Top 10 Best Brands of Pens for Students in 2019 Reviews

If you are a student attending a class then you are expected to write as much and fast to keep pace with your tutor or lecturer. Most of time you are required to note down short notes on what you are taught. Therefore, you roles as a student can only be achieved to its best when you have a good pen and a book that would write well. We have prepared this list of the best brands of pens for students since we know the importance of legible handwriting.

Reasons to invest in the Best Brands of Pens for Students

As a student, you cannot just want a pen but a pen that meets your needs. These needs may be found in the features that a student believes are required in a pen to make them comfortable when writing. We have analyzed in one of the best ways a review of the top ten pen brands that would most likely catch the eye of every student who wants to write effectively and with ultimate ease.

The best brands of pens are a proven incentive to the students to be motivated and work hard to achieve their targets. In addition, the best brands are always more durable compared to other brands of pens. They may be bought by not only students themselves but also the parents this can be done in appreciation of the student, and such a great pen would motivate the student especially when they get back to class work always writing using that present from dad or mom and above all one of the best present pen.

Types of Pens for Students

There are four types of pens with each suitable for different purposes, and there is a fountain pen that is meant to be long lasting and thus loved by students who believe in the durability of the pen. The ball point pens are much more popular in most markets and are usually made to have a rounded tip that allows ink that is usually oil based to ooze steadily but smoothly onto the book or the material written on. They are in most cases popular due to their nature of being reliable and in most cases cheap. The roller pens are the next type of pens and are made to look like the ball point pens however they use the water-ink instead of the oil-based ink and thus form thin lines when writing. The last types of pens are the gel-ink pens that use sticky ink.

The Best Brands of Pens for Students

Each pen has got its pros and cons that are going to be analyzed for you in this review.

These brands have been reviewed just for you to find out how each one of them stands out from the crowd and as such you can be able to choose the best brand depending on your considerations. They include the following wonderful brands:


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10.Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens

It is a retractable push on and off ballpoint pen that offers various colors available for the student. The colors available include, blue, black, navy, blue, magentas, lime, brown plum and green with all of them writing smooth lines that are thin. For the purposes of comfort and ease of writing it has a soft grip rubber on the barrel. Ink is provided to you when it is bought thus refillable.


i)Has a clip that increases its durability and prevents the tip from wearing out as much as preventing ink from smearing out.

ii)It is available in various colors.


No free flow of ink may require one to scribble on the writing material.

Best Brands of Pens for Students

9.Pentel R.S.V.P. Ball Point Pens

This pen made specifically for those students who write more notes and therefore need a pen that is easy to use and comfortable to write notes. It is refillable and made of a transparent barrel that enables you to see the level of ink when writing using it. The pen comes with a cartridge that refillable by use of Pentel BKL10 ink refill. A stainless steel pen tip makes it easier for the student to write and at the same time increases its durability.


i)A guaranteed warranty has been offered on purchase

ii)Has a rubber grip that allows you to write for longer periods due to its comfort ability.

iii)Having been there for long, this brand has videos explaining its use on the internet.


i)Not all colors have been catered for by this brand.

Best Brands of Pens for Students

8.Daveliou Calligraphy Pen Set

There comes a time when one has to admit to the best, and maybe this is the one bets that you can give it a try and find that you absolutely bought one of the best brands of the pens in the year. It is the most durable in the market, and it comes with divergent specifications that have been custom made for the student due to various makers of items coming together to give the best for the student.

It is a pen for those students who want to begin writing. The pen is available in different sizes and various colors. 12 sets of pens are available for the student on purchase at an affordable price. The pen is available in various nibs made of iridium to enable it to resist corrosion. The pen is made of steel and its light enough for effective control that allows you to write in a smooth way. It is an easy to clean reservoir pen that comes with its ink set.


i)Offers comfort

ii)Sold by reliable dealers

iii)Money-back warranty feature is available for this product.

iv)Its aesthetic value can never be underestimated


i)Functionality aspect may not have emphasized.

Best Brands of Pens for Students

7.Cross Classic Executive Essential Limited Edition Black Lacquer

One of the best brands in this year, which comes as a ballpoint pen, a felt tip pen as well as a roller ball pen. This is a great flexibility pen that allows the student to enjoy a wide variety of specifications that actually meet their needs. In addition, it is a light pen to use and attractive to anyone that has a look at it. The decorative ring that runs across the pen makes it even more beautiful. One gets value for their money in this brand.

