Top 10 Best Buy Cell Phone Accessories

Mobile phones are nowadays one of the important necessities that a lot of people cannot do without. For example, smart phones have lots of apps such as alarm, calculator, games app, browsers and many other great apps that can improve life of an individual. Best phones are equipped with excellent screen protectors that keep the devices screen resist any damage when dropped, and also offer resistance to scratches and damages to the device screen. Here we have listed you the best and most well known cell phone accessories that are most effective and available to consumers.

1. Samsung 32GB EVO Class 10 Micro SDHC:

This mobile accessory offers full HD video playback and recording and, it also features high resolution images. The Samsung 32GB EVO Class 10 Micro SDHC is temperature proof, waterproof, X-ray proof and magnet proof. This SDHC card also enables a transfer speed of up to 48 mbps and arrives with a standard size Memory card adapter.

Samsung 32GB EVO Class 10 Micro SDHC

2. iClever Boost Cube:

The iClever Boost Cube easily interacts with both Apple and Android devices. The foldable pointed part can be covered in the cube case when one wants to travel. It features a SmartID technology that acknowledges the device type for fast and efficient charging. This small charger can charge two phones and tablets at once with the innovatively designed BoostCube.

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iClever Boost Cube

3. Apple Ear Pods with Remote and Microphone:

This set features a microphone concreted into the cord system. It has a video control and audio playback that receive calls and modifies the volume using the remote. They are waterproof and resistant to sweats, and are designed to maximize sound production and reduce sound loss.

4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Air Cushion iPhone 6s Case:

This cell phone accessory provides maximum protection to your device hence enabling your device to shine each and every time. Its body is made up of hard plastic and covered by a TPU bumper that is flexible. This Air Cushion technology offers protection to the device against any occurring small drops. The case easily interacts with the iPhone 6 and its devices, and enables full protection for everyday use.

5. Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable:

The Amazon Basics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable is an Apple MiFi device that is used to connect lightning connectors majorly for Apples devices, which is then plugged to a USB port on a laptop/computer or any other port for efficient charging. The cable also offers a faster data transfer and synchronization when connected to a computer. This device is compatible with other latest Apple devices, such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPod nano seventh generation, iPod Touch fifth generation and Beats Pill.

6. iPhone 6 Screen Protector:

This device has a tempered Ballistic Glass of around 20mm to offer protection to your iPhone 6 models from scratches and any damages caused by drops. Its open edge feature is makes sure that the screen protector easily interacts with different iPhone cases. This screen protector was made in such a way that, it will not cover the whole screen of your device. iPhone 6 Screen Protector has a long life warranty.

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7. Amazon Basics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable:

This cable is similar to the one listed on top(no 5), the only difference is that this cable is shorter with three feet in length. Other cables are available in a length of four feet.

8. SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro SDHC UHS-I Card:

This device easily interacts with valuable Android tablets and cell phones. It ensures full HD video playback and video recording. The micro SD cards are shock proof, temperature proof, waterproof, X-ray proof and magnet proof. They enable a transfer speed of up to 80 mbps transfer and arrive with a standard size Memory card adapter.

9. Amp Dual USB Car Charger:

This car charger is plugged directly into all standard auto lighter ports; it easily interacts with Fire phones, Apple phones and Android devices. Amp Dual USB Car Charger can charge two cell phones at once with a power of 20watt. It has small sized LED lights; these lights are tinier to counter any driver distraction.

10. iOttie Easy One Touch Two Car Mount Holder:

This device features a gel pad that sticks to many surfaces, but never leaves back any residue. The gel pads is reestablished to its best condition by cleaning the air pad using warm water, and then followed by drying the pad. The iOttie Easy One Touch Two Car Mount Holder has a telescopic two inch arm extends that is capable of being adjusted and enables you to access the phone screen when driving. This cell phone accessory works efficiently with the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. The iOttie easily interacts with Android devices.

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