Top 10 Best Bath Robes For Men Reviewed In 2019

When buying a robe, comfort is the key that everyone looks. However, you can only this by getting a correct robe regarding size and material. Men bathrobes are designed to offer a comfortable feeling whenever you are relaxing in your home. Besides providing comfort, they are ideal for keeping yours warm while indoors.

Looking for a perfect robe is ideal, as it will guarantee you a smooth relaxation. On the other hand, people, react to different fabrics differently. That’s why it is essential to go for the material to prevent experiencing discomforts like excessive sweating.

What To Consider When Buying A Bathing Robe For Men?


Bathroom robe size is a vital factor to consider even before the actual. In fact, a lot of people end up ordering wrong sizes hence compromising their comfort. Robes are designed to absorb moisture from the body especially after showering. Therefore they should provide perfect body contact. However, the size of a bathrobe can be influenced by the season. For instance, in the summer time, since it is hot, people prefers shorter and lighter robes. This is unlike winter when they require long and thicker bathing gowns for keeping them warm.


Knitting Material is another important factor to consider when you are a bathing robe. The knitting material greatly influences how comfortable you will since it will affect the absorbing ability. We have a variety of available material which you can choose depending on your preference. Some of the fabrics include cotton, Camshare, velour and silk. Each of the material has its merits and demerits, and this is where differences come in.


When you are choosing a bathrobe, it is ideal to look whether you will be in a position to care for it efficiently. Cleaning is the most concern as a little mess can compromise the functioning of your bathing gown. For instance, cotton fabrics are machine washing friendly as well as hand washing. Silk quires dry cleaning while Camshare need dry cleaning.

10. Nautica Men’s Captain Bath robe, Machine Wash, 100% Cotton

Nautica Men's Captain Bath robe, Machine Wash, 100% Cotton

The Nautica Men’s Captain is a highly designed to be ideal for every man. It is constructed from as high-quality cotton to achieve a comfort and soft feel when you are wearing. This ensures you are free from excessive sweating as well excellent water absorbing after bathing. The cotton knitting on the others hand, allows you to have easy time when you are cleaning. It is machine washable.

Stylishly knitted to impact an elegant look when you are wearing makes this robe a must have bathing gown. When you want to have a morning relaxing in your backyard, you can rely on this robe. It features a shawl collar with a contrasting piping to give it a sleek appearance. Wearing it is simple since you can fasten it with the incorporated waist belts for a perfects fitting. On the other hand, the dual pockets allow keeping of your personal gadgets like phone as you relax. The J-class logo on the chest ensures your bath robe gives you confidence when it’s on. Durability and strength on the other hand are guaranteed by double stitching and a full cutting.


  • Full cotton construction thereby soft and comfortable
  • Easy to clean: machine washable
  • The robe is designed with double pockets


  • The robe wrinkles easily


This bath robe is extremely comfortable and soft. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect bathing robe you can you can bet your money on it.

9. Simplicity Bathrobe for Men/Women with Double Pockets

Simplicity Bathrobe for Men

When it comes to bathroom attires, finding the best makes you bathing a breeze. You don’t have to panic again as you seek the most ideal. Here is Simplicity Bathrobe for Men/Women with Double Pockets. It is a multi-gender kimono designed for both men and women. It features two sleeves designed to offer ample room with a free space hence not restricting. This ensures your body experience ultimate soothing and comfort. This long sleeves bath robe is designed to offer maximum comfort since it ensures most of body is covered.

Enhanced with a belt tie, you don’t have to struggle putting it on. The waist belt ensures you can customize it to enable proper fitting. It is also plush with a luxurious feeling. Further, it is constructed from polyester hence it is lightweight and washing is simple. The robe has two collars and two pockets hence ideal when you are wearing since it is easy to keep your handy items. When you are wearing this robe, it perfectly cuddles your body with a soft feeling. It is great attires for people who like traveling as it is extremely light. Also it makes a great perfect gift since its ideal from men and women.


