Top 10 Best ATV Tires Reviewed in 2019

You must not use the best ATV tires on your vehicle if you usually ply properly leveled roads. However, ATV tires provide incredible support to outdoor explorers. This is because such enthusiasts use All Terrain Vehicles, aka ATVs, while driving through natural off-road terrains. These vehicles are designed to reach where ordinary cars and vans cannot. Yet, such specialized vehicles best accomplish the task only if fitted with customized tires for excellent off-road navigation. As such, adventurers seeking to successfully drive on wild, rugged natural terrains ought to invest in a great ATV tire set. Snowy, muddy, rocky, or even sandy and bumpy surfaces can be quite challenging when you have the wrong tires.

Furthermore, ATVs are not just for use with recreational vehicles. Although that is the common notion, persons with mobility challenges can also find the best ATV tires for their off-road wheelchairs. When your off-road wheel-chair has such tires, you enjoy greater, independent experience. You can therefore successfully explore nature reserves, parks, as well as other exciting wild areas with ease.

Most noteworthy, you should know what the best models of ATV tires for your vehicles are. This is especially relevant for beginners, since the many models on the market may be confusing. However, you can easily cut through the maze and still come out with the best deal. This is due to our painstaking research for your best outdoor exploration results. For that matter, this article provides detailed guide for the best ATV tires you need.

Choosing Your Best ATV Tires — the Essential Factors to Consider

Of course, you have to consider several factors when you want to determine the right tires for your ATV. Among the top considerations are the tires size, cost, and durability. Moreover, you need to understand the type of terrain you are taking the challenge to. To better understand about these, read on below.

The Tire Design or Construction: The industry offers two types of ATV tires designs, namely bias ply and radial. Both of these designs have respective pros and cons. Therefore, depending on your riding styles and individual preference, you can choose either. Consequently, you have to understand their constructions well and how that affects ATV performance on various platforms.

Bias Design: With the Bias, the tire’s ply indicates its durability and strength. If the tire has more plies, it is likely to be more durable. Laid on diagonal positions from bead to bead, the plies form a crisscross pattern. ATV tires of Bias-ply construction tend to endure more than radial ones. This is because of very tough sidewalls and great puncture resistance. Moreover, due to their stiff construction, they offer greater traction. As such, they provide better experience as you ride along hill sides since the sidewalls remain roll resistant while flexing a bit. Riders who want to cruise very tough terrains therefore find the Bias a worthy choice. On the contrary, their stiff construction means a rougher ride relative to radials. They also tend to heat up quicker.

The Radials: The Radial ATV tires have their plies laid perpendicularly to the center of the tread or direction of the cruise. The plies run bead to bead, down the tire’s sidewalls over its face, creating a wrapping pattern. Some models also feature a steel belt finish for enhanced stability and reduced wear. Compared to bias models, most radial tires’ sidewalls are weaker and thin. However, some include reinforcements of materials like Kevlar for extra strength.

The Shape of the ATV Tires: Majority ATVs’ designs fit round-shaped tires. Round tires handle mud and other wet grounds easily. They also corner well, while providing a more comfortable, softer ride. There are flat-design ATV tires, too. Usually, people use flat ATV tires on their sport ATVs. These tires perform better on hard to medium surfaces. They provide greater sidewall stability. Before you choose your tires, study your ATV type as well as your desired type of ride. You will then know the right shape of tires for the ATV in focus.

The Size: Another great factor, you should not forget to check the right size of your ATV’s tires. Most of all, it is vital to stay with the stock, particularly when you have not re-modified your wheeler. The manufacturers advise on the right stock tire size for the ATV designs. Such include torque, handling, horsepower, and body. A change in the tire size may throw such features off balance, consequently impacting your ATV’s performance.

Your ATV Driving Experience: Your expertise in driving ATVs is another vital consideration to make as you choose your ATV tires. Do you do it hard and often, or just once in a blue moon and then leisurely? If you do this frequently and harder, you therefore need durable tires. However, when you like less intense rides, you may possibly do with a bit less enduring tires. The latter can save you some dollars.

The Terrain to Challenge: Certain terrains are best challenged when you use specific ATV tire type. You should therefore know the kind of terrain you will be driving through. For instance, tires designed for muddy terrains may fail your expectations if you take the adventure to sandy zones. As such, ensure your ATV tires are particularly designed to succeed on the terrain you desire to adventure. As a result, you will maneuver with less effort while enjoying greater performance and safer experience.

