Top 10 Best Bath Robes in 2019 Reviews

Choosing the best bath robes can transform your bathroom experience. It is a luxurious and comfy addition to your wardrobe which gives you a spa-like experience. It can be worn after getting out of the bathroom or casually on top of pajamas or house clothes to add an extra layer of warmth. Bath ropes made of high-quality materials can serve you for many years while giving you a top notch experience. The challenge always is how to get the best bath rope that best suits your needs. This article is tailored to help you make the best choice.

Are bathrobes important?

If you take bathing seriously, bathrobe is an important part of taking a shower. Bathing is not just about cleaning the body but also gives you the chance to relax and reminisce on the day’s activities. Owning the best bathrobes can make you feel relaxed and comfortable as you prepare to do your morning and evening activities.

What factors should you consider when buying a bath robe?

i)Fabric of the bath robe

Bath robes are available in different fabric options, each having its own merits and demerits. The most common materials are Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton, satin, micro plush, fleece, terry cloth, silk and cotton waffle weave. The material you choose depends on your preferred texture, seasons and level of absorption.

The different types include;

Cotton/Terry-These bathrobes are the most popular bathrobes in the market. They have great absorbent qualities and are fairly soft. This is a great choice for a bathrobe, but you should always go for a pre-shrunk robe to avoid future problems. There are two main types of cotton robes; Egyptian and Turkish cotton. The main difference between the two is the level of absorbency. Turkish cotton fibers are long, thin and are less absorbent while Egyptian cotton fibers are dense, long and are more absorbent. However, Turkish cotton’s texture improves with time becoming fluffier and softer hence perfect for long time use.

Waffle weaved cotton-This brand of bathrobes is usually found in the hospitality industry but can also be used for private use since they are fairly priced. The have a diamond or checkered pattern which distinguishes it from the rest. Just like the cotton bath robe, you should go for a pre-shrunk rope. They are ideal for cool to moderate climates due to its fairly lightweight thickness.

Velour-They is considered to be more luxurious due to their softer feel. They are available in either poly or cotton materials

Cashmere- These robes are lightweight and offer extra comfort due to its soft texture. They have better insulating properties and hence offers you more warmth. It is a great choice for wearing offer evening wear to add an extra layer of warmth. They can only be dry-cleaned.

Silk/Satin- These robes have a softer texture and are very luxurious. They, however, have poor absorption capability. They are comfortable but not an ideal choice if you are looking for a robe which can absorb moisture.

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Chenille- These robes are known for their soft texture and for being lightweight. The emergence of micro-chenille fabric has made it the brand even more popular. However, low-end chenille robes can easily be confused with high-end chenille. Be sure to do a thorough research of the exact fabric before you order it.

Microfiber/Microplush-Thanks to the advancement in technology, microfiber has been taking the world of bathrobes by surprise. The fabric is finer than hair or silk, lightweight and breathable. It has a luxurious touch and feel. They can be used for all seasons but are more suited for the cold season.

You can buy different bath robes for different seasons thus you can go for silk for the warm season and go for waffle weaved in the cold season.


You should consider the design of the bathrobe. Most ladies bathrobes have lengths varying from mid-thigh to middle ankle while men’s robes are ankle to middle-ankle design. Each design has its own merits and demerits. Shorter bathrobes give you more freedom for easy movement but leave the legs exposed if you were looking for something to keep you warm. Some designs have pockets, and this can be another option to consider.


Bathrobes are available at different prices. High-quality bath robes generally cost more. But this does mean that you cannot find a bathrobe that best suits your budget. Bathrobes last for long, and you should not be afraid to spend more as it just a one off investment you will make in many years. If you want to get the best price, look out for season deals being offered by different online stores. This is one way you can get value for money.

iv)Main use of the bath robe

As stated earlier, bathrobe is not just a bathroom accessory. If you want a bathrobe to dry off after a shower, then Turkish cotton or Egyptian cotton and terry cloth are the ideal choices. If you want a robe to keep you warm, then you can go for flannel or micro plush. Satin, jersey knit and silk fabric robes are great for lounging.

Which is the best bathrobe?

There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to bath robes. You just need to take some time to consider our list of the Top 10 Best Bath Robes in 2019 Reviews, which we have carefully selected and reviewed in detail. They are:

10. TowelSelections Men’s Turkish Cotton Robe Kimono

The bathrobe is made of high-quality Turkish cotton that does a great job in drying you off after a shower. The robe has a simple design that gives you a perfect fit. The fact that it is available in more than 10 color option gives you a wide array to choose. It is made of 100 percent Turkish cotton that is soft and super comfortable. The absence of synthetic fabric eliminates the possibility of skin irritation.


i)The robe has great drying capabilities

ii)The robe is fluffy and comfortable

iii)It is affordable


i)The fabric of the robe is a bit heavy to be worn in the summer.

Best Bath Robes

9. Del Rossa Men’s Premium 100% Cotton Lightweight Woven Bathrobe

Del Rossa is one of the brands when it comes to bathrobes. This robe is one of their bestselling bathrobes. It is very affordable, yet it is made of premium cotton that is durable and comfortable. The contrasting lining on the sleeves and along the inside edges makes the robe to look more stylish. It has three pockets; one on the chest and two on the side. It is lightweight, and you can wear it during the same. It is available in different color options and sizes.

