Top 10 Best Baseball Bat Bags Reviewed in 2021

Transporting baseball bats, helmets, and shoes is a pain in the rear of most baseball lovers. Bats and helmets are also delicate and thus susceptible to scratching if stored poorly. To prevent such issues on a budget, buy one of the best baseball bat bags in this list. They are spacious, affordable, and made from quality fabrics that last for long.

Read further to know which is the best baseball bat bag for a hassle free trip to the playground and back home, after you are done playing.

List of the Best Baseball Bat Bags in 2021

10. Athletico Baseball Tote Bag

Athletico Baseball Tote Bag - Tote Bag for Baseball

Are you shopping for a large baseball tote bag that will fit your bat and helmet? The Athletico is a 35×7.5×9.5-inch model that never fails to impress. It comes in four colours (blue, red, black, and pink) that do not fade over time. It also has compartments for bats (two), helmets, gloves, and small items such as wallets, keys, and phones. By keeping all things in one bag, you can travel with them safely.

Basketball equipment such as bats and helmets are heavy. Therefore, while choosing a bag, opt for a durable model such as Athletico. The heavy-duty polyester (600D) fabric used to make it does not rip easily. It also has tight seams and a satisfaction guarantee (100%) on all parts. Thus, if yours rips in days, you can ask for a replacement of your cash. The Athletico has everything that you will need in a bag. It is affordable, which is a plus for people with a tight budget.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty polyester (600D)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed (100%)
  • Spacious compartments
  • Four interesting colours
  • Heavy-duty fence hanging hook
Our Verdict

Athletico is an exciting baseball bag. If you are shopping for a cheap brand with storage space for bats, helmets, and keys, buy one now. Its 600D polyester shell is durable, stylish, and easy to clean.

9. Easton E200P Bat Pack

Easton E200P Bat Pack

If you enjoy baseball but struggle to carry bats, gloves, or helmet, ditch the simple bag you have at home. You need a quality bat bag that can secure your items without straining your back. Even though a few brands meet this threshold, Easton E200P is one of the most famous brands with amazing features, despite its smaller size. The bag has a zippered front pocket that you can use to secure your phone, keys, and or wallet. It also has two side-mounted bat pockets that accommodate up to two baseball bats. Both pockets are deep and stretch to fit most bats of different sizes.

While choosing sports items such as Yoga mats and baseball bat bags, buy a product that you will enjoy using. In addition to its functionality, for instance, you will love the comfortable design of the Easton E200P Bat Pack. Its heavily padded back panel, for example, is non-irritant. By lying flat on the back, it cushions the spine and shoulders from injuries, which people like. It also enables people to carry heavy items for long distances without straining or injuring themselves. You get seven color options on the Web.

What We Like
  • Many exciting colours (7)
  • Side-mounted bat pockets
  • Heavy-padded back panel
  • Zippered compartments
Our Verdict

Easton E200P secures up to two baseball bats on the side and has a comfortable, thickly padded back panel. It does not irritate the back or shoulders and grants people easy access to bats when needed.

8. Athletico Baseball Bat Bag

Athletico Baseball Bat Bag

Athletico is an all-in-one baseball bat bag that makes carrying bats, shoes, helmets, and gloves a breeze. If you bring such items to and from your baseball park occasionally, you will love this backpack for many reasons. First, it is one of the best travel backpacks for men and women because of its improved storage. Its two side-mounted mesh pockets, for instance, stretch to fit most bats. You also get a zippered main compartment for clothes and phones, a vented shoe pocket, and front bungee cord for securing caps.

Athletico’s versatile design stands out from the rest. Moreover, if you want a long-lasting bat bag that you can travel with effortlessly on demand, it is also an excellent choice. The thick (600D) Oxford polyester fabric used to make its shell is durable. It does not rip nor stretches over time, even when loaded to capacity. The material also has a fade-proof structure that breathes to prevent its contents from stinking. Apart from ball, caps, and bats, therefore, you can carry a pair of rain boots in this backpack without stinking. Athletico is light (1.5 pounds) and has a padded back panel with non-irritant straps.

What We Like
  • Thick and comfortable straps
  • Vented shoe pocket
  • Heavy-duty polyester (600D)
  • Bungee cord straps
  • Secures most baseball bats
Our Verdict

With Athletico, securing and transporting up to two baseball bats will be a non-issue for you. Its side pockets (mesh) stretch to fit baseball bats (two) of different types and sizes. It also has dedicated storage spaces for shoes and phones and a durable polyester shell.

7. Rawlings Covert Player Duffle Bag

Rawlings Covert Player Duffle Bag

Rawlings is a famous Canadian brand with a wide selection of baseball gloves, bats, and bags for pros. If you have a worn-out bat bag that you want to replace, therefore, this brand is the best. The Covert duffle bag, for instance, is an ideal choice for people who travel with many bulky items often. Its 26x13x13-inch zippered compartment, for example, has storage space for two baseball bats. The ports are open and have tight bands that secure bats to the bag. As such, the risk of losing baseball bats while travelling is low.

