Top 10 Best Blackout Curtains 2019 Reviews

Best Blackout Curtains are the more practical choice than regular curtains in that they block out all light therefore giving you optimal privacy. Blackout curtains are thicker and more durable and therefore give you better value for money.

What are the benefits of Blackout Curtains?

i)Better Sleeping Experience

Light can be a hindrance to having a peaceful night sleep. If you are living near a bright street lights or your neighbors have security rights installed next to your bedroom. Blackout curtains have the ability to block up to 99 percent of intrusive light. If you have infants, blackout curtains will enable them have a good sleep even at day time. This also applies for shift workers and late night sleepers who would want to extend the wake up time. Blackout also keeps out up to 40 percent of outside noise.

ii)Use in TV/Movie Room

The best way to enjoy a movie is by creating complete darkness. Nothing does this well than blackout curtains. It blocks out all unnecessary light that might make your movie not to be as interesting as it should be. While purchasing blackout curtains, buy one that fully covers the window from top to bottom.

iii)Energy Cost Reduction

Most blackout curtains have thermal insulation that helps in regulating room temperature. In most homes, 10-25 percent of thermal loss is caused by windows. Blackout curtains will therefore help you to save up to 25 percent in energy costs. This added up for a long time translates to huge savings. During the summer, blackout curtains reflect heat out of the room by blocking UV light rays while in winter, the curtains keeps heat in the room.

Alternatives to Blackout Curtains

Blackout blinds and shades are other alternatives to blackout curtains. The benefits of blackout shades and curtains are nearly similar to blackout curtains. Blackout blinds gives you control over the amount of light that enters your room but are so as effective in blocking light as blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains give any room a twist and is a great investment. Before buying blackout curtains, it is important to know the specific features to look out for. That is what we are going to look at next.

What are the factors to consider when buying a blackout curtain?


The most important factor to look out for is the effectiveness of the blackout curtain. The main purpose of buying a blackout curtain is to block light. The best blackout curtains should block over 95 percent of light. Anything less than this will beat the purpose of buying blackout curtains in the first place

ii)Thermal Insulation and Noise Reduction

A good blackout should be able to keep the room temperature at the desired value be it winter or summer. It should also reduce noise from outside. The higher the percentage of noise reduction the better. A curtain with noise reduction works both ways; it blocks external noise and keeps the internal conversation private.

iii)Easy to install and Maintain

It should be easy to install blackout curtains in your home. The grommets diameter should fit the diameter of the curtain rod. The curtain should be easy to clean either by hand or by machine. It should also be easy to get rid of wrinkles.

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The curtains should be able to fit to your existing home décor without any problem. It is therefore wise to choose from the different color options available a curtain that will readily blend to your existing style.

10. Eclipse Kids Kendall Blackout Window Curtain Panel

If you are looking for Curtains to use in your Kids’ room then Eclipse Window Curtains is worth your consideration. Nothing is more comforting than seeing your young ones have undisturbed night sleep. These curtains block up to 99 percent light, block unwanted noise and save you the cost of cooling and heating your home. They offer a unique blend of function and fashion for your home. While they are perfect for kids, they can be used anyone who wants optimal night or day sleep. They are a bit thicker but still maintain the same elegance and design of regular curtains.


i)They are durable

ii)They are fade resistant

iii)Affordable compared most blackout curtains


i)Not many color options to choose from

Best Blackout Curtains

9. AMAZLINEN Sleep Well Blackout Curtains

AMAZLINEN blackout curtains gives you a great way to transform you noisy and bright bedroom into a sleeping paradise. The curtains are available in 12 different elegant colors. It has simple yet elegant curtain designs. The curtains have thermal insulations which means it keeps away heat during the summer and keeps out cold during winter thus saving you a lot in utility bills. This is a great way to guarantee your loved ones privacy when sleeping or enjoying a late night movie. The curtains reduces outside noise and protects your furniture and rugs from UV light that causes fading.


i)The curtains are fade resistant

ii)Are machine washable and wrinkle free

iii)Availability of different colors to choose from


i)They are a bit costly

Best Blackout Curtains

8. Deconovo Grommet Plush Orange Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

Deconovo blackout curtains have the ability to keep out up to 99.8 percent of intrusive light. This curtain is a perfect choice for shift workers, seniors, students, infants and late sleepers. The curtain has the ability to block outside noise to about 40 percent allowing to have undisturbed sleep even if they are noises on the streets. If you want absolute privacy, you can get that by using this curtain as completely opaque and keeps your discussions inaudible from outside. They are not prone to dust mites and it is safe to use on infants without worry of dust allergies.


