Top 10 Best Backpacks for College Reviewed In 2019

Shopping for the right college bag is one of the ways to ensure you enjoy convenience and comfort. They are critical in ensuring you carry your all items without experiencing any difficult. Currently, due to changing technology, most are designed to accommodate your laptop, books, lunchbox, among other essentials. Therefore they must be spacious and sturdily constructed to enhance the safety of your items.

Now, when you embark on the process of buying a college backpack, it’s ideal to go for the best. These bags keep on changing regarding design and features depending on the time and technology. However, regardless of these changes, some of the essential features should not be compromised.

What to Consider When Buying a College Backpack

Just likes when you are buying a shirt or a pair of trousers, it is also prudent to factor out some features when you are buying bags. Otherwise, you are going to experience a messy situation.


This is among the leading features that people look. What you are going to carry significantly determines the size of yours bag. If you have a few items, there is no need to buy a larger bag. On the other hand, when you have mores items to carry it is ideal to look for a spacious bag. In fact these days, backpacks are available with compartments and pockets; therefore, it is possible to estimate your ideal bag size correctly. Further, with more compartments and pockets, it makes storage and retrieval easy.


When you are buying a bag a scrutinizing the material of construction gives your ability to enjoy a longer period of services. These are different materials that are used in their construction such as cotton, leather and synthetic fabrics. Synthetic ones are more common since they are cheap and water resistant than other types. Leather made are durable, waters resistant and expensive. Cotton bags are lights durable, but they aren’t water resistant making them less protective to your items. By analyzing various types of materials you can detect these differences, but it calls for a more assessment.

Carrying comfort

No one wants a bag that will cause stress when you are carrying be it on shoulders or back. An ideal bag should offer maximum comfort when you are carrying. It should have adequate padding at the back, to prevent straining your back hence avoiding back pains. Additionally, shoulder straps should also be padded to ensure your body experiences a balanced weights distribution. This should be so too, to the handle at the top of the bag to enhance easy hand carrying. Further, they should be easy to adjust without compromising the safety of your bag.

Additional features

While additional features might add some weight to your backpack, some are just for decoration and safety purposes. Some of the extra features are for carrying some small items like chargers and the likes. Others are detachable and are only attached whens you needs them. Moreover, others like reflective strips are ideal for enhancing your safety at night.

10. Hotstyle SmileDay College/School Vintage Laptop Backpack

Hotstyle SmileDay

If you are looking for a durable and high-quality college bag, this Hotstyle SmileDay laptop backpack is the bag to buy. It is stylish and aesthetically to keep you smiling ever. Crafted for carting your laptop, it features large compartments to fit all your classroom items.

The bag is constructed from a heavy-duty 600D polyester material, which is resistant to tearing. This guarantees durability and the bag maintain its elegant shape for a long time. Further, the material is ideal for protecting your items from water damage due to tightly sewed polyesters fabrics. Besides protecting your item, the fabrics are breathable hence allows air circulation.

As you prepare your load, the bag is large with several compartments, which fit your entire luggage without squeezing. You can carry your laptop, tablets and other personals gadgets measuring up to 15 inches. The scientifically designed compartments ensure the items fits systematically without denaturing the shape of the bag. It is an ideal backpack for a variety of activities such as excursion, college, or window-shopping


  • Ample storage space
  • Durable construction material
  • The pack is breathable


  • The bag lacks waters bottle holder


Buying this backpack guarantees you a comfortable carrying. It is made from sustainable and breathable materials that offer durability. It is a stylish and fashionable bag.

9. EcoCity Unisex Classic School Bookbags

EcoCity Unisex Classic School Bookbags

As you look to buy a college backpack, getting the ideal one is the top priority. Now you can smile, as the EcoCity Unisex Classic School Bookbag will add a smile to your college life. It is a sturdy bag meant to support a heavy load up to 8.8 pounds. The high-grade polyester material ensures that your heavy load doesn’t compromise its stability. Unlike other bags, this one doesn’t change its design due to strong sewing with a sturdy frame.