The Pricing: Finally, you may also want to consider the price range of the ATV tires you want. Price tags can vary widely. Therefore know the flexibility of your purse strings as you go shopping. As such, you will escape unnecessarily higher expenditure.

To this far, you have known the right path to follow when shopping for the best ATV tires. However, the task becomes even simpler. It is particularly so since you can choose from the best options the market offers. The following reviews add to your wealth of knowledge about the best ATV tires:

10. WANDA P350


Wanda is a great tire manufacturer, the P350 ATV tires being one of their best products yet. A great pick that offers wonderful ATV performance enhancement, the P350 comes in a set of four tires. The well-built tires have extra shoulder lugs for proper tire rim protection. They are made of premium-grade nylon material that resists both abrasions and punctures remarkably. Moreover, you will not strain while installing these Wanda tires on your ATV. You will also further enjoy superior stability, even when you ride through most challenging trails.


  • Offers excellent traction in the woods
  • Stable grip and easy moving on turns
  • Ideal for snowy grounds
  • Excellent handling in mud, desert, rock, and also dirt trails
  • Ensures you a smooth ride


  • Not precisely 25 inches

Altogether, the Wanda P350 makes a great choice for you if you are looking for reliable ATV tires. Most noteworthy, they come in a set of four. As such, you can empower your ATV anew with all new four tires. You won’t find trouble while navigating through muddy, rocky, or desert trails when you use P350. They are also good for adventurers driving to snowy terrains.

9. Carlisle Knobby

Carlisle Knobby

Carlisle is a high repute tire maker that is proud to present the wonderful performance Knobby ATV tire. A high quality pick, this tire makes your ATV to successfully traverse moving surface grounds like soft dirt or sand. It offers ATV riders excellent performance under several off-road terrains due to its superb stability and traction. Its marginally greater aspect ratio due to knobby tread-plus design ensures ideal maneuvers through sand, mud, and other challenging grounds. As a result, riders experience awesome control and also enhanced stability, even at high speed.


  • Optimal performance in sand, dirt and other terrains of the kind
  • Improved stability
  • Ideal for both on and off-road utility
  • The aggressive, fun knob design gives ATVs a bold look
  • Better control even at high speed


  • Not ideal for overly rocky terrains

When you are shopping for the right ATV tires for both on-road and off-road use, go for the Carlisle Knobby. The design is appropriated to provide enhanced stability and greater control, even when riding high speeds. Moreover, you lift your ATV’s look due to the tire’s attractive yet aggressive design. As such, you make the ATV stand out and at the same time more empowered for greater adventure.

8. ITP Mud Lite XL

ITP Mud Lite XL

Whenever you want to venture muddy trails with your ATV, the ITP Mud Lite XL tires will not disappoint. These uniquely designed tires sling the mud to their possible best. Due to the 6-ply construction, they aid you easily navigate such trails, while their extended-wear quality first-grade rubber ensures long tire life. These are the right tires for the best value.

The ITP Mud Lite XL boasts a marginally bigger profile, hence ensuring that you experience superior stability. This is especially relevant when you are navigating corners by your ATV. The ATV tire in the front has a great knobby design, rounded carcass, and loose gaps. Such features provide for easier control as well as precise steering response. Moreover, this ATV tire is very flexible, therefore adapting to diverse terrains easily. It incorporates a combination of special stride compounds to offer excellent stability to control balance.


  • Provides perfect balance between control and balance
  • Made of first-grade quality rubber for long life
  • 6-ply design for easy navigation through challenging terrains
  • Flexible, thus adapting to various terrains
  • Light but tough
  • Best for muddy trails


  • Poor performance on pavements

You enjoy a smooth, radial-like ride when you use the ITP Mud Lite XL tire with your ATV. This is because of its uniquely designed center treat contact surface. The awesome mudding tire also comes in various sizes, from 25 by 10-12 to 28 by 12-14. You will much appreciate their value, yet they are affordably priced. For a great ATV performance especially on mud, choose this tire option.

