Top 10 Best Bike Racks Reviewed 2022

Mounting a bike rack on your car can help save space and most importantly make transporting your bicycle less of a hassle. And there are many options from hitch to trunk and roof racks. The type of your vehicle, the frequency of use and of course your budget will determine the choice of one option over the other. Nonetheless, going over the many models available on the market can be a tasking endeavor. We review the best bike racks to help find what suits your needs faster. We even top it up with a buyer’s guide!

10. Thule 990XT Bike Hitch Rack

The 990XT works well with mid-sized or small cars that have a hitch trailer. It can secure two bikes at the rear of your automobile using its integrated mast hooks. It even has a snug tie receiver lock to eliminate movement and ensure that your bicycles stay in place during transportation. Because it supports quick loading and unloading, it is the best option for frequent use. However, you may have to store it indoors (or in your car) when not in use to avoid weather damage.


• Load capacity – two bikes
• Compatible with one key system
• Fits two-inch hitch receivers
• Fits ¼ inch hit receiver

9. Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Trunk Rack

If you’re after affordability, you need to view this bike rake. A highly acclaimed unit from a reliable brand, it features a patent pending design for easy and quick set-up. It is versatile as well and can fit into SUV’s, minivans, sedans and hatchbacks. In the meantime, the large car pads will help keep your bicycles safe while protecting your vehicle’s finish. Most users hail its sturdiness and ease of installation. However, some find it bulky when fully installed.


• Individual tie-down cradles
• Load capacity – 2 bikes
• Dual compound cradles

8. CURT 18084 Bike Rack

The CURT 18084 can carry two bikes with a combined weight of 90 pounds. A competitively priced carrier, it sports padded arms to quickly adjust to kid’s, women’s and men’s bicycles. Accessing it from the back isn’t a problem either as you can always use the tilt-away feature to increase accessibility. Its sides fold effortlessly for easy storage when not in use. The only thing you need to remember is to use a support strap to reduce wobble during transportation.


• Load capacity – Up to two bikes
• Threaded shank
• Tilt-down feature

7. Yakima 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

If you have a family of biking enthusiasts, this is one of the best racks you can purchase. With the ability to hold up to four bikes, the Yakima DoubleDown is compatible with ¼ and 2-inch hitch receivers. It also features the exclusive SwitchBlade cradles to prevent bike to bike contact. It also supports ArmLock and DeadLock to secure both the bikes and the rack to your car. Most shoppers like the sturdy construction and the convenience this model offer. Others are of the opinion the arms could be closely spaced.


• Load capacity – up to four bikes
• Integrated bottle opener
• TriggerFinger technology

6. Hollywood HR1400 Mount Rack (2-Inch Receiver)

It is hard to talk about best bike racks without mentioning this model. It can accommodate four bicycles and can securely mount on a two-inch hitch. Unlike most units, you don’t require additional accessories to keep it steady. The Hollywood HR1400 also comes with a lock-in pin to reduce wobbling. As a bonus, this rack can fold flat against you automobile when not in use. You may have to take off the sliding hooks, but that’s not down per se.


• Load capacity – four bikes
• 9-feet security cable
• 2-inch hitch

5. Hollywood Racks Express Bike Rack

Choose this carrier if the one above is too big for your needs. Boasting the same precision and high-quality Hollywood Racks is known for, it can carry up to 2 bikes. It is an excellent choice for small car owners who cycle regularly. It is fully assembled and has built-in tie down straps for additional security. And you can rest assured that your vehicle’s finish is safe thanks to the soft rubber cradles. It is worth noting that this may not be the ideal option for bikes without a standard frame.


• Load capacity – two bikes
• Easy to use adjustment hubs
• Velcro straps

4. Yakima RidgeBack Hitch Bike Rack

The RidgeBack has an innovative design to allow you to fix your bikes in a snap. It promises years of use and enables you to haul a wide variety of bikes as well. Even though it can readily transport two bikes, you can carry up to four bikes using an optional add-on. It won’t come into contact with your car which means you can take everything from full suspension to carbon road bikes without bothering about scratches and scuffs. The Yakima RidgeBackis a premium quality rack, but the integrated locking cables could be longer.


