Top 10 Best Arc Welders in 2019

You definitely need proper appliances and parts to work with in your repair and maintenance routines. In order to find the best arc welder to purchase, you must have realized that scouting the internet for the best arc welder reviews will never disappoint you. This article helps you save time by providing the Top 10 best Arc Welders in 2019 Reviews after a careful analysis of customer’s view on the numerous products available. The list will help you find the perfect one for your metalwork need regardless of whether you are an automobile worker, sculptor, or a construction worker.

List of Best Best Arc Welders

10. Lotos Pilot LTPDC2000D

Lotos Pilot LTPDC2000D

This machine serve as a TIG welder in addition to being a plasma arc cutter, so you can enjoy the benefits of both worlds without having to buy the two machines. Some of its advantages are:

  • You can use it on hard steels
  • Comes with a stick electrode holder
  • It can cut through metals up to a half-inch thick

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9. LONGEVITY 721405557523

LONGEVITY 721405557523

Whether you are a repair person, hobbyist, or welding enthusiast, this general-purpose machine is ideal for you. You can operate it from either a 220V or an 110V outlet. It allows you to attach a TOG torch and to work on a variety of metals. Other properties are:

  • Extremely portable due to its lightweight
  • You can adjust amps quickly using the rotary knob
  • It is much easier to push a 6011 rod with it

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8. Rand BX1-100B

Rand BX1-0B

This welder focuses on safety and for this reason, it contains a thermostatic protection and steeples control of welding current.

  • It is rated for 110-voltage input
  • Offer the best choice if you are a novice welder
  • Easier to increase voltage using the large knob

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7. Hobart 500549 Auto Arc 130 Wire Feed MIG Welder

Hobart 500549 Auto Arc 130 Wire Feed MIG Welder

This arch welder is indeed among the best welder in 2019 comparing its affordable price as well as its impressive features.

  • It makes strong and reliable welds
  • You can use it with gas or without
  • Comes with three contact tips for replacement as well as a sample spool made of flux core wire

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6. EVERLAST PowerARC 140 140amp Lift Start TIG

EVERLAST PowerARC 140 140amp Lift Start TIG

According to many online customer reviews, this arc welder is very efficient and stable, consuming little power in its operation. The automatic hot start mechanism helps to minimize electrode striking.

  • The improved digital display makes both setting adjustment and reading easier
  • It comes with a holder and cable that has stick electrode properties.

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5. Pro-Series PS07572, 120 Volt Arc Welder

Pro-Series PS07572, 120 Volt Arc Welder

This general-purpose arc welder is suitable for your repairs, maintenance, and light welding jobs. It is the ideal choice for you if you are a fist time welder, and you can get it at an affordable price.

  • Appropriate for mild steel
  • Can operate continuously for two minutes before you can let it cool down
  • Its package also includes helmet, a clipping hammer, and a cable.

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4. Silverline 466888 Arc Welder

Silverline 466888 Arc Welder

Silverline utilized advanced technology in making this arc welder, including the use of moving transformer to provide step-less control of welding current with overload and thermal protection.

  • It is high portable
  • High efficient compact and fan cooled
  • Has a kit supplied with chipping hammer, electrode holder, earth cable and welding mask

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3. Sealey 160A 240V Arc Welder-Best Arc Welders

Sealey 160A 240V Arc Welder

With the Sealey’s 34 years of experience in the industry, they assure you that all their products are manufactured to exacting standards. You can enjoy an increased performance and duty cycle supported by its forced air-cooling system.

  • You can quickly make fine adjustment of the current
  • It comes fitted with handle that makes it extremely portable
  • It comes with accessory kit including earth clamp, holder, chipping hammer and cables

2. EVERLAST PowerArc200 200A IGBT ARC Stick Welder

EVERLAST PowerArc200 200A IGBT ARC Stick Welder

This stick welder is a very stable tool that has a high welding power. It has an improved digital display that provides you with precise, current settings.

  • Its 6010 port is a unique addition aimed at a more stable structure.
  • It comes with different types of power receptacle adapters, clamps, and stick wires.

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1. Hot Max ARC100 100 Amp – a DC Arc Welder

Hot Max ARC0 0 Amp - a DC Arc Welder-Best Arc Welders

The Hot Max ARC100 is a very affordable option that is perfect for your welding needs, and you can operate on a car inverters or standard household power.

  • It is a portable and efficient tool
  • Its components are of high-quality materials
  • Suitable for long hours welding needs

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In conclusion, choosing any of the above arch welders will offer you an economical and durable way of joining thicker materials within your domestic power supply. The list aims at helping you find an arch welder that meets your needs, whether you want one that is easier to use, portable, or that is less demanding on power supplies.

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