up straight. A great design and easy to use features make this a great canopy for any outdoor needs.

#2 Wenzel Smartshade Canopy

Wenzel Smartshade Canopy

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This pop-up style canopy by Wenzel offers 100 square feet of space to get away from it all and relax. It’s perfect for outdoor uses of any kind including camping, hunting, sports, and even to add some shelter to your patio deck at home. It goes up in minutes and is made from a durable steel frame that can easily be torn down with easy-release buttons. It has deck feet for securing it to your patio so that it won’t blow away in the wind and is made from 201 polyester fabric that is both waterproof and UV protectant. This canopy also offers a mesh storage center that can be removed when you don’t need it. It provides lots of space and functionality in a an easy to transport package.

#1 Ohuhu New Pop-Up Instant Shelter Canopy Tent

Ohuhu New Pop-Up Instant Shelter Canopy Tent

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With full UV protection, the Ohuhu pop-up instant shelter offers style and functionality in a lightweight package. Measuring 10 feet by 10 feet and offer 100 square feet of usable space, this canopy system is fully adjustable to three different heights which can go as high as 12 feet. It offers easy-up technology that requires only a few minutes to go from unassembled to fully assembled and is more from 320 waterproof Oxford fabric that is durable and fire resistant. Once you decide to take it down, you can wheel it around for easy storage in the provided storage bag that comes complete with wheels and a heavy-duty zipper to keep the product safe and sound until you need it again. It measures a bit bigger than some of the other canopies in this review, coming in at 65 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches, but what it lacks in discrete size it makes up for in effective protection against the elements.

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Choosing the right canopy for your outdoor needs can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for: you want a canopy that offers at least 100 square feet of usable protection area. It must offer UV protection and be at least water resistant. You should know that water resistant and waterproof are not the same thing, so if you pick up a water-resistant canopy, you could get wet during larger rain episodes. Make sure your canopy has a fire resistance rating and is easy to put together, disassemble and can be stored easily. If you travel alone or won’t have a lot of help to assemble your canopy, you’ll want something that can pop-up, so you don’t have to fiddle with it in the rain or elements.

For its ability to check all the boxes in our must-haves, we like the Ohuhu pop-up instant shelter. It offers tons of square footage, and is adjustable vertically, which is a nice feature to have when you have little ones following you around who might want a cozier feeling to their canopy experience, or if you have taller people joining your party, they will appreciate that they can stand up straight in your canopy. Canopies are a great way to make the most of your outdoor lifestyle so be sure to pick one up today.