Top 10 Best Boxing Gloves for Kids in 2022 – Reviews

Seeing how kids have much more fragile hands than adults, it is common for children boxing gloves to boast some extra padding. They are also more likely to have some sort of cute pattern painted on the outside for aesthetic purposes.

For this reason, you shouldn’t really expect kids boxing gloves to meet the same standards as regular boxing gloves, although you would do well to look for roughly the same characteristics upon making a purchase. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best boxing gloves for kids that money can buy.

Best Boxing Gloves for Kids 2022

10Junior Boxing Gloves

BoxingFeaturing sporty starry patterns atop a vivid black vinyl outer layer, these boxing gloves for kids stand out from the rest simply because they’re made to be extra breathable and very comfortable. They are perfectly light with the right amount of padding lining the inside to ensure sufficient comfort and protection from heavy impact. To facilitate a secure fastening, the gloves use high-quality Velcro straps which ensure minimum migration of the gloves when they’re in action.

9Farabi Kids’ Punching Bag Mitts

Protective gear

BoxingConveniently sized to fit the hands of kids aged five through to twelve, these boxing gloves are made solidly to offer great performances and to last a long time. Available in red, blue,
pink, yellow, black, and white, these stylish boxing gloves look as good as they perform. The interior is lined with sufficient padding for extra comfort while the exterior consists of a high-quality outer layer made of premium vinyl material. The gloves are held in place by a pair of strong Velcro straps that make them easy to take off after use.

8Farabi Fight Gear White MMA Boxing Gloves


BoxingStylish and professional-looking, this pair of kids’ boxing glove makes use of premium foam padding that lines the comfortable interior and a highly resilient foam outer layer to provide great performances in all sports. Wrapping up their excellent build quality are two Velcro strap enclosures that provide added stability and prevent the gloves from moving during performances.

7RDX Kids Leather Boxing Gloves


BoxingWith an assortment of colors available for added variety, these kid’s boxing gloves are as stylish as they are comfortable to wear. The soft interior of the gloves are made to perfectly conform to the contours of kids’ hands for added comfort and a snug fit. A durable outer layer of tough vinyl makes them resilient and more resistant to wear and tear. Velcro strap closures ensure that the gloves remain securely fastened throughout the activity.

6Spiderman Kids’ Boxing Gloves

Protective gear

BoxingFor the superhero lovers, this stylish pair of Spiderman sparring gloves for kids is a fantastic option. The gloves feature a lushly soft interior with plenty of comfortable padding on the inside to prevent abrasions and blisters. Meanwhile, the exterior is made from extra durable but smooth vinyl that is made to last through several matches. Strong Velcro straps ensure that the gloves stay put even during vigorous activity and also provide a snug, customized fit for children’s hands.

5Farabi Fight Gear Red Boxing Gloves


BoxingThe highlight of this stylish pair of gloves is undoubtedly the high-quality Velcro strap closures that are made to ensure minimum migration of the gloves even during heavy sparring matches. The gloves are perfectly padded and soft on the interior to minimize bruising. On the outside, a tough layer of vinyl provides extra protection and durability, features one must always look for when purchasing boxing gloves of any kind.

4Farabi Fight Gear Kids’ Sparring Gloves


BoxingPerfectly padded and well balanced, the Farabi Fight Gear boxing gloves for kids are excellent for sparring and competitive matches. Featuring a sporty blue design with white and red logos, these gloves are as stylish as they are practical. Velcro closure straps prevent the glove from migrating during use and increase their adjustability and the comfort levels of the wearer.

3Farabi Sports Kids’ Boxing Gloves

Protective gear

BoxingThe extra padding in these sporty gloves is there to ensure that the kids’ hands are well protected from bruises and abrasions resulting from harsh impacts. The gloves themselves feature a trendy black and pink patterned design with logos and a well-made Velcro strap closure to ensure added security. Despite their size, they are admirably lightweight and supremely comfortable thanks to a nicely lined interior.

2Physical Success Red Kids’ Boxing Gloves


BoxingThis particular pair of kids’ boxing gloves is excellently made with high-quality materials including a comfortable layer of satin on the inside for extra comfort. The gloves are completely waterproof and made to conform naturally to the contours of children’s hands. They are also very easy to secure using high-quality Velcro straps that can be maneuvered with relative ease, which can also be said about the gloves themselves.

1Cheerwing PU Kids Boxing Gloves


BoxingThis is a premium pair of kids’ sparring gloves in all respects. From the thick padding to the soft cushiony interior that is designed to minimize bruising and other abrasions, the gloves are extra comfortable and fit snugly by conforming to the natural contours of the hand.

The exterior consists of a stylish blue and white outer layer of vinyl adorned with a simple logo on the back of the hand. Powerful Velcro straps ensure that the gloves stay on no matter how vigorous the punches are while the comfortable padding ensures that your kid’s hands are always safe from harm.

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