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i)Light and thus comfortable when in use

ii)Leaves smooth dark lines on the writing material


i)It is a bit expensive.

Best Brands of Pens for Students

6.Misprint Metal Retractable Ballpoint Pens

They are made of metal and are known for their durability. This is a brand of the pen makes use of the retractable feature and are ballpoint misprint pens. Available in a set of 25 pens that are ready for use by the student already filled. They are available in black and blue can be able to leave sharp and dark lines on the writing material. They are retractable, and a result is always durable, the tip is metallic and thus increases its durability.


i)Does not corrode easily



i)Available only in two colors as such may not be multifunctional.

Best Brands of Pens for Students

5.Staedtler Color Pen Set

This is one of the best brands of pens available today that comes in a set of assorted colors specifically of up to 30.This set has been seen to last a student even for as long a period as one full year. The pen uses the water-based ink style and uses ink that does not corrode the colored writing materials as it is uses of non-acidic ink. It has a metallic tip that leaves dark lines, and the pen itself is made in a triangular shape that offers a great writing experience to the student. Due to the pen utilizing water-based ink the pen can be left without the cap, but still, it doesn’t dry. Designers and artists can use this type of pen set as it is also designed for them. In addition to this long list of features, its making meets the ISO 554 certification standard.


i)There are many colors that would appeal to students

ii)Multifunctional aspect of the pen is an amazing feat

iii)Does not dry up when left uncapped


i)The cap may not be strong enough to hold firmly.

Best Brands of Pens for Students

4.Zebra F-301 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Retractable Pen

This is a lightweight model of a pen that is ballpoint and is made of stainless steel. Are you a fan of modern retractable pens? Then this is just the right one for you available with a retractable steel made barrel that also is stainless. It has been made in different colors and is available at such a fair price. It provides a grip that allows you to write just comfortably. A clip has been provided to ensure the safety of the pen when in the pocket. Above all the pen is refillable.



ii)Attractive due to its painting

iii)Available in different colors


i)Does not offer the smoothness level required in some writing materials

Best Brands of Pens for Students

3.Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

This one comes from one of the best companies that are known for their quality in the market, the Lamy group of companies. It has been made using the ABS plastic and has a bright chrome ring that makes it attractive to the students much more than the other pens. It is a fountain pen that leaves sharp dark lines that are easy to read and do not leave scratches on the writing material. On purchase, you have the ingle Lamy T10 Blue Cartridge available for you, and as well you might be impressed by the fact that this pen is compatible with the Z24 cartridge converter; however, you will have to buy this.

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i)Attractive due to the chrome ring

ii)ABS plastic and the metallic clip is durable


i)Made of plastic and may easily wear out.

Best Brands of Pens for Students

2.Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens

Ranks as one of the best pens in the market today, tailor made as a Gel-ink pen that offers great flexibility advantage to the students. It possesses the retractable cartridge feature that is also reusable. Then, of course, it has been ISO certified on just the basis of its construction and makes thus ranks as one of the best brands of the pens available today. It comes in black and blue ink choices. The rubber grip adds to its large number of advantages as a feature that allows you to write comfortably apart from the fact that it doesn’t fall easily. The smoothness of the writing lines is also an element associated with this pen.


i)Rubber grip is an excellent feature

ii)Retractable and reusable pilot G2 cartridge

iii)One year selling warranty



i)This is one of the best pens in the market today, and it is really a tough call to even find fault in it may be the limitation of the types of colors of ink is the only factor that can be seen as a limitation in this magnificent pen.

Best Brands of Pens for Students

1.JinHao 250 Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen

This is a fountain pen as the name suggests and as a result being a feature of fountain pens they are durable. It is a steel coated pen that is meant to be refilled once the ink runs out. It offers an incredible writing service for those students that love the fountain pens, and as such, you can be able to enjoy writing. The pen is made from a stainless steel  that is tailor made to resist the corrosive nature of steel hence long lasting. This feature helps more whenever the pen falls as it reduces the tendency of the pen getting worn out easily as a result of the fall.


i)It is stainless steel made and thus resists corrosion.

ii)It has a cartridge that does not leak.


i)Being a fountain pen, it has to be refilled every other time you want to use, and the ink is depleted

ii)The pen does not come with its own ink, and the student does have to buy it.

Best Brands of Pens for Students


These are the best brands of pens available in the market, and you do not need to go far from them if you need quality, durability, affordability, comfort and class. They are all catered for in this product review. Go for the best at an affordable price. Only the best of the best would provide the best results.

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