Top 10 Best ATV Tires Reviewed in 2021

Tires set the vehicle rolling and to some they signify freedom. And when the matter is to find the best ATV tire for your All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), the quest is actually, to find the option which will really set you free so that you enjoy your adventurous ride to the fullest. The tire that suits your ATV may differ depending upon what kind of terrain you usually ride on. It also depends on the type of ATV you own and how frequently you use it. Finally your own expertise in handling the vehicle also will determine which ATV tires you should go for.

We have compiled here the ten best ATV tires in 2021 that are out there in the market. Read on to find out which one is best for you.

Our Recommended ATV Tires of 2021

10. WANDA P350


Wanda is a famous manufacturer of quality ATV tires with this P350 model from Wanda ranked among its best performers. If you want deep tread tires that can boost the stability of your SUV, this is an excellent choice for two reasons. First, most standard ATV tires have 0.5-inch lugs. Even though they are fast, they slip easily on mud or loose sand. WANDA P350 is different. The deep tread tires on offer (0.79 inches) are not only durable but also perform well on rock, mud, and dirt. They are also large (25 inches), handle seamlessly at high speeds on most terrains, and boost the safety of ATVs.

While riding ATVs off-road, people run over rocks and twigs that chip and puncture tires. Even though no ATV tire lasts forever, WANDA P350 will serve you longer than a standard one will. The 6-ply rated nylon used to make it has a heavy-duty design that resists abrasion and punctures. The material also has a heat-stable design with side lugs that protect sidewalls and rims from damage over the years.

What We Like
  • Durable 6-ply nylon
  • Abrasion and puncture-resistant
  • Deep treads (0.75 inches)
  • Handle well at high speeds
Our Verdict

WANDA P350 is a set of 6-ply ATV tires, each optimized to work off-road. All tires have abrasion and puncture-proof designs with deep treads (0.75 inches) that boost traction.

9. Carlisle Knobby

Carlisle Knobby

The reports of ATVs rolling over or riding roughly off-road because of low-quality tires are common online. To stay safe and have a fun experience outdoor, use a premium brand such as Carlisle Knobby instead. The tire has a thick and knobby structure, which is stable on loose sand such as soil. Moreover, although the tires are somewhat loud on tarmac, they are firm and long-lasting. Therefore, even at high speeds, you will navigate sharp bends without rolling over.

If you are shopping for heat-stable 16X8-7 tires for your ATV, Carlisle Knobby is a perfect choice. Like WANDA P350, the stable heat nylon used to make this tire is durable. They do not chip or crack off-road nor weaken when left outdoors.

What We Like
  • Good traction and stability
  • Durable tread plus design
  • Easy to maneuver at speed
  • Works off-road and on-road
Our Verdict

Even though the knobby tread-plus structure of the Carlisle is loud on-road, it is a valuable product. Its knobby structure has excellent traction and thus stability in sand and mud. It also has a robust design that is resistant to chipping or cracking.

8. ITP Mud Lite XL Mud Terrain ATV Tire

ITP Mud Lite XL Mud Terrain ATV Tire

The ITP Mud Lite XL is a popular mud-terrain tire for people who spend a lot of time on dirt roads. Its mud-terrain design has thick and deep lugs (1 1/8-inches) that work seamlessly off-road. With a new set, thus, the risk of your ATV sticking on sand or mud is low. You will also enjoy a smooth ride on-road due to the tire’s radial-like centre tread pattern. It does not make as much noise as the knobby Carlisle tire does.

If your ATV uses 26×12-12 tires, the ITP Mud Lite XL model will serve you well. Apart from its stability and speed, you will appreciate the longevity of this ATV tire. The extended wear compound (rubber) used to make it lasts for long. It does not chip nor cracks in cold or hot weather. Moreover, its deep treads offer better value for money for a long time.

What We Like
  • High wear rubber compound
  • Stable and long-lasting treads
  • Radial-like centre treads
  • Deep lugs (1 1/8-inches)
Our Verdict

The radial-like centre treads of the ITP Mud Lite XL ATV tire work well on most terrains. They are fast and quiet on-road. However, while riding off-road, they maximize the stability of ATVs on sand and or mud, which also boosts their safety.