• Load capacity – two bikes
• ZipSrips locks
• UpperHand lever

3. Saris 805 Bones Trunk Rack

The Saris 805 offers everything you’d expect from a model of its price range. In fact, it is arguably the best bike rack when pitted against its competitors. With unique, injection-molded arms and legs, it could as well be the strongest model on the market. It can hold two bikes and the best part is that it boasts 100% recyclable materials. In essence, that means you can leave it in your car’s trunk for days without rusting or damaging your vehicle. A section of customers says that they experience difficulties when using it with step through bike frames, though.


• Load capacity – two bikes
• Ratcheting hold downs
• Articulated rubber feet

2. Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Those who’ve used this bike rack love its long arms which secure bikes individually and the ability to fold as needed. It also comes with a reliable tie-down system to bring in the element of convenience and stability. Its black powder coating is attractive to the eyes too. To cap it all, you can tilt the main mast to access the lift gate even when the rack is already set up. And while it can accommodate multiple bikes, you should ensure that the tie-down system holds them tightly to avoid breaking.


• Load capacity – up to three bikes
• Steel construction
• Exclusive single key release system

1. Swagman XC Cross-Country Hitch Rack

At the time of publishing this, the Swagman XC had 1,600 + customer reviews, making it one of the most sought after bike racks. It can haul two bikes at a go and fits with 2 and 1 ¼ hitch receivers. Be sure to leverage on its adjustable quick-release tire hoop to carry a wider range of bikes. You can even adjust the ratchet arms to fits bikes with a size of up to 59 centimeters. And because no assembly is required, you can start to use it minutes after unpacking. Be careful with the ratcheting top clips though to avoid pinching your fingers.


• Load capacity – up to two bikes, each weighing 35 pounds
• Upright ratcheting
• 10 mm security cable

How to Choose the Best Bike Rack

A couple of things come into play when you’re looking for a bike rack worth purchasing. Here’s are some handy tips to help you land a model that is in line with your needs.

What’s the Type of Your Car?

This is where it all starts. Some racks will fit into SUVs, while others work well with small cars, minivans and so forth. It almost goes without saying that the unit you choose should be for use with the type your automobile.

What‘s the Type of Your Bike?

As stated in the reviews above, some racks won’t fit bicycles with certain frames. So, ensure that your cycle can fit into the rack before buying. Check to see it can accommodate the tires as well. In short, make sure that the rack is compatible with your bike.

How Many Bikes do You Have?

Again, as seen above, the number of bicycles a rack can haul varies from one model to another. Check to see if the option you want to buy can carry all your bikes at once. Some unit can handle two bikes while high-end models can transport up to four bikes.

The Locks

Because you will fit the rack on your automobile, you also want a guarantee that the bike will be secure. You should, therefore, ensure that the model has enough locks to minimize wobbling during transportation. Speaking of integrated locks and the best bike rack should have ones attach to the bicycle and the car itself.

Other than that, you may also need to know that roof racks provide quick access to hatches and that trunk racks are reasonably affordable. Hitch racks are perfect for frequent use and are also easy load and unload. That said, you’re now a click away from getting the best bike racks for your money!

Top 10 Best Bike Racks For Cars In 2022 Reviews

Do you enjoy cycling for fun or as a profession? Are you looking for an effective bike rack to transport your bicycles effortlessly while on safaris and or outdoor trips? For the best experience, purchase one of the 10 bike racks highlighted on this list. They are durable, made of heavy-duty materials that offer valuable service, and have advanced yet functional systems that serve users for long if used as needed. They are also affordable, compatible with most car brands, and work without scratching paint and or denting cars.

10. Cocoweb EarthMount Bike and Kayak Carriers

Talking about the best bicycle mounts to buy in 2022; Cocoweb EarthMount is an advanced four-bike model that is also ideal for carrying kayaks during outdoor adventures. It is durable, fits 2-inch mounts snugly, and has a novel tilt-down design that allows users to access the rear of their cars even when it is in use. This bicycle mount assembles fast. It is also easy to install and use, has specially designed Velcro straps and cradles that secure bicycles well, and sturdy easy-to-fold arms that boost safety further. You will enjoy using it.

