Top 10 Best Ant Killers of 2022 – Reviews

We all know how tough ants can be because we all find out this information the hard way. Ants will sometimes move into people’s home and make it a home of their own, it only takes them a few days or so. If you’re one to fight back, you should be well aware of just how resilient these small insects can be, not to mention how innovative they are at ignoring most traps.

A good way to rid yourself of ants for good is to use specialized ant killers. These baits, sprays, and pills are formulated to employ dangerous chemicals that won’t just affect the ants that touch them but their temporary hive as well. Needless to say, most of these ant killers can be quite hazardous if not used properly, which is why you want to get nothing but the very best. To give you some pointers, we put together a list of the ten best ant killers money can buy.

Best Ant Killers 2022

10Amdro Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait

particular productThis quality ant killing product from Amdro is an excellent choice in this particular price range. Delivered in a food arrangement, the unwitting ants take the food, which is actually poison, back to their colony, thereby annihilating the entire hive. This product also boasts of the ability to kill 15 different species and best of all, it also comes with a money back guarantee.

9Bayer Advanced 502832 Fire Ant Killer


particular productWhen it comes to active exterminating ingredients, it doesn’t get any better than this cutting-edge product from Bayer. The inclusion of highly active components like Cyfluthrin make this one an extremely potent and powerful ant killer. Rest assured, this killer doesn’t just take down a few ants but their entire ant colony along with any other neighboring insects in their vicinity.

8Raid Ant & Roach Killer

particular product

particular productThis 17 oz point-and-spray product from Raid makes our list because of its effectiveness and the enhanced control it provides. All you need to do is point and spray, without having to set traps and baits for the ants to take back to their colony. The aerosol spray instantly kills any ant it comes in contact with and even other insects like spiders and crickets. The only drawback is the unpleasant odor, as you might need to vacate the room for a few minutes after an extensive application of the spray.

7Ortho 12-Ounce Orthene Fire Ant Killer


particular productOrtho is another titan of the insect exterminating industry, and the reason for their fame is very apparent when judging by the effectiveness of this product. If you want to be rid of these annoying insects once and for all, getting a hold of this ant-killer would be an excellent bet. It doesn’t give off any noxious odors and delivers results instantaneously, and if for some reason, you’re not completely satisfied, there’s also a money back guarantee to set your mind at ease.

6TERRO 600 Ant Killer Dust


particular productThis contact spray killer from Terro kills more than just ants, and you all need to do is point it and spray it in the general direction of the ants that are bothering you. The most impressive feature of this product is the 8 months of post-spraying residual control it provides against ants and many other small insects. Ideal for small cracks and crevices in the woodwork, this product doesn’t wash away even in the heaviest of rains, which means you’ll never have to worry about those pesky insects for almost a year after its application.

5Terro Ant-Killer II

particular product

particular productThese liquid ant-killing balls from the industry-leader Terro exterminate every known ant species and leaves zero traces of their existence to boot. It has borax in it, and works exceptionally fast. If you want to take out an infestation, right there and then, this product is your best best. No spills or drips make it very easy to use, both indoors and outdoors, which may explain why it’s so popular to begin with.

4Terro T100-12 Ant Killer


particular productAnother top-notch product from Terro, this ant-killer is sure to meet all of your expectations and then some. The slow working mechanism takes care of the entire ant colony and also removes any chances of post-infestation from happening. The inclusion of borax as one of its components makes it a particularly safe choice, as it will not expose you to any harmful chemicals like other ant killers out there.

3Terro 1806 Ant-Killer


particular productWhen it comes to investing in Ant Killers, look no further than this premier product from the very renowned Terro. Packaged in an adequately large size, this product is guaranteed to keep your household ants-free for months on end. What separates this product from the rest is the slow-acting mechanism, which ensures that when the ants make their way back to their colony, the poison starts taking hold, effectively wiping out the entire colony. In addition, this ant-repellent is extremely versatile and can be applied almost anywhere.

2Advion Ant Gel Insecticide

particular product

particular productAvailable in a gel bait form, this ant killing formula is irresistible to all sweet-eating ants as well as a number of other insects who will be similarly attracted to the sweet-tasting bait. Once the bait is taken, this product wipes out entire generations of insects and ants and also renders the area unsuitable for any future generations. On top of all these features, it is also remarkably long-lasting and also very affordable for the kind of quality performance you get.

1Terro T300 Ant Killer


particular productComing in at No. 1 on our list, the Terro T300 scores top marks in almost every aspect. If you want to be rid off all the ants in your house, regardless of where they’re hiding or how strong an ant species they are, waste no time and get your hands on this particular product. Boasting a patented design to prevent the bait from drying up, this ant killer will keep your house safe and ant-free for up to 3 entire weeks after applying it. For this money, you aren’t likely to get anything better, not now not ever.

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