Top 10 Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows in 2019 Reviews

It is the wish of every parent to make their baby be as comfortable as possible. To achieve this, you need the best baby head and neck support pillows. Here we are doing a review of the best support pillows for you little one this year. What are the considerations you need to check as a parent to make you baby comfortable and all smiles as she throws those little hands in the air when she sees you all over her? There are top quality pillows available in the market today, and this review is meant to help you get the best from this market.

Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows Buyers’ Guide

These are the considerations most people have seen to be necessary for you to take when you want to get the best support pillow for your baby. You can always be sure that quality prevails over any other thing and as such look for the best in the market that has what you need for your baby.

1.Safety and the ability to be breathable

This is the first thing you need to consider. The best pillows should have had it being tested and proven for safety before it is put on the market. Those pillows that would not suffocate or at the very least discomfort your baby look like the best ones for you.


It is common knowledge that babies can be so tough and need immediate attention as you know they can drool or soil themselves and all other things that would either make the pillow dirty or leave an odor on it. Get that type that is easy to wash by machine and does not carry the odor easily for you to be safe.

3.Value for money

Babies keep on growing, and we wish you all the best in that. However, as she grows, you will need to replace each and every time that pillow if you can buy that one which has expandable or expands then it will be the best thing for you. The best ones that will last for some time before you replace them would be better.

4.Medical Conditions and Health

Most manufacturers do not make the support pillows that are considered a risk for the health of the babies. However, the medics would recommend that you get a pillow that is dye free to ensure that your baby does not get infections. This is the priority for every parent as we love our dolls smiling and chuckling let’s keep them safe from such dangers.

Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows in 2019

Now take a look at the following quality products and make a choice today buy the best for your baby’s comfort.

10.Comfort & Harmony Lounge Elephant Buddies Baby Positioner

It is designed to be one of those soft and comfortable pillows. It has fabric that makes it soft that is always what the babies love. It’s designed for the young infants made to look like a cute elephant making it very fantastic for the baby. This support pillow is machine washable and provides a soothing and tactile experience for the baby. This is also one of those that is adaptable as the baby grows he may even be able to seat on it. This ideally forms a friendship with the baby hence it has been said to be nursery inspired coming in different cute shapes, for example, an elephant, lion and an owl shape.

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i)It is cute, and nursery inspired making it a perfect first friend for the baby.

ii)It is machine washable

iii)It can be used even when the baby grows

iv)It is made of soft and luxury motivated fabrics.


i)It is not available for the older babies.

Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows

9.The Boppy Company 3PK Tummy Time-Baby Head & Neck Support Pillows

Designed to be a little bit smaller than the former Boppy baby pillow, it remains one of the best support pillow available for your baby. It is highly recommended by medical practitioners today, this pillow machine washable and easy to clean. It is recommended for tummy time and comes with toys that are removable.


i)It’s recommended by the medical practitioners for tummy time.

ii)It comes with removable toys.

iii)It comes with a patented string for toy attachments.


i)It is not available for grown up babies.

Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows

8. DorDor & GorGor Reversible Infant Head Support, Organic Cotton, Gray

Designed to keep your baby warm, comfortable and safe, this is one of the best in the market today. It is designed with colored areas and a white area. The white part of this pillow is made from organic material cotton as a safety measure keeping your baby safe at all times. The cotton is a soft one that keeps the baby warm and comfortable at all times of the seasons. The pillow’s colored part now has the natural linen part that makes sure there is a balance between the warmth and the cooling effect. This entirely makes sure the baby is comfortable. This pillow is breathable and offers ease of air circulation. It can adapt to the growth of your baby through the Velcro straps.


i)It’s contoured for comfort and support.

ii)It’s made of an organic material for safety and freedom from infections.

iii)It’s breathable nut still comfortable and warm.


i)Reviews have shown that the pillow might be a bit warmer considering the circumstances hence babies may be wet when they sleep on it for longer times.

Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows

7. Boppy Newborn Lounger, Elephant Love Gray

It is one of the most portable pillows due to its light weight and soft nature. It has been lauded for its design in most reviews with people giving a recommendation for photos of the baby on this pillow it has a perfect design for your baby and gives a relaxing feeling of comfort when she is on it. The pillow is made of soft fabric that can be wiped, and it is the best when the baby is awake.


i)It has a handle for ease of carriage and portability.

ii)It’s made of a soft wipe-able fabric.

iii)It is designed to be beautiful and comfortable.

iv)It is perfect for babies who are awake it looks like a babies nest.

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i)It might not be easily washed in a washing machine.

Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows

6.Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow – Cloud Lamb

It is sold majorly on the basis that it is made of natural materials that would be safe for your baby. This is true, and the organic material is cotton that has been certified. It is known for its ability to shield the baby from any pressure on the neck and the head region for quite some time. Babies have a very sensitive skin, and in most cases, their skin will react to various exposures this pillow is free from any toxic materials and allergens. It has been made of materials that do not have chemicals which could harm your baby, no harmful dyes, and other chemicals. It is one of those that can be washed easily using the hands.


i)It is made from certified organic cotton which makes it safe for the baby.

ii)It is made of hypoallergenic polyester filling that takes care of risks associated with babies’ skin.

iii)It is chemical and dye free.


i)There may be rare cases where the pillow loses the support feature after several continuous washing.

Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows

5.Little Sleepy Head Baby Pillow

This one is also meant to ensure that the baby is safe and comfortable. It is designed with polyester fibers inside and cotton enclosing that makes it very comfortable to sleep on and rest your neck on it. It is also one that is affordable but still provides quality services for your baby. Comfort to a child is usually one of the things that will help them sleep well and not wake up in the middle of the night crying. This pillow assures this due to its soft nature and maximum support of the baby’s neck and head.


i)It is a hypoallergenic pillow.

ii)It offers maximum comfort and support for the neck and head of the baby.

iii)It is a durable pillow.

iv)It is made of cotton which is soft and offers the best fiber for adequate safety.


i)It might be slightly pricey.

i)Some customers have complained of having to change the removable covers severally.

Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows

4.Clevamama ClevaFoam Baby Pillow

This is also one of the best again in this list of quality products. The design of this is meant to ensure the safety of the baby and comfort. It is one of the lightest pillows making it easy to carry around and convenient enough to use. It has a cover that can be cleaned easily with a machine. Ventilations are available in the form of holes this feature makes sure the baby does not suffer from excessive heat. The holes bring a healthy circulation of air. The baby does remain comfortable and would fresh.


i)It is washable and the cover removable.

ii)It is a pillow designed to have a low profile, and this makes sure the baby’s spine and head are well stable and aligned.

iii)It is a luxurious pillow designed for comfort.


i)It is not proven to be safe for infants sleeping on it without close supervision.

Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows

3.Leachco Podster Baby Seat Lounger-sling-style

One of the most contoured pillows that will suit that baby who likes kicking but remains calm. This unique feature of being highly contoured allows your baby to remain secure and in right position. It is designed with sling center that enables it to expand, and this is cost effective as you won’t need to buy a bigger one as your baby grows. It is an adjustable one where you need your baby seated you can just adjust this pillow, and it will allow that.

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i)It is flexible enough to allow your child to sit and sleep when necessary.

ii)Its sling style design for a seat like the position is custom and enables support for the baby’s weight.

iii)Highly contoured to keep the baby in position and allows proper caressing of the baby.


i)It does not come with a removable cover, and in most cases, the filling quickly gets out of the seams.

Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows

2.Little One’s Pillow – Toddler Pillow, Delicate Organic Cotton

Quality being the best, here comes on of the best in the market as well made from an organic cotton material that has the certification of the USDA. This is one of those that is affordable and yet surprisingly quality. It is highly comfort based and has a unique aspect of being hypoallergenic which does not easily happen in the market. The pillow is made of over 200 thread that brings with it comfort and relaxation-inducing effect for your baby. It is apart from this uniqueness a safe pillow since it is free from chemicals that may bring harm to your little one. It is a washable pillow that does not get lumpy in the process and has for purposes of comfort and washes ability a polyester fiber. The pillow is also technically and carefully crafted with due diligence that makes it unrivaled regarding its perfection and appearance.


i)It is a chemical-free pillow.

ii)It has been made from cotton and filled with polyester fiber for a perfect combination of comfort and safety.

iii)It has a USDA certification this increases confidence in it for those who are extra cautious about products.

iv)It is dust-mite resistant due to a 200 thread craft count that is pure cotton.


i)Some people have complained about its washing ability.

Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows

1.Boppy Noggin Nest Neck and Head Support- with a Pink Flowers Finish

This is the leading brand name in the market today, and it does not just stay top it has the very best qualities that you can be looking for in a baby support pillow. It is a unique one in the market with padded sides to make the baby comfortable and prevent her from flat spots. The pillow has got a design very distinct from other pillows and makes sure there is no pressure on the neck and the head region of the baby. Its molded sides will make the baby comfortable and acts as a headrest for them.


i)Its design includes the side pads which is a unique feature for this pillow.

ii)It is designed to have a cut out hole that helps ease pressure on the baby.

iii)It has a nest head support that makes the baby comfortable in a position slightly raised and not a flat one.


i)Not the best when for use in a crib.

Best Baby Head and Neck Support Pillows


We hope this review helps you get the best support pillow for your loved one that will be safe comfortable and one that will be convenient for you as well as the baby. Get the best by looking at this review based on research on the market and reviews.





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