7. ITP Mud Lite

ITP Mud Lite

The ITP Mud Lite is an impressive set of ATV tires for cruising on deserts and mud. The two rear and front tires in this set measure 25×10-12 and 12×8-12 inches, and have the following desirable attributes: first, the 6-ply rubber compound used to make these tires has hood abrasion and puncture resistance. While riding off-road, you can rollover sharp rocks or twigs with jagged edges issue-free. The heavy-duty rubber is also chip-proof and has a heat-stable structure that resists bulging.

ITP Mud Lite is a set of reliable class B ATV tires rated to support up to 150 pounds each. They also have deep treads (0.75 inches) for stability and thick-walled, shock-absorbing 12-inch tires. Paired with the best shock absorbers, thus, expect a smooth and enjoyable ride on all rugged terrains.

What We Like
  • 6-ply rubber compound
  • Thick treads (0.75 inches)
  • Thick-walled ATV tires
  • Dependable all-terrain design
Our Verdict

ITP Mud Lite is a set of four all-terrain ATV tires that work seamlessly on mud and sand. Each has a durable rubber shell (6-ply) with deep knobs (0.75 inches) for added traction.

6. Kenda K284 ATV Tire

Kenda K284 ATV Tire

Most Kenda tires have a unique tread profile that boosts their performance on-road and off-road. Unlike the Carlisle that is knobby and loud, its radial threads are quiet and smooth on the tarmac. The reinforced knobs of all treads also offer superior cornering and tracking on most terrains. Thus, whether you ride your ATV for fun or compete with friends often, expect a boost in performance. You will achieve good speeds and handle your ATV better devoid of your skill.

The Kenda K284 is one of the best replacement tires in the market because of its strength. The compound rubber used to make it, for instance, is puncture-proof. Therefore, you can ride your ATV on rocky terrain without issues. It is also a good match for people who ride on mud and sand for fun or during competitions. Kenda K284 comes in 20×7-8 to 23×8-11.

What We Like
  • Several accurate sizes
  • Heavy-duty rubber shell
  • Reinforced radial knobs
  • Fast and super-quiet
Our Verdict

Are you shopping for a set of fast and quiet ATV tires that lasts for long? Kenda K284 is a set of puncture-resistant tires that fit most ATVs. They are fast, quiet, and have thick knobs that enhance their traction on mud, sand, and tarmac.

5. Kenda Pathfinder K530 ATV Tire

Kenda Pathfinder K530 ATV Tire

To make outdoor your adventures on an ATV fun, your tires should be of the best quality. The Kenda Pathfinder K530, for instance, is an outdoor-ready model that guarantees stable control of ATVs. It also has thick and evenly spaced lugs, which boosts the performance of ATVs off-road. Thus, with a new set, you can make sharp corners on mud without your ATV tipping. You can also ride on sand or tarmac issue-free.

Like most brands of tires we have reviewed, the Kenda Pathfinder K530 comes in many sizes. Depending on the type of ATV you have at home, you can find 22×11-9 to 25×12-10 tires that deliver the array of benefits we have highlighted herein. Finally, forget about these tires puncturing, cracking, or melting after years of regular use. The puncture-resistant rubber compound used to make these tires lasts for years.

What We Like
  • Puncture-resistant shell
  • Many accurate sizes
  • Long-range rubber compound
  • Has evenly spaced lugs
Our Verdict

Are you having a difficult time choosing the best ATV tire for riding off-road on a day-to-day basis? Look for the Kenda Pathfinder K530. Its top-rated design has thick, evenly spaced lugs that boost its stability off-road. It also has a smooth-rolling design made from a long-lasting long-range compound.

4. Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire

Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire

While shopping for automobile accessories such as seat covers and tires, people opt for the cheapest brands to save money. However, this should not be the case, especially if you are shopping for sensitive items such as ATV tires. For a safe and seamless experience outdoors, opt for a trusted tire such as the Carlisle HD Field Trax. Apart from ATVs, it is one of the best brands for use with karts and utility carts, to name a few.

