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A cool, refreshing drink is a breather during warm weather. Smoothies are the very popular choice because they provide a well-rounded mix of essential nutrients and vitamins in one convenient glass. Lots of smoothie makers are available on the market. They stand out for their high customer satisfaction ratings and excellent performance. Purchasing the best smoothie blender is the perfect way to make a delicious, healthy vegetables and fruits on regular basis. Having a couple of servings of smoothies each day is helpful for meeting daily nutritional needs of your body. You can also prepare your own nutrient dense smoothies quickly and easily. Here is the discussion of Top 10 Best Blender For Smoothies 2022:

How to Pick the Best Blender Smoothie?

Selecting the best blender is not an easy task. Lots of models are available on the market with different prices and features. However, the foremost determining factor is your budget. Powerful motor, usage, pitcher size, etc are the other determining factors for picking the best blender. It is better to select a blender with 1000 watt or higher motor for green smoothies. Some blenders are very cheap but they are not ideal for using daily. You can avoid repeated replacement cost if you select a high-quality blender. Large pitcher size is essential if you want to make meal-replacement smoothies. Thus, you can consider purchasing a blender with 40 ounce pitcher size or higher.

10. Cuisinart Smart Stick

The 2 Speed Hand Blender, Cuisinart Smart Stick allows you to handle a number of things, which include chopping, mixing, blending, whipping, grinding, etc. The Cuisinart Smart Stick comes with chef’s whisk attachments. You will get more time for engaging in creative culinary undertakings if you purchase this particular blender. With a single touch, it can blend right in a pitcher, bowl or pot. It has a specially designed blade, which allows you to mix and stir all kinds of food. It has a perfect handle, which is helpful for controlling the blender with ease. The Cuisinart Smart Stick comes with a powerful 200-watt motor. The whisk attachment can be used for bearing egg whites or heavy cream. The chopper/grinder attachment is ideal for chopping, grinding and mincing hard cheese, nuts, onions, carrots, chocolates, and much more. The Cuisinart Smart Stick stands out from the rest because of its convenient stick design. It can reach into everything from pitches and pots to bowls because of this design. This blender will not disappoint you if you want to get a simple, easy-to-use hand blender. Ergonomically designed grip provides you a comfortable grip while blending.


  • Industrial chic design
  • Powerful motor
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Chopper/grinder attachment
  • Whisk attachment
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free


  • Whisk attachment is really flimsy
  • Chopper is very small and it do not cut perfectly
  • Anti-scratch accessory should be used for avoiding scratch on non-stick coated pots

9. Magic Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet Blender is a multitask tool that can be used for making processed food, smoothies, and grinding coffee. Besides a great design, the blender offers you lots of great functions as well. It is slim, small, and has a compact size. Thus, you can store it in almost anywhere without taking much space. It has a vertical design and a small round power base. Thus, you can place it in a small corner or a cupboard. Though the size is small, it is very powerful. This blender can handle most fruits and vegetables perfectly. But, it is not so effective for handling fibrous foods and leafy greens. Easy to use is the other advantage of Magic Bullet Blender. It does not contain any mysteriously named settings. There is also no need to adjust the speed, which means this blender has only one setting. Cyclonic cutting zone is the other peculiar feature of this blender. When the food is thrown into this zone, it does the blending job in 10 seconds or less. However, it depends on the ingredients you want to blend. The Magic Bullet Blender is a great choice for those who search for a small blender for grinding coffee, processing soft foods, and blending liquids.


  • Perfect size
  • Compact storage
  • Good mixing power
  • Easy cleanup
  • Grind perfectly well
  • Anything can be pureed


  • Need to shake well for getting good blending
  • The container is not quite as advertised
  • Blending time is too long than advertised

8. NutriBullet Pro 900

If you want to purchase a blender for making smoothies but not ready to spend around $500, you can consider the NutriBullet Pro 900. In fact, the NutriBullet Pro 900 is the upgrade version of best-selling Pro 600. The latest model comes with a stronger motor. Though it is not as versatile as the other models, it is ideal for making smoothies, salad dressing, or occasional salsa dip. The NutriBullet Pro 900 comes with two extractor blades, which help to extract your food very easily. It is perfect for busting open seeds, shredding tough skins, cracks through stems, and accessing hidden nutrients in food. The NutriBullet Pro 900 also breaks down food to the most digestible state. Thus, it is the best for improving your health and energy levels. It comes with a unique combination of exclusive Cyclonic Action and NutriBullet Extractor blades, which is helpful for generating power to break down, emulsify and pulverize foods. The cups and blade of this blender have compact size. Thus, it is considered as one of the easiest blenders to clean. The NutriBullet Pro 900 is a very popular blender on the market and it addressed some of the issues of 600 series blender. The compactness is the biggest attraction of this blender.


