Top 10 Best Black Wax for Cars to Cover Scratches in 2019

They are many brands of best black wax for cars to cover scratches in the market. Choosing the best is not easy as it may look. Carnauba based waxes are mostly preferred because they create a vibrant and cool glow. Furthermore, it converts the paint into liquid pool. This pool shimmer under varying weather conditions. The more you apply the wax, the more your car will shine.

Do not go for expensive car wax thinking it might give better results than cheap ones, as you still get amazing results from affordable black wax for cars. Choose wisely and if have no pre-knowledge about the car wax, inquire from friends, written documentation or reviews from customers who have previously used the product.

Top Reasons You Should Wax Your Car

We often find ourselves waxing our cars. It has become a habit yet we don’t understand why we are doing so. They are various reasons for doing. Here are some of this reasons why you should regularly wax your car.


This is the common reason people buy wax for their vehicles. They want to ensure the vehicle is shining brilliantly. Waxing is one the simple way to make our car look glossy and attractive. The degree of shining is dependent on the type of car wax you are using. Carnauba founded wax provides excellent shine.

b)Improves durability paints and Cover scratches

Wax offers excellent protection to your paint by preventing chips and other forms of corrosion. It also smoothens the surface of the paint leaving behind good looking car surface. Also, it significantly reduces friction generated between the car and the debris. For this reason. Small debris will easily slide off the car instead of corroding it. This will safeguard your car from little injuries that might be expensive to repair.


Wax offers excellent protection from airborne contamination. After painting, your car surface is very vulnerable to many infections. On applying the wax, you provide the necessary sealing against such contaminates. Also, harmful pests, acidic rain among other harsh components can easily settle on paint resulting in severe damage. Waxing forms a barrier between the paint and external world.

d)Easy Cleaning

Waxed surface is very easy to wash and maintain. This is because bugs, acidic rain, and sap will easily be washed away during the cleaning process.

e)Boosts car appearance

Wax improves the appearance of the car by filling in the already existing scratches. Do not confuse filling with removing. They totally mean different things. Scratches are less visible when filled with wax.

Types of Black Car Waxes

Car waxes are available in three forms: spray, liquid, and paste waxes. Every car is best serviced by a particular kind of car wax. Spray wax is easy to apply than liquid wax but does not last longer. Liquid paste offers worth performance.

Spray Waxes

These types are suitable for brand cars having a great finish. Convenient to use and compatible with many car surfaces. The only drawback is that it is not recommendable for cleaning. Also, it cannot last for long.

Liquid Waxes

This type is best for cleaning as they dry faster within some few seconds. They are also durable. Sometimes it is hard to apply and buff.

Paste Waxes

Like spray, paste waxes are easy to use. Its performance is a bit low that those delivered by liquid type. Very tiresome to remove from the package container. Takes sometimes to dry up. Almost 30 minutes or more.

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The Best Black Wax for Cars to Cover Scratches in 2019

Not all car waxes will work best with your car. Reliability of the wax is dependent on car type, size, and design. For this reason, each wax gives desirable results to a particular car. Evaluate your car values before deciding on which product is worth your money. The list for Top 10 Best Black Wax for cars in 2019 Reviews are listed below.

10.Griot’s Garage 11029 Premium Carnauba Paste Wax

This car wax opens our list since it is formulated from top grade carnauba. Other excellent ingredients are included that makes it easy to apply the product. On application, it results in great shine. The black wax offers excellent protection for the car paint. Hydrophobic technology incorporated to increase the surface tension. Convenient as you can apply using bare hand or a machine. Griot’s Garage Red Foam Waxing Pad can also be used while applying this wax. An application pad is included in the package during its purchase. Dries faster. Advisable that you apply section by section to achieve the best results. Results in a deep and glossy finish. Offers extensive protection.


i) Offers durable protection.

ii) Packed in a large container to last many days.

iii) Has no abrasives hence worry that it might corrode you paint.


i) Quite expensive.

Best Black Wax for Cars to Cover Scratches

9.Collinite No. 476 Super Double Coat Auto Wax

Collinite No. 476 Super Double Coat Auto Wax comes ninth in our list of the best black wax for cars to cover scratches in 2019. This is because of its great value and long durability of 12 months. Well known for great performance. Very easy to use even for the beginners. Unlike other standard waxes, this product has no fruity smell that might evoke allergic reactions in some users. You can apply using a moist sponge or microfiber applicator. Results in incredible shine both in rain and sunshine. High surface tension due to hydrophobic technology protects the paint from water corrosion as it will just roll off. Provides durable protection. This is because it is a blend of Brazilian carnauba wax together with synthetic waxes.


i) Its amazing price matches its quality.

ii) Offers great protection for paint.


i) Do not over-apply too much as this might be hard to buff out.

Best Black Wax for Cars to Cover Scratches

8.Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax

This another awesome wax product from Meguiar’s company. The company makes use of exclusive Hydrophobic Polymer Technology to guarantee additional surface tension. This offers excellent protection to paint from water corrosion as it will quickly roll off on its surface. To add, this wax gives profound and impressive reflections. Compatible with various paint types such as glossy paint and clear coats. Also, this waste boosts the color of paint applied. Apart from protecting the paint, the wax guarantees excellent protection to your car. Incorporates Thin Film technology for easy applications. It is safe hence can be applied using the bare hand, polisher or orbital. Its package contains microfiber towel and applicator. Does not leaves white stains on the trim. You can use it anytime. Be it on sunny, cloudy or during warm days.

