Top 10 Best Brake Pads in 2019 Reviews

Nothing is more important to safe driving than using the best brake pads. Brake pads occasional replacement due to the constant wear and tear. The good news is that they are thousands of choices when it comes to brake pads. By using a guide like this one, it should be relatively easy to find the best brake pads that suit your wallet, driving patterns and your particular car model.

The factors that you should consider while buying brake pads include the type of brakes, temperature rating, brand and the price. I have explained each element in detail below. By following this guide, you will make a more informed purchase.

What are the different types of brake pads?

A basic understanding of the various types of brake pads in the market can go a long way in helping you choose the best brake pads for your car. There are four major types of brake pads based on the material used to make them.

a)Organic pads

They are non-asbestos pads with less than 20 percent metallic content. They offer you a longer rotor life and a noiseless operation. However, organic pads don’t perform well in high temperatures and are not durable in applications such as racing and towing.

b)Semi-metallic pads

They are made of hard resin and reinforced with steel fibers so as to increase durability and hardness. It is the most common brake pad in the market. The biggest advantage of semi-metallic pads is that their performance increase as temperature increases to its operating temperature. They are ideal for heavy-duty use such as road racing and towing. Its major downside is noise caused the pad’s hardness.

c)Fully metallic pads

Fully metallic pads are more expensive than semi-metallic pads but are of higher quality and offer better braking efficiency in almost all conditions. However, they wear the rotors and drums much faster.

d)Ceramic pads

They are the latest entrants to the braking industry. They offer the most predictable and stable braking characteristics even in low temperatures. You get a consistent pedal feel whether it is cold or hot. They are quieter than organic and semi-metallic pads. The brake dust is not noticeable on your wheels as they are light-colored.

Which brake pad is best for your car?

Having known the different types of brake pads, the next question that comes to mind is which pad is best suited for your vehicle. If you are looking for a stock replacement, you need to stick to one specified by your car manufacturer. Performance brakes are upgrades from the stock brake pads and are meant to reduce the braking distance, improve feel on the pedal and give you a consistent performance.

You can safely switch from the different braking pads as long as they fit your car. Semi-metallic brake pads are ideal for racing cars, high horsepower vehicles, towing and areas that are mountainous. Ceramic pads are ideal for daily driven cars and for people looking to improve rotor life, pedal feel, and low noise.

Temperature of the brake pad

If you are buying a brake pad for a race car, you should consider its temperature rating. The brake must still perform optimally at peak temperature achievable in the track. Brakes usually ‘fade’ at high temperatures.

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For racing cars, the braking compounds should have a temperature rating between 500 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature rating is not absolute as it can be affected by brake cooling, tire selection, and the track length. The ultimate test for a brake pad is to run it on a track and see how it performs. You might have to check a couple of sets to get best overall brake pad.

Brake Pad Brands

As much as you may want to try new brands, it is always wise to stick to popular brands when buying brake pads. If you are buying brake pads for towing vehicles or race cars, choosing unpopular brands can be disastrous. The best quality brake pads may cost a fortune, but you also get the best performance.

Companies like Hawk Performance, Wilwood, Power Stop and EBC Brakes dominate the performance brakes world. You will never go wrong if you choose brake pads from this companies. They provide you with friction values, materials used, and temperature rating.


The high-performance brake pads will cost more than regular pads. This does not mean that you can’t go a step ahead to look for the best brake at best market price. The best place to get value for money is online stores. You can compare prices of the brand and choose the best option. It is wise to buy a couple of brake pads so as to get a discount.

Which are the best brake pads in 2019?

To help you get the best brake pads, I have prepared a list of the Top 10 Best Brake Pads in 2019 Reviews.

10. StopTech Street Performance Front Brake Pad

These brake pads are best for the spirited street and the light track use. The scorched pad surface feature allows you to acquire great performance bite when the pads are either cold or hot. It is formulated with a compound of high temperature such that there is a consistent performance and pad wear is even. The rotor friendly formulation of low dust ensures that your wheels stay clean always as compared to many brake pads.  These brake pads are made to attain the demands of excellent driving performance as it maintains the comfort and refinement that is expected in driving conditions. The OEM-style shims and the perfect factory fit ensures there is virtual elimination of the noise that results due to pad vibration. Purchase this product today and allow your car have excellent brakes.


i)Offer your quiet  performance

ii)They are affordable

iii)They are not too dusty


i)It has average stopping power hence not ideal track cars

Best Brake Pads

9. Toyota Genuine Parts Rear Brake Pad 04466-06090

Toyota Genuine Parts Rear Brake is designed specifically to aid you in maintaining the dynamic engineered Toyota braking systems products. The plates from this brake pad are developed from the precision backing plates so as to offer smooth and efficient operation for all users. They are made up of plastic and metallic, for you to use them for a longer time in your vehicle. The good part of this brake part is that Toyota Company gives users the guarantee that these pads can run for a whole year. This brake pad comes with the exact Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. If you choose the genuine OEM, you can depend on the great quality and high effectiveness of this product with no need to guess whether the product is going to work with your car.


i)It meets Toyota’s specifications, and you will get the same performance as the original brake pads.

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ii)They are easy to install



i)They are OEM replacements and not an upgrade hence not ideal for muscle cars.

