Top 10 Best Bass Multi Effects in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for the best bass multi effects in the market? Look no further as we will give you an in-depth analysis and review of the top rated bass multi effects in the market and you get the chance to buy it if it suits your needs. Bass Multi Effects are important for great music entertainment. They are versatile as they can be used with electric bass guitars or bass amplifiers.

Types of Multi-effects

Multi Effects are classified into two types based on technology and structure. They include the;

i)Analogue Bass Multi Effects

ii)Digital Bass Multi Effects

What is the difference between analogue and digital bass multi effects?

Analogue Bass Multi Effects were the first to be created in the early 1980s. One of the distinguishing factors is that analogue effects are operated manually by adjusting the sound signal. On the other hand, digital multi-effects transforms the output to digital bits modified by digital circuitry. Later, the output is converted to analog form. Nevertheless, digital multi-effects were modified from analog multi-effects systems. Pitch shifting effects, harmonizers, and delays are practically utilized in digital systems. You can choose any of the systems ensuring it suit your needs based on the music and the player. Most purists opt for analog systems. The main reason for this is data in digital systems are prone to lose but purer. Digital conversion causes artifacts to the original input.

Factors to consider when choosing the Best Bass Multi Effects

Choosing Best Bass Multi Effects is not an easy task. Customers are expected to perform a thorough evaluation prior purchasing. This will allow them to make the right decision. The following paramount factors guide on how to get the best of Best Bass Multi Effects.

1.Pedalboard Design

Pedalboard Design will determine the live performance of a given Bass Multi Effects. Some designs are compatible with a range of bass while others are selective to specific bass. You might consider combining many effects. Be precise on design to get the desirable results.

2.USB output

USB output is very essential for project recording. It will allow the user to connect the bass to the computer.


Safety is a necessity not only for Bass but all electronic devices. Ensure the Best Bass Multi Affects you intend to buy is free from distortion. Also, the outer part should be made of metallic materials to resist corrosion.

4.Phrase looping

You might be asking yourself, what is looping? Do not puzzle much. Looping is the ability of an individual to record himself/herself live with the immediate playback. It is the user to choose a Bass Multi-effects that require different loop station or not.

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Best Bass Multi Effects in 2019

After thorough evaluation, here are the Top 10 Best Bass Multi Effects in 2019 Reviews

10.Zoom MS-60B Multi-Stomp Bass Pedal

The Zoom’s MS-60B MultiStomp Bass Pedal is very easy to operate and provides the best deal of features. It gives the flexibility of amp modeler and multi-effects pedal’s power in a single stompbox design. The product offers users 58 types of effects. These effects include 52 stompbox effects and 6 amp models which the user can use in any combination. You can create and store 50 original patches, whereby 30 preset patches are ready for use immediately. This pedal also allows the users to use up to four products simultaneously. It features easy-to-use interface, integrated auto-chromatic tuner, two 1/4-inch output jacks, 1/4-inch input jack and versatile power options. This product comes with two AA batteries that offer up to seven hours of operation.


i)Produces adorable sound.



i)It cannot support PC.

Best Bass Multi Effects

9.Korg AX5B Compact Modeling Bass Effects Pedal with 58 Types of REMS Effects

The AX5B has 58 types of modeling effects, with six simultaneous effects and a volume pedal. It is powered by Korg’s proprietary “REMS” modeling technology. The AX5B pack wide range of effects into a compact processor. It also takes pride of the high-quality effects. This product features an expression pedal that you can use to control volume, wah, and any other effect parameter. It is very easy to operate. A beginner can play great sounds with this product right away. Due to its compact size, it easily slips into the pocket of your bag. With this device, you can enjoy the high-level bass sound. It features 80 programs with 40 programs preset and 40 user sound programs.


i)Ergonomic design for easy control.

ii)Exclusive pedal design.


i)Has no muted tuner.

Best Bass Multi Effects

8.Digitech TRIO Electric Guitar Multi Effect

The DigiTech TRIO can study up to three different song parts that can be remembered on-the-fly as the song plays back. It features adjustable tempo and the other half or double time variants bass and drum levels control. This product also features the hands-free control of songs and styles using an optional DigiTech FS3X Footswitch. It includes amp and mixer outputs, power supply and headphone output. This multi-effect listens to your way of playing and generate bass and drum parts automatically that match your song. It is very easy to operate. The DigiTech TRIO offers seven music genres to select from which includes pop, blues, rock, country, jazz and alternative rock.


i)Standalone bass drum.

i)Very easy to use.


i)For beginners, it takes some times to understand how it works.

Best Bass Multi Effects

7.KLIQ TinyTune – Tuner Pedal for Guitar and Bass

If you need a fast and accurate tuning experience, then this pedal tuner is a great choice for you. It is equipped to fit any pedalboard. The TinyTune allows you to spend minimal time tuning and more time playing. The color display is clear, large and has great visibility under any lighting. The TinyTune mutes the input signal completely when tuning and routes the signal to the output when you’re not tuning. Easy to use this pedal. Additionally, this product is built to last. It is made with rugged aluminum on the outside and high-quality components on the inside for ultimate durability. This pedal measures 3.7 by 1.2 by 1.5 inches and weighs 4.3 ounces. It comes with a one-year warranty.