  • Excellent for blending smoothies
  • Stainless steel blade, not need to sharpen it
  • Four blending capabilities
  • Any lid can be used
  • Available with three different sizes of cups
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to use


  • A bit more expensive
  • Difficult to scrape down the sides because of its specific cup design
  • Extractor blade cannot be washed
  • Only one blending speed
  • Blades may break under stress

7. Ninja Professional Blender

The Ninja Professional Blender is very powerful, affordable and has an attractive design. Mainly, people use a blender for making smoothies and crushing ice for making frozen drinks. Considering both these objectives, Ninja Professional Blender is one of the bests. It has 1100 watts motor, which is as powerful as some more expensive blenders on the market. A unique stacked blade design is the other peculiarity of this blender. It has a 72-ounce pitcher, which may not be fit for most cabinets. The blender has three pairs of blades that staggered along a long stem. Thus, you can process all food items evenly. The performance of Ninja Professional Blender is four or five times better than its price. In fact, amazing speed and performance are the most important features of this blender. It comes with total crushing technology, thus it can crush ice, entire fruits and vegetables within seconds. The 72-ounce capacity is enough for meeting the needs of the whole family or entertaining your guests. Dishwasher safe components and BPA-Free material make this blender more preferable. It has a frozen blending option, which is perfect for making delicious and creamy fruit smoothies. The model comes with Nutri Ninja Cups.


  • Powerful motor
  • Lid with locking mechanism
  • Very easy to clean
  • Blades are very sharp
  • Blades can be set in three different levels
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Removable blades


  • Noisy
  • Plastic container
  • Blades are too bulky
  • Difficult to put large size greens
  • Coupling is plastic
  • Not good for liquefying greens

6. Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

The blenders reviewed above have plastic jars. These are lightweight and can carry very easily. But, they do not have the ability to handle hot liquids. Hamilton Beach’s blender, Power Elite Multi-Function comes with a glass container, which is able to withstand even the extreme changes in temperature. The glass jar also has been tested with thermal shock. This is considered as one of the cheapest blenders available on the market. Thus, it is the best-selling blender in Amazon. A Ninja blender provides only one year warranty, but you have to spend at least 4 times more than the price of this blender. But, the Power Elite Multi-Function Blender comes with 3 years warranty. It offers you 12 blending functions such as a smoothie, puree, easy clean, milkshake, mix, crush ice, salsa, chop, dice, grate, grind, etc. It comes with a 40-ounce glass container, which is enough for making smoothies for your family. It is powered by the 700-watt motor. If you use the Power Elite Multi-Function Blender correctly, you can make pretty good smoothies at your home every day. The motor is not so powerful, so you cannot handle dry stuff like peanuts.


  • Good looking
  • Good blending performance
  • Low price
  • Good power
  • Relatively small
  • Efficient pouring spout
  • Does not leak
  • Easy to use
  • Durable buttons
  • Durable construction
  • Easy cleaning
  • Comes with 4 distinct parts


  • Noisy
  • Glass container is heavy
  • No safety mechanism
  • Thinner drinks or batters
  • Difficulty to process thicker mixes
  • Does not provide consistent result
  • Motor is not strong enough
  • Difficult to grind broccoli and greens

5. Cuisinart CSB-75

The Cuisinart CSB-75 is a smart, two-speed immersion hand blender. An immersion blender is also called a stick or hand blender, which is an essential tool for the preparation of food. The Cuisinart CSB-75 is one of the most popular options. It is worthy of your consideration because it comes with lots of useful features. The robust 200-watt motor is powerful enough for handling a variety of basic blending tasks. The long 15.8 inches stick design is able to reach deep into a pitcher, pot or bowl. The blender offers two speeds with a one-touch control. Thus, you can keep pressing on either low or high button. The blender stops working once you release the button. Ergonomic design allows you to use this blender comfortably. The blade of this blender is designed for performing different types of food preparation tasks. You can also stir and mix food items such as powdered drink products, sauces, salad dressings, etc. It is also perfect for mixing dry food items. The Cuisinart CSB-75 is perfect for those who search for a basic hand blender. This is ideal for doing simple blending tasks. It is highly affordable and easy to use for a wide variety of purposes. You can also clean it conveniently.


  • Powerful motor
  • One-touch control
  • Detachable blending shaft
  • Ergonomically designed grip
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Two blending speeds
  • Stick like design


  • Blade is not strong enough to handle tough ingredients
  • Only two blending speeds
  • Plastic gear
  • Food may get lodged in blade

4. NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

The NutriBullet 12-Piece is a kitchen blender, which blends and pulverizes your favorite vegetables, fruits, and protein shakes. This blender is ideal for blending your food smoothly and effortlessly because it comes with a 600-watt motor with very high torque power. The multi-system package contains 2 short cups, 1 tall cup, 1 emulsifying blade, and 1 flat blade. It has a more individualized container system, which is the peculiarity of this blender. This is the ideal blender for preparing healthy, nutritious drinks, which are essential for fighting and preventing diseases, obesity, etc. This blender is manufactured on the basis of extractor technology. Thus, the NutriBullet 12-Piece can break down and pulverize seeds, stems, and skins. This is a high-speed blender, which completely pulverizes your ingredients. Thus it offers you a smooth consistency and allows all the useful fiber to remain. The NutriBullet 12-Piece is powerful enough to pulverize things such as coffee beans and flax seeds effortlessly. The price of this product is also reasonable. You can also clean up the device much easier than juicers. Individual blending cups allow accommodating the taste of more individuals.


