Top 10 Best Backpacks For Kids in 2022 Reviews

As your kid grows and starts attending kindergarten, it is important to ensure they are decked out in the best backpack to carry their books, dolls and the odds on ends of the kid world. But it is not enough for you to order any backpack proffered on the web. You need to search diligently before settling on a good backpack. The best of them are fitted with comfortable and adjustable straps. For very young kids, the capacity of a backpack is negligible so the need for padded shoulder straps is not as crucial as it is for older children or adults. That said, the following ten offers represent the top kids backpacks for sale in 2022.

10. Stephen Joseph Quilted Backpack


Smart, versatile and convenient. These are just three adjectives which aptly describe this innovative backpack that is suitable for both boys and girls. The unique quilted design is a sure guarantee that your kid will stand out from the pack while still offering adequate capacity for their learning materials and toys. You also have a selection of well over two dozen different colors and patterns to fit your kid’s personality and preferences.

  • Brand: Stephen Joseph
  • Color/ pattern: Purple + pink, ballet shoes
  • Alternative color/ patterns: Choose from 25 different colors and patterns
  • Recommended age/ gender: Boys and girls 30 months to 5 years old
  • Padded shoulder straps: No

9. Minecraft 18″ Creeper Kids Backpack – Green



This is an ideal backpack for kids just discovering the world of gaming characters and are willing to push the boundaries of adventure. It is worth noting that this distinctively green backpack is not a cheap imitation but a genuine offer from J!NX, the same company that is behind the World of Warcraft games. It offers a large compartment for keeping a laptop as well as an array of pockets and pouches for all accessories and books.

  • Brand: JINX
  • Color/ pattern: Green
  • Alternative color/ patterns: None
  • Recommended age/ gender: Girls and boys; 12 – 15 years
  • Padded shoulder straps: No

8. Frozen Backpack with Assorted Hair Accessories



If your daughter (or son for that matter) is enamored by the most remarkable Disney and DreamWorks animated movie characters, then these backpacks will prove a great bargain. The backpack is sanctioned and licensed by Disney and offers imprints that are vividly reminiscent of the Frozen movie characters. Even more uniquely, the backpack includes an assortment of hair accessories: a comb, mirror, pair of barrettes and six terries.

  • Brand: Frozen by Disney
  • Color/ pattern: Frozen
  • Alternative color/ patterns: Disney Princesses, DreamWorks Trolls, Finding Dory
  • Recommended age/ gender: Girls up to 8 years of age
  • Padded shoulder straps:

7. Badger Basket Doll Travel Backpack – Star Pattern



|Badger Basket is a kid’s fashion brand that has been setting standards and exploring new frontiers in the industry,. With this backpack designed for toddler girls, the brand has offered yet another winning design that will suit the needs of the young. The backpack is intended for exclusive use for packing dolls. It is the ideal bag to send your young daughter off to a play date or party.

  • Brand: Badger Basket
  • Color/ pattern: Pink with white spangled stars
  • Alternative color/ patterns: None
  • Recommended age/ gender: Girls – 36 months – 12 years
  • Padded shoulder straps: No

6. Vbiger School Backpack for Girls Boys for Middle School



Built to last and having a sets of large well sectioned off compartments and pockets, this is the ultimate backpack for school going kids. The backpack is recommended for both boys and girls in middle school years, letting you to select from a variety of colors and patterns. The backpack’s shoulder straps are of adequate length and can be adjusted to offer the most ideal fit. Even better, these straps are adequately padded along the entire length in order top reduce pressure on the shoulders.

  • Brand: Vbiger
  • Color/ pattern: Black
  • Alternative color/ patterns: Also available in blue, rose red and purple
  • Recommended age/ gender: Middle school boys and girls
  • Padded shoulder straps:

5. AmazonBasics Classic Backpack – Black



Designed to offer versatility, comfort and unrivalled durability, this is yet another winning design form the respected brand: AmazonBasics. The backpack includes one large compartment that is enough to carry books, homework and all the stuff your kid loves. The backpack is recommended for kids up to twelve years of age and comes in adequate color choices to suit both girls’ and boy’s needs.

  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Color/ pattern: Black
  • Alternative color/ patterns: Aqua, grey, navy, red, royal blue, white
  • Recommended age/ gender: 8-12 years, suitable for boys and girls
  • Padded shoulder straps: Yes

4. Ropper Lightweight Canvas Cute Pattern Kids School Backpack,15″



This is a backpack designed to offer resilient performance and suitability for kids in and out of school. The main material is canvas, offering a tough protection against the tumble and rumble of kids play. It is also fitted with adjustable as well as padded to afford the best protection. The backpack includes two main compartments and a set of pockets to offer versatile storage space for your kids’s stuff.

  • Brand: Ropper
  • Color/ pattern: Black elephant
  • Alternative color/ patterns: Choice of nine different color patterns
  • Recommended age/ gender: 8-13 years, Suitable for boys and girls
  • Padded shoulder straps: Yes

3. Everest Junior Backpack



Designed for kids aged between five and twelve (there are adequate color and pattern choices to suit boys and girls) this is a very distinctive backpack. It is made from 600d polyester material that is good for cleaning and maintenance. The backpack is designed to be slim and compact but nonetheless offers a very versatile solution for carrying books, toys and other kid’s stuff.

  • Brand: Everest Paw Patrol
  • Color/ pattern: Red
  • Alternative color/ patterns: Choice of 8 different colors
  • Recommended age/ gender: 5 – 12 years; boys and girls
  • Padded shoulder straps: Yes

2. YISIBO Kids Backpack 3D Cute Zoo



Made of lightweight but nonetheless very tough neoprene material, this backpack will offer the best mobility solution for your school-going kid. The straps are especially remarkable with their dual length adjustment feature and adequate padding. The manufacturers are so confident of their offer that the sale is backed by a no hassles money back guarantee.

  • Brand: YISIBO
  • Color/ pattern: Blue Dinosaur
  • Alternative color/ patterns: Choice of 28 different colors and patterns
  • Recommended age/ gender: Age 10 – 14. Suits both boys and girls
  • Padded shoulder straps: Yes

1. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid & Toddler Backpack (Ages 2+)



Fitted with a pretty capacious main compartment, this is an ideal backpack for a kid just stepping up to the rigmarole of attending school daily. It is the best gift for your toddler on the go. To the inside it is lined with a waterproof layer that is also very easy to clean. The straps are not only long enough but they are adjustable and padded to allow for comfort.

  • Brand: Skip Hop
  • Color/ pattern: Red and plaid trim
  • Alternative color/ patterns: Choice of 20 different color and patterns
  • Recommended age/ gender: 3-5 years (preschool). Unisex
  • Padded shoulder straps: Yes




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