Top 10 Best Affordable Honeymoon Destinations in Europe 2019

Probably you have just completed your wedding. You are now busy thinking about where to go for your honeymoon. We bring you a perfect suggestion. Europe is the place to go.

There is mentality among many people that going for honeymoon in European countries is costly. The truth of the matter is that there are several affordable honeymoon destinations in Europe that will make you enjoy your entire honeymoon as you explore the world. Life is so precious. We only live once. When an opportunity strikes, grab it. These destinations will make your visit memorable for lifetime.

01. Prague (Czech Republic)


It is the capital city of Zech Republic. This beautiful city is full of romantic backdrops hence good for you and your newly wedded partner. In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore fascinating features such as Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. Furthermore, hotels are cheap in this city. Besides, viewing of some sites is absolutely free of charge. This is definitely a place that you would like to visit.

02. Rhodes (Greece)


This is a spectacular Greek island. As a newly married couple, you will be able to experience the beauty of this beautiful island, see the ancient ruins, stroll down valley of Butterfly and just appreciate nature. You will also visit the beach where you will enjoy swimming free of charge. Foods and drinks at the beach are highly affordable.

03. Crete (Greece)


This historic city features golden beaches that you will find in no other place on earth. In addition, it features ancient ruins and unique staggered mountains that form a beautiful view in the sky. Your lover will surely love this. There are numerous restaurants offering food at affordable prices.

04. Lisbon (Portugal)


What makes Lisbon your best choice for honeymoon? This capital city for Portugal features winding valleys as well as rolling hills. In addition, there are numerous hotels and restaurants that prepare delicious meals. You are sure to enjoy with your newly wedded wife or husband. Besides, they are highly affordable.

05. Istanbul (Turkey)


The dazzling sites of this wonderful city such as Hagia Sophia make Istanbul your perfect honeymoon destination. In addition, the city is famous for its dizzying markets such as Grand Bazaar where you can go and buy lots of new stuff. On top of that, residential district areas offer rooms at affordable prices. This will help you to save a lot.

06. Corfu (Greece)


The lush landscape and cobblestone streets of Corfu will automatically melt away your post-wedding stress and make you feel relaxed. In addition, there are many affordable lodgings for newly wedded couples in Corfu. If you are looking for a destination where you will enjoy honeymoon to the maximum but still save considerably, look no further. Corfu is the right place for you.

07. Valencia (Valencia)


It is totally hard to resist the natural charms of Valencia. For instance, during spring season, citrus trees are in bloom. They look pretty nice and you will want to spend all the time staring at them. The city also boasts of Albufera Nature Park. As a honeymooner, you will be able to find incredible romance walking through this amazing park with your partner, seeing wild animals and vegetation of different types. There is also an irresistible colorful central market where you will be free to explore without being charged a single coin.

08. Budapest (Hungary)


If you are a honeymooner and you love museums, Budapest is the right place for you. The city boasts of world-class museums where you will be able to view unique things that will spice up your romance. In addition, there are lots of relaxing bath and great shops where you can buy items at an affordable price. If you want to really enjoy Budapest, you are advised to visit it during Spring season.

09. Porto (Portugal)


Are you looking for a costal gateway with rich history and plenty of beaches? Then Porto is the place for you. This awesome city has everything that you will need for your honeymoon. For instance, you will be able to visit the beach, swim, sun bath and many more. Besides, there is plenty of delicious wines which you will be served in many bars and clubs as well as hotels at an affordable price.

10. Dubrovnik (Croatia)


If you love to work within your budget, then Dubrovnik city fits you. It boasts of delicious foods that many visitors enjoy a lot. If your honeymoon is likely to take a long duration, you are advised to make reservation for a room at Lapad Bay where they are more affordable.


In conclusion, the above are surely the top 10 best affordable honeymoon destinations in Europe. They have wonderful attractive features that make them worth visiting. In addition, they are affordable in terms of meals and services offered.

You are highly advised to spend your honeymoon in one of the cities. You will enjoy and at the same time save a lot.

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