Top 10 Best Bicycle Saddlebags Reviewed in 2019

I know you love riding bikes. Have you ever given bicycle saddlebags a thought? Well, you may be wondering how a bag will contribute to your riding bicycle. It is all about convenience. If you have ever participated in bike races, gone touring, or cross country, then you understand pretty well what I mean.

A saddlebag is positioned under the saddle and seat and carries all the bicycle accessories that you most likely will require. Spare inner tube, CO2 canisters, fast-aid kit, rain gear and identification are just examples. Some even put their food or cash in the pouches. Imagine a scenario where you needed to repair your bike, and you are far away from home. To make matters worse, you are not familiar with the place, and you do not know anyone.

Features To Look For When Purchasing For A Bicycle Saddlebag


It feels bad as you ride your bike and the load in your bag keeps shifting. Saddlebags feature compression straps or expandable collars allowing you to carry loads of varying sizes comfortably.

Resistance to water

Let’s face it. It might be hard to predict the time the rain falls. Worse still, you may be happy to take shelter but how about the road sprays. Bags made with rubber materials are waterproof, and you are sure to reach your destination with your gear intact.


You might need to remove an item without stopping along the way, and it is easier when you have your bag that allows you to retrieve your items without the need to detach it.


For bicycle saddlebags, search for the one with ‘quick-release mountain bracket. Others have buckles and straps.

Cost, size, and materials are other elements which may have featured in the above discussed key features. That brings us to our handpicked best 10 bicycle saddlebags for 2019

10. Weather Resistant-Bicycle Saddle Exciting

Weather Resistant-Bicycle Saddle Exciting

You need to quit that habit of stuffing all accessories in your pocket. Here comes an adorable saddlebag, perfect size to fit or your essentials as you leave home. If you care about color, you have the option to choose from the six available options. It doesn’t matter the type of weather you have to face. The saddlebag is water resistant as per the title. Made from durable material polyester, it is a guarantee that when your gear is in this saddlebag, they cannot get damaged. Furthermore, the material makes it sturdy enough not to wear out easily under slight pressure.

It is annoying to spend most of your time attempting to attach your luggage. The solution is to purchase a bag that is easy to attach. Water resistant saddle exciting features ‘strap-in-buckles’ and Velcro strap meant to speed up installation. You will finish connecting, and within seconds, you are on your bike moving. Besides, once attached, you are assured of the security of your saddlebag.

I know you hate it when riding with a large accessories bag while you have few items to pack. With the contents moving from side to side in the bag, it is the worst riding experience you can ever have. Besides, small luggage might need much more effort to balance if they are not compact. Most of us don’t carry many things, and if you are like me, this saddlebag has come to your aid. Being 6.5 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches, it is small enough to fit your gear and leave no space. Also, it is lightweight weighing only 0.2 pounds when empty. That ensures that you have balance as you ride along and even move fast.


  • Water resistant
  • Durable (polyester)
  • Small in size
  • Super-fast installation
  • Secure (durable zippers)


  • Those embarking on long rides may fail to fit a lot of items as they would love to. Best when you only need to carry the essentials.

9. BV Bicycle Strap Saddle Inside

BV Bicycle Strap Saddle Inside

Planning your next biking event? Then you cannot afford to miss this lightweight saddlebag for your personal items. Have you ever lost your keys or dropped your phone from the pocket as you ride? If you have, you understand what I mean. Aside from just the bike accessories, this bag can accommodate your snacks, keys, and phone. Also, photograph enthusiasts have a reason to smile because it has enough space for your camera too.

It features a zippered opening, beautiful design for easy access to your essentials. A light clip located outside makes it easy to open. Now for small items like phone, iPods, and keys, there is a mesh pocket located inside where you can insert your items. The security of your items is essential. Besides, some are highly delicate items that might require maximum care. The location of the mesh pocket inside the bag keeps those valuable items securely.

