Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Covers Reviewed in 2021

The best air conditioners are useful in extreme weather conditions, especially during summer when temperatures soar. However, they are costly to install and require protection from external factors that may cause damage over time. The best way to achieve this is to fit your air conditioner with a cover. Different brands come in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, it is prudent that you select a cover that will best fit your unit under the prevailing conditions. Below, we have identified for you some of the best air conditioner covers of 2021.

Our Picks for Best Air Conditioner Covers in 2021

10. AC Covers Custom Air Conditioner Cover

AC Covers Custom Air Conditioner Cover

This air conditioner cover from Custom fits the designs of most makes and model of outdoor air conditioners. It has a heavy-duty vinyl shell, which lasts for years. The material is also resistant to the effects of ultraviolet light and fading and is waterproof in rainy seasons and winter conditions. Thus, its resilience helps to keep the AC unit dry. It also prevents rust and keeps off nesting birds.

AC Covers cover has sturdy stitches that withstand stretching and or frequent handling. The custom-fit design ensures that the cover will perfectly fit your air conditioner and not blow off when your conditioner is on. At the same time, it permits an adequate flow of air to prevent condensation build-up, which ruins ACs. The cover comes in different exciting colors that match your exterior decor.

What We Like
  • Water and UV-resistant
  • Keeps off nesting birds
  • Heavy-duty vinyl fabric
  • Easy to install and remove
Our Verdict

Water, dust, and nesting birds are among damage or compromise the performance of most brands of air conditioners. Fortunately, you can prevent such issues at home using this custom air conditioner cover from AC Covers. Made from vinyl, its outdoor-ready design is durable. It is also resistant to water, dust, and birds, which is good.

9. STURDY COVERS EST. 2021 Indoor AC Cover

STURDY COVERS EST. 2021 Indoor AC Cover

The Sturdy Indoor Cover can protect most in-house air conditioners from cold drafts. Cold draft increases your unit’s inefficiency, which ultimately costs you more energy. The inner cover has a high-quality PU polyester lining that guarantees longevity, while its finely stitched edges have a better and firm grip on ACs. Finally, its insulated design is soft, aesthetic finishing and has an elasticized edge for easier fitting.

The smooth finishing will make your air conditioner more appealing in the house. STURDY COVERS EST. 2021 also comes in attractive neutral black or white colors that blend well with interior decor. This product is easy to clean and maintain. You may vacuum clean it the usual way as you go about your routine housekeeping exercise.

What We Like
  • Secure edge (elastic)
  • Finely stitched edges
  • Durable PU polyester
  • In-built insulation
Our Verdict

The best window air conditioners keep us cool and comfortable during hot summer months. However, to protect such items from dust and rain and prolong their life, you need an air conditioner cover. STURDY COVERS EST. 2021 is a heavy-duty indoor model made from water-resistant PU polyester. It is durable, weather-resistant, and has an insulated design that works well all year long.

8. Foozet Air Conditioner Leaf Guard Cover

Foozet Air Conditioner Leaf Guard Cover

The Foozet Air Conditioner Cover protects ACs from falling leaves, grass, and other debris during summer. The design also ensures that your unit performs at its best and lasts long and is highly breathable. The mesh has pores that block debris while allowing free circulation of air to your unit. It is also durable (high density) and resistant to tearing when stretched and UV exposure during summer months.

Foozet cover is easy to install and remove when cleaning the trapped objects. The sides also have sturdy stretch cords that secure it to the unit. Even in strong winds, this cover will not blow away. The elastic cords on it also make the cover adaptable to various air conditioners.

What We Like
  • Durable mesh fabric
  • Quick/easy installation
  • Sturdy bungee cords (4)
  • Fits all 36×36-inch units
Our Verdict

Many fabric air conditioner covers trap heat during the summer and thus lower the efficacy of air conditioners. Other models often fail to protect air conditioners from debris such as leaves, which is an issue as well. Fortunately, Foozet leaf guard has a solution for this issue. Its mesh fabric not only protects air conditioners but also keeps them cool.

7. Jeacent Indoor Air Conditioner Cover

Jeacent Indoor Air Conditioner Cover

Jeacent Indoor Air Conditioner Cover is what you need for your air conditioner unit. It can protect your window or wall-mounted unit. This cover also has a cotton lining on the inside and a polyester lining to the outside, which are beneficial in two ways. First, the double lining’s cost-saving design blocks cold drafts from passing through. Therefore, you can use your unit efficiently all day. The cover also prevents dust and other small debris from reaching your unit.