  • Ideal for men and women
  • Lightweight construction
  • The robes is easy to fasten through waist tie closure


  • It’s fully polyester made hence less absorbent


Designed for men and women, it’s a comfortable bathrobe which cuddles perfectly to your body. It’s lightweight, plushy and easy to maintain. Don’t let other cheaply knitted robes cheats you. Bet on your money on this and enjoy a warm and comfortable relaxation.

8. TowelSelections Men’s Robe, Turkish Terry Cloth

TowelSelections Men’s Robe, Turkish Terry Cloth

Enjoy high-quality men kimono constructed from extra soft Turkish cotton terry. You don’t have to struggle with cheap quality robes which leave you sweaty and uncomfortable. This one delivers maximum comfort since it has a soft and plush feeling. The material is extra absorbing to leave your body dry after having a shower. Therefore, regardless of the season, you can trust this kimono since it won’t leave your body sweaty. It allows complete airflows hence maintaining your skin dry and breathing.

Despite its excellent performance, the bath robe is lightweight. This allows it to be portable when you are traveling. Further, when you are wearing it, you won’t notice any weight differences as it serves as a normal cloth. Caring for this bath robes is simple as you can hand or machine wash it. The robe comes with a kimono collar and waist closures belt. This ensures it provides adequate covering as well as easy fitting. It is also fitted with dual front pockets and is available in 4 sizes and several colors.


  • The robe is superbly constructed and durable
  • It doesn’t wrinkle during washing
  • Fully cotton constructed hence high absorbing


  • Releases lint sans fibers when new


Cotton terry is among the top most loved material of knitting. Therefore, getting this bath robe for men you will have awarded yourself greatly. It is a soft, durable and extremely comfortable bath robe suitable for every man.

7. Texere Men’s Bath Robe Cotton Terry and Bamboo Viscose

Texere Men’s Bath Robe Cotton Terry and Bamboo Viscose

Let this men bath robe soothe your body as you enjoy the comfort and high quality knitting. Texere Men’s Bath robe is a perfect selection that is fit for all men. It features a sleek design as well beautiful colors which will leave your mind and soul full satisfied. It is made from a combination of natural fabrics which are gentle on your body and environment. The robe is constructed from cotton terry and bamboo viscose which delivers extremely comfortable feeling. Apart from offering comfort, the materials have a great absorbing capacity to ensure your skin is fully dry after a shower.

This bath robe is greatly designed to give it durability and strength. It features ¾ sleeves, shawl sleeves and patched two pockets for conveniences of keeping essentials whens you are wearing. Further, the double looped belt ensures wearing this robe is convenient. Construction of this robe doesn’t include any additional dyes or chemicals hence it doesn’t fade easily or shed dyes when you are washing. On the others hand, it has no odor and provides excellent moisture wicking. The robe is machine washable.


  • Highly absorbent due to natural materials knitting
  • Durable and sturdily constructed
  • Snug fitting with easy to close double looped belt


  • It is lesser absorbent that a towel


If you want a robe that will soothe your body, get this one from TexerSilk. It is extra soft, durable and constructed from a combination of terrycloth.

6. Wanted Men’s Bath Robe Polyester Micro Fleece and Dual Pocketed

Wanted Men's Bath Robe Polyester Micro Fleece and Dual Pocketed

Are you having problem in finding a perfect bath robe to keep your body dry, and warm? Let your struggles come to an end by acquiring this men bathing robe from Wanted. The robe features a great style and material which leaves you with a gentleman feeling. It has 100% polyesters fleece constructions which are extra soft and gives your body an exceptional feeling and cuddling. On the other hand, it’s available in variety of colors. This gives you a chance to select the best for furnishing your wardrobe.

Wearing this bath robe is easy, you just need to close the waist straps and it fits you perfectly. The collars are well designed to ensure they have a proper fitting hence proper chest covering. Moreover, the material is thick and lightweight allowing it to be ideal during winters. It also come with patched pockets which are positioned at the front to makes their access easy. Cleaning is simple through machine washing on warm water.