During your trips to a baseball park, Rawlings will keep your items organized for easy transport. In addition to its versatile bat ports, it has a ventilated compartment for your dirty gym shoes. It also has thick nylon straps that support a lot of weight and a water-resistant bottom (vinyl) that keeps your items safe. While traveling, you can place in a damp ground without your clothes and shoes getting wet.

What We Like
  • Durable nylon straps
  • Waterproof bottom (vinyl)
  • Spacious (26x13x13-inches)
  • Ventilated shoe pocket
  • Secures up to two bats
Our Verdict

Rawlings Covert is a spacious duffel bag with storage space for two baseball bats. Its polyester shell is durable, easy to clean (wipeable), and comes in four eye-catching colours that do not fade over time.

6. EASTON E100T Youth Bat & Equipment Tote Bag

EASTON E100T Youth Bat & Equipment Tote Bag

Are you tired of carrying baseball bats in your school backpack? Even though the best gym bags are good alternatives, look for the EASTON E100T youth tote bag for the best results. It fits and secures up to two adult-sized baseball bats without damage. In fact, unlike the Easton E200P tote, which has exposed side pockets, its zippered storage offers proper protection from the rain. It does not expose bats to UV or water, which fade colours and rot wood. EASTON E100T also has a separate gear compartment for shoes and clothes, sturdy shoulder/handle straps, and a solid fence hook.

The results you will have with a baseball tote bag depend on the quality of its material. If you want an eye-catching model that does not rip under load, check out EASTON E100T. The 600D Hex rip-stop polyester used to make its shell is stylish and durable. It also has a waterproof structure with thick seams and structural piping, which retains its stability for long. The bag lasts for years.

What We Like
  • Ripstop polyester (600D)
  • Sturdy structural piping
  • Versatile storage spaces
  • Protective bat compartment
Our Verdict

EASTON E100T not only secures bats but also protects them from elements such as UV and rain. You also get enough space for your shoes and gloves and thick straps that support a lot of weight.

5. Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Bat Bag

Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Bat Bag

Do you have a child who is interested in baseball? Do you have a hard time hauling his or her stuff to the park for training and or competitions? With a Franklin Sports youth bag in the closet, you will have an easy time transporting items such as bats and shoes. Its one-size one-pound design, for instance, has storage space for up to three baseball bats. It also has a cleat compartment (ventilated), where you can store gym shoes without creating a mess in the bag.

Due to its lightweight design (1-pound), Franklin Sports is a perfect baseball and softball bag for youths. Most youths can carry it safely with a thick sling strap or the easy-grip handles it comes with. Finally, Franklin Sports is a water-resistant bag made from long-lasting polyester fabric. It resistant rips and tears over time. It is also less prone to fraying and or staining if you care for it well. Wipe it with a damp cloth (fluff-free) after use to clean grime, dust, and or mud.

What We Like
  • Long-lasting polyester
  • Sling and handle straps
  • Heavy-duty fence hooks
  • Lightweight (one pound)
  • Large one-size bag
Our Verdict

Franklin Sports is a spacious one-size bat bag that weighs only one pound. It fits up to three baseball bats. Its ventilated shoe pocket and versatile carrying options have also made it sought-after globally.

4. Louisville Slugger EB Series Bag

Louisville Slugger EB Series Bag

The Louisville Slugger eliminates the need for many small tote bags while going for baseball training. If your aim is to carry your bats, caps, and shoes in a single backpack, this is the product for you. Measuring 17.9×14.2×1.9-inches; it is one of the most spacious bat bags on our list. It is also light (15 ounces) and has multiple compartments for categorizing your equipment in storage. The two slip pockets on its side, for instance, secure up to two adult-sized baseball bats. Both pockets have banded openings for security.

Besides its versatile slip pockets, you will love the large main compartment (zippered) of this bag. The chamber has a sizeable top-mounted design that fit most types of shoes. You can also store a helmet (with a facemask), gloves, and spare clothes without running out of space. The padded straps and thick back panel of the Louisville Slugger bag are comfortable. Therefore, while travelling to the park, you can haul heavy stuff in this bag without irritation.

What We Like
  • Large storage compartments
  • Full-length bat sleeves (2)
  • Thick and comfortable straps
  • Thickly padded back panel
  • Fits and secures most equipment
Our Verdict

You can store a pair of baseball bats, a helmet, and shoes in the Louisville Slugger bag without running out of space. It is durable and easy to carry because of its padded straps and back panel.

3. Boombah Superpack Bat Pack

Boombah Superpack Bat Pack

To secure your baseball bats, shoes, and or phone, do not gamble with the quality of the backpack you buy. A spacious and heavy-duty bag such as the Boombah Superpack will serve you better. What makes it the best bat pack for pros and novices? First, the black rip-stop nylon used to make its shell is one of a kind. It has a smooth structure that does not scratch bats in storage. It is also lighter than polyester (4 pounds) and has a waterproof structure that protects items from UV and rain. Thus, Boombah is suitable for carrying delicate items such as phones, wallets, and clothes as well.

