Top 10 Best Battery Operated Fans In 2019

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Do you live in a hot or temperate environment? Are you on the market for a new fan that you can use to stay cool at home and in a commercial establishments such as an office or business environment?

Instead of purchasing traditional freestanding fans that people have used over the years, a battery-powered one will benefit you more for the following reasons: unlike electricity-powered models that need power and a compatible electrical outlet, battery-powered models work excellently even during blackouts.

They are also smaller than most freestanding electrical models, have portable yet powerful designs, and are among the most recommended models for individuals that want to stay cool in homes and offices without cluttering space. If you appreciate their value and want a functional model that you can use on an everyday basis, this article has sifted through the tens of available products to bring you the 10 best models you will appreciate buying.

10. Topwell Mini Handheld Square Fans

Topwell Mini Handheld Square Fans

Designed for use in homes, offices, and on the road; Topwell is a premium-grade three speed fan with a mini handheld and portable design perfect for everyday travel.

The high-grade plastic used to manufacture it is light yet durable. It motor and blade system run quietly to minimize irritation, while its innovative clip on design not only eases usage, but also enhances its practicality significantly. You can fit it at the edge of your desk when cooking.

You can also fit it on the side rail of your bed and enjoy a superior cooling experience without compromising safety and or damaging home and or office accessories.

The built in 18650 Rechargeable battery pack that it comes with keep it powered for a few hours, while its bright built-in flashlight comes in handy in the event of an electrical outage. You also get three easy to set fan speeds (high, medium, and low) and a power bank function for charging phones.

9. Honeywell HTF090B

Honeywell HTF090B

A popular product among millions worldwide, Honeywell HTF090B is a compact, black themed, and battery-powered personal fan with a light on-the-go design that benefits individuals who travel often.

It is durable, has an aesthetic black theme, and has a well-designed blade and motor system that improves airflow while lowering noise pollution at the same time.

When working, sleeping, or relaxing at home, you no longer have to worry about the buzzing fan in the background as is always the case when use standard electrical models.

If you are shopping for a quality fan and do not mind owning a single-speed model, Honeywell HTF090B is among the best.

It draws power from both USB and battery systems, has an integrated carrying handle for easier transportation, and has a space efficient design that guarantees optimal cooling.

All you have to do is purchase an original for the best experience.

8. Ozark Trail O2 Cool

Ozark Trail O2 Cool

Measuring 10 inches, Ozark Trail O2 Cool by Ozark Trail is a compact and portable fan that draws power from a high capacity and rechargeable battery.

It is durable, has a striking grey theme that blends well in contemporary and traditional homes, and has a well-designed blade system that moves a lot of air for a faster and efficient cooling experience.

With an original Ozark Trail O2 Cool, you also get pivots for directing airflow, a sturdy and portable base that works well on table, countertops, and other flat surfaces, and a foldable and space-saving design that comes in handy during transportation and or storage.

For those with a tight budget, this fan retails cheap in stores. Its rechargeable battery pack on the other hand charges fast, does not overheat over time, and offers up to 24 hours of reliable and continuous cooling.

7. Coleman Freestanding Tent Fan

Coleman Freestanding Tent Fan

A trusted brand in the fan niche, Coleman is home to durable and high performance products with this freestanding tent model ranking among the best of the best in this niche.

It is affordable, has a stylish freestanding design, and has a well-designed foam fan blades blade and a quiet motor system that cools fast and efficiently.

The dual fan speed on offer boosts its functionality. Its tilting base folds compact for easier storage, tilts to direct airflow, and has a stable and flat design that dampens vibrations well when in use.

Coleman works well in both freestanding and wall-mounted orientations. It is easy to setup and use and draws power from four D-cell batteries (replaceable) with a combined run time of approximately 21 hours. You also get a limited Coleman warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.

6. Topwell 4-inch Vane Fan

Topwell 4-inch Vane Fan

Light, compact, and with a powerful three-speed design, this vane fan by Topwell is a multi-functional four-inch accessory that works perfectly a desktop and on-the-go fun.

It is easy to use, has a built-in rechargeable battery that keeps it running optimally for several hours, and has a durable black-themed plastic construction that not only blends well in home and commercial environments, but also lasts long. This fan works independently or in combination with computers.

The built in Li-ion 18650 3.7V battery pack that it comes with does not overheat nor lose its capacity over time, while its brushless motor is industrial grade motor is durable, lasts long, and generates high winds that many individuals crave when cooling.

Topwell 4-inch Vane Fan is affordable and has responsive digital controls that ease its usage.

5. Innobay 4-inch Personal Fan

Innobay 4-inch Personal Fan

Measuring four inches, Innobay is a compact personal fan that has featured in many top 10 best battery operated fans in 2019 for several reasons.

Individuals who travel often and like to stay cool on the road, for instance, find it compact, light, and highly portable design invaluable.

It is battery-operated system is quiet and reliable, while its black body is aesthetic and manufactured using quality plastic. The brushless and 100% copper motor that it comes with works fast (3150RPM/min) and quietly.

It is also durable (1000 hours run time) and has three settings of airflow (low, medium, and high) that you can setup to match your needs. Apart from cooling, well, this one of a kind fan has a built-in LED torch that illuminates well and for several hours.

4. Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan

Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan

Manufactured using a light and durable plastic, Travelon is a durable spot-clean fan with an innovative battery-powered system that offers value for years.

It has a powerful three-speed system (low, medium, and high) that you can choose to match your cooling needs, a compact and portable design that does not weigh down users during transit, a multi-functional whisper-quiet design that works well on table, office desk, and even on the neck.

All blades are durable and manufacture using finger-safe plastic.

It is also affordable, relatively easy to setup, and has a safe, dependable, and highly powerful design that works well for both adults and children.

3. Efluky Mini USB Table Fan

Efluky Mini USB Table Fan

Do you live in a hot temperate environment? Are you having a difficult time finding the best battery-powered fan to use on an everyday basis?

If you have a few dollars to spend and want value for money, Efluky is a high-performance mini USB model that offers value for years.

It measures 4.5-inches, has an aesthetic and easy to clean black theme, and a rechargeable 3-speed system that you can customize as needed to meet your cooling needs.

The quality plastic used to manufacture it is professional grade. The finger-safe blades used to manufacture it direct a lot of are for sufficient cooling, while its built in LED lighting comes in handy in the event of a blackout.

Efluky Mini USB Table Fan charges via USB, is super quiet, and has an eight-hour replaceable battery that supports USB charging.

2. Epica Battery Operated Fan

Epica Battery Operated Fan

Recommended in top 10 best battery operated fans in 2019, Epica is a 10-inch battery operated fan with a light and portable design that users like.

It is affordable, comes with a UL-certified charging adapter, and draws power from eight D batteries that keep it running for up to 40 hours.

It also has a versatile dual fan speed system, a stable U shaped base that does not rattle nor topple when in use, and a compact and foldable design that saves a lot of space during transportation and or storage.

Whether you have electricity or not in your home and or office, this battery-powered fan will never disappoint you. It even has a stable tilting head for directing airflow.

1. O2COOL Portable Fan

O2COOL Portable Fan

Talking about the best battery-powered fans of 2019, this white and grey portable fan by O2COOL tops our list of the best. It has powerful five-inch fan blades, has an adjustable tilt that guarantees directional airflow, and runs on two 2 D batteries that keeps it powered for hours.

Its two speed button-controlled system works well.

Its portable design benefits frequent travelers, while its steeply raked blades are not only finger-safe, but also delivers a focused breeze without turbulence and or noise.

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