A saddlebag is not convenient enough if does not offer an easy and secure attachment. The ‘strap-on design’ ensures that you can wrap the elastic band around the seat such that they cannot fall as you ride. What’s more, the bag is highly Compact meaning that it will not hinder proper riding due to the unnecessary movements. It is also remarkably lightweight weighing only 0.05 pounds. This saddlebag guarantees high quality and comes with a warranty.


  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight for fast riding
  • Zipper opening design for ease of access
  • More secure mesh pocket inside for valuables


  • Designed for only essentials and not large items

8. Bicycle-Saddle-Leisure-Realm-Orange


If you are into something stylish and cool, then you can never go wrong with Leisure Realm. No need to go for the common colors that every person in town boasts about. Get something that will make you stand out from the crowd; a saddlebag that you can show off to your buddies. The sleek design and look make it feature among the top rated saddlebags this year. It has reflective strips for visibility by other motorists keeping you safe. Besides, it is water-resistance ensuring that your items do come into contact with water.

You don’t need a bag that takes you an eternity to attach. Leisure realm will only require a few of your seconds to do that. Accessibility is a key aspect when it comes to saddlebags. You don’t want to purchase a bag that eats into your precious time trying to reach for your essentials. As such, it opens and closes nicely and fast without a struggle.

Another feature making leisure realm stand out from the pack is the ease of installation and detaching. It pains to see a bag that you spent a fortune on failing to fix and you have less time before you embark on your ride. Trust me; you could throw it away in anger and frustration. Save yourself the trouble. You will be shocked how easy it is to install and detach your bag.

You hate bulky items as much as I do? Imagine purchasing an already heavy saddle bag and adding the weight of your essentials on top. You’d hate the ride even before you have climbed your bicycle. The saddlebag is very light such even packing your essentials, it still doesn’t feel bulky. After all, you need to move with speed.


  • Has a stylish design and colors
  • Reflective strips for safety
  • Water-repellent
  • Compatible with many bikes
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of access
  • Ease to install and detach


  • No room to fit a large phone like iPhone 6 if you have your keys and some other tools in the pocket. However, there is more enough room for your other accessories.

7. Accessories Individual Compartment Extension Checklist

Accessories Individual Compartment Extension Checklist

What bicycle saddlebag do you use? Versatility is a key aspect when it comes to bike bags. And Saddlebag Small Plus offers that and even more. A cyclist requires a stylish and an easy to use bag. What makes the bag nice option for you? Highly durable polyester is the material used in making it.

You don’t have all the time in the world to try and attach and detach your bag. In a short moment, you have the bag in your hands or tucked under the seat ready to move. The dual strap makes sure that it is secure there and cannot snap out as you go.

The bag distinguishes itself from the crowd in that it is extendable or rather adjustable. That means you can create more space for your items if you want to. You will note that adjustability is leading element when it comes having the best experience with saddlebags. Wait until you lack space to put your phone, and you will understand that pretty well.

If you like storing your things according to their categories, then with compartment extension checklist will allow you to do that since it has many pockets. Besides, that will come in handy when it comes to ease of access as you will not take much time to locate items. What’s more, you can use the bag on any bicycle regardless of the color since it comes with a stylish and sleek design.

Not all the items that you carry have perfect shapes. What happens when you force an awkwardly shaped accessory? Most likely, the bottom and the sides of the bag surrender to the pressure and end up wearing out. In that respect, you are covered. This bag has highly flexible walls and floor designed to accommodate any large bike accessories regardless of the shape. The materials used and strengthening stitching are what makes it withstand.


  • Expandable to create more space
  • Sturdy and durable due to the polyester and the strengthening stitching
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install and detach
  • Multiple interior pockets for storage


  • A single complaint about the buckle

6. ArcEnCiel Cycling Saddle Outdoor Bicycle

ArcEnCiel Cycling Saddle Outdoor Bicycle

Embarking on a ride anytime soon? Spice it up by getting yourself an adorable and trendy saddlebag. ArcEnCiel Bike saddlebag comes in a carbon leather fiber on both sides giving it a unique look. Besides, when it comes to cleaning, you can be sure this pouch will only require a wet cloth you are sorted.

