Top 10 Best Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Pumps Reviews In 2019

Keeping the pool beautiful is necessary but what can be done to the water that piles up over the pool covers? Rainwater and melting snow are directly linked to this situation and thus you need a special equipment to deal with this. Pool cover pumps are designed for acting as a solution and helps in getting rid of these problematic issues. These pumps are small, lightweight, yet powerful to efficiently drain out the unwanted water.

But the requirements differ with place and time. However, to crack down the secrets on knowing the best buys, follow swimming pool cover pump reviews. Only the top and trusted product made its spot here.

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Table of the Best Swimming Pool Cover Pumps Reviews

10. WAYNE 57729-WYNP Automatic Water Removal Pool Cover Pump

Pool Cover Pumps

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A smart solution for your water pumping needs, when you use a technologically advanced pump, the operation becomes easier. The pump has iSwitch technology which automatically handles the on/off function in accordance with the presence of water. This allows you to plug the device and let it do wonders on its own. Also, the high flow oil-free pump escalates water transfer while keeping the energy consumption low.

Key features

  • Designed with anti-freeze protection that eliminates damage risks to the pump.
  • The base is provided with strainer filters for reducing debris clogging and for providing the stability.
  • Impressive 3000 gallons per hour of maximum flow rate is achieved.

3. Yescom Submersible Water Pump Swimming Pool for Pond Water Transfer

Submersible Dirty Clean Water Pump Swimming Pool Pond Heavy Duty Water Transfer

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Water transferring and cleaning up of stacked water is easier than ever with this powerful pump. Equipped with a powerful 400W motor capable of delivering 1/2 HP, means a rapid rate of transfer is ensured. Likewise, the smart design lets it go down till 23ft and still work without any challenges. The auto shut-off float mechanism of the pump makes it much safe and reliable in all aspects. Besides, it can reach up to an astounding 2112 gallons per hour of flow rate.

Key features

  • Oil cooled electric motor that ensures smoother running while being durable.
  • 25’ length of cable covers a larger area.

2. JT Pro 350 GPH Submersible Swimming Pool Winter Cover Pump

umps Away 350 GPH Submersible Swimming Pool Winter Cover Pump

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Swimming pool covers during snowy times, in particular, become a hassle as water accumulating above the cover is hard to get rid of. The automatic pool cover pump from JT Pro is designed to deal with this issue and ensuring the effortless usage is maintained. As it is 100% submersible, no matter what the depth of water level is, it can deal with it. Besides, the smart design allows compatibility with a regular garden hose as well.

Key features

  • Huge 350 gallons per hour of flow rate for faster transfer.
  • Comes designed with a long 25’ cord for wider application.

1. Little Giant 5-APCP Automatic Pool Cover Pump

Little Giant 5-APCP Automatic Pool Cover Pump

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Rain and melting snow make water accumulation on your pool cover an important issue to deal with. With the use of this automatic pump from Little Giant, you can easily handle this without any worries. It is designed in accordance with CSA standards and capable of delivering 1200 GPH of flow rate. In addition to that, the 25 power cord enhances flexibility in every direction. Keeping your pool covers dry even after overnight rain or snow is now easy.

Key features

  • Capable of running both on automatic and manual mode.
  • Offers a removable stabilizing plate for a wide range of applications.
  • Submersible design for improved workability.

Most importantly, make sure on using a pool cover pump and bid farewell to all the tensions.

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