Top 10 Best Adjustable Benches in 2019 Reviews

Adjustable benches are a vital equipment when working out. They are versatile thus they give options for various exercises. It is necessary to buy the correct form of bench. There are factors to consider when buying this benches. The factors are such as safety of the bench, the bench should be comfortable to enable you do proper exercise. The type of exercise and the weight you intend to lift are major considerations too. The most important factor of all of an adjustable bench is its stability. You will want to look for a well-built, solid bench that will be able to maintain its durability. Top 10 Best Adjustable Benches in 2019 Reviews are listed as shown:

10. Body Solid GFID-71

It has high stability therefore most comfortable. It is highly mobile because it has wheels fitted on it. It has a T-bar leg hold down that makes abdominal workouts more measures 19 inches height, 70 inches length, 28 inches has thick Dura firm pads which are long lasting.

Best Adjustable Benches


9. Valor Fitness CB-6 Bet

This bench is most suitable for arm curls and is a perfect addition for your workout space. It has a durable steel frame that measures 3″ x 2″, and 2″ x 2″. It has locking pull-pins for height adjustments. The arm pad is 13 inches length, 24 inches can hold weight of up to 250lb. The bench is suited for preacher barbell curls, and other dumbbell bicep isolation exercises.

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Best Adjustable Benches


8. Ironmaster Super Bench

The adjustable bench that is heavy duty though it is not very complex .it has a capacity weight of about 1000 .It can be adjusted to eleven different positions to suit your exercise. The versatility of the bench can be increased, this by adding attachments to the bench. The bench is perfect for various dumbbell, smith machine, cage or rack use.

Best Adjustable Benches


7. XMark 11-Gauge XM-7472

It is made of gauge steel thus the bench is heavy duty. It is versatile and durable. Its weight capacity is 1500lb. It is suitable for athletics from beginners to professionals. Its back can be adjusted to 7 different angles. It is easy to transport because it has a transit has Dura guard to protect it from wear and tear.

Best Adjustable Benches


6. CAP Barbell

It is made of steel and can hold weight of up to 500lbs. Its a simple bench for exercises like lifting legs, press ups and crunches. The back can adjust to seven different positions from 0 to 90 measures 53inches length, 27 inches width and 45 inches can be used with any resistance bands or dumbbells.

Best Adjustable Benches


5. Marcy SB670

It is cheap to buy but has high quality personal working out area. It’s a deluxe utility bench and over a range of body exercise. It is suitable for chest, shoulder, arm, back and abdominal workouts. It can be adjusted tom six different positions. The size is designed to fit most standard sized squat racks, half cages and smith machines.

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Best Adjustable Benches


4. Bowflex SelectTech Series 3.1

The bench is simple to use and can be adjusted to different positions. It allows for several different exercises. It has a removable leg that hold brace which lets you hold to decline position to enable you perform exercises that need lower position. The stable backing helps to maintain the correct posture and position for a safe working out environment.

Best Adjustable Benches


3. Power Block Sport Bench

It is affordable and effective. It’s versatile because additions can be made. It can be adjusted to five different positions ranging from various decline positions. The seat can also be adjusted at certain angles. It has cushions to ensure comfort and safety when working out. It a stable bench. It is suited for shoulder presses, bench presses and bicep curls.

Best Adjustable Benches


2. XMark FID Bench XM-4419

It is the most versatile bench. It can be adjusted to 8 different has a weight capacity of 600 pouns.It has an adjustable preacher curl pad. The leg can withstand 125lbs weight plate. It is a convenient bench used for various functions.

Best Adjustable Benches

1. Ironmaster Leg Extension Curl Attachment

It is a great attachment for a super bench. It is best for isolation and hardcore exercises. It has a capacity of about 200lbs. It has heavy duty foam padding and bearing to ensure safety and stability when working comes with a sleeve for Olympic standards.

Best Adjustable Benches

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