  • High-speed blending system
  • Can pulverize things such as flax seeds and coffee beans
  • Reasonable price
  • Can cleanup very easily
  • Individual blending cubs
  • Compact, sleek design


  • Blender leaks at the base
  • It may break down prematurely due to leaking
  • Can be noisy
  • Hot water cannot be used
  • Not dishwasher safe

3. Ninja BL610

A kitchen will be incomplete without a powerful blender. If you are searching for purchasing one, Ninja BL610 can be the ideal one. This model outstands from the other models of the same company due to some stunning features. As the name suggests, the Ninja BL610 comes with 1000 watts of professional performance power. It means you can crush even the toughest of ingredients within seconds. A 72-ounce pitcher and a corresponding lid and blade are the other peculiarities of this blender. Thus, you can make enough smoothies for your entire family. While selecting a kitchen appliance, people give topmost importance on safety. All parts of Ninja BL610 blender is dishwasher safe and BPA free. Thus, you can use it without the worries of harmful chemicals. Quality and performance are the other stunning features of this blender. It has a reliable ice crushing and food processing capacity. The plastic jar that comes along with this blender has measurements on the sides. The lid of the jar has a locking mechanism. An electric control panel is another peculiarity of this blender. It also has 3 speeds and a pulse option.


  • Crushes ice easily
  • Chops fruits and veggies perfectly
  • Makes snow cones consistently


  • Very noisy
  • Cannot produce descent quality of smoothies
  • Very difficult to assemble and disassemble
  • Sharp blades may become dull within few months
  • Not durable Cheap quality plastic

2. Ninja Pro BL456

The Ninja Pro BL456 is one of the most basic models in the family of Ninja Products. This model is very popular among consumers because of its incredible features. It is perfect for blending drinks that include green smoothies. The Ninja Pro BL456 can also handle fruits and leafy and tough ingredients. It is also powerful enough to handle the seeds of blueberry and strawberry. You can also use it for blending oats and nuts to mix them with the drinks. But, you need to pre-soak some needs before pulverizing them. Thus, the blender may leave a small chunk from the toughest ingredients. However, the Ninja Pro BL456 does an excellent job. The blender also processes ice into snow-like consistency. This is a perfect machine for making different types of frozen desserts and other drinks. The Ninja Pro BL456 will not squeeze juice by separating fiber from a liquid. However, it is perfect for making a creamy drink or smooth smoothie. You can also make decent nut milk by using this machine. Highly powerful 900 watts motor is used in this blender. The motor has a safety system, which shuts off automatically in case of overloading.


  • A very powerful blender
  • Produces decent quantity of drinks
  • Handles green smoothies effortlessly
  • Crushes ice without liquid
  • Quite versatile
  • Able to perform good range of tasks
  • Large capacity containers
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not durable
  • All plastic blades
  • Low-quality containers
  • Price is a bit high for a bullet type blender
  • Noisy
  • Does not process hot food

1. Cuisinart Smart stick CSB-75BC

The Cuisinart Smart stick CSB-75BC is a 2 speed, hand blender with brushed chrome. This is a very powerful immersion blender that helps you creating homemade soups and sauces without added sugar, salt, and preservatives. The Cuisinart Smart stick CSB-75BC is a versatile blender and it is the No 1 bestseller on Amazon. The design of this blender is very simple, so it is always satisfying. Portability and versatility are the other major features of this blender. It can also provide you a superior control over the ingredients. At the same time, it is highly powerful for processing large amounts of food. It is also perfect for blending hot soups, cold drinks, and anything in-between. The Cuisinart Smart stick CSB-75BC is designed ergonomically, so you can hold it comfortably. Optimized handheld use is possible because of patented one-touch control panel.


  • Very powerful motor
  • Can handle all types of blending tasks with ease
  • Stick design
  • Ideal for using in deep pots, bowls and pitchers
  • Ergonomically designed grip
  • Very comfortable
  • Operates with two speed
  • One-touch control
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use


  • Plastic covering can be broken
  • Slightly louder
  • Does not include attachment


These are the Top 10 Best Blender For Smoothies In 2022 Reviews. All these blenders are helpful for making delicious smoothies at your home. Buying the best blender helps you stay healthy, active and young. You can make a purchasing decision on the basis of thoughtful evaluation of each blender. All these products are cost effective and come with higher-quality. Thus, it will be worth to purchase a product from this list.

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