Top 10 Best Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers In 2019 Reviews

Hand washing becomes safe and quick with an automatic hand soap dispenser. You will avoid wasting your hand soap unnecessarily and avoid creating a mess that could emanate from applying too much pressure on a hand pumped hand soap dispenser. Small kids love using automatic hand soap dispensers; thus they will be looking forward to the next time they wash their hands thus cultivating a cleaning hands culture in them. As long as you have the best hand soap, you will be good to go. You can learn more about automatic hand soap dispensers from other platforms as well.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting When Selecting The Best Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers

Efficiency: Your soap dispenser should do just what it is required/set to do.

Adjustable Volume: If you get one that allows you to adjust the volume of soap to be dispensed the better because you will be saving a great percentage of soap with every hand wash which is very economical.

Ease of Installation: Your hand soap dispenser should save you some space meaning it should be versatile when it comes to where it will be installed. Wall mountable dispensers work great in space saving.

Accuracy: After setting the volume of soap to be dispensed, you should then check to see if your dispenser is accurate. Accuracy ensures that you are actually saving some soap instead of assuming so just because you adjusted the settings.

Durability: This is not questionable. Your dispenser should serve you for many years before giving in to damages.

Rust-Free & Corrosion-Free: It should feature a technology that ensures that it does not rust or corrode as it comes to contact with water.

Price: Simply put, the best hand soap dispenser is one the meets your budget.

Svinz 15 OZ Upgraded Version, Touchless Auto Soap Dispenser

If you are looking for a cool soap dispenser, then you already got one here. It is not only well constructed but also good looking. You will love to see it sitting in your house as it adds some good amount of transformation in your house. It makes soap dispensing easy and economical thanks to the automatic dispensing feature as it can be used for various purposes. It features the latest technology of dispensing to ensure that you get your soap easily and quickly without creating any mess.

The dispenser has a large capacity (15 oz.) thus you can use the soap for a long time. You don’t have to keep refilling as 15 oz. will be used for a good number of days before you need to refill it. Also, the fact that it is automatic and can be adjusted to dispense just the amount you need. Also, this dispenser shows the soap levels, so you won’t have to guess when to refill your soap. It’s a good dispenser to invest in because it has all great features.

With instant accurate dispensing, you will avoid bacterial spread while promoting good health. No more tipping over or mess caused by those disposable, flimsy hand pumps. With this soap dispenser, even your kids will wash their hands without any problems as there is no possibility of putting in too much soap thus creating a mess. You will also not have to wait “forever” for the soap to drip. Within just 0.5 seconds you will get the soap and wash your hands.

No wastage (you can dispense just enough amount any time as it has 2 levels of adjustment). This dispenser is economical. You can just adjust it to dispense a certain quantity of the soap thus no wastage, and you can be sure that even your kids will use it as required. The dispenser features a precise trigger zone that gives it an accurate activation. Thus, no wastage, no mess. Once you set it, you will be good to go. You will be surprised by how far a bottle of soap that you have been using for years can now take you thanks to this feature.

Svinz 15 OZ Upgraded Version, Touchless Auto Soap Dispenser

Immediate activation. Forget about placing your hands under your soap dispenser and waiting forever for it to dispense the soap so that you wash your hands. Also, you won’t have to worry about double and unintentional dispensing. You just place your hand under it, and the soap will drip by itself. This is not only economical, which might be ideal for most people but also efficiency at its best. You will be getting more every day and spending very little, and if you can manage just a little from all your household items, by the end of the day, you will have made a huge difference economic wise.

Strong construction from all premium quality materials thus ensuring that your soap dispenser serves you for many years. This is not one of those cheaply constructed soap dispensers that you purchase with high hopes of a long term service only for them to stop functioning after a short while forcing you to go back to the market and purchase a replacement. They are also well designed and function just as described. You can also use for dispensing dish washing soaps with no difficulties. They are energy efficient, and their batteries will last you up to one year with regular use. If you can combine this dispenser with the best home fragrance, your house will feel totally different.


  • Does not come with batteries

Automatic Soap Dispenser by Opernee


Nothing beats a good soap dispenser. It makes hand washing easy, quick and classic. It also reduces chances of bacterial spread from touching soap that has been used by too many other people. This happens mostly in places where hand washing soaps have to be shared by different people. It also reduces chances of making a mess especially if it is automatic because you won’t have to press to dispense the soap nor even touch the dispenser itself. You just place your hand under it, it senses your hand, and the soap drips on your hand. This soap dispenser by Opernee is all this and much more. It will make you miss walking to your dispenser to wash your hands.

