Top 10 Best Canister Filters Reviews In 2019

Canister filters help us filter the aquarium water and remove all the dirt and debris that build up over time. They are a must-have for homes with aquariums if you’re to support a healthy aquarium life. When choosing the best canister filters, the most important consideration is the amount of water it pumps per minute. Choosing the ideal canister filter can sometimes present a challenge with the market flooded with different models.

In this post, we want to help you choose the best filters by reviewing only the top models. Make sure you read our canister filter reviews below before selecting a filter that best suits your needs.

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Table of the Best Canister Filters Reviews

10. Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium

Canister Filters

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This is one of the leading canister filter brands on the market with positive reviews and recommendations online. It is a quality choice with excellent features. The canister features a quick push-button self-primer for easy use.  The valves rotate independently at 360 degrees helping in excellent water filtration.  It also features a waterproof base and a sturdy tip for optimum performances.  The flow rate can easily be adjusted through the cut-off valves.


  • Easy flow-rate adjustment through cut-off valves
  • Easy push-button self-primer
  • Waterproof base
  • Sturdy tip

3. Polar Aurora External Aquarium Filter with Built-in Pump Kit Canister

Polar Aurora 3-Stage External Aquarium Filter 265gph with Builtin Pump Kit Canister

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The Polar Aurora canister filter is a good option fish tanks up to 75 gallons. The canister filter features a 264 GPH flow rate and a pump power of 18 watts.  There are three media trays that can handle any choice of filtration media. A further adjustable spray bar helps you control the output flow from the filter. It also features a self-priming pump and a single valve disconnect for easy routine maintenance. You can easily add more media due to the flexible trays. Overall, this filter is an excellent choice for chemical, mechanical and biological filtration.


  • A self-priming pump
  • Three media trays to handle all filtration media
  • Good for fish tanks up to 75 gallons
  • Ease routine maintenance

2. SunSun HW-303B 4-Stage External Canister Aquarium Filter

SunSun HW-303B 4-Stage External Canister Aquarium Filter

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This is a top-notch canister filter for aquariums and one that uses high-pressure water from a pump to filter water through a dense media. There are three media trays capable of handling all forms of media. A further 9 watt UV sterilizer helps kill algae and prevent its growth.  The spray bar is adjustable helping you control the flow rate of the output from the filter. The pump operates quietly delivering efficient filtration in salty and freshwater tanks. It also features self-priming pump eliminating the need for manual syphoning.


  • Convenient self-priming pump
  • Three flexible media trays
  • Adjustable spray bar
  • Quiet and efficient operations

1. Marineland Multi-Stage Canister Filter for Aquariums

MarineLand Multi-Stage Canister Filter for Aquarium

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The Marineland multi-stage canister filter is our final selection and one you ought to buy this year. It is a quality pick to pick the aquarium water clean and bacteria free. It features a certified water flow of 530 GPH which is ideal for most fish tanks. This filter is a perfect choice for aquariums with a water capacity of up to 150 gallons. It features a three-stage filtration process for maximum removal of debris, dirt, discolouration, and odours. There are virtually no bypasses through the media trays when filtrating.


  • Three stage filtration process
  • 530 GPH flow rate speed
  • Ideal for aquariums up to 150 gallons


These are the best canister filters so far on the market with excellent features to keep your aquarium clean and odour free. The canister filters are highly rated and proven to work. They are a great buy and best-placed to offer you good value for money.

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