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i) Easy to apply even by use of bare hands.

ii) Recommendable that you apply the wax in small parts at a time to attain the best results.


i) Some users wished it could provide more shine.

Best Black Wax for Cars to Cover Scratches

7.P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax comes seventh in our list due to its high price. Despite this, the wax delivers outstanding performance. Has no abrasive contents resulting in a smooth and shiny finish. While using this product, you do not have to worry about white residues on the seam line. Easy to apply and buff out.The wax dries very fast within a minute. In case you accidentally touch the car surface, be assured that no fingerprints marks that will be left behind. This product provides deep and durable shine. You can apply using bare hands because it has no harmful contents.


i) Does not leave white foam on plastic or rubber tires

ii) Easy to apply and buff out.


i) In case you delay for few minutes, it will be a real hassle to remove it.

Best Black Wax for Cars to Cover Scratches

 6.Meguiar’s G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax

Meguiar’s G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax is formulated using Meguiar’s Thin Film technology. This technology makes the wax easy to apply and remove from the car surface. The wax offers excellent protection alongside augmented reflectivity. Compatible with various types of paints such as clear coats and glossy paints. Boosts the color and depth of paint applied. Has synthetic polymers to ensure it last longer offering excellent protection. On the other hand, hydrophobic polymer increases the surface tension to avoid water corrosion. This is because water molecules will roll off quickly on the paint. Has no harmful contents hence you can just apply using the hand. Action polisher and orbital can also be used apply. Also, you can apply in all season, could it be sunny, windy or even calm days.


i) On purchase, it includes microfiber towel for easy application.

ii) Perfect for hiding scratches.

iii) Provides deep and durable shine.


i) Highly priced but am sure you appreciate its outstanding results.

Best Black Wax for Cars to Cover Scratches

5.S100 13700W Carnauba Paste Wax

This car wax is formulated from carnauba and beeswax. Excellent choice for removing annoyances, white stains foams on plastic and powdering. It has no abrasives hence you can apply using your hand. Made from an exceptional blend of carnauba and beeswax. Leaves behind a soft and deep shine. Conceal scratches alongside dark colored corners. This product is well known to eliminate all form of annoyances, powdering especially during rubout and white residues on rubber or plastic. Available in liquid form hence easy to use. It is recommendable that you apply S100 Shine cleaner before waxing to get better results.


i) Its assigned priced is worth its excellent performance.

ii) Leaves a deep shine on your car.


i) Attracts some dust but this will affect the depth of your shine.

Best Black Wax for Cars to Cover Scratches

4.Autoglym HDWAXUS High Definition Wax

Try Autoglym HDWAXUS High Definition Wax to witness lasting shine. The product has been on the market for several years yet remains very popular and the choice of many people. This is because of its outstanding performance. It is sold out in full package having microfiber cloth and dual wax applicators. The applicators are made a soft sponge for hassle free application. Very easy apply and buff out and dries faster. Leaves your car glossy, warm and attractive. Unlike other similar wax, this unique wax set itself separate hence retaining the shine for some weeks. The only drawback is company does not include premium range and paste wax. It is non-selective as you can use with any paint.

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i) It is economical as one tin to apply several times.

ii) Repels water particles and dust.


i) Very expensive than other similar waxes in the market.

Best Black Wax for Cars to Cover Scratches

3.Turtle Wax T-123R Super Hard Shell Liquid Car Wax

This is one of great car wax in the world. Very easy to apply. The shine provided by this product last for 12 months or more. Unlike other waxes, Turtle Wax T-123R Super Hard Shell Liquid Car Wax offer not only protection against physical corrosion but also dangerous UV rays. It is well known for its extra hard shell protection. Available I both liquid and paste forms. The only challenge is how to buff off. It is a hassle to remove it unless you own a mechanical buffer.


i) It is of excellent quality.

ii) Long lasting finish.


i) The wax is a bit costly.

Best Black Wax for Cars to Cover Scratches

2.Dodo Juice Supernatural Car Wax

Dodo Juice Supernatural car wax is a well-known brand in the world. This is because the company is reputable offering variety of car care products. These products are of excellent quality delivering effective results. It is made from natural ingredients hence free of synthetic additives. The company has been working for years adapting various technologies. Now they have managed to formulate exceptional gloss wax. Easy to apply. You can buff out faster after drying to retain outstanding shine. Made of grade 1 carnauba wax imported from Brazil. Later the carnauba wax is refined to give ivory color. The wax protects your car from acidic rain corrosion.


i) Deep shine for many weeks.

ii) Suitable for light paints.


i) Its package container is small. The company should use larger containers to last.

Best Black Wax for Cars to Cover Scratches

1.Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax

Chemical Guys WAC_201_16 Butter Wet Wax is a blend of carnauba, resins, and polymers. It is formulated well for smooth and even application. The wax leaves a deep shine on any paint. The shine on the car lasts for many weeks. Offers more UVB and UVA protection. On application, this wax melts on the paintwork just like butter. Most of the people worry a lot about how to handle non-texture surface. This type of car wax gives excellent results on such surfaces including windshields, wheels, and bumpers. It is definitely the best black wax for cars to cover scratches.


i) It does not leave swirl marks.

ii) Easy to apply and remove.


i) A bit costly.

Best Black Wax for Cars to Cover Scratches

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