Top 10 Best Body Shapers of 2022 – Reviews

You don’t necessarily have to torture yourself with strict diet plans and tiresome exercises in order to achieve that perfect look you’ve been dreaming of. You should instead consider wearing a body shaper as it won’t expose you to any physical danger whatsoever while still being an effective way of acquiring your ideal body.

As it usually is with these sort of accessories, some are definitely better than others, and their quality isn’t always reflected by their price. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best body shapers money can buy.

Best Body Shapers 2022

10Slty Waist Trainer Corset Body Shaper

ShapewearLooking for an exceptional yet affordable hourglass shaper? The Slty Corset Waist Trainer might just be the thing for you. This shaper is made from (100%) latex-free stretchy neoprene and boasts a stylish rose-themed outlook. Its fabric is not only comfortable but also durable and is also quite easy to put on in just a matter of seconds.

Moreover, as opposed to most models (full-body), it comes with a remarkable wrap-on design for greater comfort. It also employs an exclusive technology known as sauna slim that enhances fat burning speed to approximately 2x faster making it a ‘must have’ for any woman who’s never tried a body shaper before.

9FeelinGirl Body Shaper

steel-bonded latex

ShapewearNude-themed, this shaper boasts a stylish outlook that ideally blends with numerous clothing. Moreover, it boasts a well-designed and sturdy figure-hugging type of shape that has contributed to its positive global acclaim. The FeelinGirl body shaper comes in a sturdy though elastic design that functions effectively. Besides its underlying steel-bonded latex utilized to inspire its proper cradling and correct body support, it also boasts a breathable pierced design that is continually cool – a feature that recommends it during those hot summer days.

8HelloTem Women’s High Waist Body Shaper


ShapewearSmoothen your body and enhance your typical outlook with the Sunzel Body Shaper. Aside from being ideal for daily use, it comes with a flattering look and wide straps that are comfortable and sturdy. As opposed to models associated with digging into skin concerns, this one lays flat and evenly distributes stress for improved results. It is also made from durable elastane (20%) and nylon (80%) materials, and is further complemented by its characteristic elastic luster that cradles your body perfectly at all times.

7Tulucky Women’s Body Corset Shaper


ShapewearRated among the best on the market at this point in time, Tulucky Corset Shaper is bound to provide quick and efficient results with almost no effort on your part. This shaper gives you a good and trimmer look by soothing and cradling your flaws. It comprises spandex (10%) and Polyester (95%) and is quite flexible, accommodating women of various sizes and shapes.

Moreover, it is characterized by a low profile typical design that comfortably fits beneath clothing and also boasts an unmatched breathability. As opposed to numerous synthetic models which trap loads of heat within the body, this one provides an enjoyable and cool experience for whoever wears it.

6iEasySexy Women Body Shaper

steel-bonded latex

ShapewearWe can safely consider this shaper to be a comfortable accessory by all standards, particularly because of its bodysuit slim design. It sparks a desirable slimming effect besides being ideally able to spur weight-loss; combine this with regular exercise and good dieting and you get impeccable, yet very fast results.

It is made from high-grade materials (spandex 20% and nylon 80%) similar to most of its counterparts and is astonishingly super stretchy allowing proper hips and tummy cradling for a slimmer look. It is also easy to maintain owing to its hand-washable design and comes with a firmness control that is flexible to a standard 360-degree orientation.

5Franato Women’s Body Shapewear


ShapewearFranato is a black-themed bold premium shapewear which is not only lightweight but also smooth and comfortable for daily use. It comprises (90%) supportive nylon which comfortably fits under clothing and (10%) spandex that enhances its flexibility not to mention a functional stylish design. This one provides complete body support inclusive of buttocks and breasts and is surprisingly easily usable. Unlike other similar models, it is equipped with a handy pull-on closure that makes wearing it a breeze. Moreover, besides being easily removable, it includes adjustable straps to tailor its fit to women of all sizes.

4Vikoros Waist Tummy Body Shapewear


ShapewearBesides comprising 5% spandex and 95% nylon, this body shaper is durable and comfortable enough to be used on a daily basis. Moreover, besides being comfortable, it boasts a properly-designed figure-hugging design which smoothens out every tummy flaw and inspires stunning hourglass figures without posing any health concerns whatsoever. Although it runs large, this body shaper is not only easy to wear and remove but is also relatively irritation free, which is a feature you should always look for in a body shaper.

3ShyMay Women’s Body Shaper Corset

steel-bonded latex

ShapewearShyMay Corset has over the years garnered widespread admiration gradually and it’s easy to see why. First of all, it is both comfortable and durable owing to its spandex and polyester material. Second, it boasts a striking one-piece design that ideally supports the body and a subsequently stunning black theme which boasts an exclusive cleavage-flaunting V-neck which appeals to its users. Corsets boasting customizable fits usually inspire the best results and so does ShyMay body-shaper. For this purpose, it is fitted with a closure system (hook and eye) that facilitates the fitting of various body sizes and shapes.

2Camellias Seamless Body Shaper


ShapewearComing in with a three-layer sturdy design that comprises spandex, latex and nylon materials, Camellias Seamless Body Shaper is a durable Body-shaper in every sense of the word. It also boasts a warm lined typical design that speeds up weight loss on effective usage and even optimizes firm control. At the same time, it features a seamless sexy design that is ideal for various body shapes and fits comfortably under multiple types of clothing.

Additionally, it also has a striking open-bust design that suits most brassieres plus adjustable and removable straps to customize its fit. Despite not being too breathable as far as its design goes, it still delivers an adjustable compression to your midsection that stretches muscles back to their initial form and shape; and with a properly positioned cotton gusset that is convenient whilst using the washrooms, this is an ideal solution to helping you fight off unwanted baby weight.

1Bali Women’s Shapewear Body Shaper


ShapewearThe arrival of Bali Women’s Shapewear Body Shaper onto the market has made celebrity-grade apparel affordable and available to virtually all women. Made from spandex (28%) and nylon (72%), you are guaranteed to get unrivaled durability and resilience without sacrificing comfort in the process. Moreover, it is characterized by an ideal figure-hugging flexible design and a typical closure (hook and eye) that eases its usability.

With respect to comfort, Bali Shapewear is unrivaled; it has light soothing lace which is integrated into its exclusive design to boost breathability, while its cups are soft-lined and seamless so as to ideally support and cover the breasts at all times.

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