Are you tired of buying saddlebags that promise to last long only for the interior lining to start wearing out? ArcEnCiel Bike saddlebag interior comes padded with polyester and polyethylene (PE) material. Not only does that make the pouch water-resistant but also durable. And that is because of the bag is a not susceptible to interior wearing out due to the accessories you pack inside. The pouch has enough space not only for the bicycle tools but also a phone, snacks, keys clothes and more.

Your security is crucial and particularly when riding at night. Even if a reflector jacket helps, both sides of the bag have reflective tapes to give you more visibility to other road users. Therefore, even if you are late, you don’t have to be scared of riding back home. What’s more, it doesn’t have to take ages to detach or install your bag. It features quick release buckles allowing you to adjust, remove or attach your bag. Besides, you can use the bag in diverse varieties of bikes eliminating the need to purchase more for each one that you decide to use.


  • Water resistant
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Trendy and nice looking
  • Features reflective tape for visibility on the road
  • Ample space to pack your essentials
  • Interior reinforced with PE to reduce abrasion


  • The only issue with the saddlebag is that those who own extra large phones may find the pouch small. However, any standard sized phone fits in perfectly.

5. Roswheel-Outdoor-Cycling-Bicycle-Saddle


Rosewheel Saddlebag comes in a unique wedge shape helping it to slip through the wind without any hindrance. That aspect allows you to ride fast. Also, the bag comes with internal pockets where you can separate the tools from the fragile items such as the inner tubes. That also saves you the time is would require to sort out the item you need to retrieve.

Also, the zippered pockets make it easy to remove your times and also easy to attach it to the saddle. The zipper allows you to pack double the items you would need. To spare time for other tasks, it comes with a ‘quick-release mounting system’ that lets you either mount or remove your bag without needing any tools. Besides, the bag suspends in a manner such that it is simple to access your tools. Moreover, the bag fits any type of bicycle’s saddle.

With the polyester material used in making it, you can be sure that it is water resistant. Many a time we carry delicate items such as phone and cameras. When riding, it is possible for them to break under the shock of the bike, especially on a rugged road. The inside of the bag has rubber foam whose aim is to reduce the impact keeping your items intact. Also, the bag is highly lightweight weighing only 0.16oz


  • Water resistant
  • Unique wedge design
  • Durable (polyester PVC)
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber Foam Interior
  • Ease to mount and remove


  • Some people think it’s too small to accommodate many items, but we think it value for your money

4. Bike SaddleBag Geared2U Compartment

Bike SaddleBag Geared2U Compartment

At times, you may feel just cycling to work and as such, use Geared2U to carry any of your personal items safely. What makes Geared2 Compartment saddlebag one of the best options? You have 4 compartments to store all the personal items and the bike accessories, all for you. Most customers complain of limited space when it comes to saddlebags. Worse still, it is possible to purchase one that fails to fit even your phone. And you can access all your objects without the need to remove the bag from the saddle.

Storage will no longer be a big issue with Geared2U Compartment. There is enough space for even your sunglasses, wallet, bike pump, repair kit and more. Also, it does not use the Velcro, like every other bag. Jam zipper gives it the strength to withstand all the weight you need to carry. Besides, Jam zippers do not wear out fast like Velcro.

It comes with a waterproof cover to ensure that it does come into contact with water. So you are sure to get a durable pouch. That enables you to ride your bike without feeling constrained by the weather. Anytime you need to take the pack with you; you can detach it from the saddle with ease. You don’t use straps like the norm to install it. It features a clip that allows you to install and detach the bag with ease.

Even more, the saddlebag has put your safety first. It comes with reflective strips for clear visibility in traffic in the dark.


