Top 10 Best Blackout Curtains of 2022 – Reviews

The main difference between blackout curtains and traditional curtains is that blackout curtains are much thicker, which is what makes them perfect at stopping harmful UV rays. In fact, blackout curtains are constructed with the intended purpose of stopping light from getting inside the room completely.

On a related note, most of these curtains also boast thermal insulating capabilities, a feature that recommends them for people who are looking to insulate their homes from the extreme temperature outside, be it hot or cold. Over the next few minutes, we will take a look at the ten best blackout curtains the market has to offer at this point in time in our quest to find out which is the absolute best.

Best Blackout Curtains 2022

10Gorgeous Home Blackout Window Drapes

NicetownFeaturing a charming silver and gray color scheme, these heavy duty drapes will match most house décor schemes quite easily. The blackout drapes are made from highly durable tear-resistant fabric that is lined with foam on the inside to facilitate an optimal thermal insulation, a construction that also makes them quite durable in the long run. In terms of size, let us point out that the drapes are 84 inches in length and that they’re also machine washable at any water temperature.

9Best Home Fashion Blackout Drapes

Thermal insulation

NicetownThese simply yet beautifully designed blackout curtains blend in superbly with most home décor schemes while providing optimum light filtration. They also come in handy during cold seasons since the material is capable of insulating your home against heat loss. Featuring a quaint wheat color that is absolutely tasteful the double-paneled drapes are suitable as a piece of stylish home décor and also for UV-light-blocking.

8Nicetown Blackout Window Curtains


NicetownThe Nicetown Blackout drapes are suitable for heat retention and keeping out excessive light from your home. Measuring in at 52 by 63 inches, these blackout drapes provide a ceiling to floor coverage for the living room, bedroom, or lounge windows. Not only do they enhance the ambiance of a room by limiting the amount of light, they also block 98 % of all UV rays, keeping you safer in your house. Furthermore, these blackout drapes are made from heavy duty polyester which is tear-resistant and easy to clean.

7Eclipse Kids Heavy Kendall Drapes


NicetownThese drapes are ideal for kids’ rooms due to their bright turquoise color scheme. The Kendall drapes measure 63 inches in length, making them long enough for even the largest bedroom windows. In addition to regulating light, these drapes also provide thermal insulation, ensuring that the room remains warm even during cold seasons. They are also significantly easier to clean than other brands and do not fade even when machine-washed.

6Eclipse Fresno Heavy Duty Curtains

Thermal insulation

NicetownFeaturing a luxurious color scheme that will enhance your home décor and incredible efficiency, these blackout drapes will look good in any room you put them in. They’re made from lined fabric that prevents heat loss and offers up to 99% noise absorption and light blocking, providing a more relaxed atmosphere for your home. The polyester drapes are fairly durable and are easy to wash.

5Utopia Bedding Heavy Duty Drapes


NicetownUtopia Bedding offers some of the thicker and more resilient drapes in the market. These not only provide better UV-light-blocking, they are also very helpful when it comes to minimizing heat loss from your home thanks to their interior lining which facilitates thermal insulation. The navy blue blackout drapes are neutral enough to blend into your home décor scheme perfectly. Moreover, these 84 by 52-inch curtains can be installed easily out of the box without using any additional tools whatsoever.

4Utopia Bedding Heavy Blackout Curtains


NicetownIf you’re looking for affordability, Utopia Bedding’s heavy duty blackout drapes are definitely something to consider. Measuring in at 63 by 53 inches, they offer plenty of coverage and fit perfectly on most windows. These drapes are also made from a heavy duty fabric that is tear-resistant, dirt-proof, and machine-washable for easy cleaning. They also feature a very helpful UV-filtering capability that will definitely come in handy in the long run.

3Deconovo Blackout Drapes

Thermal insulation

NicetownThick, simply designed, and very effective at insulating the room from the outside temperature, Deconovo drapes are perfect for anyone looking for great value without breaking the bank. These pitch-black drapes ensure up to 99% protection from UV sunlight and help you regulate the amount of light in any room. Furthermore, they prevent heat loss and are also quite efficient noise absorbers by design. In terms of size, we should point out that these curtains are 63 inches long and 53 inches wide, which means that they will fit almost any window.

2Nicetown Blackout Thermal Curtains


NicetownMeasuring in at 63 by 53 inches, these Nicetown thermal curtains are especially efficient when it comes to minimizing the amount of heat lost from a room. The thermal curtains come in slate gray and are large enough to provide ample coverage in any room. They are made from high-quality polyester fabric that is dirt-resistant and also easy to wash. The highly durable fabric is also tear-resistant, making these curtains a suitable long-term option.

1Best Home Fashion High Quality Drapes


NicetownThese stunningly designed curtains are not only aesthetically appealing, they are also highly efficient in light filtration, noise blocking, and thermal insulation. The curtains are shorter yet more attractive than most, making them suitable for virtually any room inside your house. They’re also made from premium tear-resistant polyester, which makes them easy to wash and extremely durable overall.

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