Boombah Superpack has a spacious design (9.5×13.5×23.5 inches) that can satisfy the needs of most people. Its zippered main compartment, for instance, has sufficient storage space for shoes, clothes, ball, and helmet. It also has small compartments for phones and keys, and four side sleeves that fit most baseball bats.

What We Like
  • Carrying up to 4 bats
  • Ripstop nylon fabric
  • Reinforced J hooks
  • Padded straps and back
Our Verdict

Boombah Superpack is a long-lasting nylon bag with storage space for up to four bats. It also has zippered compartments for phones, helmets, and clothes and padded straps that do not irritate its users.

2. DashSport Baseball Bag

DashSport Baseball Bag

DashSport is an all-in-one professional-grade bag that eases how people travel with baseball equipment. The bag has two sturdy nets cups on both sides, which secure up to four baseball bats. It also has a breathable storage space for shoes and a large main compartment (zippered) for add-ons such as clothes. While going for practice or a competitive game, thus, expect good results from this bag. It is large enough to fit all items that you use for training or for competing. Due to its lightness (1.6 pounds), it is also easy to carry.

Can DashSport withstand the test of time? Is it suitable for teens as well? The mesh and ripstop polyester used to make this bag last for long. Even though fraying and staining are unavoidable over time, the risk of its seams ripping warning is low. Its zippers (plastic) are also robust and waterproof, which is desirable. Second, although marketed as an adult’s bag, DashSport is the perfect size for youths as well. Boys and girls can carry it for long distances without issues.

What We Like
  • Durable plastic zippers
  • Multiple large compartments
  • Lightweight design (1.6 pounds)
  • Perfect for youths and adults
Our Verdict

DashSport is a perfect baseball bat bag for adults and youths. Its heavy-duty design lasts for long. It is also spacious yet easy to carry.

1. Under Armour Undeniable Bat Pack

Under Armour Undeniable Bat Pack

Gym bags, shoes, and most recently, baseball bags, from Under Armour are among the most dependable in the market. They are light and attainable in many stylish designs that are perfect for travelling. This lightweight backpack (2.5 pounds), for instance, is the best for people who travel often. It is spacious (20x15x2-inches), durable, and has a j-hook for securing it in dugouts. The nest sleeves on its side, on the other hand, secure up to four bats.

The zippered main compartment of this Under Armour bat pack has a water-resistant Storm DWR finish. Thus, if you live in a wet region and carry items such as phones to the park, buy this bag. It keeps them dry and protected from water, UV, and other harmful elements. If needed, you can carry clothes and shoes in this bag as well.

What We Like
  • Storm DWR finish
  • Lightweight (2.5 pounds)
  • Dependable brand
  • Carries up to four bats
Our Verdict

The Under Armour bat pack secures up to four adult-sized bats. It also has storage space for shoes and clothes and waterproof Storm DWR lining. You will enjoy carrying one to the park fully loaded.

What to Look When Buying a Baseball Bat Bag

Size and Design: Size is one of the determining factors when it comes to bat bags buying. Depending on the bag design, it greatly influences the number of bats it can fit. Some of the bags can accommodate more bat than others due to their design rather than size.

Some bags are constructed with a single compartment and equipped with pouches on the sides. These small pockets are designed to accommodate water bottles or baseball bats. On the other hand, the size of pockets differs in size; hence the bag will be ideal for carrying other baseball equipment such as gloves, pants, sunscreens among other accessories.

Another type of design is an internally divided bag into small compartments. This ensures you carry your equipment when more organized. The majority of the sports tools are insides the bag and it has a few pockets. The punches are for larger items such as bats which can’t fit inside the bag. However, some bags are large, and every item fits inside the bag including bats.

Style of Carrying: When it comes to the designing style, we have various types. Some are simply designed only two bats while others can carry many bats. However, comfort and weight distribution are the primary consideration in all available styles.

Wheeled Bags: these bags are enhanced with casters, which allow the user to pull with ease. They are ideal to carry more baseball accessories besides bats.

Backpack: These are the newest and common among many players. They are just regular school bags with enhanced pockets to accommodate the playing bats. They feature shoulder straps, which ease carrying and weights distribution.

Handheld Bags: these are long and narrow bags designed to accommodate multiple bats. They resemble duffle bags and are fitted with two straps on the top to allow easy carrying.

Shoulder Straps Bags: just like wheeled bags these shoulder strapped bags are ideal for carrying weighty equipment. They are enhanced with comfortable shoulder straps to evenly distribute weight allowing you to carry your gear for a longer time or distance.

Material of Construction: The material for bag construction determines its durability. Therefore, whenever looking for a bat carrying bag, go for one with strong material. A robustly constructed bag is ideal and will fit in all conditions. Besides looking for a strong material, the inner side should have a soft sewing to ensure you experience comfort when carrying.

Conclusion: Baseball bat carrying bags are important, as we have seen. They are designed to provide care to helmets, gloves cleats among others. Therefore, it is not ideal to carry your equipment with your hands, or with unsafe packs. With one of the bags, you are going to enjoy your gaming than ever. Check these fishing scale buying guide.