With this dispenser, you will be able to use it for dispensing your soap for a long time because it is super durable. It has been constructed from high-quality materials thus giving you great soap dispensing services for a long time without a need to replace it. It will also give you long working time, that is, the total number of times it can dispense the soap. It gives about 15000 times of soap dispensing which is a really long time before you replace the batteries.

It also features water and anti-leak proof. Thus, you can be sure that once you fill it with soap, there are no chances of it leaking thus leading to unexpected costs and creating a mess. The soap dispenser features a waterproof technology meant to ensure that the water or soap does not corrode the circuit board. This increases the lifespan of the dispenser itself and ensures that you are receiving the soap in its purest form all the time. Also, with this waterproof technology, the battery compartment cannot get soaked in water thus no corrosion and your dispenser cannot fail to function.

Being a touch free soap dispenser, this is one of the best you can come across. It is equipped with a great sensitivity capacity to ensure thus making it super easy and quick to operate. The hand sensor is very efficient and will automatically sense your hand once you place it under the dispenser and immediately dispense the right quantity of soap to wash your hands. No need to waste time waving your hand under the dispenser. Just one pass and it detects it thus dispensing the soap immediately.

Automatic Soap Dispenser by Opernee

This soap dispenser also features an adjustable dispensing amount. It features three different levels to allow you set the amount of soap you wish dispensed any time one places their hand under your dispenser. This ensures that it delivers just as you deem enough and economically based on your pocket and also, to avoid wastage. The dispenser does not trail or drip if there is no hand under it. Thus, there is no mess nor soap wastage if no one is washing their hands.

It is an original brand, representing a second generation automatic and electric soap dispenser. It is very durable as it is made from very high-quality materials making it super solid and enabling it to withstand even a great level of abuse which happens in certain conditions. It enables you to wash your hands with ease and avoid any kind of bacteria spread. You can rely on it to always dispense the quantity of soap as set thus saving you the thought of ending up spending more on hand wash soaps than necessary. 1-pack batteries are included.

Secura Premium Touchless 17oz./500ml Battery Operated Automatic Soap Dispenser, Electric w/Adjustable Soap Dispensing Control Dial

Automatic soap dispensers are very helpful to people who value hygiene. It does not matter if you are using the soap alone or sharing with a roommate or your family. You can never tell when one one of them left some bacteria on the container or the soap itself, and they are waiting to get on your skin the moment you touch the soap. With an automatic battery operated soap dispenser, this kind of worrying becomes a thing of the past, and you can happily walk into the bathroom, take your shower or just wash your hands worry-free. You should also consider getting best bathroom speakers and the best planetariums and make every minute in your bathroom memorable.

First, this soap dispenser by Secura is water resistant. This speaks volumes in terms of its durability. Being water resistant means that its batteries will never be water soaked thus no chances of it stopping to work unexpectedly and you will not be at risk of using soap that contains some battery chemicals as it would happen if it starts to get soaked. Also, none of its parts will be at risk of corroding. Thus you will always receive the soap in its most pure state.

Its container has a soap capacity of 17oz. thus can hold enough soap to be used even by a good number of people for a good number of days. Thus, you won’t keep walking into the bathroom only to be met by an empty or almost empty soap dispenser all the time. You will also take longer to refill the soap dispensing container which is a great advantage to most people. This soap dispenser makes washing of hands or even taking a shower easy and quick.

An on/off switch ensures that you only leave the dispenser on when it’s being used and gives you an option to switch it off when no one is using it. This helps save on the battery power which is a great advantage especially for people who are not in the house for many hours. Most soap dispensers do not have this feature, and they keep using the battery even when you are gone for some days. If you aren’t in the house for sometime or are not visiting the bathroom, you can just switch it off. Also, the best walk-in tubs gives one a great bathroom experience so you might consider getting one as well.
Secura Premium Touchless 17oz./500ml Battery Operated Automatic Soap Dispenser, Electric w/Adjustable Soap Dispensing Control Dial

It also features an adjustable soap volume control. This feature enables you to control the volume of soap to be dispensed every time one places their hand under the dispenser. Its infrared sensor can detect your hand even when it is 2.75 inches away, and it will always dispense the same volume each time you place your hand near it. This reduces chances of using too much soap unnecessarily or getting very little soap than you would need to be clean. The soap container is also clear, enabling you to see the remaining soap after every use thus refill it on time.

