Top 10 Best Air Hockey Tables for Kids & Adults Reviews In 2021

Air hockey is one of the most interesting indoor game. Playing the game is one of the best ways of utilizing both your indoor space and leisure time. All you need is a reliable air hockey table and everything else will fall into place. Apart from being a creative way of having fun, air hockey helps improve reflex and eye-hand coordination skills. When it comes to choosing the best air hockey tables, the process is not difficult. However, with so many models out there, sometimes the process of settling for the very best can be quite bewildering. This is more challenging for beginners. Fortunately, we have done the hard part and put together a comprehensive list of the best Air Hockey Tables. Here we go:

Table of the Best Air Hockey Tables Reviews

10. Lancaster 48-Inch Pool Billiard Slide Hockey Foosball Table

Air Hockey Tables

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Whether you are a pro slide hockey player or simply a foosball enthusiast ready to sharpen your skills, the Lancaster 3-in-1 Pool Billiard Hockey Arcade Table is one top-rated unit that will impress you. It comes in a decent size of 48” and will you that long-craved arcade feel. Expect a compact and multipurpose unit that will take less of your indoor space without compromising game quality.

It is pretty simple to switch the tabletops for convenient switching from one game to another. Manual scorers are located on each side for easy access. Side locks keep everything in place allowing you to tackle your opponent. For convenient storage of your gaming accessories, built-in storage is well integrated into this air hockey table.

Special Features

  • Compact multipurpose design
  • Measures 48”
  • Built-in storage
  • Includes manual scorers on each side

9. Windchill Brunswick Billiards 7FT Air Hockey Table

Windchill Brunswick Billiards 7FT Air Hockey Table

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Talk of great aesthetics and contemporary sleek design, the Brunswick Air Hockey Table has it all. It measures 83.75” by 41.75” by 30” and comes supported in a sturdy pedestal base. Most impressive is the powerful and consistent UL blower that keeps the game going while taking the fun to a whole new level. There is an abacus scorer on each side of the game for easy and convenient tracking of the wins and losses. Plus, 4 plucks and 2 mallets are also included in the package. You will enjoy the quick and easy assembly before you can have endless fun with your family.

Special Features

  • Strong and constant UL blower
  • Sleek contemporary design
  • Dual abacus scorers
  • Sturdy pedestal base

8. Best 54-Inch Large Air Powered Hockey Table for Events & Game Room

Best 54-Inch Large Air Powered Hockey Table for Events & Game Room

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When you want to participate in a friendly competition with family or friends, the Best Choice Products Hockey Table is worth considering. Featuring a large table top plus 2 pushers and 2 plucks, this 54” Air Hockey Table provides the perfect arcade hockey style. When families or friends gather together, this table is the centre of fun. One impressive feature that pushes this unit up the ranks is the steady airflow design, thanks to the powerful 12 DC motor and the adapter that keeps the puck gliding.

Both the players and the viewers’ needs are well taken care of by the digital scoreboard that updates everybody on the progress of the game. Quality composite wood and PVC construction make for the unparalleled stability and durability of this air hockey table. Overall, this air hockey table creates a realistic game and thrilling fun.

Special Features

  • LED or manual scoreboard
  • Large table top with 2 pucks and 2 pushers
  • Durable construction
  • Steady airflow

7. Indoor 7ft Air Hockey Table – Harvil Beachcomber

Indoor 7ft Air Hockey Table – Harvil Beachcomber

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This is another well-crafted air hockey table designed to keep the family busy during the weekend. It is a great indoor game loaded with several awesome features. Dense fibre wood construction and the L-style legs give this hockey table stability and durability. Four free pucks and two pushers are included. Expect to have smooth gaming experience, especially with the puck sliding so smoothly owing to the dual 100V certified motor blowers. Deluxe Overhead Scoring Unit ensures no player or viewer misses an inch of the game. It is time to unbox and start enjoying the game right away. For the price, Harvil Beachcomber Air Hockey Table makes the perfect bang for the bucks.

Special Features

  • Wobble-free table
  • Quality dense fibre wood construction
  • Deluxe Overhead electronic scoring unit
  • Powerful CUL-Certified blowers

6. Goplus Air Hockey Table – LED Electronic Scoring Sports Game for Kids

Goplus Air Hockey Table - LED Electronic Scoring Sports Game for Kids

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One of the best ways of spicing things up during family gatherings or over the weekend events is by introducing everybody to Goplus Air Powdered Hockey Table. Designed with a special surface, this table provides the perfect environment for smooth puck flowing. The 12 DC motor in combination with the adapter maintains a steady air flow for a great gaming experience. Viewers and players can keep track of the game owing to the LED scoring plus the slide manual scorer. Full leg design provides the required strength and stability.