  • Comfortable, soft and stylish
  • Durable and lightweight: 100% polyester fleece
  • Convenient to clean


  • It sheds fleeces when washing


Let luxury define you. This bath robe from wanted is designed to make you feel a man. It is has a heavy-duty construction yet lightweight to give your body satisfaction. As long you want to feel like a real gentleman, then put this on your wanted list and go for it.

5. Jedi Dressing Gowns Men’s Bath Robe, 100% Cotton Velour, Hooded

Jedi Dressing Gowns Men’s Bath Robe, 100% Cotton Velour, Hooded

Your bathing is now more enjoyable as well as your evenings. You can stay dry and warm by getting a high quality men bath robe. Jedi Dressing Gowns Men’s Bath Robe is highly designed robe for a modern man. Featuring 100% cotton knitting, it ensures it is super absorbent, hence keeping your body dry after shower as well. Further, the soft cotton fabrics are comfortable. The robe gives your body full covering from the head to legs. It measures 47 inches from leg to shoulders allowing it to be a perfect choice for tall and short people. Further, it has a hood, wrapping belt and four patched pockets.

Buying this robe gives you a peace of mind; it is free from fouls odors as with other brands. It has oversized sleeves which keeps your hands warm. It is available in a single universal size and color, which gives it reliability as quality is a guarantee. Additionally to ensure you get a trusted quality, the robe features an embroidery logo in the chest.


  • Available in one universal adult size
  • It is hooded and extra-long to cover even your legs
  • It’s extremely warm and comfortable


  • Only available ion one size: Its fitting can be limited


Let this bath robe delight you’re bathing or relaxing moments. If your old robe is bothering you, this is the excellent replacement you can bet on. It’s comfortable, lightweight and durably knitted.

4. Arus Men’s Bathroom Robe, Hooded, Ankle Sized

Arus Men's Bathroom Robe, Hooded, Ankle Sized

Turkish cotton terry fabrics are known all over the world to be of high quality, strong and excellent for making comfortable clothes. Now, Arus men bathroom robe is one of the bathing attires manufactured from 100% Turkish cotton terrycloth to give its users maximum satisfaction. It is designed with as full ankle style to covers most of the body thus ideal as a bath robe and also usable to provide warmth. The material is super absorbent therefore will leave your body dry as it wicks water away from the skin after showering. Moreover, the knitting allows yours body to have full air circulation hence maximum comfort.

The robe comes with superior features besides being highly sewed. It has an easy fitting through self-fabric 2 belt loops which allows for a secure and firm closure. Wearing it offers a wide cut hood which keeps your head warm. This is not forgetting is patched pockets on the both sides. Your hands too are well protected by long sleeves which are enhanced with adjusting cuffs. You can get this robe in a variety of sizes and colors. Further, it is lightweight and therefore easy to carry as you are traveling.


  • It has an ankle length: fit for covering even your legs
  • It is thick and sturdily constructed to offer long times usage
  • The robe is hooded and has a strong belts


  • The material is a bit hard which require several washing to soften


On overall, Arus Men’s Bathroom Robe is a luxurious and essential for every man. It’s among the few robes which are affordable, thick, and comfortable. This robe guarantees you mores room and luxurious feeling.

3. Turkishtowels Terry Men Bathrobe Double Layered, Raised Scuff Sleeves

Turkishtowels Terry Men Bathrobe Double Layered, Raised Scuff Sleeves

Always, a plush bath robe makes your relaxing and bathing enjoyable. This is not forgetting that it should also offer durability and uncompromised comfort in its entire use. If you want such bath robe, get Turkishtowels Terry Men Bathrobe which is double layered and has raised scuff sleeves. It is designed and knitted from pure 100% combed Turkish cotton which is gentle on skin. This guarantees you exceptional comfort as well as high absorbent. Moreover, the knitting features tone-on-tone piping applique.