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i)The visible display shows all the necessary information.

i)This device lasts for many years.


i)Quite expensive.

Best Bass Multi Effects

6.DigiTech BP355 Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

The BP355 provides more effects, flexibility, sounds, and control to the bass players. It is one of the top 10 best bass multi-effects on the market today. This product is powered by the AudioDNA2 processor. It features advanced modeling of 17 different cabinets, 20 amps, and more than 70 effects. The BP355 is made for the stage. Additionally, it is a great device for virtually every bass player to make their playing perfect. It also features an additional input for MP3 player, 60 different CD-quality drum patterns, and 20-second looper players. This product includes a power supply, built-in tuner, and expression pedal. You can use the USB port on BP355 bass players to stream audio directly to your computer and customize the presets.


i)Quality product at affordable price.

i)Comes with a power supply cord.


i)Limited effects selection.

Best Bass Multi Effects

5.DigiTech BP200 Bass Multi-Effects Processor with Expression Pedal

This is another bass multi-effects pedal that is easy to use. All you require to do is choose the required amp model EQ, compression, effect and pedal assignments.  It comes with a manual which provides you with best directions. The DigiTech BP200 is powered by AudioDNATM DSP processing which gives 16 bass amp and stompbox models. This pedal comes with 112 amp modes that you can use while playing. The model comes with 40 factories and 40 user presets. It also delivers with a built-in chromatic tuner. This pedal is one of the top 10 best bass multi-effects that offer high-quality sound. It can be assigned to control the parameters you select in real time. The built-in rhythm trainer that comes with this product is a great device for polishing up your timing.


i)Produces quality sound.

i)Backed with an unlimited warranty.


i)With this bass multi-effects, there is some little distortion.

Best Bass Multi Effects

4.Boss ME-50B Bass Multi Effects

The ME 50B Bass Multi-Effects provides excellent features and good sound effects. It is a highly-loaded bass that has the floor multi-effect processor which can be used easily with 24 knobs. The product features drive effects, T-Wah, Slow Gear and a defroster. The effects have been divided into six sections, making it easy to operate. These six sections include a master, limiter, filter, drive, delay and expression pedal. It has no screen on the pedal. This device puts a world-class in rugged floor easy pedal-style control. It gives the bassists a wide range of rocking boss tones. The ME 50B effects can be edited and controlled with three built-in footswitches and assignable expression pedal.

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i)Highly versatile.

i)A wide range of selections.


i)It sometimes takes before learning how to use it correctly.

Best Bass Multi Effects

3.Ampeg SCR-DI Bass Multi-Effects Pedal

The Ampeg SCR-DI Bass features a new Bass Scrambler overdrive circuit that offers a perfect output. The circuit is designed specifically to provide SVT grit, grind, and sag. It mixes normal bass preamp with EQ and tone controls. This product comes with a rugged design that is perfect to survive anything. The die-cast zinc chassis contains durable switches and no-slip feet. The model is perfect to give you all Ampeg’s you need. It can also offer you smooth, round tone ampeg’s.  The device is perfect for the user to practice at home silently. You can send your tone directly to a recording system with balanced XLR output.


i)Built from durable materials to last for decades.

ii)The idea for home training.


i)Does not support FX looping.Best Bass Multi Effects

2.Zoom B1Xon Bass Multi Effect Processor

The B1Xon Bass Multi Effect is one of the top 10 best bass multi-effects for its price. It gives 100 amp models and effects, including built-in compression pedal which can be used effectively for volume or overdrive. The built-in chromatic tuner can be accessed instantly any time and shows if you are playing flat or dead. The user can choose to bypass the chosen effect while tuning or muting the signal fully. This product features 68 rhythm patterns and the looper. You can use up to five effects simultaneously that are chained together in any order. It also features input jacks for guitar connection and personal music place. This device uses on four AA batteries or optional AC adapter.


i)Accessible tuner knobs.

ii)Produces quality bass sound.


i)You have to disconnect it fully from the socket to switch it off.Best Bass Multi Effects

1.VOX STOMPLAB2B Multi-Effects Modeling Pedal for Bass Guitar

The StompLab is one of the top 10 best multi-effects pedals on the market which offer powerful sound in a sophisticated manner and compact body. The product delivers with 61 types of modeling effects and 120 programs. A total of 100 programs are preset, and 20 programs are for users to generate and store. The sound vibrations are categorized into styles including blues, rock, pop, metal and ballad. It is very easy to use interface even for novice users to instantly access their desired sound. This product performs flawlessly on stage and during recordings. Additionally, the StomLab is a dedicated bass modeling and offer good sound. It features high-quality looks and sound, making it be the best companion for the bassists or guitarist.


i)Friendly User Interface.

i)Multiple present programs add more convenience.

i)Small in size hence portable from one place to the other.


i)A bit costly.

Best Bass Multi Effects


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