Top 10 Best Back Scratchers of 2022 – Reviews

It happens every once in a while that you get a peculiar itch somewhere you cannot really reach to deal with it. While it can be annoying and frustrating when it happens, you need to remember that specific tools were invented for this exact purpose, and they’re not all that expensive either.

To avoid the infuriating feel of not being able to relieve yourself of any itchy inconveniences, you should perhaps invest in a reliable back scratcher. Although like we said, these items are not costly by any means, you shouldn’t just buy the first one you set your eyes on. To guide you through what the market has to offer at this point in time, we put together a list of the ten best back scratchers money can buy.

Best Back Scratchers of 2022

10Banz Self-Massager Therapeutic Bamboo Back Scratcher

rubber ballsWith the ability to provide quick relief to hard to reach areas, the Banz Self-Massager Therapeutic Bamboo Back Scratcher is a super strong and robust device that gets a lot of praise from anyone who has tried it. This back scratcher also works as a massager thanks to the rubber balls that are attached to one end of the rod to help with therapeutic back massages. Made from high-quality bamboo, this back scratcher is super durable and relatively space efficient.

9Funny Basswood Cat Back Scratcher

rubber grip

rubber ballsUniquely constructed to resemble a cat, the Funny Basswood Cat Back Scratcher measures 19 inches in length and can reach your lower back with ease. Carved from top grade basswood, this stylish back scratcher is light in weight and extremely sturdy. The scratcher is also quite affordable as far as pricing goes and is more or less perfect for its value, quality, efficiency, and durability.

8DCI Back Scratcher Telescoping

rubber balls

rubber ballsUniquely designed and crafted with a telescoping handle made from high-quality stainless steel, the DCI Back Scratcher Telescoping can easily be extended to reach out to the toughest areas to reach on your back. With the ability to extend from 7.5 inches to 28 inches with ease, this device instantly provides relief to any itchy areas throughout your body. It also features a curved design on the handle for a better grip between your fingers. Thanks to its compact size and construction, it can easily be stored or carried around while traveling.

7Back Rake Oak and Walnut

non-toxic oil

rubber ballsFeaturing a unique design and construction, the Back Rake Oak and Walnut is specially made with US Walnut and Oak wood and finished with non-toxic oil. Built to last, this device comes with a curved handle that is smoothly sanded and offers optimal grip and comfort during utilization. Unlike other back scratchers, this one comes with four different surfaces that offer variable levels of pressure and ease and is the perfect solution for providing instant relief.

6Cactus Scratcher

rubber grip

rubber ballsHighly recommended by most of those who have tried it, the Cactus Scratcher offers quick and effective relief from itchiness and irritation. It also works as a skin exfoliator thanks to its unique design that includes two levels of spikes. It also features two handles with balls that have a power grip and two-foot straps made of high-quality nylon material. The spikes and balls are made of top grade ABP plastic material that makes it ultra durable and lightweight.

5Rivers Edge Products Ebytendable Bear Paw Back Scratcher

rubber balls

rubber ballsThe Rivers Edge Products Ebytendable Bear Paw Back Scratcher is a stylish, durable and compact-sized device that can be extended up to 27.5 inches in total length. Featuring a comfortable and well-designed handle with a foam grip, you can reach out to the hard to reach areas of your back without any difficulties. Thanks to its simple and unique design, it can be easily stored or carried around while traveling.

4JapanBargain Bamboo Back Scratcher

non-toxic oil

rubber ballsMeasuring 17.5 inches in length, the JapanBargain Bamboo Back Scratcher is a sturdy device that made from high-quality bamboo. Offering quick relief from itchy an itchy back and with the ability to reach hard to reach areas like your lower back and sides, this back scratcher is super efficient and durable by most standards. Compared to other traditional back-scratching tools, this piece uniquely cut from bamboo is budget friendly and would make a great gift should you choose to give it as a present.

3Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher

rubber grip

rubber ballsAvailable in four different vibrant colors, the Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher is a retractable device that measures 22 inches when extended to the maximum, which makes it very accommodating overall. Made from premium grade, top quality materials, this back scratcher comes with a robust handle with a cushioned grip that is both ergonomic and comfortable to hold. Thanks to its retractable design, it is extremely compact in size and easy to store.