  • Easy to install and detach (uses a clip instead of straps)
  • Comes with a waterproof cover
  • Four compartments and spacious enough
  • Ease of access while still attached
  • Strong jam zippers, not Velcro
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight


  • Not compatible with all bicycle seats. You need to confirm before purchase

3. CoBean Silkworm Reflective Cycling Bicycle

CoBean Silkworm Reflective Cycling Bicycle

A nice silkworm-shaped saddlebag that is also an excellent choice for cyclists it is. Made with Polyurethane and polyester, you can be sure that it is a strong option. The material makes it all-weather in that it is water-resistant. The interior is U-shaped and padded with polyethylene board making it expandable. As such, you will leave no accessories or personal items back for lack of space.

It comes with a pocket flap that allows you to access your items quickly. Besides, it features anti-skidding zippers and buckles that keep your items secure as you ride. Your safety is crucial as always. In that respect, CoBean-Silkworm saddlebag has reflective strips the boost visibility. Also, to further increase your safety, CoBean is accompanied by a light holder belt so you can see when riding in the dark.


  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Expandable
  • Safe (anti-skidding zippers and buckles)
  • Light holder belt
  • Durable material


  • The zipper may break if under intense pressure. Please pack only the essential items and don’t force.

2. WOTOW Bicycle Repair Set Red

 WOTOW Bicycle Repair Set Red

Our second best is the aerodynamic wedge-shaped Wotow saddlebag. The shape gives it a unique design. If you are after a handy and comfortable saddlebag, it is Wotow. There is no need to worry about punctures or any other issue with your bike. This bag comes with 14 tools in one package. When the unfortunate happens, you are all ready to repair it wherever, whenever.

Besides accommodating the toolkit in the main pocket, you can fit in other personal items of your choice. As such it has an auxiliary mesh pocket where you can put small valuables such as the keys and tissue paper.

You don’t need to worry about taking eternity installing and detaching the pouch. It features a ‘quick-release mounting system’ that allows you to attach or remove your bag in the blink of an eye. Even better, you will not need any tools to have your bag under the saddle or removed when needed. Also, for ease of access when reaching or putting your items, it has a zippered pocket for convenience.


  • 14 in 1 repair tool kit
  • Sturdy
  • Water-resistant
  • Ease of access and installation
  • Sleek aerodynamic wedge design


  • Not enough space to fit an extra large cell phone like iPhone 6 plus. However, on testing with iPhone 6, it fits perfectly

1. BV-Bicycle-Strap-Saddle-Large


Finally at position one is the highly rated BV saddlebag. BV saddlebag tops the list of the top 10 saddlebags for various reasons. The saddlebag can fit on almost every bicycle seat as it comes with a ‘strap-on mounting design.’ The straps are made of durable nylon material that will leave your bag securely attached below the seat. Besides, it has your safety as a priority by having high-quality material all around it for traffic visibility. How the straps attach the bag to the saddle leaves the reflective strips un-obscured. To further boost your safety, it features a Velcro strap loop.

With a mesh compartment, it has enough space to accommodate almost or all of your essential items and accessories. They may include all the bicycle repair accessories as well as your phone, camera, snacks and more. The bag comes in three different sizes. There is small, medium and large. If you have a lot of items that you think may not fit, the bag has an expandable feature letting you stash many items. However, the expanding feature is only possible with the medium and large sizes. They expand in height to create more space. The straps, the interior, and exterior of the bag are well-sewn to prevent wear and even make it more secure when installed.


  • Expandable to accommodate all accessories and personal items
  • Sturdy and can withstand high forces without wearing out (well-stitched)
  • Reflective strips
  • Ease to install
  • Ease of access
  • Water- resistant
  • Secure


  • Zippers are durable and work pretty well but open facing down when still installed which might lead to spillage of items. At times, you may need to detach it to remove your items.


A saddlebag is a must-have tool if you want to have the best riding experience. Stop stashing items that could damage your pockets. Also, avoid the trouble of losing valuable items like keys and phone. Even more, beat the weather conditions by cycling your bike anytime. Escape the inconvenience of failing to carry accessories for your bike today.

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