What has made the Carlisle HD Field Trax tires sought-after all over the world? First, these are durable tires. The heavy-duty rubber compound used to make their shell has excellent abrasion and weather-resistant. Exposed to the rain or UV rays for weeks, it does not fade nor develop weak spots that might compromise your safety. They also have radial treads with deep knobs for failsafe cornering on sand, mud, or snow.

What We Like
  • Deep radial treads
  • Grip sand, snow, and mud
  • Guarantee stable/safe cornering
  • Abrasion and puncture-resistant
  • Long-lasting rubber compound
Our Verdict

All ATVs need a set of high traction ATV tires to work seamlessly on all terrain. The Carlisle HD Field Trax meets this threshold. For each original set that you order, expect high-performance tires that offer ample traction on all grounds. They are also durable and come in many sizes for ATVs and carts.

3. Carlisle All Trail

Carlisle All Trail

The treads of these Carlisle ATV tires are not very deep. However, because of their superior design, the performance of this all-trail tire in most environments is laudable. The tire is quieter and faster than many similar ones. Thus, if you set off on road trips on an ATV often, it is the best set of tires to use. The extended wear rubber used to make it is also beneficial off-road. As you explore the backroads with your friends, punctures and or tire abrasions will be non-issues for you.

Carlisle All Trail tires fit and work well on most ATVs, carts, and ride-on lawnmowers. Unlike brands that run small or thinner than advertised, you get your money’s worth with this ATV tire. It is also simple to install and does not need special maintenance to retain its shape and functionality over time. Finally, Carlisle All Trail is a reasonably priced ATV tire that comes in many sizes. You do not need deep pockets to own an original set.

What We Like
  • Extended wear rubber
  • Multi-purpose tires (all-terrain)
  • Cost-effective product
  • Low maintenance design
  • Quiet, fast, and durable
Our Verdict

Are you in need of fast, quiet, and durable ATV tires that work well off-road and on-road? The all-terrain Carlisle brand excels where some brands have failed. Its shell and treads, for instance, are thick and made from an extended wear rubber that lasts for long. Its performance on all terrain is also good.

2. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

Kenda Bearclaw K299 is a 100% non-highway ATV tires. Thus, if you ride your ATV to the mall or for long road trips, look for another brand. However, for off-road exploration, it currently is the best tire to use for many reasons. For maximum traction, for instance, Kenda has used deep and angled knobs on this tire, which dig deeply into terrains. Therefore, the risk of slipping on mud, snow, or sand is relatively low. It also has centre lugs that work its side knobs to offer better traction and control. Thus, devoid of skill, you can make sharp turns safely at speed.

While shopping for tires, always look for a stable brand that will serve you for long. The 6-ply Kenda Bearclaw K299, for instance, is not only fast and stable but also durable. Its extra-long range casing (rubber) resists punctures and abrasion. It also has a high load capacity (350 pounds) and a rim guard (inbuilt), which protects the rim from dings and dents off-road.

What We Like
  • High capacity (350 pounds)
  • Has an in-built rim guard
  • Long-range rubber casing
  • Durable 6-ply design
Our Verdict

Even though Kenda Bearclaw K299 has limited capabilities on-roads, its off-road performance is admirable. Its deep lugs (side and centre) grip most terrain. Moreover, although tubeless, it has a higher load limit (350 pounds) than its competitors.

1. ITP Mud Lite AT Mud-Terrain ATV Tire

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud-Terrain ATV Tire

If your ATV uses 25×8-12 tires, you will love this Mud Terrain model from ITP. It is the latest model in the brand and by far one of the most trusted tires in 2021. What makes the ITP Mud Lite special? First, you will like its deep (0.75 inches) lugs. Even though loud and bouncy on-road, they grip loose sand and mud well to maximize the stability of ATVs. Cornering is seamless, while its centre lugs enhance control on all terrain.

Made from an extended-wear rubber compound, this is a long-lasting ATV tire. Its 6-ply structure is puncture-proof, while its thick lugs (rubber) do not chip nor break under stress. With a new set, you can take your ATV off-road on rocky terrain without physical and or structural problems.