Special Features

  • Realistic air hockey game action
  • Steady air flow
  • LED Electronic scoring plus slide manual scorer
  • Quick and easy assembly

5. Living/Game Room 40Inch Air Hockey Table from Best Choice Products

Living/Game Room 40Inch Air Hockey Table from Best Choice Products

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Designed to be the focal point of room entertainment, this air hockey table from Best Choice is one model that impresses at first sight. Featuring the perfect arcade style, this comes with a smooth frictionless surface that resists wear and tear. With the complete set up that includes 2 pucks and 2 strikers, setting up the game is quick and easy. Manual abacus sliding scorers are well incorporated on the table for convenient puck sliding. Plus, this table is portable and compact, thanks to its lightweight design at 16-pounds only. The durable MDF table on combination with the electronic dartboard creates a realistic game experience.

Special Features

  • Quality medium density fiberboard construction
  • Classic pool table with maple exterior finish
  • Electronic scorekeeping
  • Pre-programmed games
  • Portable and compact

4. Hathaway Enforcer Electronic Scoring Air Hockey Table for Kids

Hathaway Enforcer Electronic Scoring Air Hockey Table for Kids

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If you are after a game that will bring world-class entertainment to your kids, this is one of the best air hockey tables. With a 65”L by 31”W playing surface, Hathaway Enforcer comes with hockey-themed graphics to create the perfect room entertainment. Cabinets are melamine-coated to withstand wear and tear. Powerful blower puts the game in action creating the perfect competition for your family. The built-in premium AC110V Axial fan creates a steady stream of air for easy puck sliding across over the 1500 holes. For great strength and unmatched stability, this table boasts reinforced legs plus integrated leg levellers.

Special Features

  • Exciting hockey-themed graphics
  • Electronic and manual scoring
  • Powerful blower for steady air flow
  • Integrated leg levellers
  • Built-in goal boxes for convenient puck return

3. Stylish 4-Ft Hathaway Hat Trick Air Hockey Table, Great for Kids & Adults

Stylish 4-Ft Hathaway Hat Trick Air Hockey Table, Great for Kids & Adults

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If you are an air hockey enthusiast, this is another stylish table that will steal your heart. Setting the perfect fast-paced action for professional competition, this model makes a great choice. With over 1100 holes on the poly-sealed surface, the powerful 110V fan creates a steady stream for easy puck sliding. Most impressive is the unique combination of the hockey-themed graphics, the dazzling table nature and the slender 4-foot size that make you feel you are at the right place.

Engineered with quality wood construction that is also integrated with reinforced ends, this table stays still and steady. Overall, the Hathaway Hat Trick 4-ft Air Hockey Table makes an amazing choice, especially when you want to keep your kids busy and entertained.

Special Features

  • Engineered wood construction
  • Poly-sealed surface
  • Hockey-themed graphics
  • Perfect for kids

2. Indoor Sports Air Powdered Hockey Table – Goplus

Indoor Sports Air Powdered Hockey Table – Goplus

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If you got some indoor space, you could utilize that by purchasing the Goplus 48” Air Powered Hockey Table. It is a perfect game for office recreation, gatherings, and events. It is easy to play and can be used with both kids and adults. The powerful 12V DC Motor creates a steady air flow for an immersive and realistic experience. You can either choose to use the LED electronic scorer or the manual scorer in tracking the wins and losses. Unlike other models, Goplus boasts a special coating on the surface table to enhance the smooth flow of the pucks. Full panel leg design optimizes stability and long-term durability. Assembly only takes a few steps and you are ready for mind-blowing fun.

Special Features

  • Special table surface coating
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Electronic & manual scorer systems
  • Sturdy and durable construction

1. ESPN 60-Inch Air Powered Hockey Table

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The last entry on our list of the recreational ESPN Air-Powered Hockey Table. If you are after true indoor fun, this unit boats several robust features that will rock your gaming experience. Equipped with UL-Certified motor, this table ensures a steady air flow for a real arcade game experience. Tracking your scores has been made simpler, thanks to the overhead LED scorer and the sound effects. Leg levellers keep the table at the right angle even when used on uneven surfaces.

Just like other modes, both the Electronic LED scorer and the manual scorer are available. The UL-Certified 110V motor creates a steady stream of air to ease floating of pucks. For endless competitive fun, this is one of the top-favourite air hockey tables.

Special Features

  • Leg levellers for use on uneven surfaces
  • Great size: 60-Inches
  • Special surface coating for easy puck floating
  • Includes both Electronic LED and Manual scorers
  • UL-Certified 110V Motor