Top 10 Best Bumbo and Floor Seats for Baby in 2021 Reviews

Babies are definitely a blessing and a dream come true. However, there comes to responsibility and parenting. What could the struggles be, nobody knows better than moms and dads out there. For future parents, you do not need to worry because we have figured all the possible answers for you.

List of Top 10 Best Bumbo and Floor Seats for Baby in 2021 Reviews

Starting with an essential thing, it’s the bumbo and floor seats for baby. Below, you’ll see the top 10 best bumbo and floor seats that we carefully arranged for you.

10. Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat

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Ingenuity baby base 2-in-1 seat functions as floor seat and booster seat. As a floor seat, it helps your child to sit on her own, and as a booster seat, it helps to raise your child’s seat at the dining table, which allows more engagements within the family. What’s more, the seat also comes with a small tray that is provided with its own storage under the seat. On the tray, there is a cup holder slot to secure the cup in place or to hold snacks that your kids can play with for a peaceful mealtime.

The seat is suitable for kids whose age between 4 months to 4 years old. As the kid grows, the foam can be removed to make room for a bigger child. For added safety, two sets of straps are provided- one to hold the baby in place, and another set to attach the seat to the chair. With such neat design, mealtime will not be as hectic as you expected.

9. Bumbo Floor Seat

Bumbo Floor Seat

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The Bumbo Floor Seat is a go-to option for many families as it is a primary seat that supports the baby to sit in upright position, and building a good posture from a young age is important. The seat is fit for infants 3-9 months of age and can be used as soon as they can keep their heads lift up by themselves. Colorfully, the seat comes in 10 fabulous color options- aqua, blue, lime green, magenta, mint, pink, taupe, violet, gray, and duck egg.

To keep your child safe, a restraint belt is provided to protect them from falling forward, and it is not recommended to use the Bumbo floor seat on an elevated surface. Adding more fun, you may also purchase the Bumbo Play Tray along with the seat, which allows you to finish your work while your baby is playing on their owns.

8. Bumbo Toddler Booster Seat

Bumbo Toddler Booster Seat

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This Bumbo Toddler Booster Seat is specially designed for toddlers with unique contours to support their shapes. The seat works as a booster seat allowing the child be able to sit at the table directly on adult’s chair comfortably. With adjustable straps, it can be attached fitly to almost all four-legged chairs of any structure and width. To prevent your child from falling off the chair, the seat features three-point safety harness keeping the kid secured throughout the time.

Additionally, the seat can be cleaned easily with the wipe and dry cloth thanks to its foam construction. Due to the low-density material, it is possible and convenient to bring the seat everywhere you and your kid go.

7. Bumbo Floor Seat Cover

Bumbo B10082 Floor Seat Cover

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This Bumbo Floor Seat Cover is a limited edition product that is made in two different colors with animal patterns- green and blue. The cover is very user-friendly and doesn’t require much strength to put on and take off the seat for cleaning purposes- either by hand or machine. It is made of breathable fabric, which allows little airflow to dry the dampness from sweat preventing inflammation and rush.

Giving the bumbo floor seat a new exciting and fun look with this bumbo floor seat cover to make the seat even more enjoyable to sit in. The baby will never throw a tantrum and refuse to use the cute-looking seat.

6. Boppy Baby Chair

Boppy Baby Chair, Elephant Walk

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The Boppy Baby Chair is a very functional seat featuring three functions- highchair, booster seat, and floor seat for baby 3-12 months old. The chair includes removable bolster for back support, and removable, BPA-free, dishwasher-friendly tray, so feeding your little baby will be a piece of cake. While being so resourceful, the chair also comes with a skid-proof bottom three-point harness and adjustable straps for the baby’s safety.

On top of that, the chair is covered by wipeable fabric, which makes cleaning a lot easier and time efficient. After use, it folds and can be tucked away or carried around with the handle effortlessly. You could save a ton of money with this multitasker.

5. Summer Infant Deluxe Super Seat

Summer Infant 3-Stage Deluxe SuperSeat

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This Summer Infant Deluxe Super Seat has three roles: support seat, activity seat, and booster seat. The soft foam insert makes the seat very comfortable to sit it and gives support for the upright sitting position. Also, the seat includes a 360-degree rotating tray, as well as, 6 adorable toys on the removable toy bar creating various playful activities to entertain the baby. And, there are two cups holders on the detachable snack tray leaving plenty of room to hold food.

Aside from entertaining features, 3-point harness to tuck the baby in and adjustable straps to attach to the chair also come along with the seat. This is a true 3-in-1 seat consisting of everything parenting would need at this early stage.

4. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Fisher-Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat

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This sit-me-up seat is one cute looking baby seat with beautiful objectives behind the design. The seat comes in two color/animal options: frog and monkey. There are two toys: butterfly with soft wings and a flower teether, attaching to the seat. The toys attract the baby’s attention to sit up, encourage activities engagement, and develop baby’s curiosity.

This soft fabric seat also includes the seat pad that can be removed and machine-washed. Plus, it’s compact and portable perfect for on the go, and storage.

3. Bumbo Floor Seat Tray

Bumbo Floor Seat Tray

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In addition to just Bumbo floor seat, a tray is included in this model, and it is removable. The seat is pure foam construction, which takes less effort to clean and maintain; you will only need the clean wipe and dry cloth. The design is suitable for both sex, girls, and boys. And, it supports the maximum weight of 22 pounds. The 3-point harness safety is also included for the child’s safety.

The tray helps to keep things organized during mealtime and prevent spills on the floor causing fewer troubles and works.

2. Bumbo Floor Seat and Play Tray Set

Bumbo Floor Seat and Play Tray Set - Floor Seats

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The seat is perfect for infants above 3 months old who started learning to sit up. It gives the baby better support with the contour design and keeps your kid safe with the three-point harness. The play tray set is an ideal tray during playtime and mealtime holding food and toy close to the baby and encouraging the development of baby’s motor skill.

With this floor seat, baby learns to be more active in floor activities from playtime, mealtime, to story time, which is helpful for the baby’s future mental development when she grows up.

1. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

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This floor seat is very affordable, and super adorable at the same time. It comes in the silver platter with two flower-liked linking toys to keep the baby entertained. The soft fabric seat can be removed to clean by machine wash. Plus, the seat is very easy to assemble which can be used as soon as the package arrived.

With such a colorful floor seat, it will help to brighten up and create beautiful memories for the baby, as well as, the family.


All in all, the seats are good in their own ways with slightly different features from each other. It totally depends on what you are looking for, and what features would answer best to your needs. After going through the list, you should be able to see through all the differences and find your little one the right floor seat. Grab one right now to make your parenting life easier.