The elegantly designed bag is ideal for matching with other accessories and your dressing mode. Carrying is comfortable padding on the back. Further, shoulder straps are padded and breathable to prevent sweating when the bag is on yours back. The bottom side is strong to support your pack featuring polyurethane and it long-lasting.

Carry all your accessories without an additional bag; this backpack comes with a large space. It is divided into compartments to fit a variety of items. You can put your books and other essential items, which systematically fit. It further boasts a large laptop compartment capable of fitting your laptop or tablet securely. Accessing your items is smooth through the convenient zippers at the back of the backpack.


  • Padded and breathable shoulder straps
  • Available in different colors
  • Large compartments to fit your items easily


  • No water bottle holder sleeves


The EcoCity Unisex Classic School Bookbag is an ideal bag, which blends perfectly with your mode of dressing. It is also versatile and not restricted for college use only. It’s a stylish bag for everyone.

8. Leaper Casual Lightweight School Backpack

Leaper Casual Lightweight School Backpack

Times, when students used to compacts everything in school backpacks, are long gone. These days we have well-divided bags which enables you to securely and comfortably carry your load. You don’t have to search further to get a quality bag; Leaper Casual Lightweight backpack and shoulders bags are the perfect choice for every college student.

This bag is crafted to enable you to carry a variety of items. It features different sized compartments to allow carrying A4 sized documents and notebooks. Others pockets are ideal for keeping other personal items. You can also carry your wallets on this bag, in the front zippered pockets. The laptops compartment allows you to slide your 15inches laptop or tablets comfortably. For other smaller electronics, it has dual mini pockets. On the sides, this backpack is equipped with two pockets for carrying water bottles.

Despite having many features, this bag is constructed from a heavy duty but a lightweight canvas to reduce its overall weight. Featuring a stylish construction, it is ideal for a picnic, school, outing among others. It is comfortable fitted with breathable and thickly padded straps and back. The backpack is sold together with a shoulder laptop bag.


  • Lightweight construction and durable
  • Beautiful design
  • Available in over 20 colors


  • The bag isn’t ideal for big laptops


With this Leaper backpack, you’ll carry all your stuff with ease. what makes it better is that you’ll arrange all your personal items in the bag, making it easy to spot and retrieve items from the bag.

7. High Sierra Fat Boy Backpack, Available in 36 Colors

High Sierra Fat Boy Backpack, Available in 36 Colors

Buy High Sierra Fat Boy Backpack and get a real companion when you are going to gym, school and other places. You don’t have to worry about the available size as it offers extra spacious space. Its internal is divided into various compartments, which make arranging your items, a breeze. Each compartment is zippered to enable storage even for smaller items. Moreover, smaller objects are simple to store though the installed key fob hook. Besides the regular pockets, the bag features a tech sleeve, which allows storing your tablet.

Carrying this bag guarantees you maximum comfort. It comes with as generously padded back panel, which offers a tender feeling on the back impacting an extra comfort. The bottom panel also is padded to protect your load from shock in case the bag falls. The shoulder straps are designed with a compressing material, which allows shrinking when you carry a heavy load without shoulder strains.

When walking during the night, the bag features a reflective strip that increases your visibility. On the others hand, the beverages pockets allow fitting of waters bottles. They are also suitable for carrying an umbrella.


  • Padded straps and back panel
  • Perfect for carrying small items securely
  • Constructed from durable materials


  • Zippers are weak and break easily


When you want a reliable and yet fun bag, High Sierra Fat Boy Backpack is the perfect pick. You will enjoy thick padded back, straps and well-designed compartments. Above all, it improves your road safety by possessing a reflective strip.

