Top 10 Best Bath Brushes of 2022 – Reviews

While we admit that buying a bath brush shouldn’t be too complicated, there is no reason for you to purchase the first one you lay your eyes on. We say this because, despite the relatively cheap price of a bath brush, some are definitely better than others when it comes to build quality and overall durability.

In fact, some manufacturers have established themselves as household names over the years by virtue of the quality brushes they make. To give you a better idea of what the market has in store, we put together a list of the ten best bath brushes money can buy.

Best Bath Brushes 2022

10Aquasentials Deluxe Mesh Brush

detachable headThis top-of-the-line purple-hued bath brush from Aquasentials is an excellent choice of bath brush to invest in. Apart from looking sleek and stylish, it also provides great functionality with its 18-inch long handle and its large and robust mesh surface. This brush maneuvers much better than comparable heavy brush models while its non-slip grip ensures thorough scrubbing and cleaning without the brush ever slipping out of your hands.

The 18-inch handle is perfect for reaching those hard-to-clean spots, and it also lathers exceptionally well with both soaps and showering gels. Perhaps the best feature of this brush is in the non-irritant, silky scrubber the brush makes use of, instead of the usual rough and prickly fibers prevalent in most scrubbers.

9Bath Blossom Shower Brush

natural anti-cellulite products

detachable headThe Bath blossom shower brush is another premier shower brush which is guaranteed to live up to your expectations. The extra long 16.5-inch handle with a detachable head for versatility makes it easy to reach all parts of your body for a thorough cleanse.

The wood used to make it is top notch and will remain intact and resist stains for years. The soft, natural bristles make for a very pleasant showering experience. Its rounded edges have the ability to fade cellulite, which makes it the pick of choice for most women.

8Fuller Foot & Body Brush

detachable head

detachable headThe Fuller foot and body brush serves the dual purpose of cleaning both your body and your feet with its massive 27.5-inch long design. The high-duty plastic used to make this brush is light and durable, while also staying stain proof. The well-contoured design makes the brush very easily maneuverable, and the stiff yet still soft bristles glide over your skin, performing a thorough exfoliation. This brush is also fast-drying, which renders it immune to the growth of mold and mildew over time.

7Aquasentials Long Handle Bath Brush


detachable headThis brush has medium-soft bristles which clean very well without being overly irritating. The fibers lather as well as sponges, with both soaps and gels, and are designed to exfoliate the skin expressly well. Thus, over time your skin will look younger and more radiant.

Measuring 14-inches long, the handle will ensure you never miss out on a spot again. Also, bad odors coming out of a brush or a sponge will be a thing of the past with this model’s fast drying design. This makes sure that the risk of developing mold or mildew is very slim in the long run.

6TopNotch Blue Bath Brush

natural anti-cellulite products

detachable headThis brush looks really stylish with it’s blue-theme and is also long lasting because of the high-grade plastic used in it. With its soft brushes, well-balanced contour, non-slip grip and mold resistance, this brush delivers exceptionally well on all counts and is a worthy buy, even at its slightly hefty price tag. An added bonus is the 90-day satisfaction guarantee and the 1-year warranty you get from the manufacturer.

5Swissco Deluxe Bath Brush

detachable head

detachable headIf you’re thinking of replacing your old and worn-out bath brush, then look no further than the Swissco Deluxe Bath Brush. An elite bath brush, with a 16.5 inch long, well-angled handle and a sturdy one-piece design, this model is guaranteed to meet your every expectation. Regardless of the type of soap or shower gel you choose to pair with it, it lathers very well, and it also retains the lather longer than most other brushes. No matter how frequently you use it, the chance of mold formation or mildew is exceptionally low.

4TopNotch Body Brush


detachable headOne of the best back scrubbers and natural anti-cellulite products available on the market, the TopNotch Body Brush has a unique design made out of beech wood which is also, surprisingly light and smooth. The boar bristles are durable and have anti-irritant properties, which makes bathing and cleaning a genuinely pleasurable experience. In addition, you get a free storage bag and a wash mitt along with a 90-day money back guarantee along with a 1-year warranty for good measure.

3Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush

natural anti-cellulite products

detachable headConstructed with the aim of providing a thorough exfoliation, without unduly irritating one’s skin, this Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush is one of the most efficient and at the same time affordable brushes on our list. The boar bristles are durable, easy on the skin and don’t split off easily.

The innovative, practical features of this brush make it a perfect bathroom companion and ideally suited for daily usage. The handle is also outfitted with a cotton loop for easier aeration and faster drying. Furthermore, it also has a cotton loop on the handle and non-irritant, natural bristles.

2Rengora Best Bath Brush

detachable head

detachable headThe Rengora best Bath Brush lives up to its name and promises to give you the bathing experience you’ve dreamt of for years. It soothes your skin and the bristles naturally exfoliate your skin, making it look young and rejuvenated. The smooth, well-rounded wooden handle is immensely sturdy and completely protected from accidental breakage and stains.

A truly unisex brush if there ever was one, the soft bristles are perfect for every skin type and all seasons. The lather made by this brush is also top class, and it spreads out evenly on your body with the wide, detachable brush head.

1Bürstenhaus Redecker


detachable headConsistently ranking among the top shower brushes is the Bürstenhaus Redecker. Its soft pig bristles lather very well with all kinds of soap as its non-irritant properties ensure your skin never suffers any blisters or cuts no matter how hard you’re brushing.

The fact that the handle is made out of beech makes it very ergonomic, also when you combine it with a non-slip grip that the brush also has. Unlike a few brushes out there, this one works equally well in both cold and hot water. Not only that but it also handles all types of shower gels and soaps without taking any damage in the long run.

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