7. ITP Mud Lite

ITP Mud Lite

Another great ATV tire choice for great off-road excursions from ITP, the Mud Lite comes as a full set. It is a great product for your enhanced ATV performance while you cruise through mud, desert, or other challenging terrain. This is possible due to its ideal material combination and quite sturdy bias construction. The complete set includes two 25 by 10-12 rear tires and two 25 by 8-12 front tires. Moreover, these are 6-ply ATV tire model, well designed to withstand jagged edges, sharp rocks, and other rough grounds. In addition, these class B tires weigh 150 pounds and feature a 12-inch rim diameter and 0.75-inch tread depth. As such, they are ideal for shallow as well as deep mud rides.


  • The tires are durable for long term use
  • Very tough tire construction
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Excels through terrains other options fail
  • Available in full set


  • A bit heavy, thus may slow your ATV

Except for the weight, anyone who doesn’t do fast driving will find the ITP Mud Lite as great. These ATV tires make your ATV perform very well, whether you are traversing muddy tracks or desert. They are also wonderful for rocky terrains. Moreover, the full set is a great budget option for most adventurers. However, you should not the difference between ITP Mud Lite and ITP Mud Lite XL to avoid conflict of interest.

6. Kenda K284 K284

Kenda K284 K284

Kenda is another leading tire manufacturer with great repute among vehicle owners. Their K284 ATV tire, for instance, provides great value. It is one of the best ATV tires today, featuring unique tread profiles for front and rear tires both. Moreover, this tire offers longer life even with repeated use, relative to some other mud-specific models in its competition. As such, many customers choose and appreciate it, hence its market popularity.

Each of its knobs has great reinforcement for superior and reliable tracking and also cornering. As a result, you experience a stable yet smooth center contact areas while on your off-road adventure rides. Most noteworthy, you enjoy comfort when using this tire on light mud, trail riding, sand, and hard pack terrains. The Kenda K284 is therefore not just great but also versatile ATV tire for successful rugged wild spins.


  • Offers reliable grip
  • It perfectly fits on 3 or 4-wheels
  • Stable for precise cornering
  • Durable for long term utility value
  • Versatile for different terrain performance


  • A bit hard to mount

Ultimately, no one can say anything serious against the Kenda K284. Due to their quality construction and appreciable ATV performance, most customers have high regard for this product. As such, you can trust this tire when you want to successfully maneuver through sandy, muddy, or hard packed outdoors in your ATV. However, this tire best performs on mud.

5. Kenda Pathfinder K530

Kenda Pathfinder K530

Kenda is proud to present yet another high quality ATV tire, the Pathfinder K350. This high utility tire features a versatile design for handling various off-road conditions and situations with success. The tires make your ATV the most agreeable outdoor adventure vehicle for hitting the trails. They feature matching yet functional design for the front and rear tread both, which also ensure stable control and traction throughout your ride.

Moreover, they have widely spaced lugs, therefore directing the soil away from the tire while reducing traction. Most noteworthy, this ATV tire model comes in several sizes, between 22 by 11-9 and 25 by 12-10. As such, you can choose your most appropriate size for your ATV best performance. Furthermore, the tire has puncture resistant casing, therefore lasting long even when used regularly. The casing also helps ensure improved reliability.


  • Tread design for easy, smooth rides
  • Included puncture resistant casing
  • Durable and also reliable
  • Versatile design for various off-road terrain performances
  • Excellent traction
  • Available in several sizes


  • Thin than most other options

Due to a tread pattern designed to deliver smooth, easy rolling, you will certainly enjoy riding on the Kenda Pathfinder. Additional high performance features also ensure improved utility value, therefore making this tire model one of the best picks among the best ATV tires today. Versatility in its design also allows you to use it on your ATV when riding different terrain conditions.

4. Carlisle HD Field Trax

Carlisle HD Field Trax

Carlisle ranks among the very top ATV tire manufacturers. Due to the company’s dedication to quality, its products always amaze customers. For instance, the Carlisle HD Field Trax is one of the best ATV tires to date. It delivers sufficient biting power to pull your quad through deep mud, snow, or sand.

Again, this tire makes ATVs succeed in the more challenging terrains. It will deliver an awesome experience through even rocky, rugged terrain since it is designed for such maneuvering excellence. Consequently, Carlisle HD Field Trax tires have become popular among ATV riders. ATV makers also highly recommend them due to their excellent performance anywhere you desire to adventure off-road.