The cover fits conveniently on most air conditioners because of the elastic hem on its base. The edges have a tight grip on units even during high winds. Finally, as household decor, the cover stands out because of its unique style. It is stylish and thus accentuates décor. Besides, you can wash it comfortably by hand or washing machine.

What We Like
  • Machine washable design
  • Lined interior (cotton)
  • Durable polyester shell
  • Fits most window air conditioners
Our Verdict

Do you have a window air conditioner that you struggle to protect when not in use? Jeacent is an ideal remedy for two reasons. First, its lined interior protects air conditioners from damage. It does not scuff nor scratches them while in use. It also has a heavy-duty polyester shell that keeps off dust, fine debris such as dust, and even water.

6. Ravenna Square Air Conditioner Cover

Ravenna Square Air Conditioner Cover

The Ravenna Square Air Conditioner Cover has a high-quality fabric cover that protects squared outdoor AC units. The fabric is durable and woven from quality polyester material. Further, it has a laminated structure with a water-resistant coating to keep off every drop of rain. Finally, its protective UV coat shields your unit from solar damage.

The cover protects ACs from external debris and moisture, which often leads to rusting. Therefore, your unit will serve you for long. It is also very convenient to install, as it has padded handles that aid in fitting and removal. Additionally, it is equipped with a cord at the bottom to tighten the hem. A wind lock prevents strong winds from blowing away this cover and exposing your AC unit to the elements.

What We Like
  • Water and wind-resistant
  • Long-lasting polyester fabric
  • Laminated coat (heavy-duty)
  • Optimal UV protection
Our Verdict

With Ravenna at home, water, wind, and or harsh UV rays will not damage your air conditioner over time. The laminated polyester used to make it is 100% wind and water-resistant. Moreover, because it offers full coverage of air conditioners, you can use it to protect your AC from snow during winter. Its heavy-duty all-around design is invaluable.

5. Sturdy Covers AC Defender

Sturdy Covers AC Defender

The Sturdy Cover AC defender protects outdoor air conditioners from harsh winter conditions such as heavy snow and sharp snowflakes. Its heavy-duty tarpaulin fabric resists such conditions. It is also resistant to tears from falling sharp objects and hence can prolong the life of ACs. Unlike similar models, the cover is leak-proof and thus prevents water from penetrating/ ruining AC units.

The AC Defender is easy to fit or remove. Each of its four cords secures each corner using bungee hooks. The hooks can comfortably stretch but tightly hold the cover on the unit the entire winter season. This cover is available in different sizes. You, therefore, have a choice depending on the size of your air conditioner. The overall weight and size are not bulky. Thus, you can conveniently store it after winter.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty tarpaulin fabric
  • Many multi-functional designs
  • Water-resistant design (leak-proof)
  • Withstands winter conditions
Our Verdict

The best industrial fans offer directional cooling of large indoor spaces. However, because air conditioners are quieter and provide central cooling, installing one at home is a good idea. If you have a large outdoor model that you often use, protect with this STURDY COVERS EST. 2021 AC defender. The heavy-duty tarpaulin fabric used to make it keeps of water, dirt, and debris from air conditioners. It is easy to install and has secure bungee hooks for stability.

4. Foozet Window Air Conditioner Cover

Foozet Window Air Conditioner Cover

Foozet window air conditioner cover is a high-quality fabric cover that prolongs the lives of AC units. The material is light and thus prevents your window from having too much clutter. The main advantage of the material is that it is waterproof and resistant to harsh winter conditions. The cover also reduces heating costs by blocking cold from entering the unit and to your house. Finally, it keeps offs sharps objects, insects, and other debris that damage ACs.

Foozet has easy to fit sturdy buckle straps that secure it to AC units firmly. The straps are flexible (elastic) and adjustable to fit most ACs. They are also resistant to UV and therefore, do not fade when exposed to the sun. Finally, Foozet is easy to clean and maintain (wipeable) and has an elegant design that will match your style.

What We Like
  • UV-resistant fabric
  • Blocks cold and UV rays
  • Very easy to clean (wipeable)
  • Non-slip edges (elasticized)
What We Like

Do you have a 21x16x15-inch window air conditioner at home? Foozet can protect it from the elements and keep it working optimally all year long. Its water-resistant design protects air conditioners from harsh elements. It is also durable and has elastic straps that secure it well to air conditioners without scratching.