Best Brake Pads

8. Hawk Performance Quality Ceramic Braking Pad

This ceramic braking pad is recommended for you, and you can get it today. It has a high-performance street brake compound which increases the performance of the braking system of your vehicle. This braking pad is well-known across the world for its great stopping power on your car. This brake pad is gentle on any rotor available today hence you will not get any problem while using this product for your car. The HPS braking compound provides good friction coefficient on your rotors. This compound also offers higher brake fade resistance which means you have a long-lasting brake pad with little brake dust. Therefore, you can use this product for a very long time.


i)They offer you noiseless operation

ii)High braking power whether it hot or cold

iii)Generates less brake dust


i)You need to make sure it fits before ordering it

Best Brake Pads

7. Dura International Rear Ceramic Brake Pad

This is another suitable brake pad available in the market nowadays. You can get the precise chamfers which can ensure higher friction area. It delivers with precision cut backing plates which reduce the vibration in this brake pad. The formulation of the ceramic material boosts the stability, predictability and the durability of this brake pad. It is also capable of reducing undesired noise. This brake pad offers super vehicle control, safety and driver comfort improving the driver’s confidence. It is integrally molded with super bond retention and the shear strength for excellent braking performance and quiet operation.


i)They are affordable

ii)They are easy to install

iii)They are gentle on the rotor


i)Has a squeaking sound when new but fades away with time.

Best Brake Pads

6. ACDelco Professional Ceramic Brake Pad 17D1194CH

This brake is famously known by many people for the effectiveness it has, and you can use it anywhere around the world due to its long-lasting performance. The quality of this product is high hence it guarantees you safety when you are driving at high speed. You can reduce the vibration and noise on the wheels of your vehicle when you are using this brake pad. This product is supported by chamfers, shims, and integrated slots so as to improve its performance and eliminate vibration and noise. This device also has lots of benefits for all users. The stamped backing plate enables proper movement of the pad.


i)They are easy to install

ii)The brake pads are durable

iii)Since they are ceramic, they are gentle on the rotor


i)They squeak at high speeds but noiseless under normal driving.

Best Brake Pads

5. Wagner Ceramic Disc Pad QC537

This ceramic brake pad offered by Wagner is famously known by many people. Many people are using this brake pad due to its great performance. The system of this device is quite hence you will not have to deal with noise caused by this product. It also has superior stopping power as compared to any other brake pads in the market currently. You can easily install this device in your car. This brake pad is perfect for you especially while you are driving in the mountainous area. If you enjoy traveling, this device offers you safe and strong grip. It is also durable hence offers you long-lasting service.


i)The brakes do not fade even in extreme weather conditions

ii)They are easy to install

iii)They are durable and affordable


i)You need to do more research to ensure that it fits your car instead on relying fully on the Amazon’s Make sure it Fits feature

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Best Brake Pads

4. Centric Posi Quiet Ceramic Braking Pad 105.1336

This ceramic brake pad is good for the people who need to drive their cars safely. This product is specifically designed to withstand higher pressure. You can maintain the durability and the stability of this brake. The precision cut backing plates helps to reduce the vibration and noise hence you can enjoy the quite performance of this brake pad. The quiet technology ensures great technology of this product. It also has consistent friction performance in any level of temperature. You can use it ensure the correct fitment and stable braking power for a long time in any car. The shims on the brake pad offer significant noise abatement as compared to the lesser adhesive shims.


i)They are cheap yet of high quality

ii)They offer noiseless operation

iii)Generates less brake dust


i)They squeak at high speeds

Best Brake Pads

3. EBC Brakes Truck and SUV Brake Pad

This type of brake pad is good for any vehicle, including SUVs and the trucks. You have many reasons that might make you install this brake pad today. When you use this braking pad, you can upgrade the stopping power which can be used to guarantee the safety to support the needs of your driving. It is popularly known for its lower dust for you to achieve many benefits while using this brake pad. The robust materials used to make this braking pad offers the customers durable use. The coating on this brake pad surface conditions the rotors and ensures that the brakes are perfect from the first time of installation.


i)The brakes reduce the stopping distance due to its great stopping power

ii)They have lower braking dust

iii)They are durable


i)They wear faster than OEM brake pads

Best Brake Pads

2. Bosch Quiet Cast Premium Braking Pad

This type of brake has many features and advantages for you not to have any issues while you are using this product. It is designed specifically to ensure perfect stopping power and the quite operation. This brake pad has multi-layer shim construction that can provide good insulation and increased strength technology.  It has designed slots and chamfers for great quality, function, and fit. When you use this braking pad well, it will not cause any noise. This product is also durable, and its price is affordable.


i)The brakes have quiet operation

ii)They are durable and affordable

iii)Reduces the stopping distance


i)Creates more brake dust than OEM brake pads

Best Brake Pads

1. Brembo Disc Brake Pads

This new brake pad is available in the market, and it is highly efficient as compared to other pads. The friction materials it uses are chosen scientifically for every application depending on rotor size, drum size, weight, rotor type, type of caliper, the area of caliper piston and the configuration of the braking system. To add on that, this product also accounts for the optimal temperatures, correct front to the rear braking balance, noise, service life and the wear patterns. You should choose this brake since it is the best.


i)They are if high quality and ideal for race cars

ii)Short stopping distance and consistent performance

iii)They are durable and is gentle on the rotor


i)They are costly, but that is expected due to its high quality

Best Brake Pads

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