  • Versatile design for great rides in different terrain
  • Adequate traction for safe stability
  • Ideal for muddy, snowy, and sandy trails
  • Also good for rugged rocky terrain
  • Greater control and failsafe cornering
  • Durable construction


  • Sold only as a single unit (no set)

When you desire to enjoy great trail rides often, the Carlisle HD Field Trax is the best partner to your ATV. Even if you go during wet season, no amount of mud will stand in your adventure. Also for successful rides over rocky and rugged terrain, this wonderful pattern tire will hardly disappoint. Relative to other models, you will find this ATV tire lighter, hence reduced drag while traction and maneuverability remain enhanced.

3. Carlisle All Trail

 Carlisle All Trail

When you want to use your ATV for security patrols or driving around construction sites, this is your tire. Use the Carlisle All Trail tires for superior rides. It features extended-wear tread, thus delivering on not only reliability but also durability. Carlisle All Trail tires work superbly on both hard and smooth grounds. Moreover, they come in a range of sizes, therefore offering options for your ATV tire perfect fit. Also with reasonable price tags, you will recommend the versatility and reliability these tires provide. Moreover, they can work for fun carts, utility vehicles, as well as other smaller car types.


  • Ideal for grassy terrain without wasting turf
  • Great traction and stability
  • Perfect for mountainous, desert, or dirt trails
  • Allows perfect fit on ATVs
  • Several size options available


  • The tire underside prone to rock hits

For as long as you are not taking the challenge to sharp rock terrain, the Carlisle All Trail will always beat the rest. This is the kind of ATV tire that delivers superior performance on different surfaces, including mud and grass. You can also confidently cruise through deserts and dirt trails.

2. Kenda Bearclaw K299

Kenda Bearclaw K299

Bearclaw K299’s directional tread pattern design is just one of the several features that make it a great pick. Also from Kenda, this ATV tire delivers wonderful performance, even better than most of its rivals can. It helps you take your ATV through the thickest trails successfully. Neither mud blogs, however deep, nor any soft-pack terrain will stand your challenge. Its perfectly angled knobs dig into any terrain stably, thus providing optimum traction due to deep tread lugs. As such, you find it easier and stable to control and handle your ATV for a safe ride.


  • Greater traction than most other models
  • Bold, aggressive design
  • More durable than most
  • Superior traction through snow or mud
  • Ensures safe ATV stability and easy control


  • Packaging may deform it

This ATV tire cuts its class of reliability. It’s especially relevant if you frequently escape the city bustle for mountain or camping rides with your ATV. Due to its innovative tread pattern, it is among the most popular and highest rated best ATV tires. Certainly, you will be stunned by its performance.

1. ITP Mud Lite AT

ITP Mud Lite AT

The ITP’s Mud Lite AT beats them all. It is a premium-grade and revolutionary all-weather tire. Designed for the trail, this tires slings mud in a manner to wow you. The Mud Lite AT ranks as the lightest mud tire above all. Moreover, it boasts special center tread contact surface, thus providing you enjoyable, radial-like cruise. Its angled shoulder lugs offer unparalleled traction in mud, while its 6-ply rating deliver unbeatable durability. This is a light tire yet it is light, tough, and highly functional. As you negotiate corners, the Mud Lite AT ensures stability, smoothness, and responsiveness like no other. It is also simple to install. For all these great qualities, it still carries a reasonable price tag.


  • It incorporates computerized engineering for perfection
  • Durable for lasting value
  • Provides safe grip through muddy trails
  • High performance in different trail natures
  • Light but also tough


  • None on record

The ATV world is yet to find a tire that can oust the ITP’s Mud Lite AT from its covetable top position. Due to its incredible performance and reliability, this tire remains the king of the best ATV tires today. As mentioned above, it delivers the best you can ever hope for while you ride the outdoors in your quad. For that matter, most people appreciate it better than any other option out there.


You wouldn’t be wrong to end your search for the best ATV tires with any of the above select options. Among the many models currently available on the market, these reviews carry the best in performance and reliability. These options also bring to your ATV versatile functionality for your enjoyable experience through arrange of terrains. As such, when you choose your ATV tire from these options, you get the best value you desired.

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