9. Allen Sports MT-1 2022 Ultra Compact Folding 1-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Allen Sports MT-1 2022 is a well-made and ultra-compact folding bike mount designed for securing one adult-sized bicycle whilst commuting or traveling. It is durable, space efficient, and connects reliably on the trunks of most types of cars. Its padded legs lower the risk of scratches and dents. Its adjustable strap system secures bicycles well for optimal security, while its novel tie down system prevents it from dislodging whenever you hit a bump, even at high speeds. Allen Sports MT-1 2022 is affordable and has an innovative fold-down system that fits snug inside backpacks and carrying bags when not in use.

8. Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Do you embark on frequent safaris with your wife or lover? Are you shopping for a well-built bike rack for securing and transporting up to two bikes at a go? This dual-bike model by Hollywood Racks is a well-designed trunk-mounting rack that offers valuable service for years. It is easy to install, easy to adjust, and has an ergonomic and super-protective design that does not lower the value of vehicles in any way. Hollywood Racks express trunk mounted bike rack ships pre-assembled and ready to use. It is affordable, fits most types of vehicles, and ships backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

7. Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack with 2-Inch Receiver

Designed for mounting and transporting four bicycles at a go, Allen Sports Deluxe is a professional-grade four-bike hitch mount rack with a durable two-inch receiver. The heavy-duty steel used to manufacture it is not only durable, but also has an aesthetic powder coated finish that resists rust and corrosion. Its 22-inch long arms are super supportive, have a patented tie-down system that supports bicycles well, and a unique folding design that comes in handy during storage. This rack is cheap, and sets up and installs in under 5 seconds.

6. Hollywood Racks F4 Heavy Duty 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Considered among the best products in this niche, Hollywood Racks F4 is a sturdy heavy-duty four-bike mount rack that works perfectly on various trunk shapes and sizes. It is easy to install. It is also easy to adjust and use, and has an array of safety features including rubber padding for your car, a day glow safety flag that improves visibility, and sturdy straps with tie-down buckles that secures bicycles well. Hollywood Racks F4 ships fully assembled. It folds fast for easier storage and recommended for use on all types of vehicles.

5. Yakima RidgeBack 4-Bike Hitch Rack

Featuring an advanced tool-free SpeedKnob locking system, a tilt-down upper lever, and secure ZipStrip closures, Yakima RidgeBack is a functional four-bike hitch rack that works excellent on all types of vehicles. It is east yo install, old flat for easier storage, and does not scratch nor lower the value of cars whilst in use. It is also easy to adjust, has a universal receiver that fits all 1.25-inch and 2-inch trailer hitches, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

4. Swagman XTC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Built to mount on 1.25-inch and 2-inch trailer mount, Swagman XTC Cross-Country by Swagman Bicycle Carriers is a universal hitch-mount bicycle rack that carries two 20 to 29-inch bicycles at a go. It is durable, sturdy, and very easy to install and use. Its ratcheting arms adjust smoothly for a snug and or comfortable fit, while its large and ergonomic design allows you to transport bicycles easily without removing its front tire. It is affordable, folds for easier storage, and ships backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack

Popular in top 10 best bike racks for cars in 2022 reviews, Saris Bones is a stylish dual bike trunk rack that works as good as it looks. It is durable, made of 100% non-rusting and recyclable materials, and features sturdy injection-molded arms that secure bicycles well independent of size and weight. It also has a functional arc-based design that fits well over most vehicle spoilers, anti-sway ratcheting straps for stability, and a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Designed to fit SUVs, minivans, hatchbacks, and family-sized sedans, this deluxe dual-bike mount rack by Allen Sports is a premium-grade accessory with a padded low-profile frame that offers valuable service. It is durable, has side straps that improve lateral stability, and tie-down straps that secure bikes well to prevent bikes from falling. It ships fully assembled; sets up and installs easily, and comes backed by Allen’s lifetime warranty.

1. Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Swagman XC Cross-Country is a functional everyday bike mount rack with a universal 1.25-2-inch receiver. It assembles in seconds, fits and secures two adult-sized bicycles comfortably, and has an anti-wobble hitch device that prevents it from wobbling and or shifting. This rack folds for easier storage, does not rust nor corrode easily, and ships pre-assembled and ready to use.

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