3. Patio Watcher Square Air Conditioner Cover

Patio Watcher Square Air Conditioner Cover

This air conditioner cover is a heavy-duty model for various outdoor units such as the patio. This design is highly durable even under extreme weather conditions. The woven polyester fabric used to make the cover has a reinforced, water-repellant coating that protects ACs from damage. It also has high-quality stitches along its edges and hemming, which enhance its durability outdoors.

The air vents on this cover allow free circulation of air to eliminate condensation. Moreover, its adaptable design fits and protects most types and models of ACs. The bottom hem, for instance, stretches to fit most AC securely and secure them from high winds. It also has padded handles that ease its installation. The color and style of this cover will blend perfectly with your other outdoor décor and your patio.

What We Like
  • Woven polyester (100%)
  • Adaptable to fit most ACs
  • Water-repellent undercoat
  • Secure closure (corded)
Our Verdict

Have you lost a few air conditioner because of excessive exposure to water or dust? The Patio Watcher cover is a dependable solution to such issues for many reasons. Its heavy-duty polyester fabric, for instance, has a waterproof undercoat that keeps ACs dry. It also as a secure bottom hem (corded) that keeps off draught, dust, and critters.

2. COSFLY Air Conditioner Cover

COSFLY Air Conditioner Cover

The COSFLY air conditioner cover has a high-quality oxford polyester fabric. It features a double-thick layer making it resistant to wear and tear conditions and hence highly durable. The inner material has a waterproof undercoat to keep off any drop of water from reaching your outdoor unit. It, therefore, protects AC units from water and rust. The outer fabric protects your unit from dust, debris, and intense sunlight while its vents allow air to flow freely.

The cover is easy to fit and maintain and has a slit at the bottom for passing your units cables. It also has a fastening cord with a buckle for tying the cover to resist strong winds. It is stylish and highlights elegance on your outdoor décor. The design is fade resistance, cozy, and the colors will blend well with your outdoor environment.

What We Like
  • Waterproof undercoat
  • Double-layered polyester
  • Elegant design (fade-proof)
  • UV and dust-resistant cover
Our Verdict

The ability of COSFLY to protect air conditioners from water, dust, and debris makes it suitable for use at home. It also has an elegant design that blends well outdoors and a fastening cord for safety.

1. Hybrid Covers – Air Conditioner Cover

Hybrid Covers - Air Conditioner Cover

This cover has a hybrid design made using a long-lasting, dyed ultima polyester fabric. This material is durable and designed to provide superior protection for your air conditioner. Other than sturdiness, the fabric does not also fade quickly over time. It offers protection from snow, falling objects, and nesting birds. Additionally, it is capable of blocking damaging UV sunlight as well as keeping off water or excess moisture that may result in rusty conditions.

The unique design also features an elastic hem to hold the cover at the bottom of your unit and to prevent it from being blow away by strong winds. It is portable, and hence you can take it to the office, studio, or any place you may need. It is easy to install, and you can easily fit it on your air conditioner single-handedly.

What We Like
  • Easy to install
  • Elastic hem (stable)
  • Water and wind-resistant
  • UV blocking fabric
Our Verdict

Air conditioners are cost accessories that millions of people use to cool and warm their homes. To protect and therefore prolong the life of yours for years, order this hybrid cover today. Its water, wind, and UV resistant design protects most ACs from the elements. It is also easy to set up and adjustable to fit most types and brands of ACs.

Shopping Guides for Air Conditioner Covers


Do you have an air conditioner that requires protection from the elements? If you cannot afford a separate shed for one and plan to use a cover instead, the material of your brand of choice must be top-notch. Elements such as UV and the rain degrade and damage ACs over time, which often leads to expensive repairs. Dust and high wind are other elements you must keep in mind if you aim to prolong the life of your AC significantly. The fabric or your product of choice should offer these benefits. Vinyl and polyester are ideal. They are waterproof and able to withstand abuse from UV rays, dust, and heavy winds for long issue-free. Look for an original one online.


By choosing air conditioner covers of the wrong size, millions of people fail to offer optima protection to their equipment. Do not make the same mistake. For optimal security, the air conditioner cover you order must be of the correct size. Check the dimensions of your air conditioner and use it as a guide while choosing a cover.

Conclusion: Air conditioners are invaluable accessories in homes, which keep us cool during summer and warm during winter. Unfortunately, most models are susceptible to damage from UV, rain, and debris, when installed outdoors. If you are struggling to secure such an item, this article is for you. We have reviewed ten dependable air conditioner covers that are protective of the rain, debris, and harsh UV rays.