This dispenser is not only attractive but very stylish. The designer took his/her time to come up with a very eye-catching design with great color combinations. It is also wall mountable, and you can also place it on a flat surface thus giving you an option to choose the design that suits you best. The sensitivity is very strong, and the soap is dispensed immediately after it detects your hand. You will love using it and how efficient it is. It brings the game of automatic touchless soap dispensing to a higher notch.


  • Batteries bought separately

SimpleOne Automatic White Touchless Soap Dispenser

How many times have you washed your hands or taken a shower without soap simply because you were too hesitant to touch the dirty hand pump and bar soap fearing that it might be harboring thousands of unknown bacteria and germs from different people. Sometime, it might also be just you who have been using the soap hand pump but it reaches a point where your hygiene sense tells you that enough is enough because of how it looks after several uses.

To avoid throwing away soap since the hand pump is extremely dirty from every now and then hand pumping, get yourself an automatic touch free soap dispenser. It makes hand washing or showing fun, easy and quick and you won’t feel like you just smeared some good number of germs on your hands or body. It also saves you from wasting too much soap as with a hand pump, you can never tell the volume of soap you are getting more so because most of the times our minds are far and we end up applying much force than necessary.

With SimpleOne soap dispenser, you will enjoy touch free soap dispensing thus maintaining highest hygienic levels when showering or washing your hands. With a touch free technology, you can also just wash one hand if the other one is full or if you are holding your phone unlike when you have to hand pump the dispenser. Forget about those expensive touch free soap dispensers, this one is very much affordable and functions even much better.

The motion sensor technology incorporated in this soap dispenser ensures that you do not waste time waiting for the soap to be dispensed. This could be so frustrating especially when taking a shower or when in a hurry to wash your hands and leave or jump into a more important task. Just one pass under this dispenser and the soap is dispensed immediately. You will also not be forced to wave your hand under the dispenser as is common with most other soap dispensers.

SimpleOne Automatic White Touchless Soap Dispenser

Expect zero mess spills. This soap dispenser features a modern design that takes into serious considerations all that is there to give you great services. As long as there is no hand under the dispenser, no soap will be dispensed. This is all possible as the soap dispenser relies on the motion sensor technology to dispense the soap. If the sensor is not sensing any hand under it, then no soap will be dispensed.

When it comes to energy efficiency, this soap dispenser is a winner. First, you will need four alkaline AAA batteries which are included in your purchase to operate it. With these batteries, you will have up to one year period of uninterrupted, consistent soap dispensing. This is a long time of great hands-free soap dispensing before you thing of changing the batteries. Also, because they are included in your purchase, this tells you that you will have one year of free soap dispensing. Enjoy hygienic and efficient soap dispensing from this great soap dispenser.


  • Might be a little bigger for some buyers.

Gojo TFX Soap Dispenser, 273012, Black

If you are looking for a way to improve the condition of your sink area, an automatic soap dispenser would help a great deal. First, it will help improve the cleanliness of the area which is of great help to any house owner and even if it is to be used in your workplace. And, second, it reduces the chances of creating a mess and most importantly, spreading of bacteria and germs. This is extremely crucial for people who are sharing the soap because you can never tell when one has left some germs on the soap or the hand pumped dispensers.

For hygiene enthusiasts, an automatic soap dispenser is a must have item as it comes with a huge number of advantages hygienic wise. Also, for people with small kids, an automatic soap dispenser will come in handy when you want to avoid soap wastage because sometimes the kids might put too much force on the hand pumped dispenser thus dispensing too much soap that they require to wash their hands.

It is a touch-free soap dispenser thus you just need to pass your hand under it, and the soap will be dispensed immediately. You do not need any comprehensive guide on how to go about it. Once filled with the soap and the batteries installed, you will just place in anywhere you deem fit and safe for it, and you will be good to start using it. Hand washing has never been this classic, simple and quick. It is super-efficient as long as the batteries are still operational and you will get the soap whenever you need it.

By being ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, Conformite Europeene qualified (CE), and Underwriters Laboratories qualified (UL), this is enough proof that you are buying a soap dispenser that will serve you as required. There are many soap dispensers on the market, and very few of them will meet such standards and observe all these requirements, so this tells you that even the manufacturers are dedicated to seeing you enjoy your dispenser and get the most out of it.