6. High Sierra Swerve Backpack, Available in 38 Colors

High Sierra Swerve Backpack, Available in 38 Colors

Carry your entire school item with confidences and styles with this backpack from High Sierra. It is a heavy-duty bag capable of supporting a heavy load without compromising your comfort or the bag stability. The bag is multi-compartmented to allow it fit different sized material such as notebooks, and other documents. Everything is catered for documents to pens. The compartments are zippered while smaller ones have hooks for keeping pens and keys safe.

Storing your laptop and tablets is easy. The bag has a large pocket capable of fitting a 17inches device and a sleeve for keeping tablet. Carrying a bag doesn’t mean your skin should not breathe. It should be breathable to ensure there is air circulation. The Swerve comes with a cushioned and breathable back panel, which has a wicking capacity to keep your skin dry. The straps too are soft thickly padded to ensure you are comfortable when you are carrying heavy items.

Keep your body refreshed is now easy through the integrated meshed beverage sleeve. On the others hand, the bag straps are enhanced with a media pocket for carrying media players devices or a mobile phone.


  • Breathable and highly padded back panel
  • It is large to fit a variety of items
  • Constructed from durable fabrics


  • Poor quality zippers from small pockets


No need to compact your school items on your small bag. With this Swerve Backpacks, you can enjoy space and security of your items.

5. High Sierra Freewheel Backpack – Wheeled, Available in 5 Colors

High Sierra Freewheel Backpack – Wheeled, Available in 5 Colors

Carry your books, laptop and other personal loads with this wheeled backpack from High Sierra. It is a versatile bag designed for carrying on your back, and also it can be converted to a wheeled bag. Therefore, even when you have a larger load, it’s an excellent bag. It features compartments designed for enabling precise arrangement of personal items. The computer storage compartment is extra padded to prevent your laptop from getting damaged or shock. Every pocket is zippered to keep your items in position. Additionally, the smaller ones are equipped with hooks for easier and secure keys storage.

When you are tired of carrying the bag, it is furnished with smooth rolling casters. Further, the telescopic handle ensures a comfortable pulling. The shoulders straps are adequately padded to minimize the impact of heavy load on your shoulder. The side pockets are designed to ensure you carry drinking water. The bag is protected from damage by equipped corner guards. It has a reflective piping provides road safety while the Vapel mesh gives the grab handle a comfortable padding.


  • Versatile: it is wheeled and also carrying straps
  • Durably constructed
  • Maximum padding for comfortable carrying


  • The handle comes off easily


If you want a perfect bag for traveling, schooling or any other activity, this wheeled backpack is the best choice. It is useful for carrying heavy with less hassle while offering excellent safety.

4. High Sierra Access Backpack, Available in 17 Colors

High Sierra Access Backpack, Available in 17 Colors

Whenever you have a bag from Sierra, you can be confident with quality and performance. One of their top performing backpacks is High Sierra Access Backpack. It has a sleek design with a heavily padded laptop compartment capable of fitting 17 inches computer. Also, you can store your tablet in the integrated tablet sleeve. The whole bag is divided into various compartments, which allow an organized storage of books, and other school gear.

Unlike others bags, this one comes with a rain cover that is stacked at the bottom compartment of the bag. Therefore, when it’s raining you just pull the over and all your items are safe from rainwater. When carrying, the back panel has thick padding with a breathable material, which facilitates free airflow. Furthers comfort is through the compression shoulders straps which reduce the weight impact. The waist tuck away belt assists in keeping the bag in position in yours back. The removable media pocket allows for easy carrying of headphones and others media devices.


  • The backpack has an integrated rain cover
  • Perfect fitting: Have padded straps, waist strap, and sternum strap
  • Furnished with many pockets for all your gadget


  • The bag zippers are light duty hence rips off quickly


A bag isn’t just a bag. You need a bag like this to carry your load with confidence regardless of the weather condition. Fitted with as rain cover even your electronic gadgets are safe. It’s comfortable, heavy-duty and durable.