i)Does not cause dust allergies

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ii)Superior light blocking capabilities

iii)Available in different dimensions for perfect fit


i)Needs warm ironing to remove wrinkles after washing

Best Blackout Curtains

7. Miuco 52-Inch-by-63-Inch Grommet Blackout Curtain

Miuco Blackout Curtain has a luxurious design featuring a 3-inch bottom hem and 1-inch hem. These curtains have creative designed weights at the bottom of the curtains which makes more straighten. The back and the front of the curtain are made of same material and can be interchanged if desired. Having dimensions of 52 by 63 inches each, this curtains covers most windows. The curtains has the ability to block up to 98 percent sunlight and up to 100 percent UV light. It also has the ability of blocking 60 percent outside noise. This features makes the curtains perfect for napping children, shift workers and day sleepers. They are easy to clean by machine.


i)Able to cover large windows

ii)Has better noise blocking ability

iii)Front and back material similar


i)Fades after prolonged use

Best Blackout Curtains

6. YOJA Thermal Insulated Window Treatment Blackout Curtains

If you are looking for Blackout Curtains that will not only block sunlight but brighten your room- especially the leaving room- then YOJA Blackout Curtains is the way to go. The blackout effect is more profound in dark colored curtains and a brightly colored curtain like this one can achieve 99 percent sunlight blockage. YOJA curtains have thermal insulation that protects your home from outside heat. It also blocks outside and keeping out prying eyes. The curtains are easy to install due to its eight 1.6-inch diameter grommets. It is suitable for bedroom, kitchen, office and living room.


i)Easy to install

ii)Solid color hence adds warmth

iii)Easy to maintain


i)They are a bit costly

Best Blackout Curtains

5.Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Best Home Fashion curtains not only keeps 99 percent of outside but it also has thermal insulation to keep your room at the preferred temperature. The curtains also offers you 40 percent noise reduction. It has a very appealing design featuring a triple weave technology which keeps light out while blending well with your room’s décor. You can use them in your home or even the office for complete privacy. The curtains improve your TV viewing experience and nice sleep when used in the bedroom. The curtains are easy to clean and is machine wash safe.


i)They are durable

ii)Easy to maintain as it is machine washable and wrinkle free

iii)They have same color on both sides


i)Bright colored curtains are effective against sunlight

Best Blackout Curtains

4. Nicetown Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains

These curtains allows you to have more peaceful night sleep by blocking up to 96 percent of light and 35 percent outside noise. It is made of multi-layer microfiber that blocks light from outside. The curtains have thermal insulation which ensures that your room is warmer in winter and colder in summer thus saving you 30 percent in energy bills. The curtains are suitable for infants and day sleepers who have trouble falling asleep with the slightest hint of sunlight and noise. You can also use for home theater to watch your favorite movie without minding the time of day.

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i)Easy to maintain

ii)They are energy smart



i)Has lower percentage of light blocking

Best Blackout Curtains

3. Gorgeous Home Window Curtain Drapes

Gorgeous Home Window Curtain is one of the best blackout curtain you can get in the market. It is thick and heavy-duty which improves the thermal efficiency of any room by keeping out cold during the winter and keeping heat during summer. Using this curtain is also one way you can enjoy your privacy with your loved ones. The curtain is made of high quality materials for durability. It has a height of 84 inches thus can cover windows with this length effectively. It has an appealing silver grey theme which easily blends to most home décor. The grommets are large and brown in color giving the curtains some elegance.


i)It is tall and can cover various window length

ii)It is machine washable

iii)Has foam-lined interior for thermal insulation


i)Hard to get rid of wrinkles after washing

Best Blackout Curtains

2. Half Price Drapes BOCH-174402-108 Blackout Curtain

Half Price Blackout Curtain is at position two due to its super soft texture which makes a perfect fit for bedrooms and TV rooms. Although it is thick, you hardly tell the difference from regular curtains. They are very stylish and will certainly blend well with any home décor. It is very effective at keeping sunlight out even during those bright days. The curtains also has thermal insulation which maintains the room temperature at an optimal value. This curtain is easy to maintain as it is machine washable. It is wide to cover large windows without any problem.


i)It is fade resistant and withstands discoloration caused by UV light

ii)It is effective against sunlight and strong street lights

iii)Has thermal insulation


i)It is grey and not suitable for brightly colored rooms but they are other color options

Best Blackout Curtains

1. Utopia Bedding Blackout Curtains

Utopia two-panel curtains completely blacks out rooms. They are easy to fix thanks to its 1.6 inch diameter grommets that you can easily slide standard curtain rods. It is extra wide covering a total area of 104 inches by 63 inches. The curtains have an elegant design featuring a 4-inch wide bottom hem and a 1-inch side hem. It is a high quality product that gives you value for money. They are available in different color options and you can find one that best complements the décor your home. It offers thermal protection blocking up to 99 percent of light and 60 percent outside noise.


i)They are wide hence you use less panels

ii)Effective against sunlight

iii)Elegant design


i)It is expensive

Best Blackout Curtains

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