2BambooMN Brand – Bamboo Backscratcher

rubber balls

rubber ballsMeasuring no less than 17 inches in length, the BambooMN Brand back scratcher is a strong and robust device that will surely accommodate people of any height. This back scratcher is uniquely cut and shaped from mature bamboo and offers instant relief with minimal effort on your part. Due to its impressive length, it can reach hard to reach areas with relative ease. Long-lasting and light in weight, this scratching tool will surely meet anyone’s expectations in terms of ergonomy and ease of use.

1WOVTE Bear Claw Black Telescopic Back Scratcher

non-toxic oil

rubber ballsMade from premium grade 100% stainless steel, the WOVTE Bear Claw Black Telescopic Back Scratcher comes equipped with a telescope-like handle that is 22.5 inches in length when fully extended, making it one of the longest back scratchers out there. Uniquely built to be as sturdy as possible, you will notice that its handle features a strong rubber grip to add a certain degree of comfort when used.

We should also point out that the metal used in its making is rust-proof, break-proof, and extremely durable. Thanks to its ingenious design, it can be retracted into a smaller more compact size and carried around with ease, especially while traveling.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?


What To Look For In A Back Scratcher

rubber gripWhen looking for a reliable back scratcher, always consider the length, flexibility, and the materials used in its making. Sure, there are a few other characteristics to look for, but none matter most than the overall sturdiness, the flexibility, and the ability to reach all areas of your back.

Even so, you shouldn’t judge a back scratcher just by one of these features alone, not unless you’re looking for a specific back scratcher to meet a specific need.

Second of all, look for a back scratcher that looks sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of prolonged use. Given the sheer multitude of back scratchers to choose from, you might be inclined to make the mistake of getting a cheap one thinking that there aren’t too many differences between back scratchers. The truth is that the market has been over flooded by sub-par back scratchers that tend to break off easily whenever you subject them to a fair amount of stress.

Also important to consider is the shape of the back scratcher itself, mainly the top area of the scratcher which contains the scratching elements. Most of the time, these are shaped like claws or fingers depending on the manufacturer, with some being quite ingenious and others being a bit comical. Either way, most back scratchers can be expected to do their job as long as the construction is sturdy and the back scratchers are long enough.

Different Types Of Back Scratchers

non-toxic oilWhile back scratchers serve a pretty generic purpose, some are definitely better than others. The differences between most back scratchers aren’t structural, mind you, but rather in the design compartment where they tend to differ quite a lot. Even so, there is no denying that some back scratchers offer a higher degree of efficiency in certain situations, regardless of their aesthetics.

Depending on their construction, back scratchers can be:

Standard back scratchers – These are by far the most common back scratchers out there. They involve a once-piece construction that involves a lengthy, slender rod with a rake-like end to do the actual scratching. These devices can be made of wood, whalebone, tortoiseshell, bamboo, ivory, cane, baleen, or even from stainless steel. Although the materials used in their making differ, they are all operated the same way.

Retractable back scratchers – Like the name suggests, retractable back scratchers are telescopic by design, which makes them easier to store. Retractable back scratchers are also much easier to carry and are usually more lightweight than traditional versions. Like the standard models, retractable back scratchers can also be made from different materials, with certain limitations applied when it comes to various types of wood.

Compact back scratchers – Although not as widespread as standard or even retractable versions, compact back scratchers do exist and they are the preferred choice of people who have itchy upper backs. Without the need to accommodate their lengthy construction, these back scratchers are also very easy to store. Not only that but they also involve a somewhat stylish design that allows them to blend in with other household items.

The Stigma Of Using A Back Scratcher

Some people have complained that although they have an itchy back, they refrain from using anything to scratch themselves because of their fear they’ll look silly. Let us point out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with scratching an itch, people have been doing it since forever. As a matter of fact, the ancient Chinese Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty owned a jade back scratcher that he used regularly and this was more than 2,500 years ago.

Over time, back scratchers have been made from whatever materials craftsmen had on hand, be it bone, ivory, wood, or metal. Nowadays, people tend to prefer back scratchers that are both sturdy and lightweight, which makes plastic the preferred choice of many manufacturers. Depending on your budget, however, you can definitely get your hands on a back scratcher made of bone, ivory, or tortoiseshell.

Judging by how artistically some of these back scratchers are decorated, it would be pretty silly to presume that they aren’t supposed to be used in a social setting. In fact, the awkward look people get on their faces whenever they have an itch they can’t scratch is far more disconcerting for the people around you than using a discreet device to scratch your back ever so gently without interfering disturbing anyone.

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