Top 10 Best Brooms of 2022 – Reviews

Although most of you would agree that you shouldn’t necessarily spend an awful lot of time searching for a new broom, you should at least take the time to see what the market has in store before making a purchase.

When it comes to buying a broom, one must always remember that a broom is supposed to last you quite a bit no matter how often or intensely you plan on using it.

For this reason, you want a broom that is built to last, one that will handle day-to-day usage without showing any signs of damage in the long run. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best brooms money can buy.

Best Brooms of 2022

10OXO Good Grip Any-Angle Broom

MetalOxo makes our list with a highly practical broom designed to deliver top-notch performance in any conditions. It is very ergonomic as well and can easily be maneuvered into places that are hard to reach, including far-reaching ceiling corners. The handle is soft and comfortable to grip whereas the all-angle functionality of this broom makes it one of the best choices out there at this point in time.

9Rubbermaid FG637400BLA Lobby Broom

soft edge technology

MetalThis premier broom from Rubbermaid stands out through its highly ergonomic construction, one that recommends it for any type of job. It isn’t just suitable for household usage either, much thanks to its flexible yet very sturdy design. A sturdy polypropylene with flagged bristles traps makes it a very efficient cleaner. Interestingly enough, this broom can be used on both dry and wet floors as it is stain and odor resistant.

8Libman Precision Angle Broom


MetalThis broom from Libman with its attractive color theme looks as well as it cleans and would make for an excellent addition to your household tool set. The broom features a steel handle, a hanger hole, and a one-piece resin block. The surface of the broom sweeps out an impressive 11 inches, which makes for fast and thorough cleaning. It is also extremely lightweight and very compact, making it ideal for daily usage.

7O-Cedar Outdoor Angler Broom

broom head

MetalWhen it comes to eco-friendly products, this broom is sure to occupy a place in every list out there. No less than 80% of the broom is made out of recycled bottles, which makes it environmentally-friendly to an impressive standard. At the same time, its metal handle has a sleek black finish which is also very easy to grip and use. The bristles of the broom themselves are robust and stiff and do a superb job of dealing with wet and heavy debris.

6OXO Upright Sweep-Set

soft edge technology

MetalThis sweep set includes a broom and a dustpan, which can be stored together as the broom can be attached with the dustpan for easy and space-effective storage. The dustpan has teeth combs which easily pick up dirt and dust from the bristles of the broom. The broom itself features soft and top quality bristles which work very well in absorbing dust and dirt while cleaning up dirt of any texture or thickness.

5Carlisle 36141503 Dustpan & Broom Combo


MetalThis broom and dustpan set from Carlisle is sure to meet all your expectations and then some. The broom head is 12 inches wide and the handle is 30 inches long, which makes it ideal for both cleaning and space-efficient storage. Furthermore, the dustpan has a storage lock which allows you to store the dust and debris in the dustpan before you dispose of it in the bin, a construction that recommends it for any cleaning related job.

4Black & Decker 261019 Broom

broom head

MetalThis angled broom from Black & Decker not only makes our list of best brooms but also scores top marks in almost every aspect. The design of this broom is extremely ergonomic and convenient and lets you reach into the tightest and smallest of places. The bristles and the handle both are exceptionally well-made and provide very efficient cleaning. The handle also has a rubber bumper in the middle which makes it very easy to grip and move around. This broom is ideal for all sorts of settings, be it your home, office or outdoors.

3Angler Broom with Dust Pan

soft edge technology

MetalAngler makes it way into our list once more with another absolute delight of a broom set. This one is also mostly made out of recycled plastic bottles and is one of the most eco-friendly choices of brooms out there.

This broom features a soft edge technology which can protect your furniture or other personal belongings from bumping while you sweep about. It also utilizes a Fare-tip technology in the bristles which allows it to quickly capture or sweep away debris and dust with absolute ease.

2O-Cedar 24” Multi-Surface Broom


MetalThanks to its 24 inches broom head, this broom can be considered on of the largest out there, especially in this price range. This makes it a very popular choice of broom and one of the best-selling brooms out there today. Soft and reflective bristles on the outside effortlessly sweep away every speck of dust and dirt, while the broom’s inner bristles take care of bigger and heavier dust particles.

1Weiler 44008 Heavy-Duty Warehouse Broom

broom head

MetalThis heavy duty broom from Weiler is another very popular choice because of its efficacy, reliability, and durability. Constructed out of corn and fiber filled materials, this broom provides a very natural and effective response while cleaning, thus easing your effort in the process.

The natural coloring of the bristles complements the wood handle and gives it a traditional look that will definitely grow on you over time. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense broom which gets the job done efficiently, look no further than this one.

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