3. AmazonBasics Backpack For 17’’ laptops

AmazonBasics Backpack For 17’’ laptops

Giving your computer maximum protection when you are at school or traveling adds its service life. Therefore, whether they are your books or computer, they should be well protected without sacrificing your comfort. With this AmazonBasics backpack, you can now relax. It is a perfects student companion who guarantees is ideal for security, style and comfort. It allows you to organize all your items through the divided compartments. Each pocket is designed either for books, smaller gadgets a laptop.

It is crafted to fit a 17 inches laptop; therefore, you won’t need a separate carrying bag. When you are carrying your stuff, you will enjoy a comfortable feeling through the padded shoulders straps. Also, the mashed pockets on the side of the bag enable you to carry refreshing beverages. The durable polyester material is sturdy and will provide longer usage.


  • It offers numerous internal pockets for convenient storage
  • It features refreshment bottle carrying pockets
  • Spacious spaces to fit all school items


  • The laptop compartment is lightly padded


This AmazonBasics laptop bag is a perfect choice for any student. Whether you are in college or high school, it perfectly fits your needs. It is a stylish backpack.

2. JanSport Big Student Classics Series Backpack

JanSport Big Student Classics Series Backpack

If you want a perfect tool to keep your school journey simple, don’t look further; get yourself this JanSport Big Student backpack. With a large dedicated space, it will fit your entire school items without needing an additional bag. In fact, it has a spacious space measuring 2100 cubic inches. Therefore whether you want to carry your books, laptop, and other essential items, it will do it without hesitation.

Inside the bags are different sized compartments designed to fit various items. It has two main compartments, which make the bag to be versatile. They can accommodate various items from laptops, books other larger components. Besides, there are other small pockets, which enable you to stores small equipment. In the front part are the two quick pockets, which make it easy for storing and retrieving your phone.

The bag is enhanced with as fully padded back panel to impact as comfort feeling when you are carrying. Shoulder straps are also padded and are S-shaped to distribute the load weight on your body, hence preventing shoulder and backs pains. The lower side features expanding pleats to increase bag size.


  • Ergonomically designed to improve comfort
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Durable construction: 600 Denier Polyester to resist tears


  • A bit small that other same class backpack


This bag guarantees you an extended time of use. It is constructed from heavy duty material which is resistant to tearing.

1. High Sierra Loop Backpack, Available in 31 Colors

High Sierra Loop Backpack, Available in 31 Colors

High Sierra Loop Backpack is a heavy duty and high performing bag that every student aspires. The multi design bag ideal for use not only by students but it is ideal for traveling, or picnic. It features several compartments and pockets, which give the bag the ease of use. You can systematically arrange your components in the bag hence carrying will be convenient without distorting its shape. Further, the compartments are designed to offer the load with a perfect holding hence thereby eliminating unnecessary movement.

The backpack enables you to have unlimited entertainment through the fitted medias devices carrying pocket on the carrying straps. It has a tech port for keeping your tablet. The S-shaped carrying straps are s ideal in ensuring you get the maximum comfort when the bag is on your back. Additionally, your body won’t sweat as the back panel is padded with as breathable wicking material to absorb sweat.

High Sierra Loop Backpack is also an essential bag when you are camping or hiking. It has compression straps, which are ideal for carrying items such as camping tent and the like. The monster hook is also great for carrying a lantern or hanging your water bottle. You can also put beverage bottles on the meshed pockets.


  • Compartments are zippered to secure your items
  • It features waters resistant lining
  • Has a monster hook and compassion straps from attachment of extra accessories


  • It doesn’t have a padded laptop sleeve


This is the best backpack you can get on the market. It is ergonomic, durable and secure. Collages life is now easy as you have adequate space and comforts to carry them.


Carrying your college essentials such as books and electronic devices requires a secure storage. These days you can carry them with comfort and style due to advancement in the construction of the bag. Don’t carry your books and laptop with your hands, gets one of these backpacks and feel the style.

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