Gojo TFX Soap Dispenser, 273012, Black

It is very durable thanks to the quality of materials used for construction. After purchasing it, you will have many years of super-efficient soap dispensing moments and enjoy every minute you walk to your sink to wash your hands. However, you also have to play the role of maintaining it by first ensuring that the surface you choose to place it on is the best and ensure that it gets zero to very minimal levels of any form of abuse. This way, your soap dispenser will give you great soap dispensing services for a very long time.

It is very stylish and attractive. You will love how it sits on your sink area or wherever you decide to place it. The colors are great, and its unique design completes everything. It adds to the look of your hand washing area without costing you a fortune. It is designed to make hand washing or any other type of washing where it is used economically as you can auto set the volume of soap you want to be dispensed any time one places their hands under it thus minimizing on soap wastage. It is also compatible with all 1200ml refill bottles of GOJO TFX thus becoming more convenient.

Sowden Automatic Foam Handsfree Soap Dispenser, Adjustable Foam controls with 16oz. Capacity

For those trying to come up with ways to reduce soap usage mostly at homes or offices and other places, one sure way is going for foam soap dispenser. With this type of a dispenser, you will buy a single bottle of your favorite soap, dilute the desired quantity with some water, fill it in your dispenser then watch how far it will take you. This dispenser will transform the diluted liquid soap into foam thus further reducing the actual amount being dispensed.

This foam soap dispenser by Sowden is one of the most effective foam soap dispensers on the market. It will help you save on soap usage up to 75% less. Furthermore, this foam is dispensed in the form of a luxurious foam and will convince everyone that that’s the best foam they will ever use. It makes you wash your hands in style and add some class to your hand washing area. To fill the whole dispenser, you will require just a little amount of the soap then dilute it with a generous amount of water to your liking then watch the magic happen.

You also have the option to adjust the volume settings. This way, you will be reducing the amount of soap dispensed even further as you can set even the smallest volume as long as it is enough for your hands cleaning needs. The mistake most people make is using too much soap to wash their hands even when their hands a barely dirty. These settings allow you to adjust your soap dispenser to dispense the desired volume based on how dirty your hands are.

Also, you won’t have to keep refilling your foam soap dispenser because it has up to 16-ounce reservoir which will comfortably last you a maximum of 830 hand washes. And, you might even get more depending on how you set your dispenser. This is great news especially if this soap dispenser will be used in busy environments such as public rest rooms, restaurants or any other public places. When used at home, you will be surprised by how many times you can use it. It is the most long lasting foam soap dispenser I know.

Sowden Automatic Foam Handsfree Soap Dispenser, Adjustable Foam controls with 16oz. Capacity

Efficiency is desirable with this soap dispenser. It requires four AAA batteries to be operational, and even though they are not included in your purchase, you will love the fact that they will take you up to one year of continuous use before they start showing signs of dying. You can thus go on using your foam soap dispenser every day up to the end of the year when you will need to replace the batteries. This is great news for any buyer because no one wants to keep spending on new batteries after every short while.

Again, for those who are looking for a great foam soap dispenser that will help them save on space, this here is your guy. First, because of its base design, it can be placed on various surfaces with ease and remain totally stable. Second, it can be mounted on various walls with ease which is a great way of space saving. And, even when mounted on the wall, dispensing the soap is not interrupted, and you might even find it better. You will thus have enough space to wash your hands and place or hand other staff like towels and lotion thanks to its design.


  • Batteries not included

Lysol Touch-free Hand Automatic Soap Dispenser

Everyone is looking for all the possible ways of avoiding bacteria and other germs from all the places possible. However, if you have not found the most effective way yet, a no-hands soap dispenser would be a good place to start. You can avoid any form of contamination as you wash your hands because you won’t be touching the soap dispenser. It can be so bad if you end up collecting germs while all you wanted in the first place when you walked up to the sink to wash your hands was to get rid of the dirt and possible germs.

This hand soap dispenser by Lyson takes care of your hands in terms of cleanliness and your general health by ensuring that you do not come into contact with germs and bacteria in the process of washing your hands. It is designed to dispense the soap without you having to pump it as it is common with most hand soap dispensers, thus preventing bacterial spread. You will also feel comfortable when your little one washes their hands and goes directly to straight eating their food or fruits because you will be sure that they did not collect any germs.

With an automatic sensor, all you do when you walk up to your sink is place your hand under the dispenser, and it will dispense the soap immediately. What makes this hand soap dispenser even better is the ability to set it in a way that it will always dispense a certain amount of soap as you want. The sensor is also strong thus making it more efficient as you won’t have to wait or wave your hand under it for the sensor to detect the hand and dispense the soap. It is easy to operate and very quick.