The durability of this robe is a guarantee through the 5’’ double layers. It has raised sleeve and raised hanging loops which make drying convenient as well as storage. Its belt is double looped, and this gives you secure and comfortable closures preventing the robe from coming off. It is thick and has an ideal weight since the robe weighs just 5 pounds. Unlike other artificially dyed attires, this one is naturally dyed, and it is color resistant. The bath robe comes fitted with two pockets on the sides to allow easier access.


  • The gown has raised sleeves
  • It is resistant to shedding
  • Extra tall to offer covering to lower leg areas
  • Has sewed in hanging loops


  • The gown shrinks after washing hence affecting the fitting


Turkishtowels Terry Men Bathrobe is fantastic bathroom attire. It is extra-long to allow the whole body covering, from shoulder to lower leg regions. By featuring 100%, you can bets on quality, durability and comfort.

2. Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Robe, Machine Washable, Polar Fleece

Del Rossa Men's Fleece Robe, Machine Washable, Polar Fleece

Are you looking fora gown that will keep you warm the whole day without getting your body tired? Try this Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Robe and feel the difference. It is a heavy-duty men bathroom robe knitted from 15-ounce fleece. This ensures that it delivers warm and comfortable feeling while maintaining its gentleness on your skin. Besides, the bathrobe features a durable construction to ensure you enjoy years of wearing while maintaining its performance. Also, it has a stylish design which allows you to feel a sense of luxury. The full body design ensures that the highest percentage of your body is well covered.

Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Robe is designed with varying size to be able to fit a large group of people. It has a large cut open hood which ensures your heads and necks remains warm even during the winter season. On the other hand, the dual belts allow you to customize your perfect and comfortable fitting. The patched pockets are fitted on the sides to enhance accessibility when you are keeping or retrieving your personal items. Machine wash ensures that cleaning this robe is a breeze and has inactive dyes which don’t come off when you are washing.


  • Thick construction: 15 ounce fleece
  • Extreme comfortable and warm
  • Non-color shedding


  • Still there are a few instances of shedding


For a perfect feeling, you need this Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Robe. It is extra-thick, light and durably knitted to make your joy last for a long time. It’s an excellent option to invest your money without any doubt.

1. Del Rossa Men’s Cotton Robe, Durable 100% Cotton, Insides Closures Tie

Del Rossa Men's Cotton Robe, Durable 100% Cotton, Insides Closures Tie

Whether it is summer or winter, a comfortable bath robe is essential. This 100% cotton knitted Del Rossa Men’s Cotton Robe is the only bathing attire that can guarantee your body comfort and warmth. It is soft and durably constructed to extend its usage and performance. When you are wearing it, you can bet on comfort and its gentleness to your skin. This is because it readily absorbs water from your body surface. On the other hand, it allows air flow, hence getting rid of sweaty skin. Besides being knitted to offers and comfort feeling in your house, it also looks stylish with its contrasting piping and patched pockets which give it a sleek appearance.

Wearing it is simple and is secured by an internal tie designed to offer an added security. This is besides the waist straps which enable you to close your robe and enjoy the warmth. Unlike other gowns available, this one comes with double stitching. Therefore, as you relax on your lounge or bathing you can have confidence with this bathrobe. Cleaning is smooth you just wash it with likes color clothes or just machine wash it. The bathrobe allows you to decorate your wardrobe as it comes in various colors. Once you buy, it comes with a return policy to ensure you enjoy the quality.


  • Comfortable with durable stitching
  • Stylish: fitted with chest and front pockets
  • It comes with return policy: o ensures full satisfaction
  • Easy to clean: hand and machine washable


  • A bit heavy for wearing during summer season


If you want a robe that will never let you down, it is this Del Rossa Men’s Cotton Robe. It’s perfect for wearing during cold season as it features solid construction. Backed by a return policy, this means it is a product you can trust.


Bathrobes for men are essential attires designed for wearing after shower or when you are relaxing at home. They are knitted from a soft, and comfortable to ensure you get maximum comfort. You should not let cheap bathrobes deny you satisfaction. Now you have a complete guide which will ensures you get top most quality and performing robes. They are tested and we can guarantee you they are durable and will give you extended time without compromising comforts level. Get yours today and give your body a special treat.

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