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i)The design is stylish and lightweight hence can be worn during the summer

ii)It is made of premium cotton for extra comfort

iii)It is affordable


i)It is a bit scratchy but softens up after a few washes

Best Bath Robes

8.TowelSelections Terry Cloth Bathrobe – Shawl Collar Terry Robe for Women and Men

TowelSelections Terry Cloth Bathrobe for men and women is of great quality. It is a perfect choice for ladies who prefer Kimono-styled bath robe that is made cotton. The texture of this Bathrobe is soft and absorbs moisture much faster. The robe is long and extends below the ankle. The robe is available in five different color options all promising to light up your wardrobe. It has two pockets in front and an extra-long waist belt.


i)The robe is fluffy and does a great job in absorbing moisture

ii)It is machine washable but must be washed with the same color

iii)It is relatively affordable


i)The robe starts fraying after being used for some time.

Best Bath Robes

7. Casual Moments Women’s Marshmallow Hooded Robe

Casual Moments Women’s Marshmallow Hooded Robe is a great casual bathrobe that can be worn within the house when you want your body to feel relaxed. It is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. The robe is entirely made of polyester and has the same texture as a regular towel. It absorbs water and keeps you warm during a cold day. It has a waist band and two frontal pockets.


i)Available in different sizes and creative patterns.

ii)It is machine washable and does not stretch unlike cotton robes

iii)It is affordable


i)It made of synthetic material

Best Bath Robes

6.Soft Touch Linen 100% Pure Turkish Cotton, Shawl Collar Terry Unisex Bathrobe

If you like a heavy texture bathrobe, Soft Touch Linen is a great choice for you. You get the same feeling as wrapping yourself in a towel. The robe has a length of 52 inches hence extends beyond the ankle. It is entirely made of cotton hence does not irritate skin that is sensitive to synthetic fabric. It can be used by both men and women. You get a single size to choose from and is available in three color options.


i)It has a thick texture hence keeps you warm even the coldest days

ii)It has great absorbency capabilities and can substitute a towel

iii)It is soft and comfortable


i)It is thick hence not ideal for warm weather.

Best Bath Robes

5. Ekouaer Men’s 100% Cotton Lightweight Bathrobe Robe Knit Sleepwear Gray

If you are that kind of person that does not like heavy and fluffy bath robes or just looking for a robe ideal for the hot season, then Ekouaer Men’s bath robe is a great choice. It is shorter and much lighter than the conventional bath robes. The materials used to make the bath robe is spandex, viscose and a bit of cotton in some areas. You can wear it over your regular pajamas to add an extra layer of warmth. It is lowly priced and ideal for people with a limited budget. It is available in five different colors.


i)Lightweight hence can be worn in the summer

ii)It is affordable

iii)It is durable


i)It is made of synthetic materials but still feels soft.

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Best Bath Robes

4. Nautica Sleepwear Women’s Plush Robe, Whitecap

Nautica Sleepwear Women’s Plush Robe is an affordable bathrobe made of polyester. It is lightweight but still manages to absorb water quite easily. The plush sensation makes it comfortable to wear even throughout the night. It can be worn by breastfeeding mothers for ease of breastfeeding and to absorb any milk spill that may occur. The robe can be worn even during those warm days of the year. It is easy to maintain as it is machine washable.


i)It is durable and is machine washable

ii)It is plush and comfortable

iii)It is affordable


i)It is made of synthetic material

Best Bath Robes

3.Men’s Terry Cloth Bathrobe Robe – EcoComfort Luxury Robes for Him

If you are looking for a gift idea for you man, then you may want to consider this affordable TexereSilk men’s bathrobe. It is made of a blend of cotton and bamboo viscose. Bamboo is an antibacterial agent while cotton is known for its great absorbency. This combination gives rise to an extra soft and comfortable to wear bath robe. It comes with side pockets to keep your hands warm while you go about your evening activities. It does not irritate the skin as it is made of 100 percent organic materials.


i)It is made of natural organic material hence does not irritate skin

ii)It is of high quality hence lasts for longer

iii)It is highly absorbent and soft.


i)You get to choices when it comes to size hence you may find it hard to get exact fit

Best Bath Robes

2. Del Rossa Men’s Sweatshirt Style Hooded Cotton Bathrobe Robe

If you are into a hooded bathrobe, then Del Rossa Men’s Sweatshirt Style Hooded Cotton Bathrobe Robe is a good choice. It is lightweight but highly absorbent. It is made of 100 percent natural cotton on the exterior and polyester on the interior hence does not irritate the skin.  The robe be casually worn around the house on weekends and the evening when you want your body to feel relaxed and free. It is available in three different color options and multiple sizes.


i)It is lightweight and has an excellent design with a hood

ii)It is affordable

iii)It is available in different sizes and colors


i)It is a bit rough when new but get soft after a couple of washes

Best Bath Robes

1. Seven Apparel Hotel Spa Collection Herringbone Textured Plush Robe

This beautiful, bright colored robe is made of micro plush fabric which makes it extra soft for unmatched comfort. It is stylish and buying it is just doing a big favor for your wardrobe. It is short and just extends above the knee. The texture appears to be rippled which makes it more stylish. If you are into this brightly colored robe, you have other five color options. It absorbs moisture well.


i)It is made of micro-fiber hence extra soft

ii)It is durable and does not loose color

iii)It affordable


i)It is a bit short for people who want to use it to keep warm

Best Bath Robes

This list is a comprehensive collection of the best bath robes in the market. We hope that you will get the one that best suits you or your loved one.

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