You will be free to adjust your hand soap dispenser and set it in a way that it only dispenses the right amount of soap. This makes it more economical as it helps reduce the amount of soap used after every hand wash. With hand pumped soap dispensers, one ends up using more soap than required because of most of the time, one applies more force than they should thus dispense more soap even when their hands are not that dirty. At the end of the day, too much soap will be washed down the sink even without serving its purpose, and this leads to huge wastage.

Lysol Touch-free Hand Automatic Soap Dispenser

The moisturizing agents ensure that your hands remain moisturized after every hand wash. Most people avoid using hand wash soaps because most of them are so dry and leave your hands feeling like they are going to crack the next minute. You are thus forced to carry some oil/lotion with you for the purposes of applying on your hands after you have washed your hands. This, however, might not be possible for people who do not carry bags around because where else would you carry the oil? The moisturizing agents that come with these hand soap dispensers are a life savior for many.

You will also have a chance to choose your favorite scent because these hand soap dispensers are available in four, different but all great scents. This is great because, for some people, scent means everything. Someone will avoid washing their hands with a certain type of soap simply because they do not like its scent. With this choice, however, you can always settle for the scent that excites you more. The construction is also very strong thus the durability is long, and the price is just right.


  • Great care must be taken when self-refilling the dispenser

EcoDefy Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer and Soap Dispenser for Bathrooms and Kitchen

To be sure that your hands are totally clean and you are not collecting germs in the process of washing them, a no-hand soap dispenser is the only way. It does not only make hand washing easy and fun but also ensures that no bacteria spread from one person to another. Your kids will love using it, and you won’t be worried that they might make any mess in the process.

You will also prevent soap wastage. Also, if you decide to get a soap dispenser like this by EcoDefy, you will benefit more as it is ideal for both bathroom and kitchen use thus saving soap in both places. You will find it even better when showering because you won’t have to pick then pump the hand pumped dispenser every time you need to apply soap. It also makes showering or washing your hands feel somehow classic.

This soap dispenser features a stunning, modern design. This means that if you are buying it to use it in your kitchen, it will totally transform your washing area because it is just so classic and the colors are so cool. Also, for those buying it to use it in their bathrooms, you will love the transformation it will bring your bathroom. You will love walking in and using it every time. It featured a premium and brushed stainless steel design to bring some sort of class and luxury. The design is also sleek and features fingerprint resistance thus looking so beautiful in your kitchen, home or bathroom.

With an easy and adjustable soap volume, you will not only reduce soap wastage but also chances of creating a mess. All this is possible because of this soap dispenser’s design. As with all the other products you have purchased before, the design here determines a lot. If the design is not so nice, you might not be proud of your purchase and might even place it where very few eyes will see it. This is unlike when the design is right. You will not only transform the look of your kitchen and bathroom but also make hand washing more enjoyable.

EcoDefy Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer and Soap Dispenser for Bathrooms and Kitchen

The dispenser is very hygienic, and it totally reduces bacteria and virus spread. You won’t be touching dirty soap dispensers anymore as with this dispenser. The soap is dispensed automatically after its sensor detects your hand. This happens almost immediately so no time wastage. What’s more, it can also be used for hand sanitizers. Thus you can just order two and have it all in your hands when it comes to hand washing.

Durability is something to admire with this hand soap dispenser. The materials used for its construction are all high-quality and does not corrode or rust. Also, its design promotes its durability further as it gives total stability thus no chances of falling. It is also very easy to use as you just place your hand near the sensor and the soap is dispensed immediately. Because it is touch-free thus automatic, this soap dispenser is the most hygienic. You also have the option to set and regulate the volume of soap to be dispensed throughout thus no soap wastage or mess.


  • Cannot be used with foam soap.

Simplehuman Sensor Pump, 80z. with Soap Sample

This is a great soap and lotion dispenser. It makes soap or lotion dispensing easy and mess-free. You can rely on it to give you quality services all the time. It is designed to make hand washing, showering or lotion application super easy and enjoyable. You just place your hand near its sensor, and you will have your soap or lotion immediately. You can also place it on different surfaces in a stable manner as it has a wide and well-designed base to ensure that it does no topple over.

Being automatic/touch-free means that you will be using the most hygienic dispenser ever either for your soap or lotion. Forget about hand pumped soap dispenser, the automatic version of soap dispensers like this one are the real deal. They make hand washing or taking a shower plus lotion application so classic and, if you have little kids, they will love using it even more. But, the good thing is, they cannot make any mess because soap is only dispensed when they place their hands near the sensor other than hand pumping the dispenser.