What We Like
  • Durable 6-ply design
  • Thick lugs (0.75 inches)
  • Efficient on most terrains
  • Good traction and cornering
Our Verdict

ITP Mud Lite mud tires will boost not only the traction of your ATV but also its stability. They fit most ATVs and have long-lasting designs made of a high wearing 6-ply rubber compound.

Choosing Your Best ATV Tires — the Essential Factors to Consider

Of course, you have to consider several factors when you want to determine the right tires for your ATV. Among the top considerations are the tires size, cost, and durability. Moreover, you need to understand the type of terrain you are taking the challenge to. To better understand about these, read on below.

The Tire Design or Construction: The industry offers two types of ATV tires designs, namely bias ply and radial. Both of these designs have respective pros and cons. Therefore, depending on your riding styles and individual preference, you can choose either. Consequently, you have to understand their constructions well and how that affects ATV performance on various platforms.

Bias Design: With the Bias, the tire’s ply indicates its durability and strength. If the tire has more plies, it is likely to be more durable. Laid on diagonal positions from bead to bead, the plies form a crisscross pattern. ATV tires of Bias-ply construction tend to endure more than radial ones. This is because of very tough sidewalls and great puncture resistance. Moreover, due to their stiff construction, they offer greater traction. As such, they provide better experience as you ride along hill sides since the sidewalls remain roll resistant while flexing a bit. Riders who want to cruise very tough terrains therefore find the Bias a worthy choice. On the contrary, their stiff construction means a rougher ride relative to radials. They also tend to heat up quicker.

The Radials: The Radial ATV tires have their plies laid perpendicularly to the center of the tread or direction of the cruise. The plies run bead to bead, down the tire’s sidewalls over its face, creating a wrapping pattern. Some models also feature a steel belt finish for enhanced stability and reduced wear. Compared to bias models, most radial tires’ sidewalls are weaker and thin. However, some include reinforcements of materials like Kevlar for extra strength.

The Shape of the ATV Tires: Majority ATVs’ designs fit round-shaped tires. Round tires handle mud and other wet grounds easily. They also corner well, while providing a more comfortable, softer ride. There are flat-design ATV tires, too. Usually, people use flat ATV tires on their sport ATVs. These tires perform better on hard to medium surfaces. They provide greater sidewall stability. Before you choose your tires, study your ATV type as well as your desired type of ride. You will then know the right shape of tires for the ATV in focus.

The Size: Another great factor, you should not forget to check the right size of your ATV’s tires. Most of all, it is vital to stay with the stock, particularly when you have not re-modified your wheeler. The manufacturers advise on the right stock tire size for the ATV designs. Such include torque, handling, horsepower, and body. A change in the tire size may throw such features off balance, consequently impacting your ATV’s performance.

Your ATV Driving Experience: Your expertise in driving ATVs is another vital consideration to make as you choose your ATV tires. Do you do it hard and often, or just once in a blue moon and then leisurely? If you do this frequently and harder, you therefore need durable tires. However, when you like less intense rides, you may possibly do with a bit less enduring tires. The latter can save you some dollars.

The Terrain to Challenge: Certain terrains are best challenged when you use specific ATV tire type. You should therefore know the kind of terrain you will be driving through. For instance, tires designed for muddy terrains may fail your expectations if you take the adventure to sandy zones. As such, ensure your ATV tires are particularly designed to succeed on the terrain you desire to adventure. As a result, you will maneuver with less effort while enjoying greater performance and safer experience.

The Pricing: Finally, you may also want to consider the price range of the ATV tires you want. Price tags can vary widely. Therefore know the flexibility of your purse strings as you go shopping. As such, you will escape unnecessarily higher expenditure.

To this far, you have known the right path to follow when shopping for the best ATV tires. However, the task becomes even simpler. It is particularly so since you can choose from the best options the market offers. The following reviews add to your wealth of knowledge about the best ATV tires:

Conclusion: You wouldn’t be wrong to end your search for the best ATV tires with any of the above select options. Among the many models currently available on the market, these reviews carry the best in performance and reliability. These options also bring to your ATV versatile functionality for your enjoyable experience through arrange of terrains. As such, when you choose your ATV tire from these options, you get the best value you desired. We have also reviewed the latest bluetooth car kits which is essential for car safety.