You will be at liberty to adjust the volume of soap or lotion being dispensed at a time thanks to this dispenser’s design. You will, therefore, have consistent soap dispense with comes in handy when you want to avoid soap wastage. The hugest disadvantage from a hand pumped soap dispensers after the spread of germs and bacteria is soap wastage. This is because every person will apply a certain amount of pressure thus dispensing a different volume each time and the possibility of dispensing more than one needs is very high.

Apart from consistent soap dispensing, this dispenser’s pump is very efficient. This is to a large extent made possible by its high-quality sensor as the two work hand in hand to dispense the soap without delay. No one wants to stand at the sink waiting for the soap to be dispensed so that they wash their hands nor wait forever for the lotion to be dispensed after they wash their hands. You will appreciate and love the efficiency at which this dispenser’s pump works with.

Simplehuman Sensor Pump, 80z. with Soap Sample

When it comes to adjusting the volume, it is super easy. You won’t even need any instructions as it is self-explanatory. You will be able to set the volume of soap you wish to be dispensed each time. After this setting, you will have consistent soap dispense in terms of volume thus no soap wastage. This is very helpful especially for people who plan to share their soap dispenser with other people because you cannot always be there to tell someone how much soap they should use.

An innovative silicone valve ensures that there are no messy drips. One thing with messy drips is that it does not only make lead to soap wastage, it also gives you unnecessary tasks of cleaning up the mess. This can be really bad especially if it happens when you are not around because it might even end up dripping on other important or delicate products. The silicone valve comes in to ensure that you do not waste soap unnecessarily and that you will have no mess to deal with. With this soap dispenser, you will get the soap immediately and accurately.


  • Not ideal for foaming soap

#1. Hayden Auto Soap Dispenser, Original, Premium Automatic Touch-free Dispenser

This is the original automatic soap dispenser by Hayden. It makes sure that you do not touch the hand pumped soap dispensers ever again as they are always so full of germs and helps you keep your home plus the surroundings bacteria and germ-free. This dispenser is designed to make soap dispensing easy and quick. You won’t have to wait for long before the soap is dispensed or wave your hand near the sensor for it to detect your hand. With this dispenser, the soap is dispensed immediately thus enabling you to save time as well.

Some soap dispensers only work with specific types of soaps. However, with this one, you can use just any type of soap as it works with all types. This is great as you won’t feel restricted to buy and use just a single type of soap. Everyone have the soap they like most, maybe because of the scent or how it feels while washing your hands or showering and you might also decide to change it along the way so the type of dispenser you choose should not restrict you.

You will also have the choice to adjust the volume of soap being dispensed to ensure that there is no soap wastage nor mess created in the process. This I great news especially for people who are planning to share their soap dispenser with several other people. Once you adjust the volume, everyone will dispense just the same amount of soap which is advantageous and economical.

The sleek modern design gives it a nice and attractive look thus transforming even the area you decide to place it. The design is everything when it comes to some of the smallest items in your house. With a great design, even a cheap product could seem expensive and luxurious. This soap dispenser is carefully and perfectly designed to sit just anywhere and give it a whole new look.

#1. Hayden Auto Soap Dispenser, Original, Premium Automatic Touch-free Dispenser

By being touch-free, this soap dispenser will not only give you an easy and quick way of dispensing your soap but also prevent germ and bacteria spread. It features an infrared technology that automatically detects your hand then dispenses the perfect amount of soap in less than a second. It also has a large soap capacity and can also be refilled thus you can take some time before going back to refill it.

And, when the dispenser gets dirty or dusty, as you would expect after using it for some time, you will just wipe it with a damp cloth which is pretty easy as it has a super easy to clean and smudge resistant exterior. When it comes to operating it, it becomes pretty easy because you only need to insert 4 AAA batteries and the rest will be easy to do as they are all straight forward. And, it’s not just for bathroom use. You can just as well use it in your kitchen with any liquid dish soap. And, most importantly, they do not rust.


Worry no more about coming into contact with germs and bacteria from hand pumped dispensers. Get yourself an automatic/touch-free soap dispenser and enjoy taking a shower, washing your hands or doing your dishes in the kitchen. You can also see what the other people are saying about these dispensers as well. The list above represents only the best of the best automatic hand soap dispensers on the market currently, and if you go through it carefully, you will land one that will meet all your needs.

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